April 9, 2020
Joe Rentmeester reviews his 2019 season success, dicusses his various set-ups, and terrain features that he looked for in his hunts
March 19, 2019
Beast Turkey Tactics with Tyler Whitt (Big Hunt)Interview with Tyler Whitt from the Hunting Beast as he explains pre-season scounting, tactics, set-ups, and stories chasing turkeys in Wisconsin.
March 5, 2019
Dan Infalt interviews Andrae D'Aquisto on tactics, and techniques for killing mature whitetails
February 13, 2018
Dan and Mario cover a variety of topics as they share their 2017 hunting season.Topics covered: Early season sits, late season sits, opportunities, and lessons learned.
February 9, 2018
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:The first sit - Being mobile, being confident, why they are so important, what you learn, and more...- Late season patterns - food sources, high ground bedding, travel corridors, and more...- Seasons of change - how the change in foliage, and topography throughout the season can significantly change primary bedding locations - Stand placement - the art of picking a tree, the mobile hunter's quest- Cold weather hunts - Spring scouting - what you should be looking for now, what type of knowledge to gather now that will pay off in the fall- River Bottoms
August 27, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics: Season Strategy, Hill Country Points, Beast Learning Curve, In-Season Scouting, Bedding Exit Routes, Pressure \ Prioritizing Hunts \ Bedding, Pressured Buck Movement, Air \ Wind vs Thermal Flow, Out Of State Hunting, Hunting Out of Comfort Zone \ New Locations, Ethics \ Morals
August 16, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics: How To \ Bed Set-ups, Pressure \ Prioritizing Hunts \ Bedding, Complex Properties \ Bedding, Maximize Hunting Vacation, Early Season Hunts, Season Strategy
August 4, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Youth Tactics \ Teaching Tactics, How To \ Bed Set-ups
July 22, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Rut Tactics, Post-Season Set Review, Observation Sits, Rut Tactics, Farm Country Bedding / Hunting, Youth Tactics / Teaching
July 16, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Deer Drives, Rut Tactics, Post-Season Set Review
July 8, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Rain as Cover, Weather as Cover, Common Mistakes, Scouting What To Look For, Beast Learning Curve, Scouting Efficiency, Primary vs Secondary Bedding
July 1, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:# of Sits, Time of Year and Bedding Areas, Observation Sits, Rain as Cover, Weather as Cover
June 24, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Hunting Small Properties, Hot vs. Cold Sign, Tracking Sign, Big Woods Hunting, Bedding Area Entry, Trail Camera Use
June 22, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Hunting Near Water, In-Season Scouting, Rut Hunting, Hunting Small Properties
June 22, 2017
Series where Dan Infalt and Mario Trafficante answer various questions from The Hunting Beast forum www.thehuntingbeast.comTopics:Crossbow Hunting, Hunting Life Balance,Bed Hunting, Current Tactics, Hunting Near Water
May 23, 2017
The Hunting Beast Podcast Episode #12 - Tracking Whitetail with Todd HavelWell known Hunting Beast member Todd Havel also known as Magicman54494 takes us into his world of tracking Whitetails.In this podcast Todd shares his tips, tactics, and experiences while hunting Whitetails on foot in the Big Woods of Northern Wisconsin, and Minnesota.Todd talks at length about:- The proper gear you need- The learning curve on tracking- How to pick a track- Tracking - pace, noise, wind, and observations - What tracking has taught him about bedding - What tracking has taught him about mature buck behavior During all this Todd shares some great memories he's made tracking and killing mature WhitetailsWhat I learned:- There is no substitute for learning in the field, if you want to study tracks, you need to get boots on the ground- Mature deer move with a purpose, and often follow a pattern based on topography and learned instincts- Pack light, but be prepared for the unexpected- Think outside the box, hunt like a predator, mimic deer movement and behavior, and embrace change- Track characteristics and how tracks age - What a track can tell you about an animal, age, gate, and time of movement
March 12, 2017
