November 18, 2019
Your story does matter because it shaped you, but it is not who you are. Join me on a solo journey this week as I shed some light on how Create The Love came to be. Create The Love was born in part by my break down that came from the ending of a relationship. Rock bottoms are a chance to meet ourselves, and I was called in that breakup to break away from the social conditioning and pressure to 'fit in'. Over time, I have gradually learned to continue to let go of the life that I was taught to want and in doing so connected to my inner truth. That truth is, I don’t want to live behind masks. Love is not scarce, it is everywhere, and it is up to us to create it and cultivate it. In this episode I share some of the events of my childhood, teen years and early adulthood and reflect on how they shaped my journey. I go deep into how I learned to sit with and learn from painful experiences and emotions and invite you to do the same. Lastly, I want to thank you all for being such an important part of this journey and for joining me in creating the love together.
November 11, 2019
Selina Gray is an epic friend of mine who opens up on her journey to dropping the mask. Selina grew up with that feeling of being “not enough” due to both her mother’s criticism as well as not feeling "wealthy". Becoming a hustler early on meant Selina achieved huge financial success but found herself trapped within the mask of having it all. She found herself surrounded by money, labels and “success” but felt no meaning or connection. This week we discuss how Selina dropped the mask, how her body finally said no, and how she stepped into her truth to create Money Boss. Follow Selina on Instagram Join the Money Boss Facebook here!
November 4, 2019
Do you ever find yourself feeling out of balance, maybe with food, energy, or relationships? Sahara Rose opens us up to the world of ancient Ayurvedic medicine and the mind-body dosha system to understand what your body truly needs in order to be in balance. We work through the three dosha types, how to know your dosha, how to know if you’re in balance and how to get into balance if you’re not. If Ayurveda is new to you, then you cannot miss Sahara Rose! Follow Sahara Rose on Instagram Check out Sahara’s podcast Take Sahara’s dosha quiz!
October 21, 2019
Our most popular podcast guest @AmyYoungCo is back this week for a no holds barred conversation. We started with a Q&A about connections and friendships with exes. It quickly evolved into a free flowing conversation about speaking without filters, sexualisation of social media, Instagram ‘likes’, gender norms, #MeToo, compassion, unifying with the male experience and healing through connection. If you loved Amy's last episode (of course you did!) then you don't want to miss this one! Follow Amy on her website here and her Instagram here!
October 14, 2019
My good friend Josh Trent, CEO of @wellnessforce has joined me this week to discuss his journey home to truth. Josh started out much like myself in jobs, roles and spaces that did not align with his true inner being. His awakening started with health and wellness, but then became so much more. Josh explains a series of reckonings to be real that pulled him toward alignment, as well as the continuous process of expanding, letting go and coming closer to your true self. As Josh explains, the truth is hidden in plain sight and we can all find it by looking within. Learn more about Josh and Wellness Force here!
October 11, 2019
This week I share more about Ky and I’s breakup and a closing ceremony we did for our relationship. I share about my process. Wow. I’m not gonna lie… this week was a tough one to do. I get emotional, I stay open. I discuss what it means to “adult”. How to navigate life’s pains and how to build trust again in oneself rather than making other people the authority on your life. No one knows you better than you. Enjoy this episode and grab a few Kleenex… not for you, but for me. :)
October 7, 2019
I am proud to call Erin Skye Kelly a true friend, mentor, and all around boss. Not only has she totally transformed my world, but she has done the same for countless others, and most importantly herself too. In this episode we dive right into the power of our own choices, we go deep into my current heartbreak, and we unpack the process by which Erin ended the toxic relationship with her family of origin. This is such an important topic for so many people who struggle with difficult or abusive parents. There is so much to learn about the power of boundaries and choices to shape our future. Join Erin Skye Kelly here! Listen to the podcast on silence we were discussing called Gangaji here!
September 30, 2019
Dr Nicole LePera @the.holistic.psychologist is truly a game changer in the world of psychology and mental wellness. I was so honoured to join her and discuss her very personal journey into becoming the holistic psychologist and her movement for self-healing. Dr LePera opens up with us on her own childhood, her working through familial enmeshment and codependency, and her foundational practices for self care that are so crucial for every one of us. It is a truly courageous journey to confront the harm we may face within our own family unit, and to break free from bonds that may feel impossible to change. I hope that for anyone who is struggling with difficult or enmeshed family patterns, the wisdom of Dr LePera gives you renewed hope for a future of freedom to be your true self. Find more of The Holistic Psychologists resources Here! Find The Holistic Psychologist YouTube Here! Dr. Nicole LePera was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University and the New School. She is a holistic psychologist who founded the Mindful Healing Center in Philadelphia. Her work addresses the connection between the mind and body and incorporates nutrition, lifestyle and psychological wellness practices. She is the creator of the movement #selfhealers where people from around the world are joining together in community to take healing into their own hands.
September 23, 2019
My good friend Dr Jeremy Goldberg @longdistancelovebombs has joined me this week to dive deep into heartbreak. We both open up about our past experiences of breakups and heartbreak, we go all the way back to our childhoods and early experiences. We explore how our conceptions of love and heartbreak have radically transformed as we have both done our work as adults over the years. This was such a healing and loving episode for me, where we both explored our pain and held space for each other. I really hope this episode helps you in having compassion for your own heartbreaks too. Find out more about the Breakup Recovery Special Live Call Offer here! Find out more about Dr Jeremy Goldberg here!
September 19, 2019
Maya Angelou famously said that ‘love liberates, it doesn’t bind’. My relationship coming to a close is not a failing, a giving up, or a problem to be solved. In this episode I want to refocus on what is important - the victory isn’t the relationship lasting - the victory is in the process of who you become along the way. And through this process I have been fully liberated, to being all of myself, to loving, and to living all out with no holds barred. This is exactly the delicious, messy, complex journey that I love, that is life. After spending some time connecting to the universe and self, I am surrendering to letting life move through me, I am turning towards it all. I hope that this episode will invite you to do the same. Join my special Breakup Recovery Live Here!
