November 18, 2019
I am again joined by Lisa Hana who gives me an update on how life outside of prison is going. She is now a practicing lawyer and doing great. We speak about many of the issues that people face when released from prison, and how she has coped with some of those issues. 
November 11, 2019
This is part two of my conversation with a woman who spent a number of years as a prison guard in a maximum security prison. We cover a wide range of topics related to prisons and prison guards. 
November 4, 2019
On this episode I am joined by a woman who spent a number of years as a prison guard in a maximum security prison. We cover a wide range of topics related to prisons and prison guards. 
May 26, 2019
This is an episode I did several months ago with a person who used to work as a prison guard at a super max prison. I wanted to rerun the episode for new listeners that may not have heard it the first time it was run. 
February 19, 2019
This is part two of my conversation with Lisa Hanna about her journey from law school to prison to being a lawyer. We speak about a variety of topics including drugs, prison reform, and many other topics. 
February 12, 2019
My guest Lisa Hanna has an amazing story to tell. On part 1 we discuss her drug addiction and the choices that led her to prison. 
February 4, 2019
On this episode I am joined by two members of the Arizona Innocence Project to talk about their work. 
January 28, 2019
This is part two of my conversation with Jason Spyres about his life in prison and after prison. Mr. Spyres has an amazing story of how he went from drug dealing to prison to Stanford University where he currently studies engineering. 
January 21, 2019
Jason Spyres has an amazing story to tell. After being convicted of marijuana distribution charges Mr. Spyres was sentenced to a very long term in prison. Part 1 we talk about how he got into drug dealing and what led to his prison term. 
November 19, 2018
Prosecuting Sex Crimes with Former Maricopa County Prosecutor Mr. Bridger. Prosecuting sex crimes can be very challenging work due to the sensitive nature of the cases. We talk about DNA testing, witnesses that may not want to be involved and many other issues. 
November 5, 2018
I speak with a former military police soldier about many interesting aspects of the job. We also talk about what it is like going into a war zone as a soldier. If you have every been curious about what military police actually do this episode is for you. 
October 22, 2018
On this episode I am joined by friend, and defense lawyer, Stacy Hyder. We discuss her work in defending people in death penalty cases. We talk about what it is like having a client where the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. We also talk about the emotional toll this type of work can take on defense lawyers. 
October 15, 2018
I am joined by friend Lynn Gibson to discuss the large role mental health plays in our criminal justice system. Ms. Gibson works in criminal courts with clients who have mental health issues. Ms. Gibson has years of experience and gives incredible insight into how the system treats these types of cases, and what can be done to improve the system. 
October 8, 2018
Maximum Security Prison Guard, Part 2  In part 2 we discuss many of the issues that prison guards face inside of prison. We also face about many of the pressures and challenges that prison guards face on a daily basis. If you have ever wondered what prison life is really like you will enjoy this episode. 
October 1, 2018
On this episode I am joined by a former maximum security prison guard to talk about what life inside prison is like for a guard. We cover many issues including, how inmates are treated, drugs inside the prison, and many other issues. 
September 24, 2018
General Counsel for the Marijuana Policy Project is our guest to talk about many of the issues surrounding marijuana legalization. We talk about many issues including the future of medical and recreational marijuana. 
August 24, 2018
This was one of the first podcasts I had recorded, and covers the subjects of supermax prisons. I wanted to republish it as I have been able to clean up the sound a little bit. I also wanted to republish it as the podcast has many new listeners that may not have been subscribing to the podcast when the episode was first published. We are hard at work on season 3 of Crime Inc. and will have new podcast episodes soon so please stay tuned. 
July 23, 2018
On this Micro Podcast I give a preview of the upcoming season 3 of Crime Inc. We have awesome guests coming up that will be speaking on a variety of topics including, drug abuse, gangs, mental health issues, prosecuting sex crimes, marijuana legalization and prison security, among others. 