The Hunting Beast Podcast Episode #11 - Deer and Turkey Hunting Beast Style with Tyler WhittWell known Hunting Beast member Tyler Whitt also know as BigHunt talks about habits, tips, and tactics that make him successful in hunting Deer and Turkeys.Tyler also takes us on his 2016 bow hunt for the Flyer Buck. Tyler breaks down how to learn a property and learn from your mistakes to increase your chances of success.- Hunting Hill Country and the differences from hunting marshes and swamps.- Marsh and Swamp set-ups. - Collecting data on your property and the use of observation sits.- Use of trail cameras to collect intel.- Turkey calling, tactics, and run & gun. - 2017 goals and season progression.What I learned- No matter what the size of the property, learning patterns and collecting data is critical.- It takes time to learn a property, don't expect to do it in a season.- You have to be patient, the right wind and stand placement can make all the difference.- Learn from your failures. - There is no substitute for a passion for the outdoors
August 8, 2016
The Hunting Beast Podcast Episode #10 - Michigan Swamps with Jason CampbellWell known hunting beast member Jason Campbell also know as the whitetailassasin shares his journey, tips, and tactics while hunting the swamps and marshes of Michigan.- Hunting Michigan swamps and marshes- Observation stands - Evolving into a mature whitetail hunter- Breaking down food, pressure, and movement - How you deal with pressure in an area- Hunting Beds- Stalking bedded bucks- Monitoring and targeting a specific buck- Putting in the time and effort, Scouting - Primary bedding - Mature buck habitat - His 2015 hunt- Goals for the 2016-17 seasonWhat I learned- There is no substitution for hard work- Do your homework, learn from the hunters around you and those that came before you.- Thermals are just as important as playing the wind- Timing, Timing, Timing strike while its hot, don't wait- Pay it forward, pass on what you learned, and serve those who taught you- How you know you have located primary bedding- How to pattern other hunters and use it to your advantage
March 20, 2016
The Big Buck Serial Killer Dan Infalt discusses the concepts covered in his new DVD release "Marsh Bedding".Much of Dan's hunting philosophies are based on finding where bucks bed and understanding why bucks bed in those locations based on topography, thermals, wind, security, food sources, competition, and pressure. The marsh provides a perfect learning ground for understanding these bedding philosophies as well as formulating a plan to ambush the buck your looking for.What I learned:- When scouting a marsh focus on the transition, the break between the timber and the cattails.- Look for points, fingers, bowls, and islands along the transition. Bedding is typically located on the tips of these in transition to the marsh- Study access trails from the marsh to the transition or from the marsh to a remote island. There is likely bedding at the end of those access trails.- Don't be afraid to get close. Pushing your distance from bedding might give you the best chance of seeing a mature animal in daylight.- Go where no one else is willing to go. People and predators avoid water. If you can cross water you increase your chances of success.
March 8, 2016
Well know Hunting Beast Member Luke Muldoon also know as moondoondude on the forum shares his tips, tactics, and passion for North American Whitetails.Luke grew up in Maryland observing studying Whitetail behavior in his back-yard. As I got older he grew his passion through tracking and monitoring Whitetails in all the surrounding areas where he grew up.Luke has taken a keen interest in monitoring the impact of development and population expansion on deer herds as well as the fragmentation of the land deer call home.Luke spends a lot of time on foot studying the land he hunts as well as finding sheds.What I learned:- We need more people who carries Luke's passion for Whitetails and their survival as more land is fragmented due to development and over population - There is no substitute for feet on the ground. You can learn a lot from walking a property.- Environment, population levels, genetics, and hunting pressure all play a role in the health of your deer herd- There is a direct correlation between deer herd health and the availability of contiguous land to support the population.- Late season patterns can be key in targeting mature bucks- Trail cameras if used properly can be key in patterning mature bucks moving in day light- Be a student of deer behavior and habitat. The more of this you understand, the better you will understand why deer travel, bed, and feed the way they do.
