3 stooges
I think you should change the name of your podcast to the 3 stooges that way people could really appreciate some of the stupid things you guys say
Officially Done
Jim Chaney
If Colin Kapernick was an unemployed Trump supporter these blowhards would not say a word about how he is unemployed but since he is on “the right side” these guys find every way to bring him up. There are so many other things to listen to during the day. Skip this. It’s not the show that was great in the 90s. These guys need to be put into retirement.
Mike lupica
serious listener Pete
Please tell Mike Lupica to stop interrupting the other hosts when they are giving their opinions or stating their point of view. Please stop. I am also not interested in his opinions comparing sports situations to President Trumps ideas or how he is doing as president. Hilliary got crushed in the 2016 election. Get over it. Other than that, I loved the show when it was on TV and I love it now. It sure was enjoyable to listen to Mitch and Bob without the interruptions from Lupica...please please tell Lupica to stop interrupting the other panelists. We all know how smart Lupica thinks he is
Insightful opinions
Alway entertaining and best part is parting shots
Essential Listening
Watched the TV version for years but this format really nails it. I listen to both episodes religiously each week and I’d like to think it’s improved my time running on the treadmill at the gym as well. Keep up the good work gents.
Lupica & Ryan go away please
Mitch is fantastic. He is smart, thoughtful and very entertaining. When he is absent I don’t listen. Ryan mumbles and has incoherent rambling thoughts. Count the number of times Lupica says Ok?? It will astound you. I have counted as many as 30 in a single episode. Lupica also is constantly laughing at his own attempts at humor when no one else laughs. The best podcast ever ......No Ryan or Lupica. Keep this broadcast team Turned off when you had only Lupica and Ryan.
Mike. Since you have made this a political platform
I thought you should at least be aware that the FBI obtained a warent to spy on Trump campaign asociate Carter Page in July 2016. What they neglected to mention was that the dossier of research used to obtain the warent was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. This meant they could spy on anybody asociated with the campaign and it apears they continued to intercept al of the President's comunications even after the inauguration. This makes Watergate look like 2 kids stealing a candy bar and would, obviously, be one of the (if not the) greatest political scandal in our nations history. Don't believe me? May I suggest that you objectively investigate the facts without pre-judging the outcome and let the truth (chips) fall where they may. While you're doing this I would particularily like to know why the nation's press (especialy the NY Times) sold it's soul (the integrity it's former employes dedicated (and in some instances) gave thier lives to establish to the Clinton's? Like Nevile Chamberlain, did everybody in the Hampton's want to believe them so badly that hey forgot people are not what they say but what they do? I'm from the North Fork (Orient). We only see what they do. The only thing we hear are helicoptors cutting across land they should be flying around. Thanks LOVE the sports part of the show, Despite the interruptions its still the best.
Former Jets Fan
NRB 0827
Grew up in NYC. LIfe long Lupica fan. Love the podcast. The Jets loss to Miami is it. Live in South Jersey- near Philly. The dysfunction of Knicks n Jets from top down forced a change. No- not to new team- to different use of time. I have found other ways for entertainment. Why waste time n money. When I cut cord- away from cable- I looked for no sports package. Thanks to Jets/Knicks for saving me money. What a waste it’s been the past 25 years. Go Yankees! NB 52
Mike says Fox News isn’t fair and balanced while working for msnbc, hypocrite much. Keep it to yourself
Love this podcast normally but...
Kings Fan NY
I was very disappointed that the Sports Reporters did not discuss the leading sports reporting issue — the Astros’ assistant GM controversy that began Monday (today is Thursday). Isn’t the mistreatment of reporters in the clubhouse a worthy topic? Not even a parting shot about it. Major omission, guys.
Former Tigers
doc holstein
Love the podcast. Love that I can listen while driving Couldn’t do that with the Sunday morning show. Mitch, I feel your pain with former Tigers playing in the World Series. But remember, Scherzer had the Red Sox on the ropes in that 2013 series and took himself out of the game. He quit. I have yet to forgive him for that. That gave the Sox an emotional lift and then they pummeled our bullpen. That was the end. Leland retired and Tori Hunter left. Team was not the same after that. Onward and upward
Insightful discussion on NBA and China. It's about $$$, not American tenet of freedom. Lions' Super Bowl highlights? Robert Wuhl guest panelist comments are top-notch.
Look forward to each episode
Where’s Ryan?
Miss them on TV......
Glad they found this vehicle. Love them all even Ryan (NY v Boston thing).