September 16, 2019
Every single human has surely suffered with feeling invalidated for their emotions. Author of ’It’s Not Always Depression’ and psychotherapist, Hilary Jacobs Hendel joined us to explore her ground-breaking work on emotions. Many of us have never really learned the true anatomy of our emotions. As Hilary explains, we can build our lives around avoiding the true feeling of our emotions. For many of us our early experiences with emotions involved us being told to ‘get over it’ in one way or another. Fully embracing emotions like anger and hurt means going against our conditioning, and some of these emotions seem downright scary. Could we end up lashing out in rage? Or could embracing our pain actually open the pathway toward calm, composure and compassion? Hilary walks us through the model she uses that allows people to experience - often for the first time in their lives - how to fully feel a feeling, and the freedom that this experiences offers us. 1.30 mins - Introduction to the Break up Recovery course. 4 mins - Introduction to Hilary Jacobs Hendel. 6 mins - Emotions are involuntary physical responses, we cannot just ‘get over them’. 9 mins - What are positive emotions - expansive experiences, what does it feel like to allow them to arise? 14 mins - “It runs in the family” the narrative of inherited patterns. 18 mins - What is anxiety and how does it exist within the body? 22 mins - Understanding the change triangle and the impact of shame. 29 mins - Experiencing the full emotional wave, the emotional experience of anger. 39 mins - Moving though childhood trauma. 47 mins - How do we know if we have suppressed core emotions? 54 mins - I feel therefore I am. 1hr 3mins - Working through other peoples emotions. 1hr 18mins - Free resources from Hilary Jacobs Hendel. Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW, takes the complex world of emotions and makes them easy to understand for all. She is author of the award-winning self-help book on emotions called, It’s Not Always Depression: Working the Change Triangle to Listen to the Body, Discover Core Emotions, and Connect to Your Authentic Self (Random House, 2018). She is a certified psychoanalyst and AEDP psychotherapist and supervisor. She has published articles in The New York Times, TIME, Oprah, Salon, and professional journals. Hendel also consulted on the psychological development of characters on AMC’s Mad Men. Hilary’s blog on emotions and how to use them for wellbeing is read worldwide. For more FREE resources on emotions and emotional health, visit: Find out more about the Change Triangle Here It's Not Always Depression by Hilary Jacobs Hendel
September 9, 2019
This game-changing episode will entirely change the way you look at mental health. Dr Kelly Brogan is a psychiatrist and a New York Times bestselling author who has walked the path of integrative and holistic health. While being trained as a psychiatrist, Dr Brogan was a staunch supporter of the pharmaceutical model for symptom suppression. After her own illness and resultant awakening, Dr Brogan entirely changed her clinical practice. Dr Brogan describes the “bait and switch” trap of the medical system, capturing highly sensitive people with medications that often turn situational pain into chronic illness. She argues that rather than suppressing our symptoms we can learn what they are here to teach us, we can see our vulnerability as a gift rather than a curse. Far from being trapped, we are emerging into a zeitgeist of reparenting and unconditional love for self. Dr Brogan describes the joy of liberation from darkness and the power in self care. We can all liberate ourselves to life and Dr Brogan walks us through the model she uses to heal all kinds of illness. 1 min - Introduction from Mark, Dr. Kelly Brogan’s book, psychological science, pharmaceuticals, and all of their interconnectedness. 7 mins - Dr. Kelly Brogan’s introduction. 9 mins - Dr. Kelly Brogan’s background in psychiatry, her journey to integrative and holistic psychiatry. Realising that as a clinician nobody was ever encouraged to investigate the root causes of presenting symptoms. 13 mins - The story we tell ourselves about our mental health, we cannot win the war against ourselves. 18 mins - Doctor induced harm and the impact of medication on making symptoms chronic. The role of habit forming chemicals. Why psychiatrists would remain defensive of a school of thought they’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning. 23 mins - The risks of medications emerging in recent research, the benefit of medications going to only 18% of patients. 28 mins - Working with vulnerability rather than against it. Self discovery vs symptom suppression. The bait and switch, capturing highly sensitive people within the system. 32 mins - Beginning to relate to pain as a source of power rather than weakness. The joy of liberation from darkness and secrecy. The power of self care and self liberation. 46 mins - The chemical imbalance theory of mental health and the shift away from it. How to turn off the alarm bells that activate the flight, fight, freeze. 57 mins - Making the decision to heal from the root. Making the decision to end the suffering. 1.05 mins - Dr Brogan’s model for self healing, the common types of illness and the model for healing these. Changing mentality and the resultant shift in your life.\ Kelly Brogan, M.D., is a holistic health psychiatrist, author of the New York Times bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, and the children’s book, A Time for Rain, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. She completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College and has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Systems Neuroscience. She is board-certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and integrative holistic medicine and is specialized in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms. She is a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher and a mother of two. Preorder Dr Kelly Brogan's newest book 'Own Your Self' Here!
September 2, 2019
Anger is one of the most powerful emotions, it can change lives and change the world. But it can also become incredibly destructive. Alistair Moes (Angerman) is an expert on all things anger. In this episode we delve into what anger means, what it looks like and feels like and how we can use it in healthy ways to deepen our connections with self and others. 1 min - Intro from Mark - the difficulty in engaging with our anger. 3 mins - The breakup recovery course. 4 mins - Intro to Alistair Moes - what happens when we don’t express anger? 6 mins - The link between our gut health and our anger. 11 mins - Alistair’s own experience with boundaries in childhood. 20 mins - Identifying where you are repressing emotions. 28 mins  - The power of listening and witnessing your partner. 41 mins - The power in choosing to have hard conversations. 49 mins - The connection between rage and grief. 56 mins - How to engage with your anger, using resources to learn about anger. Alistair Moes (Angerman) is an International Anger Management Expert and Author, who has been working professionally as a counsellor/educator since 1989 and as an anger management specialist in private practice since 1995. Alistair has worked with those who have enormous challenges in the world: from high performance business leaders, gold medal winning Olympic and professional athletes and coaches people that are close to homeless. Anger is an equal opportunity emotion. Alistair has developed a manner of working, which is respectful, solution-focussed and based on both academic theory and extensive experience. This experience includes working with trauma, and historic abuse in a manner that honours each person and allows for deep healing.  Find Angerman on Instagram here and more resources here
August 25, 2019
Do you know what traumas happened to your grandparents, or great-grandparents? Do you know how those traumas might be impacting on your patterns or triggers today? My guest this week is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of intergenerational trauma. Mark Wolynn not only shares his research and understandings of the field, but also his own story and the stories of some of his clients in understanding their inherited traumas. I was completely mindblown by this episode, whether you know your family history or not, you absolutely must not miss this conversation. Episode Highlights: 3 mins - Intro to Mark Wolynn and family trauma. 5 mins - How major life events or triggers can relate to experiences of previous generations. 11 mins - Are we ‘wired this way’ or have we inherited our patterns? 13 mins - How we can understand the nature of epigenetics through research on mice. 20 mins - Why do we repeat our traumas? 24 mins - The story of Sarah and her grandparents trauma. 32 mins - The ‘family tree’ and who the family system includes beyond biological family members. 37 mins - Opening up the possibility of our ‘work’ being beyond just our individual experiences, how our ‘remembrances’ live in our body. 40 mins - Mark Wolynn’s story of his own inherited traumas. 43 mins - Recoding or rewiring our stress responses. 48 mins - Mark Wolynn’s workshops and resources. Episode Notes: Mark Wolynn (accent on second syllable) is the director of the Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco. He is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. His book It Didn't Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle is the winner of the 2016 Nautilus Book Award in psychology, and has been translated into 17 languages. His articles have appeared in Psychology Today, Mind Body Green,, Elephant Journal and Psych Central, and his poetry has been published in The New Yorker.
August 23, 2019
These personal special episodes have been truly cathartic for me in uncovering the vulnerable, raw emotions that I would have once repressed. In this episode I explore attachment styles, our needs and boundaries. For those of us with anxious attachment patterns, we often give up parts of ourselves in order to stay in relationship. But this doesn’t have to be our destiny, by connecting with our truth we have the power to rewrite our story completely. 1 min - The power of sharing and not repressing emotion. 5 mins - Having compassion for ourselves. 7 mins - Attachment styles and the research behind them. 14 mins - 10 seconds of courage to make a change in your life. 18 mins - If you have resentment, you have bad boundaries. 22 mins - What we do when we’re afraid of love. 27 mins - What is a breakup here to teach us? 29 mins - The breakup recovery course.
August 18, 2019
Many of us assume that we automatically feel our feelings, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. There are so many ways society encourages us to deny, avoid and repress emotions. Megan Jane Souter is a self healing guide who I have had the honor of knowing as a friend and client for many years. As Megan describes in our interview, her transformation has taken her from someone who numbed emotion, to someone who intellectualized emotion, then finally to someone who could FEEL their emotions, fully. And in this transformation Megan has come to working with others in truly feeling their feelings too.  Episode Highlights: 1 min - Marks introduction, dealing with hard emotions. 6 mins - Introduction to Megan Souter and her role as a self healing guide. 15 mins - Numbing emotions instead of feeling them. 17 mins - Megan’s experience of depression in childhood and living with mental illness within the family. 21 mins - Living within a disruptive household. 27 mins - Intellectualizing emotions to avoid feeling them. 31 mins - The safety to have your own experience and emotions. 39 mins - Megan’s experience of bullying throughout school. 46 mins - Living at your highest level of integrity.  50 mins - Dealing with major life changes and coming off of medications. 59 mins - How Megan is using her story in her life and work today. 1hr 7 mins - Shaming our feelings. 1hr 18 mins - Stepping out of the story we have been assigned. Episode Links: Megan Jane Souter Megan's Instagram
August 12, 2019
Technology has completely changed our world, but have we adapted? The online revolution has opened new avenues for addiction, social connection, disconnection and distress. There are millions of ways that we are marketed to become addicted to technology: the colours, sounds, styles, ‘likes’, games and more. We can change our relationship to technology, but it means going so much deeper than just setting rules or limits. This weeks episode is so important, I will admit I have struggled with my relationship to technology and have learned so much from Miles on how to change this. Episode highlights: 1 min - Intro to episode by Mark Groves. 4 mins - Intro to Miles, how our bodies react to the online world in relation to our biological evolution. 9 mins - How social cues impact our wellbeing, both online and offline. 15 mins - How our relationship to the world can lose its sense of reality when we are so often online. 18 mins - The mentality of “just do it”. 22 mins - Mark’s anxiety around his phone. 27 mins - Changing our subconscious relationship to technology. 32 mins - How much time are we spending with screens per day? 34 mins - Digital detoxing. 41 mins - Taking control of technology instead of letting it control you. 47 mins - New avenues for connection online, a new world of choices. 52 mins - Being conscious of our online behavior, what is behind it? Episode links: Miles Rote’s Online Course:  How to use social media to improve your wellbeing Miles Rote - Self Mastery Teacher & Digital Wellness Coach, Miles illuminates the effects of modern technology on humanity & helps bridge the growing gap between our online world & our inner one through his platform, How To Become Yourself.  Miles Rote's Website
August 9, 2019
In this special episode I dive into my personal story of awakening and rejoining my heart. We all suffer betrayals, usually beginning in our childhood. And often in these betrayals, we learn to hide away parts of ourselves to survive and remain connected to those around us. This is my story of undoing those learnings and making the choice to claim my personal truth. 1:00 - Introduction to the Create The Love Bookclub. 3:00 - Mark's story of his engagement ending. 6:00 - How and why we end up hiding parts of ourselves. 9:00 - Making the choice to rejoin my heart. 12:00 - When I decided I was done with relationships. 15:00 - Give yourself the space to make mistakes, life is your playground. How to use your triggers. 20:00- Leaving too soon or staying too long? 22:00 - Relationships are the greatest determinant of health. 28:00 - The power of connection to self. Episode Notes: Join our Create The Love Bookclub!