February 22, 2016
Well know Hunting Beast Member Joe Elsinger also know as JoeRE on the forum shares his tips and tactics for hunting Hill Country bucks in Northeast Iowa.Joe shares his evolution as a hunter. Much of the time spent growing up on a farm in Northeast Iowa honed his outdoorsmanship from tracking, trapping, shooting, glassing, and living off the land.What I learned:- There is no substitute for time on foot, and time in the outdoors all year long. Scout and prep twice as many areas as you want to hunt.- Pick your properties often, and early. Get boots on the ground to survey what is available. - Plan your approach. Monitor more properties than you can hunt. This allows you the flexibility to pin point hunts during the season.- Differentiate early season bedding, fall bedding, and pre-rut bedding etc..- Know how thermals behave in hill country can allow you to hunt less than favorable winds.- Understand how your food sources will impact the areas you are hunting; crop rotation, acorn crops, and more.- A minimalist approach to equipment. Take what you use not necessarily what you think you need.- In hill country, the bigger the hills, the harder the access, the less hunting pressure- Tracks can allow you identify specific deer on various properties in combination with observations (glassing, shining, cameras)- First time sits are critical- We all have to play a part in sharing our outdoor heritage with our family, friends, and beyond.
January 6, 2016
Well know Hunting Beast Forum member Josh Beaman better know as "Bucky" on the site shares his Whitetail hunting tactics. Josh discusses scouting new properties, what he looks for in a property, how to use trail cameras effectively, how he transitioned to cataloging and hunting specific bucks, what have been his mistakes, and what have been his successes. He does all this while balancing a busy family and work life. A real world evolution as a hunter.What I learned:- Keep an open mind and learn for everyone around you- If you want to hunt mature whitetails then find properties where mature whitetail exist- Scouting takes time. Those that do it right often spend more time in the off season locating bucks and areas to hunt than they spent hunting during the season- A picture is just a picture it is the information you gather from it that is important - wind, weather, topography, time, location, and proximity- Patterns, patterns, and more patterns. Be a student of the outdoors and learn from your mistakes and successes. If you understand Whitetail behavior you can start to locate the best spots for mature bucks anywhere
August 31, 2015
Dan Infalt discusses summer scoutingWhat I learned:- Why summer scouting is important- What equipment I need for summer scouting- What are the key types of summer scouting (glassing, shinning, observation stands, trail cameras, journals, and mapping)- How to pattern a mature buck with summer scouting- How to use the various pieces of the puzzle to locate a mature whitetail - How to calculate travel routes and travel times with summer scouting - How to use trail cameras effectively - When not to be aggressive, hang back and observe
August 31, 2015
Well known hunting beast member Scott Shawl (Singing Bridge) discusses hunting large remote swamps in Michigan, and Ontario.What I Learned:- So you want to hunt swamps? How to get started- How to enter and exit a remote swamp (navigation)- How to scout a large swamp without disrupting bedding- How to overcome the vast area of the swamp, pinpoint key locations- How to set-up in a remote swamp- What sign to look for in large / remote swamps (tracks, droppings, rubs, scrapes, trails)- How to utilize sign in swamps - How to utilize natural barriers (creeks, tree falls, beaver dams) - How thermals and wind impact swamp hunting- How to be safe in remote swamps- How to use hunting pressure to your advantage- How many deer can you expect to see- How to utilize ground hunting and ground cover
August 31, 2015
Long time Hunting Beast Member and Moderator Stanley Schmidt talks about his tactics and experiences hunting Whitetails in River Bottoms and Small WoodlotsWhat I learned:- How to access a river bottom set- How to play the wind and thermals in a river bottom set- How to combat hunting pressure on small wood lots - How to locate mature animals on small wood lots without bedding- How to hunt smarter, hunt the best spots during the best time- Sometimes there is no substitute for years of experience - Take advantage of all the info available to the modern hunter- Use of summer scouting & patterning to take a target buck- How to utilize small wood lot food sources
August 31, 2015
Dan Infalt discusses different types of deer sign in relation to deer bedding and setting up a successful hunt.What I learned:- What types of deer sign I can expect to see in the woods- How deer sign relates to bedding- How deer sign relates to rut activity - How to use deer sign to track / locate a mature whitetail - When to set-up on deer sign- The difference between sign made by a mature animal versus an immature animal
August 31, 2015
Dan Infalt discusses the impact of Wind and Thermals on Whitetail Hunting.What I learned:- How wind and thermals can impact your hunting sets- How to change my access based on wind- How thermals can change throughout the day- How topography impacts wind direction and flow- How thermals impact wind direction and flow- How to set-up for wind and thermals- Use of tree stand height and wind- Use of milkweed to track wind, and thermal currents
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