Ah ah ah..., most mostly like, but but but...well, something like that.
Enjoyed most most most of the podcasts. But but but have have have been sadly turned off by Episode 97 King Lear. Delete the excessive alliteration and we’d have half the time.
One of very favorite podcasts
Mr Max Trix
In my top 10 favorite podcasts and always look forward to Tuesday publishing. Thank U very much for a smart show!!!
Best podcast
Chase Bsnking App
This is undoubtedly my favorite podcast. I love good books, was anEnglish major. Mr. Miller is very knowledgable and picks great guests to discuss many of the Great Books.
Great for learning, bad for keeping up with your reading list
I was a late bloomer on reading a lot of literature, and the Great Books Podcast is excellent for revisiting the classics you forgot from high school/college or maybe never got to. Hillsdale faculty do make frequent appearances, and as an alumni it is SO fun to be able to catch up on some of their observations in the text. This podcast is bad for keeping up with your reading list - you will want to read them all.
Canterbury Tales — Excellent!
In the process of reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales so great timing. The professor added a lot of information and context that I would not have gotten ... so thank you!
Not too big. Not too small. JUST RIGHT!
Hat tip to National Review for their concise, pithy and to-the point podcasts on the Great Books. I always take away something new regarding each book-something that hadnt occurred to me at all-and inevitably wind up nodding my head, appreciatively. Great books, great lectures.Well done, National Review!
What a reading list!`
Love this podcast - there are so many great books that I missed in my youth. The interview is always informative and I have a lot of reading in front of me now!
Always Interesting
Michael D. McAuley
This podcast has helped me find or rediscover so many good books. You’ll be rewarded with concise, interesting interviews with authors and John J. Miller’s straightforward questions. Certainly worth a try.
A plus!
Tracy Reule
Succinct, smart and short (most pods under 30 minutes)!
Best podcast on the web!!
Don in McKinney
Perfect length of 30 minutes hold your attention and is never too long for a commute or an exercise. Great questions from a prepared narrator talking with a person sincerely interested in the subject. Makes you want to pick up the book for the first time or for me often an old book friend made anew with a fresh perspective!!
Refreshing and interesting
Medium splash
In-depth discussions with academics or other experts of books whose titles (if not contents) are familiar because they are some of the mainstays of Western reading — from the classics to popular works. The conversations are thoughtful, on-topic, and delightfully free of the frantic scrabbling to be ”woke” that characterizes so many modern podcasts on cultural topics. From listening to these podcasts I’ve learned more about books I have already read and made notes about some to look for and a few I want to avoid!
My favorite podcast...
Clear, concise overviews of great books by experts in their fields...add Miller and his valuable insights and it’s an enjoyable listen every time. I have been introduced to some and had perspectives added to some familiar books. First rate!
Great variety of books!
Every epiosde begins with "what makes this a great book?" The answers launch some interesting discussions. Sometimes an episode will nudge me to re-read an old favorite, while another will introduce me to something new.
Familiarize yourself with great books - easy
Steve Mess
John J Miller brings knowledgeable guests on the show and questions them as to why should this book be considered great. Fun and insightful - has led me to read (or reread) classics with new set of eyes.
Perfect Fit
Love the podcast! Gives great overviews of classics.
Love the variety and guests
I enjoy the broad swath of books Miller selects. It’s great to get an overview of unfamiliar works and perhaps be inspired to read them. It’s also satisfying to enjoy a favorite with another who clearly enjoyed it as much as I did. Outstanding podcast!
Bill koeppe
Great podcast. John nails it. I pass on some of these podcasts to our son who is an active duty Army Infantry Captain.
Great show
Looking forward to each new episode.
Back Episodes
Can anyone explain how to get back and listen to Episode 32 Gallic Wars? I told my 13-year old son all about it but we can’t figure out how to listen to earlier episodes.
Need to work on sound
If you are going to do remote interviews the sound engineering needs to be optimized. Content is great but hard to listen to because of garbling and variations in volume
A most enthusiastic YES!
This has easily become one of my favorite podcast. I have only read maybe less than half of the books reviewed, but I still find the ones I haven’t read to be really interesting! I may finally read Brothers K now ;) My favorite episode though is on Marcus Aurelius’ Mediation’s. SO good!
THE podcast
Books I would never have even considered seem intriguing after a podcast with John & his guest. If you appreciate literature & enjoy intelligent discussion about it, listen to this podcast.
Just tremendous
J.P. Elymian
Mr. McCarthy’s observations regarding the current legal scene are indispensable for all fair minded citizens.
Great reintroduction to many gems!