August 4, 2019
Anahata Ananda is a wonderful friend of mine, she is also a healer, coach and guide and in this episode she walks us through the connection between spirituality and relationship. We go deep into understanding how a spiritual journey can lead us home to ourselves, and how the depth of our spiritual connection to ourself relates so much to our depth of connection with our partner. Anahata supports us in seeing how our life experiences can lift us toward faith and consciousness and out of the victim mentality.  Episode Highlights: 1 mins - Mark’s introduction - the narratives we live and how we can break them. 8 mins - Book Club Introduction! Join the Create The Love Community. 11 mins - Anahata Ananda introduction.  13 mins - Finding humour in the journey. 15 mins - The spiritual crisis, what is it? What tangents do we have to follow in order to find the path back to wholeness? 23 mins - How our journey relates to our chakras. 34 mins - Are you living out of fear or faith? What clues or messages are you not listening to?  38 mins - When we put the burden of alignment on our partner.  46 mins - How much baggage we all carry and how we can start to move through it. 50 mins - How we can step out of victim mentality and into consciousness. 55 mins - Unconditional love, the journey of coming home to unconditional love. 60 mins - Where are you still holding onto pain? 1hr 5mins - Finding the way to our truth is a process not an outcome, reclaiming your truth. Episode Notes: Free Chakra Balancing Audio Guide And Discount Codes! Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Anahata has guided thousands of individuals through core life shifts, helping them to turn their life around and manifest the life of their dreams. Anahata is the host of the internationally acclaimed Shamangelic Healing Podcast. She is the founder of Shamangelic Healing, based in Sedona Arizona, where she offers high-performance coaching, inspirational workshops, group retreats, private healing sessions, and online courses. For more about Anahata's services, visit:
July 29, 2019
Mike Campbell is a men’s coach who specialises in helping men connect to their hearts in every aspect of life. In this episode we go deep in unpacking the messages men receive throughout their lives about love and commitment. Why do so many men seem to swim in the emotional shallow end of relationships? How do we deal with avoidance in relationship? AND, how can we change the narrative? Mike is as real as they come and a true friend, I am honored that he has shared this important and necessary conversation with us all. Episode Highlights: 1 min - Introduction from Mark. 3 mins - The Breakup Recovery Course is now live. 5 mins - Mike Campbell introduction, what does coaching men involve?  9 mins - Masculinity and the societal messages about being male and committing to relationships. 13 mins - The avoidance of relationship and commitment, the power of fear, what is below this fear? 20 mins - The invalidation of our emotional expression that so often occurs. 22 mins - What is stopping men from opening up? The impact of suffering in silence. 28 mins - Staying in the ‘safety’ of the superficial world. 32 mins - Mike’s engagement breakup story, how he went straight into business and how he started to open up. 39 mins - The necessity of hard conversation, are you willing to walk away if your partner can’t step forward? 43 mins - Dealing with a partner who ‘dances in the grey area’. 49 mins - Becoming ‘grounded’ with yourself and dealing with becoming grounded in relationship. 55 mins - How boundaries can help to create trust and truth in relationship. Episode Notes: Breakup Recovery Course Mike Campbell Instagram Mike Campbell is a men’s coach, author, and tragic wannabe professional stone fruit eater, Mike is the founder of The School of Personal Mastery – a group coaching program for men wanting to get their shit together and achieve greater success and happiness in their career, relationships, and life - without the guilt and hang-ups.
July 25, 2019
This is a very personal episode for me, this is my own journey with codependency. Throughout our lives we all become part of widely accepted social contracts through our childhood, religion, community and family. This is my story of breaking some of the social contracts that did not align to my own truth or integrity. It took a lot of vulnerability to break those social contract and also to open up on this topic, so I truly hope it resonates. Episode Highlights: 1min - My own personal story and learning about codependency in my own life. 2 mins - My relationship to alcohol. 4 mins - How I’d kept one foot in and out foot out with my commitments to change. 5 mins - What unspoken agreements do you hold onto that you don’t truly believe? 10 mins - If i loved myself what would i do? 16 mins - The addiction to trying to save others. 19 mins - I don’t “have it all together”, the power of compassion for self. 22 mins - Where have you been taught to hide your truth? If this episode resonated for you please remember to subscribe, leave a review, let me know what you'd like to hear more of, and share with your loved ones!
July 22, 2019
In this episode, Kate Horsman shares her personal story with an eating disorder. Kate shares her ‘fall into grace’ as she left the harsh, competitive world of ballet and made her way through hospitalisation and the life long task of healing. In a world where disordered eating and negative body image are so normalized, Kate’s voice cuts through the pain experienced by so many to offer compassion and hope that we can finally come home to feel safe in our own bodies. As Kate so warmly describes, the way out is to nourish ourselves. Whether you believe you have a healthy relationship with food and your body, there are so many gems offered by Kate in this episode. Episode Highlights: 2 mins - Intro, the teacher arrives when the student is ready. 8 mins - Breakup Recovery Course. 10 mins - Please leave a written review if you enjoy this episode! 11 mins - Kate Horsman introduction, background in ballet and childhood. 19 mins - How Kate’s body communicated her needs. 25 mins - What caused Kate to drop it all and leave. 30 mins - Male eating disorders and the pathway into eating disorders for boys and girls. 34 mins - How do you become safe in your body? 38 mins - The normalization of unhealthy eating. 46 mins - Committing to healing and nourishing yourself. 53 mins - Finding your voice in your healing. 57 mins - Movement as healing. 1hr 2mins - Surviving the present moment. 1hr 4mins - Kate’s current work supporting others in healing, the power of compassion. 1hr 17mins - Kate's new course coming soon. Episode Notes: Kate Horsman Instagram Kate Kate Horsman is a Nutritionist, Counsellor and Mindfulness Leader in Vancouver BC. Her training through both professional counselling and nutrition, provide the bridge between the mind-body connection which lends greatly to her specialization in Eating Disorders and Mental Illness. Allowing food and the brain as a medium for embodied change.
July 14, 2019
Sam Skelly is a dear friend of mine that has truly changed lives with her work on loving ourselves, loving our bodies and using breathwork to meet our pain with love. Whatever pain you might be experiencing in your life and whether you know the root cause of your pain or not, Sam walks you through how to meet pain with love. Sam specializes in loving our bodies and our relationship with food, but also with using breathwork as the bridge to meeting our pain. When we meet our pain with love, finally the pain can transform. Sam walks us through a practical example of how to use breathwork in everyday life. If you think that the idea of breathwork isn’t for you, then this episode is most definitely for you! Episode Highlights: 2 mins - Intro to episode. 10 mins - Intro to Sam Skelly, how Mark and Sam met, the mission of hungry for happiness. 15 mins - The link between the body and emotions. 20 mins - Childhood messaging around bodies and eating. 28 mins - The game of life if the ultimate goal of happiness. 30 mins - Meeting pain with love. 36 mins - Meditation and breath work. 43 mins - Breathwork with Pause, how we stop ‘doing’ and learn to just be, why are we addicted to our phones? 48 mins - 20 second breathwork example. 53 mins - Breathwork as a metaphor for life. 55 mins - Pain that is preverbal, how breathwork sessions can give rise to intergenerational pain. Episode Links: Hungry for Happiness Pause Audio Samantha Skelly on Instagram Samantha Skelly Website
July 11, 2019
*Ghosting* it's a phenomenon! One of the most common questions I am asked is 'how do I respond to this person who has just suddenly disappeared?' In this video we unpack the phenomenon of ghosting. Why is is happening? What is behind it? How should we respond, if at all? If you've ever ghosted someone, or been ghosted, this episode is for you!