Drop Mike
Hmmm... Do I listen to Mr. Know it all Lupica shreek like a little girl? Or drag my fingernails on a chalkboard twice a week for 50Min. I'll take the chalkboard. Sorry Mitch and Bob the stars are for you.
cabo rave
Love ya. Agree with Alot of the comments especially about weird background noise.... and soooo glad Mikey has taken some downers on the broadcast to let bob say something....... good job Mikey.
I enjoy the show. The one thing I do not like is the bias such as the Boston and New Tork bias from Mike Lupica and Bob Ryan. These are understandable since they grew up there and were fans their whole life. The problem is Mitch Albion and the Detroit/ Michigan bias. Just last week he had a parting shot on Urban Meyer and being on Fox. If he was from Columbus he would think differently because that would be his audience. I want to know if Mitch has been down to Ohio State other than football Saturday. If he would do that he would find a great university with a lot of pride and people who are proud of the university just like at other universities. Going to different places would give the Sports Rrporters a better view of your subjects. Thank yoy
Nearly perfect
Love the podcast on most occasions but Mike constantly interrupts and he can’t let go of the Kaepernick situation. We get it, it was a bad thing. Let it go. It’s been years.
Short Memory Mitch?
on Mitch's 9/23 parting shot about the supportive midwest fans, I kept waiting for him to deliver the payoff about how the fans treated Andrew Luck. How quickly we (he) forget(s).
Had to edit to print
Still sometimes a great show, until lupika plays identity politics, or plays the kaepernick card. And meetch! Stop cuttin bob ryan off. This only works when lupika does not run his mouth like the kid with the most toys.
Would be better if Lupica would stop interrupting all the time
Love the Podcast.
Enjoy listening to you guys. But enough with the Colin Kaepernick pity party please. You can bad mouth the NFL owners on this the next time you rehire a former employee who brought a lawsuit against you. As you like to say, we can cancel the telethon for poor Colin.
I missed you!
You were a part of my Sunday morning ritual for years, right before heading to late morning church. So glad you guys are doing the pod and that I found you. Just like old times.
They’re back
Tatanka oyate
So glad to hear the sports reporters are now a podcast. They’re the OG’s of great sports talk.
Glad football is back
Bob Ryan, will you just once give Lupica the business?! He deserves it! I don’t even know why he just does! The guest hosts are fun and entertaining, keep it up boys
Still 5 Stars
Still enjoying the snow. Love the hear the classic voices and new ones. I love most of the non regular guests and like the show as a trio more than a duo. Special not. Arli$$ aka Mr Wuhl is my favorite baseball guest. Oh my does he know his stuff. Thanks for bringing him on and keep bringing him back. I’m in twice a week but sometimes it’s takes 3 days for me to get through an episode and that’s just fine.
Done with radical politics
I’m done with Mike Lupica spouting off far left politics. I don’t want to hear about far right politics either. I subscribed for sports talk. Add Lupica’s inability to speak without stuttering peoples names, and it makes the most annoying sports “reporter” even more so. Mitch and Bob should do a show with someone else.
NFL and tennis.
Great comments on NFL hypocrisy. You forgot to mention Jay Z’s mysogynistic lyrics. I love hearing Mike’s take on tennis. Could he explain why women do not play best of five. Women run marathons and complete full Ironmans and give birth. I believe they the stamina and endurance. Luis Rosell Mt Pleasant, Iowa
Love this show!
baylor Ex
I was a big fan of the sports reporters on espn so I am so glad to have this podcast. These guys are so fun to listen to!
Sports reporter
Love when all 3 are on together. Mitch is a good balance. Thanks
Please cease Lupica cackling
Rick in FL101
The cackling of Lupica during the final thoughts segment is unbearable. Is it necessary to have a laugh-track in order to validate humor? Please. And enough of the kids references too.
2 out of 3 ain’t bad
This would definitely be a 5 star rating but for Mr Lupica’s whiny voice and love of trashing certain politicians. I enjoy listening to some very smart guys who have good chemistry together and speak their minds without just making “hot takes” for click bait.
July 16
Great conversation Best that I’ve heard Intelligent and focused but can we get lupica to stop referencing his kids? Way too unprofessional.
Joe Shultz sighting and kidney infection made this episode a keeper 😂😂
Three old dudes talking sports
Their ranting on and on about NBA players getting paid and actually having choices about where to play is a bit hard to swallow. They may want to reflect on how it sounds when three old white dudes are constantly complaining about how young black guys have some power in the world.