Just finished the podcast on The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and learned so much! I read this several years ago and can’t wait to get it back down off the bookshelf with a new set of eyes
My comments are threefold. 1. I’m using the books in these episodes for my Christmas wishlist. 2. I’d love to see C.S. Lewis or Dietrich Bonhoeffer discussed 3. Imagine my surprise at hearing one of my own Great Books professors from Faulkner University, Robert Woods, discuss Fahrenheit 451. I had to rewind to make sure I heard correctly! Anyway, great show!
Keep up the good work!
Evan B from Austin
The only downside about this podcast is that the episodes aren’t longer. So much great stuff. It would be cool if there were a sort of longer, uncut option for each show, though I know that would interrupt the natural flow of the shorter format you use now. Regarding suggestions that John asks for at the end of the podcast, it would seem that The Great Gatsby and The Sound and the Fury can’t be put off for too much longer right? Ginsberg’s Howl would be another very interesting one in the poems category. Thanks for doing what you do! Evan Butts
The rare book-chat podcast that doesn’t fart around
Podcasts devoted to books and movies tend to be awful — usually a pair of giggly, self-absorbed English major fanboys or fan girls blabbering on for an ice age about what they did or didn’t like. Great Books, by contrast, brings in experts who know the work in depth and have some intelligent perspective as to where it fits in the author’s life or in world literature; at the end of 30 brisk minutes, you feel you’ve learned something. Keep up the good work.
Great podcast!
Sannah McDonough
I always enjoy what the guests have to say. Love the podcast!
Listen to this!
Sharon Herbitter
Great intro to many “great books.” More Patricia Bart, please — I could listen to her all day. One of my can’t-miss podcasts.
30 minutes that can’t be beat
John Miller hosts an excellent podcast for those interested in learning something new-even about books previously studied. Excellent guests, great insight, and even a few laughs for good measure. Many thanks to Mr. Miller and National Review.
Another point of view
Discovered this wonderful podcast recently. Huge Jane Austen fan.
worth listening to
Rick Volk
Always infomrative.
Thank you!
I love everything about this podcast - great (and diverse) choice of subjects, and the perfect length. Keep it up!
Great discussions
So enjoying these discussions on wonderful books. Thanks to Mr Miller and National Review for making it possible...I need to check out this NR Plus membership! Just wonderful!!
Interesting discussions that spur more reading
I wonder if you would consider discussing Patrick O’Brian’s ‘Aubrey-Maturin’ series?
It's Fine
Awesome conservative analysis on some of history's best literature
The Great Books
Will 061552
So many things I never got around to reading, but now (in retirement) I have time for! Working now on The Gulag Archipelago, sitting on my shelves for years. Suggestion: Don Quixote (Including a brief biography of Cervantes).
5 stars for content, 1 start for marketing
These podcasts are so great, so why limit the podcast feed to only the latest 10 episodes? Please expand the access!
Fills a niche, admirably
I hadn't realized it, but we need just this: concise yet substantive conversation about great literature by informed admirers who appreciate (in both senses) this art form. Few things in today's world can unite swaths of people in that deeply human act of praise, but John J. Miller and his guests direct our gazes to literary beauty with competence and good humor. Thank you!
Finish Them!
Chav Jonah
You’ll need to do one show per book for LOTR and The Hobbit now.
Very good
Flint wing nut
There is art and skill in being a good interviewer and John J Miller demonstrates both as he asks questions of his guests. Many podcast hosts and TV show hosts make an interview about themselves and their opinions - interrupting the guest and ‘stepping on’ the response of the guest. Pleasantly John doesn’t do this. John asks his guests insightful questions and then let’s the guest answer. Consequently you learn a lot about the the book and the author.
Great way to explore the great books!
John J. Miller does a fantastic job exploring and explaining the great books. Each episode is so full of information, you have to listen more than once.
Very well done. Miller is very good at interviewing and I like the choice of books.
Interesting and thought provoking
Great content. Great interviewer.
Great short book discussion
My favorite new (about six months old at this point) podcast. Good selection of books with good discussion of each. Miller and his guests pack a lot into just half an hour.
Engaging Podcast
Thanks for providing such engaging conversation around great literature.
One of my favorite Podcasts
Great Podcasts for classic lit lovers! I wish it was longer but at the very least I want more! A request for a future episode would be something from my fellow Californian - John Steinbeck. Thank you so much!
So enjoy these discussions. Thank you and keep it up!
I listen to these while exercising. I enjoy that time with you! Learning about books I may or may not have read from people who truly know and are passionate about the author, the book, and the message. I hope you continue this for a long, long time.
Good program but can't listen to John Miller scrambling with words
I have been looking for book reviews on classics like this. Finally found it but just can't listen to John Miller. Listening to John Miller makes me want to scream "will you please get it out of your mouth?". He goes on forever "the, the, the, the, the, the" then ended up saying "so what, what, what, what about them?". Just kill me now. I am sorry but I have to look for something else.
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