July 7, 2019
John Kim (aka The Angry Therapist) has made his mark on Instagram, sharing authentic, raw and unfiltered views on life, love and everything in-between. This week I was honored to discuss his approach and in particular we go deep on the difference between young love and healthy love. If you are wondering how to step into healthy love and beyond the highs and lows of superficial dating, then John Kim is your man! Episode Highlights: 1 min - Intro to episode. 2 mins - Being authentic online. 5 mins - Being a therapist vs being a coach. 12 mins - Starting over and having nothing to lose. 16 mins - Healthy love vs unhealthy love or young love. 24 mins - Relationships are built, not found. 29 mins - The bad boy and the codependent. 35 mins - False beliefs and limiting beliefs. 41 mins - Why don’t we study relationships? 45 mins - Accepting that not all relationships are meant to last. Episode Links: The Angry Therapist Website The Angry Therapist Instagram
June 30, 2019
Jamie Elizabeth Thompson is a holistic intimacy and sex specialist and we had the most amazing conversation about awakening our sexual selves. Sex and sexuality is such a difficult topic for so many people. Whether it be via our culture, familial upbringing, or religious conditioning, there is still so much shame wrapped up in our sexual selves. Jamie and I discuss how we can move through our conditioning and use our vulnerability to empower and explore our sexual selves. Jamie brings so much understanding and knowledge on the power of the erotic to this episode and I’m so excited to bring you this important conversation, whatever your sexuality, relationship type or gender this episode is for you. Podcast Highlights: 1 min - Introduction to the episode on sex and sexuality. 6 mins - Please leave a review where ever you listen! 6.30 mins - The ‘Create The Love’ course discount, ends soon! 8 mins - Intro to Jamie Thomson’s work with sex and sexuality. 12 mins - Sexual energy and using it in your life as well as the bedroom. 16 mins - Puritanism vs hyper-sexualisation. 20 mins - Narratives around female sexual repression and male sexual shame. 27 mins - The shadow side of sex. 30 mins - Erotic intelligence and the erotic actualization pyramid. 32 mins - How we can have great sex and how we can break our conditioning. 40 mins - Breaking down our sexual shame and repression. 47 mins - The feminine sexuality and giving women permission to ask for what they need. 49 mins - Erotic love languages. 60 mins - Asking for what you want and the ways to ask. 1hr 03 mins - Integrating our hearts, minds and genitals. Podcast Links: Create The Love course starting soon! Jamie Elizabeth Thompson Facebook Jamie's Instagram Jamie's Website
June 23, 2019
I’m so excited to introduce you to Leah Brathwaite. She is a dear friend of mine and I have had the honour of watching her life transform as well as now seeing her write about her personal transformation in her new book. This week we breakdown what life transformation can feel like, from undoing old, traditional or religious scripts for life, to writing new ones based on our deepest truths. Leah’s story will resonate with so many of you, so I can’t wait for you to hear this. 1 min - Mark’s trip to Calgary and it’s serendipity of life. 3 mins - The life we “should” have had. 7 mins - The new ‘Create The Love’ course. 11 mins - Intro to Leah Brathwaite and her book. 15 mins - The “I’ll be happy when” life and how to reclaim your own true life. 20 mins - Peeling back the layers of your conditioning, Leah’s story, ‘performing’ for love. 25 mins - When you look around and don’t recognize your own life. 30 mins - Moments of awakening. 35 mins - When we wake up but just dig deeper. 50 mins - Are you a victim or living through choice? 64 mins - Getting confident with allowing life to move through you. Episode Links: Leah Brathwaite Instagram Leah’s book: A New Way of Life: A Guide for Transformation from Living a Lie to Freeing Your Soul My new Create The Love course! Leah Brathwaite Leah is a Soul Advisor, author of 'A New Way of Life: A Guide for Transformation from Living a Lie to Freeing Your Soul', speaker, and a woman who is deeply committed to helping others reach their full potential, live a meaningful life and make their dreams a reality. In short, Leah helps women connect to their soul so they can live the lives they dream of. Through her writing, workshops and group mentorship program, she offers guidance to better understand and live in alignment with who you really are, what you really want and what you're meant to do.
June 16, 2019
I am so excited to introduce an author whose work has impacted my work so significantly. Dr. Christopher Ryan wrote the epic book ‘Sex at Dawn’ in 2010, and he has gone on to continue researching and writing on human evolution. We discuss it all - human evolution, sex and connection, modernity, the agricultural revolution and how it shifted our sexual behaviour, the internet revolution today, and what all of it means for our lives and our happiness. His work is truly fascinating and I am so honoured that he has shared this work with us today. Episode Highlights: 7 mins - Introducing the book ‘Sex at Dawn’. 13 mins - Sex. What is it all about? How much are we doing it and WHY? 15 mins - The science and research behind ‘Sex at Dawn’. 19 mins - The intention and the truths behind the book. 22 mins - Monogamy and it’s challenges. 24 mins - Sex education around the world today. 28 mins - The modern world and our lack of connection, how does this compare to our evolution? 36 mins - The evolution of civilization from hunter-gathers to today's modern age. What went wrong? 39 mins - The age of the internet, what has social media done to us? 43 mins - The economic system - what has the modernity meant for humankind, what has the agricultural evolution done for us? 53 mins - The history of polygamy in earlier societies. 55 mins - Micro-biomes - what are they, how are they exchanged and how do they affect us. Episode Notes: Sex at Dawn - The Book Dr. Christopher Ryan’s Podcast What Makes This Thing Great Instagram
June 9, 2019
Do you throw yourself into your career, or fitness, or diet - so that you can pretend that your relationships aren’t a problem? Do you feel like your always needing to resolve some problem? Today’s episode with Sheri Salata is for you. Sheri leads us in understanding that we are not problems waiting to be solved. We make the mistake of thinking we are broken and everyone else is living an ‘instagram life’. The fact is that we are all our own experts, none of us have it all ‘figured out’ but we all know the recipe to love ourselves home. Episode Highlights 5 min - Connection to self, consciousness of self, and Sheri’s new book. 8 min - Sheri’s role with Oprah Winfrey. 10 min - Finding alignment and when we get ‘distracted’ from true alignment. 14 mins - Loving yourself. Love yourself first. Love yourself most. And how does this relate to any relationship? 21 mins - Do you really want to live the life of your dreams, or do you want to continue to skip out? Do you seek from your wounds or from your light? 28 mins - love as both the path and the destination 31 mins - Its never too late to live the life of your dreams. 35 mins - Having your own back everyday. 41 mins - What is the ‘beautiful no?’ 44 mins - Not wasting time, how to not waste another day out of alignment. We are not too old and it is not too late. Episode Notes The Beautiful NO: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation by Sheri Salata Sheri Salata on Instagram
June 2, 2019
Standing up for yourself with love. Terry Real is leading the revolution of breaking down the patriarchy one relationship at a time. He is an internationally recognized Family Therapist, Speaker and Author of four acclaimed books on relationships. Terry founded the Relational Life Institute (RLI) offering workshops for couples, individuals and parents around the country. Terry's approach is about 'Straight Talk to Difficult People', he has no time for the traditional heirarchical patraichal approach in relationships. He argues that through standing up for yourself with love, not only can relationships be saved, but society can also be transformed from patriarchy to loving equality. Episode Highlights 3 min - The gaps in traditional couple therapy approaches. 5 mins - The grandiosity and superior complex in relationship. 6 mins - Moving beyond patriarchy and traditional gender roles. 8 mins - The ‘Grey Divorce’ revolution - the end of women caretaking men. 11 mins - Men aren’t unhappy in marriage, women are. 12 mins - Connection, hierarchies and winning in relationship. 17 mins - The negating of women’s voices in couples therapy. 21 mins - The traditional and newer masculinities. 24 mins - The difference between personal empowerment and relational empowerment - breaking the back of patriarchy. Standing up for yourself with love. 27 mins - Terry's personal experience in confronting the power broker. 29 mins - The use of sex in place of connection. 42 mins - Your partners CNI - what is it and how to use it. 47 mins - We all marry our unfinished business. We are attracted to what needs to be healed. Episode Links Terry Real's Website The 20 Practices text: 202 517 2151 Terry's Books
May 26, 2019