July 16, 2018
Deputy Director of NORML Paul Armentano is our guest on this episode of Crime Inc. We talk about many issues surrounding marijuana and marijuana legalization. Some of the issues we talk about are benefits of marijuana legalization, arguments against legalization, history of marijuana as a controlled substance, federal, and state roadblocks to legalization, and many other issues. 
July 9, 2018
Retired Police Officer Beau Tribolet is our guest this week to talk about the world of police internal affairs. We speak about many issues relating to internal affairs such as how cases are investigated, the stress of being investigated, what can cause an investigation, and many other issues. If you have ever been curious about how internal affairs actually works, and how real police deal with the department you will enjoy this episode. As always, Mr. Tribolet, is honest, insightful, and not gives great insight into the world of police work, and police culture. 
July 2, 2018
Substance abuse and substance addiction are a major part of crime and the criminal justice system. Many people who are charged with crimes are also dealing with substance abuse. On this episode I talk with the founder, and one of the main substance abuse counselors from Scottsdale Treatment Institute based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We discuss many of the issues surrounding substance abuse such as treatment methods, coping methods, recovery, and any other issues. 
June 25, 2018
We continue our conversation with Mr. Roy about life in prison. If you ever wanted to know what life in a maximum security prison is really like you will enjoy this episode. Mr. Roy is incredibly honest about what life on the inside is really like. Mr. Roy also tells the story of his prison escapes which sounds like something out of a movie but is very much true. 
June 15, 2018
On this episode of Crime Inc. we are joined by Christopher Roy who is currently serving a life sentence in a Mississippi maximum security prison. This is part 1 of the conversation I had with Mr. Roy. Mr. Roy shares information about his childhood, how he got into crime and what led to him serving a life sentence. 
June 11, 2018
On this episode of Crime Inc. We are joined by a former parol and probation officer to learn about adult probation and parole. Our guest spent seven years working as a probation and parole officer. We discuss many issues such as alcohol and substance abuse, recidivism, prison, treatment programs, and many more topics.
June 3, 2018
This was one of the first episodes I did when the podcast was brand new. I wanted to re-release the episode because many of the issues we discussed have been all over the news. I also wanted to re-release the episode as many of our new podcast subscribers didn't get to hear the episode in their feed. We talk about a variety of issues surrounding the modern criminal justice system including how it was formed, and how many issues such as class, and race play into it.  Professor Simon joined the Berkeley Law faculty in 2003 and teaches criminal law, an advanced criminal law seminar on mass incarceration, sociology of law, and several classes in the undergraduate legal studies program (foundations of legal studies; prisons; punishment, culture and society).
May 29, 2018
In part 2 our guests tells us what prison is actually like. We talk about gangs, prison culture, gang violence, prison sex, and many other topics. Our guest spent six months in prison and much of that time was spent in solitary confinement. Our guests shares what it was like to be in solitary confinement, and how the experience changed him forever. This was one of the most powerful interviews I have done so far. After hearing this episode I suspect some people's view of prison, and how inmates should be treated may change.   
May 21, 2018
Our guest for this episode shares his experience being inside jail and prison. Part 1 focuses on what led him to being locked up in jail and ultimately prison. Our guest shares some of the harsh realities in this episode of being inside jail. Harsh realities that he experienced in jail included not enough food, guard abuse, terrible living conditions, and gangs. Our guest is incredibly honest and will take you behind the curtain of life in jail. 
May 14, 2018
We are once again joined by former defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi. Mr. Nurmi spent close to 20 years as a defense lawyer handling major sex crimes and death penalty cases. Mr. Nurmi represented Jodi Arias in her death penalty case. Mr. Nurmi talks about the stress and pressure on lawyers, and defense lawyers in particular. Mr. Nurmi also talks about the work he is now doing to help lawyers deal with stress, substance abuse, and other issues that they may be struggling with. This episode is an interesting look into the world of lawyers and the pressure and stress that many of them face. 
