Great Stuff
Political? When you have a political party that is anti-science, you have no choice but to be political.
Too much one sided politics these days!
Ilias Basha
Prior to pandemic the hosts were produce lot of good stuff. These days all that they can think off is Trump bashing and promoting liberal agenda. Too bad you have lost a listener. I guess one person leaving won’t make difference. However, if you continue this path then many would.
Monkey Trick
Now adding woke bullying and political nonsense to a show that already struggled with crankdom.
In response to Marcus
Maybe because “one side” is so consistently putting politics over science to our collective peril.
Unbiased and Not Condescending
Tom Y Not
Still a voice of reason and a breath of fresh air, especially now.
QAnon Free Zone !
Thank goodness for my weekly refuge of quality science news, critical thinking, yet still makes plenty of time for exposing quackery, anti-vaccine drivel with the occasional stick in the eye directed toward the always angry Trump supporting incel crowd. I love the whole crew and really appreciate the sense of fun and camaraderie they bring to every topic. Pay no attention to the misogynistic Cara haters; she’s one of the best science educators on Dr. Novella’s excellent panel. If I had one small suggestion, I would love to see more short form interviews from guests promoting skeptic or science based books. Nothing in depth, leave that to Terry Gross of Fresh Air. Keep up the quality gang and thank you for keeping me sane in a world of PizzaGate, homeopathy and energy crystal healing! Time for my non GMO, FairTrade, Organic, Gluten- Dairy- Nutrient Free lunch- a glass of H2O.
Your description of how you train medical students to diagnose medical issues is the basic concept and application of skeptical thinking. Yes? Not trying to be snarky serious question.
Biased and condescending
Long time listener, dropping out for a while. COVOD-19 seems to have turned them into NPR; so biased with their analysis and soooo smug. Why are they only skeptical of one side? Anyway, I'll subscribe again in 2021 and see if they're back to being scientists, not advocates.
Nerds talking science
Steve and the crew embark on weekly quests to deconstruct the news in science, and their efforts are always genuine and thought-provoking; though, their purveyance of skeptical philosophy and science as the only tools for understanding ‘reality’ sometimes verges into the dogmatic. Politics has perhaps entered their discussions more in recent years, but this is a welcome addition—small as it usually is—because the actual work of science is inextricably linked with political questions. Criticisms of ‘wokeness’ being injected into the show most likely come from fragile snowflakes.
Great show
Always well researched, informative and entertaining.
Do some research
regnos yor
Wow read something
One of the best
soopy sue
Only podcast I anticipate listening to weekly. Keep up the good work skeptics!!!
My favorite science podcast
I started listening to the SGU in 2013. After a few episodes I started listening to the whole backlog. It took me 5 months to get through all of the episodes at the time. It’s not just a science news podcast. They dig down to the core of what the scientific process is and apply it to current events and pseudoscience. The SGU is more important than ever in this world of distrusting experts and evidence.
Still fresh and relevant after 15 years
I started listening to podcasts not long after SGU began, and in those days scientific/skeptical podcasts were my main diet. SGU was smart and engaging, with good chemistry among the hosts. With the passage of years my tastes and interests changed, and skeptical-community podcasts dropped out of my rotation. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, though, I found myself wondering how the SGU folks were handling things, and began downloading episodes again. And what a source of reassurance and inspiration: five smart, well-informed folks discussing the science and policy surrounding coronavirus without hype or panic or hidden agendas. SGU has by no means turned into a CV-19 show—there’s plenty of other content—but their take on medicine and public health is very much worth adding to the mix.
Watch out guys
This is a very good show and will hopefully continue to be. However, I’m hearing more and more woke ideology seeping into the commentary. I don’t know that they are even realizing it. Careful, guys!
Great show
Love this show - have listening for years and have worked my way through the canon several times. The only downside happens off stage with quite creepy comments about the two female hosts over the years. The show itself is very hip but a number of reviewers seem mired in the Stone Age in their attitude towards women in science. As usual, we see that a woman who is assertive is labeled as “too talkative”, her opinions not respected and her legitimate, and frankly profoundly disturbing, experiences in the scientific and skeptical professions dismissed. Love the show, hate the culture.