Traver Boehm is the leader of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. He coaches, leads, writes, speaks and trains men in the art of connection to self. This week I was honoured to hear Traver’s personal story, how his life completely transformed when he lost his marriage, his business partnership and in the process almost his mind. But far from it, he has come to champion the revolution for men to connect to their most authentic self and redefine their inner masculinity. Episode Highlights 9 mins - The two ends of the masculinity continuum - The Marlboro Man versus the Nice Guy. 10 mins - Why do we stick it out with emotional robots? Everyone says they want a ‘conscious’ man, but are they actually ready? 14 mins - Integrating the masculine and feminine, boundaries, trust, sexuality and safety. 19 mins - When a woman can’t connect to her partner, when “she can’t feel you”. 30 mins - Therapy vs coaching, Traver’s first experience with couples therapy. 33 mins - Traver’s divorce and rockbottom breakthrough. 43 mins - Traver’s journey through the spiritual - The Year To Live Project. 55 mins - Breaking through to authenticity. 1hr 10mins - Traver's experience in hospices. Episode Notes Traver Boehm Instagram The UNcivilized Movement Make Pain Your Guru TED talk
May 19, 2019
In this episode I speak with physician, chef, and integrative medicine expert, Dr. Robert Graham. Nowadays, there is more interest and awareness of the link between what we eat and our overall mental and physical wellness. But what does it really mean? What does our gut health mean for our mental health? What are the most important factors driving our health? Is food the ultimate medicine, or is there more to it? This week I jam with my favourite physician and good friend, Dr. Robert Graham to break it all down! Episode Highlights: 8 mins - The relationship between nutrition and health. 12 mins - Evidence based medicine, what does it mean? 15 mins - The biggest medical crisis of our time? Holistic and integrative medicine? The role of the gut in overall health and wellbeing? 18 mins - The link between gut health and emotional health. How to high conflict relationships impact your overall health? 23 mins - Love and overall health. 28 mins - The most important factor in your health - who you surround yourself with. 32 mins - Fatigue - the most common illness seen today. 35 mins - The link between IBS and our mental wellness. 43 mins - Is food a kind of medicine? 5 mins - Vegetarian vs vegan. Episode Notes: Dr. Robert Graham is a Harvard trained physician, Board Certified in both Internal and Integrative Medicine and has over 15 years of clinical experience.  Dr. Graham received his medical degree from the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center, Stony Brook, NY and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, where he received the Community Service Award and subsequently the prestigious “Attending of the Year” award.   Dr. Graham received a Master’s of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health while completing three additional fellowships in General Internal Medicine and Complementary and Integrative Medical Therapies at Harvard Medical School as well as Medical Education at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He also completed course-work in Mind/Body Medicine, Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Medicine, Culinary Medicine, Botanical and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In 2018, Dr. Graham became one of less than twenty doctor/chef’s worldwide, as he obtained his culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute.
May 12, 2019
Raphael Cano is a love activist and warrior. He and I met very serendipitously in a coffee shop in NYC, and from that day onward our friendship has continued to evolve and expand. Raphael’s mission is to elevate humanity through universal truths and his own divine shine. Raphael’s friendship has been life-changing for me in so many ways, and in this episode I wanted to highlight how Raphael has supported me in having the space to understand how heteronormativity affects people in the LGBTQ+ community. Raphael walks us through his pathway to coming out, then later, to becoming a love warrior. His courage and energy is inspiring and I am so honoured that he shared his story with us for my podcast. Episode Highlights: 4 mins - How Raphael and Mark first connected - Raphael’s first breakup. 9 mins - Intuition, gut feelings and following your joy. Is it all just love and light? 16 mins - Raphael’s life story - his first kiss, his story of coming out and his upbringing. 26 mins - The HighSchool Bully - and the projection and rejection of being gay. 33 mins - Raphael’s years of denial of his sexuality and the stress of living out of alignment. 39 mins - Raphael’s stepping into alignment, his first boyfriend. 42 mins - Raphael’s family’s response and finding his voice and confidence - how ‘Prayers for Bobby’ impacted him. 50 mins - The Stages of Coming Out - trauma, acceptance and authenticity. 55 mins - Elevating and changing, how dating changes and the dating pool changes. 64 mins - The equality that occurs in a mind, body and soul connected relationship. 70 mins - Come out as your highest self - whatever that might mean for you. Episode links: Raphael Cano Podcast Raphael Cano Instagram Find LGBTQ+ resource centres here!
May 6, 2019
This week Sheleana Aiyana and I talk about Rising Woman. What does it mean to be a rising woman? How did Sheleana’s life lead her to this work? How does one begin to transform pain and trauma into self-compassion and healing? How can we start stepping into our power? If you have ever been impacted by childhood wounds (all of us)  then this episode is for you. Episode Highlights: 1min - Sheleana’s story - how did she come to do this work. 2.30mins - Denial as a coping mechanism and the wakeup call in betrayal and breakup. 4mins - Acceptance as the path toward healing. 6mins - Shea’s life path - the childhood wounds and traumas. 9mins - Transforming pain into healing. 11mins - What is shadow work? How does our shadow impact us and our relationships? 13mins - What are the most common coaching issues and patterns Sheleana sees? 17mins - How did trauma show up in Sheleana’s life? 23mins - When you are willing and ready to change, when are you sick of your own shit? 25mins - Victim mentality and letting go of it. 33mins - How do we start taking responsibility and stepping into our power? 37mins - Inner child work and self-soothing. 41mins - The difference between compassion and tolerance - the curse of the empath. 46mins - The process of healing, how does it work? Podcast links: Rising Woman Instagram Sheleana Aiyana More about Sheleana: Rising Woman is led by Sheleana and her co-founder Heather, who are trained facilitators and guides of shadow-work, conscious relationship, breathwork, and tantric practices. Their current offering is the Heal Your Relationships Program. An 8-Week Journey into the Heart of Your Relationship Patterns. Sheleana is also a trained Doula, having gone through multiple certification programs, including a full-spectrum training with midwife Molly Dutton-Kenney.
May 1, 2019
Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman is one of the world’s most preeminent relationship researchers. Along with her husband Dr. John Gottman, they run the Gottman Institute, who have conducted many of the world’s most extensive studies on marital stability. This week we delve straight into trauma, including Dr. Gottman’s previous trauma work, the trauma of infidelity, and the Gottman therapy related to this trauma. Lastly, we discuss their latest book - Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. What is it that makes a good relationship and how do good relationships benefit us? Podcast Highlights: 5mins - Julie’s background in trauma research and her journey to the Gottman Institute. 14mins - Trauma, what is it? What does it do to us? What does it feel like? 21mins - The healing power of connection. 25mins - The Gottman’s couples conflict resolution approach - what questions do you need to ask your partner? 32mins - Cheating, infidelity and the trauma in betrayal. 36mins - Therapy for infidelity, the three-stage process. 41mins - What often leads to infidelity? 50mins - Eight Dates, the Gottman’s newest book on dating and relationships in their initial phases. Podcast Details: The Gottman Institute Eight Dates - Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love The Gottman Institute Instagram
April 22, 2019
Are you looking to change and grow? Or are you committed to repeating your patterns and limits in life? So often we say we want growth in life - and yet we don’t make the choices aligned with that. AND so often other people want to limit our growth! This week James Silvas and Mark discuss the ways we limit ourselves in love, career, life and everything in between. Why do we limit ourselves from growth and success - why do other people limit us - and how can we stop it? This week we unpack it all! Podcast Highlights: 8mins - Mark’s one night stand history! 10mins - Everything you want is in your discomfort/ stretch zone. 13mins - Self talk and when we self sabotage with our internal talk. 15mins - When Mark left the predictability of a ‘stable’ job and career path. 25mins - Are you accountable for your choices, or are you blocking yourself? 31mins - How we stay committed to our misery and stories of the past. 35mins - What makes people successful? - Getting past the boxes you have put yourself in. 45mins - How other people might want to limit us and how to look out for it. 51mins - Dealing with uncertainty in life, how we try to control. 57mins - Confronting pain and discomfort, why is it so hard? 60mins - How to change the way you think - how to change your patterns - how to change your life! Podcast details: James Silvas is a Peak Performance Coach and Mental Training Specialist with over 13,000 hours of training experience working with high performing teams at Nike, MGM & ADT. He has studied under 4x World Renowned Mental Performance Coach Dr. Mark Guadagnoli while attaining his degree in Kinesiology at UNLV. He has worked with over 6,000+ people on developing/strengthening the mindset that will take individuals/teams to the next level.