May 8, 2018
Retired Officer Tribolet joins us one final time this season to talk about many different issues relating to police. We talk about police shootings, use of non lethal force, police training, police misconduct, assault weapons, media coverage of police, and many other interesting issues. Mr. Tribolet is honest as always about his time on the police force, and the mistakes he had made. 
May 3, 2018
In this episode I am joined by Defense Lawyer Laurel Workman to discuss her work in veterans court. We discuss how the court works, the ideas behind the court, and how the court helps veterans. Ms. Workman shares some powerful stories of how the court has been able to help some veterans. 
April 29, 2018
In this episode we are again joined by retired Police Officer Beau Tribolet to examine some of the recent high profile police shootings cases.  Both cases we talk about were captured on video. We look at the high profile shooting case of Alton Sterling. The video link is: here: (video is graphic)  There very several videos taken and I encourage listeners to look at all the video to make their own determination.  The second high profile shooting we examine is the shooting of Philando Castile. There is body cam video and also video shot from inside the car by the passenger. Again, please look at the video yourself.         
April 22, 2018
Retired Police Officer Beau Tribolet is back once again on this episode of Crime Inc. In the first half of the episode we discuss the complicated and sensitive issue of police shootings and use of deadly force. In the second part of the episode Mr. Tribolet tells the story of how he had to use deadly force as a Police Officer when his own life was on the line. The story Mr. Tribolet tells is powerful, emotional, and one that is will resonate with people. Everyone that listens to the episode will gain some new insight into the world of police, and the use of deadly force.   We did record this episode in a public place so there is a little bit of background nice, sorry about that. 
April 17, 2018
Welcome back to Season 2 of Crime Inc. On this episode our guest is Michigan defense lawyer Lorne Brown and we discuss what it is like to defend a Serial Killer. Mr. Browne defended a person accused of committing two murders, and the police suspected there may have been other victims as well. Mr. Browne talks about what is like defending someone accused of committing two murders, and what the trial was like. We talk about many aspects of the case including the emotional toll a defense lawyer takes defending a high profile defendant.  Much of the case that Mr. Brown talks about sounds like something out of a movie. There were severed body parts, identity theft, love triangles, attempted prison escapes, and many more twists and turns while the case unfolded.   
November 15, 2017
On this episode I am joined by retired Police Officer Beau Tribolet who worked as a police officer for 18 years before retiring.  After the police academy Mr. Tribolet started out in patrol and went on various jobs inside the police department including SWAT, and being a supervisor. We discuss many issues surrounding police including proper training, substance abuse, community relations, use of body cameras, and what makes good, and bad police. Mr. Tribolet is incredibly honest about the mistakes that he made during his own career, what he learned from those mistakes, and how tried to teach other officers not to make the same mistakes. 
November 2, 2017
On this episode I speak with Professor Jonathan Simon from Berkeley law school. Professor Simon gives excellent insight into how culture, politics, race and other factors intersect with American prisons. We discuss a lot of interesting issues surrounding prisons today and talk about the history of prisons in America. 
October 18, 2017
On this episode I speak with Michigan Public Defender Lorne Brown. Mr. Brown was my supervisor when I was an intern with the office back in 2008. Mr. Brown has spent his entire career with the office where he has handled every type of criminal matter ranging from misdeamanor to murder. In this episode we talk about the role of the public defender, what makes a good public defender, and common misconceptions. We also talk about how race, class, and socio-economic factors all play into the Criminal Justice System. 
October 7, 2017
On this episode I speak with former defense lawyer L. Kirk Nurmi about the challenges of defending capital cases. Mr. Nurmi gained national prominence when he was lead counsel on the Jodi Arias murder case. Mr. Nurmi's is the author of the book Trapped with Ms. Arias.
October 7, 2017
On this episode I speak with Professor Keramet Reiter about supermax prisons. Professor Reiter is the author of the book 23/7,the first comprehensive history of the origins of the modern supermax, or supermaximum security prison, and the co-editor of the Extreme Punishment anthology. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society and at the School of Law at the University of California, Irvine. 
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