Thumbs up
Keep up the good work.
A balm of reason for sick times
Frank Jude
What’s with all the Cara bashing. One female voice to 4 males? She often brings a balance to the discussion that I find very helpful and refreshing. I appreciate the interplay among the group and look forward to each week’s visit with the Skeptics!
Cara reduces rating
Listener for years, great show, pity about the females involved. Rebecca was irritating with her extreme liberal woke bias showing through always and Cara has taken it to a new level- interrupts constantly, gives way too much background before she makes her points and thus takes up too much time in the discussions.
A high quality podcast!
Great podcast! The SGU consistently puts our great content. The shows are always fresh and informative. Each rogue brings a unique perspective to the show!
Listener for years
CT 2020
Recently Cara has displayed such a politically biased woke take on everything it’s running a great show! It’s becoming hard to listen to despite the fact that the science is so fun to listen to. I’m not a Republican, never voted for Trump.
The Cara Show
Street castle
Cara dominates. Unfortunately. And with a decidedly political bent/agenda oozing with TDS. She seems to take it for granted that her political views are “truth”. She wears her “wokeness” proudly on her sleeve. So, two stars for Cara, four for Steven and bros, bringing it to three.
My husband and i have been listening for years whenever we have time for podcasts. I’ve recently started dedicating more time to exercise so I’m listening while i do that and i just can’t say enough great things about this show. They are self effacing, funny, interesting, brilliant and just real people. I love how it teaches critical thinking and critical review of studies. I am a family medicine doctor and how they approach science is consistent with how I was trained.
THANK YOU for the incredible education in better understanding the world we live in
I’ve been a listener since 2006 and it took a pandemic for me to finally write a review (good suggestion Jay). I can’t truly express my gratitude for this show and the wonderful critical thinking education I’ve received from it. It has made me into a more confident (but humble) person that better understands an array of scientific, medical and general issues surrounding the nature of the world and how we as human beings operate within it. If there is one podcast I wish the world would binge from episode 1 to today, it would be this one because we as a civilization would have a better foundation to understand how we know what we know which I suspect would lead to less nonsense and less conflict. Thank you sincerely Novella bros, Cara, Evan…nothing but love, appreciate and respect to you all for everything you do!
You still yhhymy
Fantastic science podcast
Can’t recommend enough. This podcast is great. Funny and entertaining, and it will help you to become a more critical thinker.
Best Podcast on the Inter-webs
Discovered this podcast in the summer of 2018 and quickly listened through the entire backlog of previous episodes. Now I try my best to space out listening to this Sunday-released show but have yet to make it past Tuesday before finishing it. I highly recommend this show to ANYONE as it covers a plethora of topics from astronomy and astrophysics, to biology and chemistry, to engineering. Easily the best podcast on the inter-webs
Safe Brain Workout
Nude theatre
The skeptics don’t pressure you into believing anything. They take current science topics and evaluate the evidence. They enjoy their work and talk science because they love the world. Truly one of the best parts of my week is listening to them attempt to set us free to see our existence as it really is. Whose That Noisy, Science or Fiction, and News Items of the week are regular segments that they use as platforms to discuss science practices and theories. Love it!
Triple threat
Get informed on current events and train yourself to think critically; all while being entertained.
Highly informative, sciency and nerdy, yet very entertaining. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you!
5 Star Content. 1 Star Audio Quality :/
PLEASE FIX THE AUDIO. The volume levels jump wildly depending who is talking and (I’m guessing here) whether they are keeping their mouths close to the mic. When I am trying to listen I have to constantly keep adjusting the volume. It’s very frustrating.
