Amazingly Rich and Fulfilling ✨
J. Barshop
Travis and his expert guests provide some incredibly compelling content here. It consistently delivers the most up-to-date and relevant advice & information. Kinda reminds me of my morning smoothie - refreshing. ;) Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Words On Water!
Good and improving; needs decent intro music
Mark bbbbbbb
Many episodes are engrossing and informative; some of the early ones were quite dull (these often provided more a personality profile of the guest than any useful info or novel perspective on the sector). But most of the recent episodes have been really informative and interesting. The intro music is a robotic voice saying “words on water” followed by what sounds like a midi file; it really needs to be replaced with any decent instrumental music.
Great Perspectives on Water
I really enjoy this podcast because it provides plenty of great insights from water sector leaders all over the US and across the globe.
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