The Kevonstage and doboy episode was great
Long time fan of this show but this episode was mad funny and they got into sport early each was great. I wish Teddy ray would of got on the mic as well, but Kev thee stallion was funny
Used to be fire.
One episode maybe every 2 weeks. Barely pertains to sports anymore. Usually just Andrew ranting about the comedy scene. Kaz is non existent on the pod. Akaash is still cool with good sports takes tho. Miss the old days...
I don’t do reviews so the fact that i’m making one is very telling.
T Jones from Wisconsin
I love this podcast. Been following Andrew since Brilliant Idiots back in 2015. I was introduced to Kaz and Akaash in the process. These guys are like family to me.
Love the pod....too much spice...half the time I laughed myself to the point I need to pee...a lot of close calls...keep it tight
Great podcast
Always something different. Audio hasn’t been the same since the new studio.
Complete Garbage
This show is terrible. 90 min of Andrew trying out racist sets while kaz and the other dude give him license to do so. I’ve never seen 3 dudes try harder to be funny and still fail.
My missing piece
I am so thankful for this podcast! Not only do they talk about sports, but they also talk about current event but in their own perspective and in a comedic way! I’m married with a kid now, so they’re always my priority as I continue “Adulting”, but this podcast makes me feel like I’m just hanging with my boys back home just talking about life and making fun of each other! Thanks for being my missing piece in the balance of Life!
Mad funny but..
dungeon of doom
Some times gets annoying because Akaash sounds like Joe Pesci in Home Alone, that’s the only reason why it gets 4 stars from me. Amazing other then that.
jhoe dirt
The first episode of the new year and y’all stink it up. Good job fellas
Funniest podcast available
The flagrancy is real!! The funniest podcast ever. I wish Alex was on the mic more tho.
Weird audio in the new studio
Love the move to the new studio but the audio just sounds horrible in this episode. The old mics gave more weight to each voice.
Bunch of complaining
Use to love this show when they actually talked about sports. Now it’s just them complaining about pc culture and Andrew explaining g why he thinks he’s the God of comedy
What happen to the sports talk?
5 stars easy. Don't get your feelings hurt, come in for a laugh.
Used to love this podcast...
Because I enjoy hearing these guys talk sports, specifically basketball. It’s now much more about Andrew trying to be funny, Alex’s annoying laugh into the mic and less about sports.
Gods Favorite podcast
The ultimate heal through anything you’re going through. Break ups? Dog died? Need some time away from girlfriend? Sick family member? Very loving and inclusive podcast and if you aren’t listening, this will change your life!
Hulu over Disney plus
Dude no one talks about HuluAnd how you can add on HBO,starz, Cinemax and I’m sure Disney plus soon too. Hulu is the place to be man.
You missing out if you not on the patreon army
Expected more
The sound hella childish and Andrew def comes off like a racist and they aren’t that funny.
Is this still a sports podcast ???
pablo .............
They don’t talk sports anymore.... just Andrew talking about himself
The fall off
Shaun L.p
Used to be a really good sports podcast, but now they rarely even talk about sports. This is just Brilliant Idiots with more idiocy and less brilliance.
Flagrancy Unmatched
I look forward to Flagrant 2 every single week. #AssholeArmy
Y'all gotta stop bringing on Weezy. She's trash bro. Love the show though
Still a fan
Stoney Case
I’m trying...but I actually wanted sports, not just listening to Andrew talk about Andrew. I’m aware that they don’t care or read these reviews..but if you happen to. More sports talk not just Andrew being Andrew
Dear Andrew,
Is Sam Malone-Post Malone’s dad? -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
2/3 of this podcast is really good
Oh also kaz is on it
Very entertaining and informative.
Like their take on everything revolving around culture and humor.
Not a sports podcast
They talk about everything but sports. It’s Brilliant Idiots lite.
Not Triggered
Wild Worth While Ride
Wash boogie
Strap in and hang on lol!
On the decline
Less and less a sports podcast. More and more the worship the brilliance of Andrew hour. Entertaining until out of nowhere I’m getting an hour long lecture. The main guy only watches basketball. Big fan but lately I feel like I’m listening to the male version of the view
Your show make me want to become a racist. Annoying.
Sports podcast??
Siekick Producer
I would give ya’ll 5 stars if you EVER talked about sports, which seems less & less frequent these days
Hanging On, But Getting Corny
The show is about flagrancy, not sports...ok. Hit and miss. More misses. They think PC culture is everywhere (in showbiz, not in real life), so they end up trying too hard. The niche should sports. Schulz doesn’t even watch football.
Sports anyone?
Love the entire crew and I’m tuned in every week but it was way better when there joking as well as talking about sports. Now it’s all about Andrew. Huge fan but hate the way the podcast changed. Welp,🤷🏽‍♂️, back to brilliant idiots i guess.
Nate Rumble
Used to be good but Andrew Schulz did the same thing he did with brilliant idiots... tries too hard to be more flagrant than the last ep and it turns cringeworthy fast. Also eps now go for 2.5 hours so a ton of filler.
Just found out about this podcast and I his be killin it just can’t get enough
Kaz The Stallion
Love it because Taylor isn’t on it
Black Card REVOKED!!!
Andrew you gotta FLAME Kas!!! 🔥🔥🔥 He actually said Tracy Morgan was bruh man!!?! From the fifth floor!!🤦🏾‍♂️ This negligence cannot go unpunished! Who better than The Hezzy to revoke his black card?? I can think of no other more qualified to do so. Do it for the culture my Nilla👌🏾
Keep it tight!
Gotta be the funniest podcast out
Why is this podcast the best?
Cause it’s unfiltered. It’s everything society needs. the flagrant team is simply the best!
Dumb trash
Not funny.
Best podcast in the game.
I look forward to this twice a week
The army provides and this is top tier content.
Fire!!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Straight Heat!
Nonstop laughter and good sports commentary! Frank’s and beans!
The Endgame Episode Slaps!
Schulz presents: Endgame ft CthaGod
Oh Andrew Schulz is letting Andrew Schulz allow to speak lol?
Andrew Schulz lol
This should be 5 stars.
Leave now if your easily offended or just a cornball who takes jokes to heart. This is way more comedy than sports but the flagrancy is why we’re all here! Amazing content. You will spit up your coffee at work and like it!
This ain’t for you
If you left a crappy review you need to chill... this just ain’t for you. If we wanted to just listen to sports opinions we would just plug to unc Shannon Sharp show. This is colored commentary and full FLAGRANCY at all time. Not always perfect in the delivery but that’s what it’s is to be an 👌🏾army. Shootout to the army don’t let these pc community mess the show rating like that.
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