April 19, 2019
This is 20 minutes jam packed with the most juicy breakup content you could ever need. Mark gets straight into the heart of it -- because this time effing hurts. It doesn’t matter whether you wanted the ending or not, you are hurting and we have all been there. Mark walks alongside you and helps you understand the hardest parts, the most painful parts, and explains to you that this rock bottom can be an anchor and a beginning of new possibilities for a deeper and truer connection to ourself and others. Get ready to rise. The Breakup Recovery Course Sign up Here Now!
April 15, 2019
This week we have Mark and Amy Young yelling about all things emotional unavailability! Every person has either been caught, is currently caught or will one day be caught in the spell that unavailable people cast over us. We explore why we get caught in the ‘spell’ of unavailable people. How Mark and Amy have both been caught themselves, and how can get unstuck from thinking you’ve found ‘love’ when in reality all you’ve found is pain and suffering. This week is the slap in the face you’ve been waiting for, do not miss it. Episode highlights: 5 mins - ‘Bottom feeder bro’ behaviour, why do we want the men who don’t want us? 7 mins - When the body codes drama as chemistry - breaking the spell of choosing someone who is not choosing you. 9 mins - When people are lying to you in dating. 13 mins - Amy’s personal story of the ‘bottom feeder bro’ - how she was going to ‘fix’ the ‘one’. 17 mins - Codependent no more - why Amy read it - why you should too. 25 mins - How you can break the spell. 30 mins - The 5 love languages - what when we have toxic love languages? 38 mins - Why we make excuses for other people. 39 mins - Don’t be afraid to have the hard conversations! 42 mins - When to communicate the issue or self-soothe? 50 mins - What energy are you bringing to dating - to Tinder? 52 mins - Are you ‘picky’, or not picky enough? 55 mins - Are there enough men? What’s going on with men and their emotions? Podcast links: Amy Young YouTube Create The Love Live in San Fran! Create The Love Live in LA! Create The Love Live in San Diego!
April 8, 2019
What are boundaries, why are they so hard? Why do we suck at boundaries with parents, exes, co-parents? Why don’t we just unfriend or block people that have hurt us? What is stopping us from letting go?! How the HECK do we do boundaries with our co-parent exes!? We tackle it ALL this week and nothing is off the table! Dr. Alexandra Solomon takes on the hardest of subjects with wisdom and compassion, if you haven't yet read her book find it in the show notes below. Episode Highlights: 3min: Boundaries, how to deal with boundary violations. 5min: Cultural differences in boundaries. 7min: Emotions and boundaries, childhood and boundaries. 14min: How do we know when a boundary is violated? 16min: Personal empowerment vs relational empowerment. 18min: Types of boundaries, secure vs porous vs rigid. 24min: Vulnerability cycles - what the heck are they? 27min: Voicing and breaking out of a vulnerability cycle. 30min: How to deliver a boundary. 31min: Tricky boundaries - exes! Why don’t we block them or delete them? 37min: Why don’t we just break contact - are we being kind to them or only to ourselves? 39min: BOUNDARIES AND COPARENTING 101 44min: How to hold space for your child - what impacts your child the most during a breakup? 49min: Types of families. Show Notes:
April 1, 2019
Bryan Reeves is our guest this week and I am so excited to introduce you to a man who has truly lived a life of adventure and exploration. Bryan and I discuss his journey, from hyper-masculine army careerist, to wandering the Earth, and later to being a relationship and life coach. Bryan talks us through the journey that broke his heart, opened his heart and totally renewed his joy for life. Bryan and Mark go DEEP on all things masculinity this week. Why did Bryan’s girlfriends always end up frustrated and angry with him? Why do men follow Instagram models and damage their relationships with online behaviour? How can childhood emotional neglect - even the most subtle forms - play out in our adult lives? And what about our triggers, how can triggers from previous relationships or previous lives continue to impact our current partners. Mark and Bryan discuss the challenges that every couple is bound to face. Episode highlights: 6:00 - The journey from army career to relationship coach. 9:30 - Finding the subject that ‘lit’ me up 10:30 - Why are the women I am in relationship with always angry at me? 15:00 - Instagram and the online world affecting relationships. 22:00 - Childhood emotional neglect - how can the most subtle forms affect our adult life? 28:00 - What triggers us in our parents, what does this reflect in us? 49:00 - Therapy, coaches and relationships, the value of working with someone from outside of our relationship. 51:00 - Triggers from past, childhood and their influence in current situations.
March 25, 2019
This week I was over the moon to be speaking with my dear friend Kelsey Grant. Kelsey is an absolute goddess on all things relationships, intimacy, and sex! We got really real on intimacy in every way, how sex relates to connection and visa versa. We got into the juiciest parts of relationship and shared our own pasts on the highest highs and lowest lows - commitment, patterns, past hurts, cheating, breaking up, growing and knowing ourselves. Episode Highlights 5min: Sexual intimacy and communication - whats the link? 8min: The vulnerability in sex - can you hide yourself and still enjoy climax? 10min: The differences between men and women when it comes to sex and connection. 12min: Integrity, cheating and shame. 14min: Pleasure and growth, how we change over time. 17min: Connection to self and ghosting, looking at it from both sides. When Mark was like a “Mt Everest Basecamp” of red flags 20min: Honesty in dating - are you dating just to date - to find a partner - to just have fun? 21min: Narcissism is a massive buzzword at the moment, but is it really narcissism? 25min: Taking responsibility in relationships and in life. You aren’t responsible for anyone else’s behaviour, but you are responsible for your own. 29min: The power dynamic in ‘saving’ someone. 32min: Breaking up and moving into a new relationship. 34min: Infidelity, the pain, the grief and the healing. 39min: Finding self love through our suffering. 43min: Mark’s ‘yoghurt and granola breakup’ story, what breakups are here to teach us. 54min: Kelsey’s relationship with a well known public figure - the deeper the connection the deeper the triggers and fears. 56min: Finding safety when we are in fear from past triggers. 59min: Trust and friendships with the opposite sex, does your partner trust your opposite sex friends? 1.06min: Family enmeshment and intimate relationships, they don’t gel! 1.10min: Getting started in making connections when you’re single - building the relationship skill set . Episode Notes Kelsey Grant - My entire life has been focused around relationships and how to get the love you want. As I’ve grown and shifted my ideas of what I wanted evolved as I did. The person I have grown into has given me access to learning, experimenting and through direct experience understand that which I was searching for in a relationship.   When I found it I thought that was it. I was done. That area of my life was complete. There was one catch though. I hadn’t yet learned how to really love myself. So the relationship ended. The universe works in mysteriously incredible ways. The breakup was exactly what I needed to actually for once look at my relationship to myself and understand I was at cause for all I was experiencing. I finally had to take a real look at my self confidence, self esteem, self worth and self love.   Through my journey of self love I was able to repair relationships of all kinds in my life, build my self esteem and self worth to levels they had never been before and ultimately begin to be the love I had be so intensely searching for in another. Once I was able to build this relationship with myself my love life flourished along with all the other areas of my life.
