Nick don’t give the Niners no love😫
Stop sleeping on my boys Nick‼️
Chris Carter fired!
With no Chris Carter I’m done with this show and unsubscribing. Chris Carter was the show, he was honest, understanding, fair and had integrity. At the very least the show could have made a statement informing their audience of the situation.
Bring cc back
Show had amazing chemistry until cc left. Not good since
Not the same
I’m gonna be honest the show is good and I think Jenna is the best at her position and Nick is good to but the show has took a major dive without Cris Carter there. Nick says crazy things without anybody really putting up good arguments against him especially when it comes to football. Nick does not have the clout with players in the nba or nfl to get the behind the scenes information. In closing show is good but it was GREAT with Cris and the only way to salvage the greatness is to get another hof football or basketball star to do it with him that knows what they are talking about.
No CC...I’m gone too....
Show is not good enough without CC!
no cc i’m gone
show was good until cc left i’m good
No Chris Carter?
Sorry I only download this podcast to listen to Chris Carter’s viewpoint on football. If he is gone so am I.
If there isn’t a statement that’s is a really good reason that Cris Carter was removed from this show I will unsubscribe I will give one star I will not continue to listen to this or give attention to any fox podcast or show or network
No CC. ?
I am done. He is why I was listening.
No CC?!
Time to unsubscribe.. No CC.. no point of listening.. he was the show
My favorite FS1 show
Nick Wright is one of my favorite sports guys on tv and radio rn. Jenna is the perfect fit for the moderator role, and Cris has some good takes combatting Nick. Great chemistry! Great show!
Cutting it short
Love the show just don’t cut it so short
Where are the new shows?!
Is this podcast done? No new EP’s since 10/15/19... what gives?
Upload new episodes please
Where are the new pods??? Takes days to upload
Great podcast;slow to upload new podcasts
One of my favorite sports podcasts! Cris and Nick are a great combination! I listen to multiple sports podcasts, so it is disappointing that the tech guys upload these episodes so late in the day. Especially compared to other early morning podcasts. If this was improved it would be a 5 star rating! Hasn’t uploaded two days in a row!
G. Davis
Love C.C. Also nick wright is cool. Good to see a good dude like nick come up. It’d be nice if the shows updated to podcast earlier in the day. Podcast just downloaded and it’s after 8pm. I need this to dnld while I’m at work. Too late now and can’t listen to it.
Great show but......
Great show, topics and opinion debate but posting of new shows takes forever
Pod length
Why is the length of the podcast decreasing. This is not the full show
Decreased Podcast Length...Not full show?
Podcast feels like it is edited way down lately for length. The last segment has felt Like an ad rather than part of the show. Is it? Preferred the older edits that felt like the whole show. Thx.
Favorite sports show
If your a Lebron fan its must listen/watch. But even if your not it’s a great sports show. CC is great as well.
Get browns
I want more stories on the Browns please
Great Show! But 1issue
Cheap A##!
THE VOLUME!! I can barley hear with the volume all the way up. Collin cowherds show doesn’t have this issue.
Best sports talk show
The dynamic between this group makes me want to listen every day. Chris’s professional nfl experience and Nick and Jenna’s commentary is great. I love Jenna’s jokes and they are one of the highlights of every show for me. They have down to earth knowledgeable guests and my favorite that frequent the show are Bart Scott and Coach Mangini. Keep up the great work.
Repetitive to a fault
The abbreviated version podcast is very repetitive. I understand the full show being redundant but there is no reason the abbreviated podcast should repeat itself as much as it does.
Nick and Jenna are great!
Oswald Remington 3
Love Nick and his statistical approach to sports talk. Offers a nice and different perspective. When he spins off to his own solo podcast (can’t find one for his maddog show) he’ll kill it. Great show overall.
Love this guy
Heard him on Cowherd a few times and game him a spin...very pleased. He’s in my rotation along with Middlekauff (3 and Out).
Replace cris
Cris carter is always angry for no reason. It makes it hard to enjoy when he’s upset about every topic.
Best Sports Pod Cast MIA
HNB Athletics
Most entertaining Sports Show / Podcasts. Have been missing it this week with no updates so far. Hope nothing has happened to the show.
New Shows?:
The podcast is extremely entertaining, however where are the new episodes?
Great job but
I am a former collegiate D3 football player and hearing CC speak on how the Golden State Warriors have botched KD’s situation is real. I have not been in nearly a similar situation but I get it. But he’s right. They botched it. Part of it is on KD’s agent and the rest of his people but man, you gotta do what’s best for the player at the end of the day. Take care of yourself. I did. I was cleared a week before I could’ve came back but knowing myself, playing football, i felt that I need another week and so I took said week. Not only did I finish the season, I can walk fine today. It’s worth it.
Better than Undisputed and The Herd!!!
I like their insights and they tackle everything on the sport cycle and don’t have favorite subjects that keep repeating on a daily basis. Chris is not a fanboy of any person or team he gives you what he feels on that subject. Nick is in Skips image is a fanboy of the Rockets and Chiefs. Jenna has the best arms on any woman host on TV.