3rd show
Any chance you can add a 3rd show during the week that focuses on Mike Lupica and the “Lupica” kids talking about each and every thought they may have? Cause I really need to know. Big fan of the show.
STop flipping days. Get dependable. Mon and Thursday are okay. Or stick with mon/Friday
More hockey please
Doug Church
Guys, I am a very loyal fan. Watched every ESPN show and have listened to every podcast. I love listening to each of you on my very long DC area commute. but have just one request: more hockey please! I loved Mitch talking recently about Stevie Yzerman and Bob was great on May 28 talking about the Bruins. But I want much more of that. I realize the NBA is more popular. But there are more than one of us hockey fans out here for every 100 NBA fans. Yet the ratio of NBA to NHL in minutes on the show is at least 100 to 1 if that. I love the NBA too but need more puck. Thanks guys!
CJ McCollum went to Lehigh
Mike not a huge deal but Portland’s guard CJ McCollum went to Lehigh not Bucknell. As a proud Lehigh graduate I felt it necessary to set the record straight since he’s our only NBA player ever. He also led the team that beat Duke in the first round of the NCAAS a few years ago. Thanks
Change backgrounds
Monday & Friday worked. Monday & Wednesday is ridiculous. I have stopped listening. Get your act together. Don’t let compas media ruin a good listen.
Stop with the music
I know you have a new partnership with a podcast company, but the music they make you play undercuts the reputation you have built for this prestigious program. The new format is not good. The normal intro song was fine and whatever song is played should not continue into the opening comments. It should stop after the introduction. We don’t need the parting shot introduction either. These cliched songs and introductions for segments belong on low rate am radio. Keep it clean and classy gentlemen. This show has too much cache to us those tactics.
Very good podcast, insightful and entertaining. You just need to get pass the 40% dedicated to the Red Sox, Yankees or complaining about the attention Tiger gets.
Mostly good
The podcast edition is not that much different than the tv edition.....mostly enjoyable and sometimes annoying. As is typical with most reviews, I’ll focus on what I don’t like. Firstly, how is it that there was no discussion of Virginia’s championship this week, only a 10 second reference? I know UVA’s style of play was not their favorite, but....... They spent more time on the ridiculous amount of air time the press and tv focuses on Tiger (how’d that work out Masters weekend). Secondly, Lupica’s constant interruptions of his teammates are inexcusable.....and annoying. Let them finish!!!! That being said, I rarely miss an episode. Like anything else, it’s not perfect.
No love for UVA?
Why did you talk for twenty minutes on Magic Johnson and only have one passing aside to the NCAA Men’s basketball champion?
Ok, far from great
Reggie for short
As you’d expect with the 3 primary voices on the podcast, it has the potential to be much better than it is. The problem? You guessed it, Mike Lupica. Constantly trampling Bob and Mitch while they speak in typical rude New York fashion, evoking his children’s name in every episode seemingly as a ploy to get them work and overall giving off the aura of un-likeability that has followed him for years. Ryan and Albom are solid, but they can’t overcome the ego that is Mike Lupica. Nobody can.
Podcast Changes
I love the Sports Reporters but can't stand the new podcast company. The in-your-face introduction and relentless drums beating during ads and parting shots are really annoying and completely unnecessary. Also, the former company used to make the podcast available earlier, at about 11:00 AM EST. Now, I have to wait until later in the afternoon. If you could make the program available to your listeners earlier and discontinue the "war drums", everything would be fine. Your insights and discussions are sharp, as always. Keep up the good work!
Less NBA more NHL
Ian Bumbo
Love the podcast but I’m fatigued with all the NBA talk. It’s just way too much and especially all the Lebron James talk. Enough already. Please include more discussion of NHL, golf and tennis. There are great personalities and storylines in the NHL and the PGA... really interesting stuff... that never gets discussed — except for Tiger. Thanks so much!
Re: Voices
I love the show, but recently your 3 voices sound strange. It sounds like the program is too fast and your voices sound like you're running at 48 rpm and not 45. What's the problem? Charlie Lakeland, FL
I like the discussion watched u on ESPN but your take on OBJ is amazing u can’t see this - the only way to get real value is 1) have him under contract 2) not give away the fact U wanna trade him like the Steelers did and see what they got? And lastly, he’s nearly as toxic as AB and u have no idea how that effects the locker room and it’s partly why the Steelers didn’t win - we’ll see how great both OBJ and AB are with the new teams- it’s possible these deals will loom real good when these divas continue to screw the teams they play on.
Love this
Glad it is back, Lupica, Ryan and Albom just make me happy
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