March 20, 2019
This week I was honoured to be joined by filmmaker Brendon Marotta. Brendon has just launched the ground-breaking documentary ‘American Circumcision’ on Netflix. We had an incredibly powerful, raw and real conversation on the issue of circumcision. We went deep on the trauma, pain and often undiscussed power that circumcision still holds in our society today. This is a topic that deserves so much more investigation and I am so passionate about bringing this topic to light. Don’t miss this episode. Highlights 1min: Why did you end up working on the topic of circumcision? 4min: Circumcision is a cure in search of a disease - a cure for masturbation. 7min: The data behind circumcision. 10min: Women as supportive of the issue. 12min: Trauma and circumcision. 19min: The history of circumcision. 25min: The power of cultural conditioning. 28min: How and why is the conversation on circumcision changing? 31min: Who are the gatekeepers and powerhouses behind the conversation? 41min: Circumcision the documentary. 42min: Was there a backlash to the documentary? 49min: Healing from circumcision and early childhood traumas. 56min: Healing from grief. Episode notes Brendon Marotta graduated from the University of the North Carolina School of the Arts in 2010 with a B.F.A. in film editing & sound, where he worked in every major role on a film set. In 2013, he completed a year long Meisner Acting program at the Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory. In 2014, a feature he edited was selected to premiere at the Austin Film Festival and won the Narrative Feature Audience Award there. In 2017, he completed his first feature-length documentary as director, which won Best Documentary at the Lone Star Film festival. Brendon currently lives in Austin, TX. @bdmarotta Bonus features and full access to film at
March 12, 2019
Matt Corker is a CEO, MBA and ’a magician of human experience’, this week he joins me to discuss all things leadership and business. We discuss Matt’s latest venture The Corker Co, and how he is crushing it in the business world, not only by connecting with people but also by connecting people to each other. There are so many synergies between how we communicate and manage relationships at work and with how we communicate and manage relationships at home - but too often we see them as separate worlds. We jam on the difference between being authentic and putting on roles for different contexts. How real are you at work and how is it impacting yourself and those you love? Episode highlights: 6min: People don’t quit their job they quit their manager, is this true? 8min: Fulfilment and work, being an entrepreneur vs employee, what’s the difference? 15min: Authenticity and the roles we play, how to we manage different relationships in different environments. 19min: Being real and communicating at work vs at home. 21min: Energy and motivation at work, how the time of day can affect how we behave. 32min: Toxic bosses, harmful management tactics and where do these stem come from? 36min: Formal company values, vision and mission vs the dynamic and culture in informal conversations. 41min: Talking about relationships, sexual relationships and sexual harassment at work. 48min: Working in “the office” and how our work space setups affect us. 52min: What is transformational really? Is it a buzzword or something more?
March 4, 2019
In this episode Mark Groves is joined by Stephanie Coontz, researcher, academic and author of seven books on marriage and family. They explore topics ranging from traditions, gender roles, the evolution of relationships in history and the more recent impacts of technology on relationships. Stephanie Coontz teaches history and family studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA and is Director of Research and Public Education at the Council on Contemporary Families. She has authored seven books on marriage and family life, including A Strange Stirring: ‘The Feminine Mystique’ and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s, The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap. Coontz is a frequent guest columnist for the New York Times and Selected articles and tv appearances can be found at  Highlights 3m30sec: The history of marriage - what was it’s purpose? 8min: The difference between love, relationships and marriage, what is the role of coercion? 20m40sec: What is the history of monogamy and polygamy? 28min: The changing perspectives of being single, partnered, married and what is the role of gender here? 35min: The role of tradition and gender, how does it impact on the happiness of a relationship? How egalitarian are couples and how does this impact on happiness? 42min: Women having the courage to speak out and the #MeToo movement, how the times have changed. 45min: How has technology changed relationships and marriages?
February 25, 2019
In this podcast Mark Groves is joined by Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, writer, spoken word poet, marine biologist and PhD in social science. Mark and Jeremy discuss their personal evolutions as men, for Jeremy this has meant shifting from being an academic and PhD to becoming an artist. They also reflect upon the evolution of the modern man in today's world, what does it mean to be raised a boy today, what is school and society teaching boys, how do we break out of the stories and patterns and how we are all still on the journey home to ourselves. Highlights: 3:15 - What is going on with men and #MeToo, why aren’t more men speaking up? 7:00 - Why do men struggle to speak up on emotions- are men emotionally castrated? 12:00 - The evolving man in society - what is the cultural shift toward opening? 21:00 - The modern education system - what is it teaching and not teaching for the modern life? 25:00 - Step out of the ‘story’ you’ve been taught about life, or get kicked out of it. How Jeremy shifted from being a PhD to artist. 31:00 - The fear and courage experienced when stepping into the unknown. 34:00 - The ‘big betrayal’ and can you betray yourself? 42:30 - We’re all on the journey still - anyone who says they have it all figured out is lying. 49:43 - Risk, resilience and living on your edge - learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.
February 4, 2019
I’m so excited to introduce this week’s episode with my best friend and love – Kylie McBeath. Love, Service, and Wisdom. Those are the three words that Kylie lives by. Her greatest mission is to help more people unleash their greatness, and find truth and alignment in life through harnessing their best resource: their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She is also a Certified Health Coach and Transformational Life Coach and she works to empower women to move through shame, release anger, and align with their most aligned + powerful selves. During this convo Kylie not only shares her relationship journey but also her journey as an entrepreneur and some amazing insights for how to grow into your voice, truth, integrity, and most true self. Highlights: 11:10 – Kylie’s journey back to herself 16:10 – Breaking through the limiting messages sent to women 24:50 – How fear creeps into relationships 34:00 – Stepping into vulnerability and honouring commitments 46:20 – Trigger points and getting our needs met 54:00 – Clean anger vs aggression Jam with Kylie: Instagram Zura Health Mate Magnet Book Links: Daring Greatly Breaking Free Loving Bravely
January 28, 2019
This episode was such an honour to record and is one I could go on and on about for hours! In it I talk with Terri Cole, the New York-based, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of Real Love Revolution & Boundary Bootcamp. Terri uses practical psychology, eastern mindfulness and harnesses the power of intention to create sustainable, positive behavioral change i.e. true transformation. Tune in as we talk about how childhood lessons about life form the blueprint of how we navigate our adult relationships around love. In addition to the highlights below are some amazing and practical tips on how to start understanding your own story so that you can heal old wounds and set new standards for what you actually want to create in your life. Highlights: 11:55 – Your inherited love blueprint 15:10 – The difference between need and choice 18:00 – Why 5-step get love fast programs never work 21:45 – The 5 pillars of healing our relationship with love 31:15 – How to take back choice in how we love 38:00 – How to honour and heal triggering wounds Resources: Connect with Terri: Terri's Website The Real Love Revolution Facebook Instagram Twitter
January 21, 2019
Why does our relationship with money matter and how does it connect to our relationships with people? This episode is a must! In it, money boss Selina Gray and I unpack the connection between money, our pasts, stress, and of course, healing and freedom. Selina Gray is a CPA, CA & a money relationship expert with over 15 years of experience reinventing finance for individuals & businesses. Selina has helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money by focusing on emotions, money mindset & practical money optimization skills. She believes that everyone is capable of healing their money story and her approach cuts through all the bullshit beliefs that have been blocking you from healing your own. Tune in to get to the heart of what really matters in your life, and to make the change that lasts. Highlights: 9:20 – uncovering your money memories 13:00 – Selina’s money mess 25:40 – how to be more excited about budgeting 32:30 – the importance of gratitude 34:00 – money archetypes 47:40 – healing money patterns in relationships 50:45 – how to start Instagram Facebook She’s A Money Boss
January 14, 2019
This episode is the ultimate sandwich of inspiration, entertainment, and motivation. Branden has overcome obstacle after obstacle on his journey from poverty, to the ivy league, to Nike, to around the world, and back again. He takes us back to his days on the streets and talks about how he finally let go of the stories and scarcity of his past to take responsibility for the future he knew he wanted. Today, Branden Collinsworth is an internationally renowned human performance coach and works exclusively with several of the most impactful people in sports, music, and business. Branden has been endorsed and worked with brand giants, SUMMIT, Lululemon, Redbull, Dr.Oz, MTV and is currently a Master Trainer for Nike. Check out the highlights below, and get ready, set, go! 15:10 – why you should swear more 16:00 – Branden’s rock bottom turning point 20:35 – fight or flight 27:42 – the secret weapon of obsession 31:10 – success and worthiness 48:45 – the one thing you need to know to transform 54:00 – warrior retreats Instagram Warrior Retreats Nike Training Club
January 7, 2019