Jenna Keep Doing Jenna Things!
Love the brother-sister-like comradery between these three!!! Plus CC provides such unique & knowledgeable sports insight.
Less Numbers, more observations
Iambic Kentameter
Good show, I would like less analytics and more film work from Nick. Nick also has a propensity to cherry pick analytics to support arguments; the arguments are often easily countered by simply presenting all the data that he omits. Analytics are supplemental, not fundamental in sports. Also, personal feelings about players and teams shouldn’t be so easily detected when reporting; Kris and Jenna are good at this, Nick not so much.
Good show. CC is phenomenal.
Good show, though it is largely carried by Cris Carter, who’s has quickly become one of my favorite personalities. He’s awesome. Great perspective. Nick can be good from an analytical/statistical stand-point when not speaking on LBJ.
CC is great
Love the input CC has. Also like when you have coach on. Can’t watch anymore tho cause Nick is such a hater and LeBron fanatic.
Love the show
rockford wonder
This show has really grown in me. Nick is very knowledgeable and great to listen too. CC has always been one of my favorites. Insightful and very funny. Well done.
Not downloading!!🤬
Can’t download any episodes right now. What seems to be the problem!?
CC and Nick Are All Stars in the Sports Talk Show League
Keep doing your thing. Love the basketball and football analysis and unique takes that never feel forced just to get a reaction. Love sports but hate the dumb personalities that cover them. This feels the most like real people talking. But why does it take so long to post these sometimes? Sometimes not even posted at all. Why?
Better than most.
I used to be an avid first take and skip and Shannon listener but both shows have taken a major step back. First take all they do is yell and disagree with each other. Then you have molly chiming in with irrelevant and just down right stupid opinions that don’t add anything to the show. Skip and Shannon do the same thing as first take except the devote at least 30 minutes every show talking about the cowboys. BUT First things First is different, they have very informed opinions and everyone adds a unique quality to the show. The mediator actually does a great job and then adds good input on a lot of the subjects. Nick wright is different which makes him great, and Chris Carter knows what the hell he is talking about. LOVE THE SHOW!
Broussard and football 🤣😂
24 kng
Please don’t let Broussard talk football. It’s not basketball.
My go to Sports Podcast
This is the first review I’ve ever done. Nick Wright is great on NBA and Cris Carter has real insight when it comes to the NFL. Needs more Chris Canty.
Great Show
But my only complaint is the times they give for each segment are regularly incorrect. There’s times when a certain segment is 30 minutes past the time it’s states. Other than that, Nick Wright is awesome and argues logically. Chris Carter does as well and brings unique insights to football that you don’t hear anywhere else.
What’s the holdup!?
Javi H
How or why in the hell does it take all day to upload a podcast?? By the time your episode of that day is uploaded so is Undisputed and The Herd, which obviously end well after your show has ended. I love your show but the fact that it gets uploaded so late makes it difficult to listen to that same day
Great Show!
Love the cast on this show. Chris Carter, Nick Wright & Jenna Wolfe. Can’t forget about Chris Canty & Eric Mangini. They always have great topics to discuss.
Best Sports Podcast
Second Thing's Second
By far my favorite sports podcast. All three hosts are amazing and the guests are hilarious. Would give five stars, but it’s so upsetting I have to basically wait till the next day to listen. Also call out Skip. He’s a shock jock who ruins the integrity of y’alls profession. If I see someone at work doing something wrong I tell them, it’s called being professional. Y’all can’t criticize the fraternity style of players and coaches while letting one of your own discredit the hard work y’all do. Shame I can’t give y’all 5 stars.
My new favorite
Nick, Chris, and Jenna do an excellent job at offering a balanced source of sports news without being too opinionated or yelling out and arguing over news like some other shows tend to do. Super informative and entertaining. Keep it up team
My review and opinion
I love Nick! You’re the man! CC is aight, HOFer. I’d stop doing the same set twice for *full episodes*, mostly saving the worst part of your podcast. But , and I’m guessing here in spelling, Jenna.. She is great and very tolerant of you guys machismo.
FTF Review
Podcast is pretty good especially when you can’t catch the show live. Only complaint is they aren’t consistent with the times that the episodes are uploaded and also the time stamps aren’t always accurate
Nick Wright hater! Warning
So... Like... I mean ( Wright begins every statement with those words) CC gives /cred/ to analysis and is funny. I enjoy him and am so happy he got a show and is no longer a feature on others. However, Nick spends most of each show kissing up to him while trying to be cool. He often is wrong and has to be corrected by CC on many things. Mr Wright also brings in is racial views and believes because he is in an IR relationship he has /cred/ to those topics. I come from a IR, and my father acts nothing like Mr Wright. I take that back, his jokes are not funny either. Wish CC had a different co-host and I love when Wright is wrong then called out by CC.. Mrs. Wolf adds a little excitment early in the day as well. Thanks Mr. Carter!
Love this podcast
Always loved nick on the herd. Glad they gave him a show. now let’s change the fs1 morning line up. First things first, the odd couple then the herd.
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