Best scientific skepticism podcast
Had I the authority, I would decree that every citizen of the world shall listen to The Skeptics Guide to the Universe weekly. Seriously though, I have been listening since nearly the beginning and this show and crew are fantastic. The show manages the perfect balance of critical thinking, humor, science communication, and fun. Well produced, well organized and managed, all around a great show and the only podcast I listen to immediately when it hits my feed every week. I mean every week, I can’t remember them missing a week in the time I’ve been a loyal listener, which is well over a decade. Consider becoming a patron and supporting their outreach that way too, I have for many years and if you can afford to throw them a few dollars every month it’s well worth it to support them in their endeavors through the podcast, videos, and events to promote scientific skepticism and critical thinking to the masses.
The only podcast I have been following weekly for about 10 years. Congratulations to all the team!
Consistently excellent all these years
Stacie eng
I’ve been listening since the beginning, well over a decade ago. They present well researched info in an interesting way on a wide variety of topics, and they tell you how to best skeptically evaluate info as they go. Just listen. You’ll be glad you did.
Absolutely amazing!
A listerner from Indonesia!
They are a nice breeze of fresh air. It is nice to know I can trust the news that is found here!
Can not recommend enough!
I discovered the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, when I saw their book of the same name in the bookstore where I work. I picked it up and could not put it down until I finished it. It’s by far my favorite non-fiction book I’ve ever read. It has been my number one staff recommendation ever since! It really changed my view of the world and my own beliefs. I was so excited when I found out about the podcast and I haven’t missed an episode since! If you are a curious person, who is always searching for the truth, and the latest scientific knowledge, then you’ve found the right podcast!
Clarity from the noise
Discerning what is true is perhaps life’s greatest challenge. The hard work this podcast is doing has been a huge help. So much exciting science I’d never know about otherwise. I look forward to it every week and it’s the first podcast I listen to. Many thanks to you all!
Addendum to my earlier review
I don’t mean to say that climate change doesn’t exist or is not a problem but they lack all skepticism about big government solutions. That’s all.
Fantastic science show
A great show if you care about understanding our world.
Hands down my favorite podcast
This is a no nonsense, fact based, skeptical (duh) and entertaining podcast. Sure there are topics from time to time that don’t interest me but WAY more often I learn something new that was never a thought in my head.
Show the love
a father 04931605395973279
Been listening for over five years now. (Time flies) Because of this podcast, I have developed the critical thinking skills, respect for expertise, and solidarity for nerd culture and humanity in general. I went back to school, got into the teacher pipeline, and fought against grifters and pseudoscience hacks. Times are tough, no income, and I can’t contribute back much at the moment, but I can write a review. I love you, rebel scum! I look forward to you every week.
Love it!
Super awesome and informative show ! Been listening to it for 3 years now. Favorite is science or fiction.
My Facvorite Podcast
I love this show, great way to learn about how to understand the world we live in and arm you with skeptical tools. This is one of the podcasts I have to listen to every week. The team of rogues on this podcast are entertaining and informative, easy to get addicted to, while learning about science and how it works. Can't recommend it enough.
Yo Jay I’m Reviewing the Podcast
My favorite podcast. It’s not often that you can say a podcast has changed your life but this podcast has.
Amazing show
I’ve listened for 10 years now, every week. Can’t claim nearly a quarter of that for any other podcast out there.
Most Important Podcast in the Universe
Highly Accurate Information an Entertaining Format
We live in a communication landscape littered with people shouting whatever they think that you want to hear, generally to profit off those deceived. In contrast, this podcast presents a rational look at the reality behind the hailstorm of nonsense that we find ourselves in. Highly entertaining and extremely informative.
Facts matter
Every weekend they gang brings relevant facts about interesting and poignant topics. I listen every Saturday afternoon!!
Fantastic podcast
I'm probably dead
I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. It has helped me enormously in ways I can’t adequately describe here.
Best Podcast Ever
I love this podcast! I look forward to listening every weekend. Great topics & segments, love science or fiction. Pre-pandemic, my dog and I would listen on our way to visit family and hearing your voices was the only way to keep him calm in the car. Thanks for ALL you do!
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