Hands up if you learned as much about relationships in school as you did about pythagorean theorem. Ya, me neither. Meet Jayson Gaddis -  relationship student & teacher, author, host of the Smart Couple Podcast, and founder of The Relationship School. He is on a mission to teach people the one class they didn’t get in school– 'How to do intimate relationships'. In this episode, we talk about how important it is to treat and train our relationship skills like muscles. Jayson drops some serious knowledge about the benefits of couples therapy (as well as why you might be scared to go), as well as what unconscious investments we all carry that keep us at our same old painful status quo. Let the class begin! Highlight reel: 8:10 – how we disappear in relationships and how to connect instead 13:30 – recognizing false vulnerability 17:30 – tips for having the therapy talk with your partner 23:00 – steps to opening up and transforming within relationships 27:55 – working through disagreements with your partner 31:50 – the window of presence and vulnerability 43:15 – healing after a break-up or divorce Links: Relationship School Instagram The Smart Couple Podcast
December 31, 2018
What if you learned that everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be a man, was wrong? Tune into my recent conversation with addictions counselor and men’s coach Ben Goresky and learn how to reconnect to your masculinity and your partner with a new sense of compassion and curiosity. In this episode we talk about how to call ourselves and others on the bullshit stories that hold us back, the social norms that perpetuate addiction, why who you spend time with matters, and how you can get back in alignment with who you really are. In this episode you’ll learn about: Addiction myths (15:30) Men and addictions: (34:20) The connection solution for men and women (48:40) The antidote to defensiveness (53:10) The cycle of codependency (1:00:00) You can find Ben through his group for The Samurai Brotherhood, an organization that connects men to their masculine core and leads the way for the evolution of conscious men.  Ben also hosts The Evolving Man podcast and runs relationship workshops for couples with his fiancee Sheleana Aiyana. He specializes in transpersonal psychology, shadow work, men’s work, and conscious relationship work. He lives a happy, healthy life in Vancouver, Canada.  Episode Resources: Freedom From Addiction Program Gabor Mate Russel Brand Podcast Codependent No More by Melody Beattie Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin - Anne Katherine
December 24, 2018
Have you ever wondered about manifestation? Can we truly "make" something happen for us? In life and love, how can we get the things that we say we want? This week, I'm jamming with Lacy Phillips, a Manifestation Advisor specializing in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and expanding into alignment with what one is calling in. We talk about how to develop a good relationship with yourself, with romantic partners, and with money. Find out how you can tap into your subconscious mind and how to grow your worth. This is one you don't want to miss! In this episode you'll learn: - The science behind manifestation (5:36) - How to "get" the partner you deserve (12:20) - The connection between love and money (49:05) - And so much more!   Where can you find more of Lacy Phillips? Website: Podcast: Expanded Podcast Instagram: @FreeAndNative
December 17, 2018
Human connection is such a powerful and necessary component of our lives. As a human connection specialist myself, I thought what better way to dive deep into this topic than to sit down with none other than Baya Voce? For the past decade, Baya has studied relationships and human connection, most recently giving one of the most-viewed TEDx talks of all time, titled "The Simple Cure for Loneliness," with more than 3.5 million views. Here we get a little taste of the nuggets from her TEDx talk, and we go deep into the work it takes to feel connected to ourselves and others. In this episode, you’ll get answers to these questions: Are breakups harder on men? (10:30) What is betrayal? (22:35) Do ‘mixed messages’ actually exist? (31:20) And so much more!   Where can you find more of Baya Voce? Website: Instagram: @Baya_Voce   References and Recommendations: Baya Voce TEDx Talk: The Simple Cure for Loneliness Jayson Gaddis: The Smart Couple Podcast Glennon Doyle: Oprah’s Soul Session
December 10, 2018
“Marriage is complicated.” “Once you’re married, sex goes out the window.” “It’s all downhill after the honeymoon phase.” Have you heard people say this to you? Have you actually uttered these words yourself? Vienna Pharaon and I sat down and talked about the stories we tell ourselves around getting married and how we can make the shift and define marriage in whatever way we want. Vienna is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in New York City, where she runs her own practice. She is currently the number 1 Google search result when looking for couples counseling in NYC and she and I co-created a Relationships 101 workshop. Grab your pen and paper -- this episode is dynamite! In this episode, you’ll learn: How honoring your vows are important, but honoring promises can help too (8:44) How to hold an “Annual General Meeting” with your spouse or partner (13:00) How to lower your negativity threshold (17:25)  And so much more!    Where can you find more of Vienna Pharaon? @MindfulMFT on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
December 3, 2018
Are you struggling in the dating world? Do you feel like finding love is the equivalent to working a fulltime job? In this episode, I talk to Amy Young all about dating in the modern world and her unpopular opinion that dating is actually fun and how it should never feel like an obligation. Amy is a life coach extraordinaire who previously worked as an actor and comedienne, bringing her silly and irreverent approach to empowering single women to understand themselves and set themselves up for relationship success. She is self-proclaimed “Captain Raise the Bar” and she and I jammed on all the goodness there is in today’s modern dating world when you look for it. In this episode, you’ll learn: The importance of raising your standards (8:08) Can people have casual sex without getting hurt? (15:00) Is it OK for a woman to need a man? (36:30) And so much more!   References and Recommendations: Viral Wedding Photo of pretend blowjob  Dr. Glover / "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Katie Byron / "The Work" Article: Why You Might Not Be Ready For The Evolved Man You Say You Want     Where can you find more of Amy Young? Email: Instagram: @AmyYoungCo
November 26, 2018
What is the difference between wanting to make your partner happy and being accommodating to the point of losing yourself? What is the recipe for self-love that allows you to deepen your connection in relationships? In this episode, I speak with Ivy Kwong, a licensed marriage & family therapist, speaker, and writer who specializes in self-love and connection to heal codependency. Ivy also lets us in on an emotional intimacy exercise you can start putting into practice right away (55:05). Make a new nightly routine of checking in with yourself and sharing with your partner about the following areas: anger, pain, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, joy, and loneliness. Tune in to hear exactly how this exercise works and more tips and tricks you can use to help yourself (and your partner) grow.  In this episode, you’ll also learn: The definition and different degrees of codependency (19:17) The value of self-esteem and self-love (27:45) What you need in order to sustain a relationship (48:05) And so much more!   Where can you find more about Ivy Kwong? Instagram:@BareIvy Additional Website:   Recommendations and references: Article: “F*ck Yes or No” by Mark Manson  Book: “Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself” by Melody Beattie
November 19, 2018
What makes long-term relationships go the distance? I’m speaking with author and licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Alexandra Solomon, who you might know as the “Relationship Architect” and author of the transformational book, “Loving Bravely.” We talk about what’s really needed to make a relationship work – spoiler alert — it goes way beyond good sexual chemistry (although that’s needed, too). Today, we bring you the tools that will get you started both as an individual and as a couple. Alexandra is a clinical assistant professor at Northwestern University teaching and training marriage and family therapy graduate students. In addition, she teaches the internationally renowned undergraduate course, “Building Loving and Lasting Relationships: Marriage 101.” If all of that wasn’t enough, Dr. Solomon is also a highly sought-after speaker and media commentator on relationship topics. In this episode, you’ll learn: How messages we received as children shape how we show up in relationships today (5:50) What makes relationships able to go the distance? (17:32) Primary sexual desire vs. responsive desire – is sexual chemistry different for men and women? (21:35) What does “sexy” mean for women? (29:30) When there is sexual disconnection in a relationship, what can the couple do? (44:45) And so much more! Dr. Alexandra Solomon Website - Instagram - @dr.alexandra.solomon Book - Loving Bravely: Twenty Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Want
November 5, 2018
I sat down with Dallas Hartwig, co-founder of “The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom” and author of the New York Times Bestseller “It Starts With Food”. Our conversation begins at the intersection where health, love, and nutrition meet before moving onto the broader topic of self-identity, self-esteem, and self-fulfillment and how these are impacted (and transformed!) by the food we eat and the way we care for our bodies. Dallas offers some killer tips and advice on how to navigate change and growth, both in our emotional lives and within our physical bodies so that we can truly thrive.
October 29, 2018
In this episode I discuss my journey and why I the subject of relationships is so important. I talk about the misconceptions about love, my (our) struggles, healing wounds, and how we can best begin to learn to create connection and deepen our relationships with ourselves and others.
September 1, 2017
Join me on my journey as I seek to understand and discover what is it that make great couples great? Why is it that some people seem to be able to keep love alive for a lifetime and others can't seem to even make it through a moment? Why are we attracted to certain types of people who are bad for us? I've discovered that the quality of our relationships ultimately determines the quality of our lives and our health.I've had so many amazing wonderful conversations with brilliant people about the subject to understand it myself and I wanted to share these conversations with you. This is the Mark Groves Podcast Subscribe Today Visit:
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