I absolutely love this podcast and the 27 club but why am I subscribed to both when they all show up here?
Love the show. Almost like an audiobook every week. Very sad, but that’s how it happened. And not exploitative like REELZ Channel does. That said, do you take requests on subjects? This was honestly inspired by the Rock N Roll Heaven pod (more straightforward, plus two girl hosts, but yours is more my style). but maybe do an episode on music world stalkers, and do three mini-stories, scattered throughout each other. I guess one story about anyone who got caught before anything happened, then the Bjork stalker (which, admittedly, the first pod went over) and last the tragedy of Christina Grimmie, who was the one who I had a personal connection to, and started to get me into the whole Rock’n’Roll Heaven concept in the first place. The latter two could work as standalones, if you could make it work, or you could straight up ignore this. Anyway’s fine with me. Edit: Other stories you might wanna try -The Exploding Hearts: for a story that’s just plain tragic -Mia Zapata: another singer taken by a senseless act (and a 27 Clubber!) -Chris Cornell: we all need some answers on that one -CHESTER: the *other* reason I’m so obsessed with rock stars, and especially dead ones - JuiceWRLD: Sequel to XXX, on the last survivor of SoundCloud rap...until he wasn’t. Morrison/Lennon parellels present. - BTS: Because the K-Pop machine is not what it seems. -Avicii: Not even retirement could give this guy a break. - Fleetwood Mac: Really, how have you NOT done Fleetwood freakin Mac?!? Keep it up, Brennan. -Phionix, age 17. PS. The Brian Jones “took a flight” speech, BEST. SCENE. EVER. And no, I didn’t even get the reference at first. :P
Hot garbage...
Talk about a disgrace... This is the absolute worst and I wish absolutely nothing but great misfortune to all involved with the heinously, stupid podcast. A waste of time and energy.
Over rated
BG 111248
too long and too much of the host’s opinions. Would be better if he would just stay with the facts. Stories could be told in half the time without his embellishments.
A good idea. A bad host.
One of the most obnoxious hosts in podcasting, and his joke about his awful music in the background is the least funny thing I can imagine
Simply The Best!
A friend who knew I liked history and music turned me onto this podcast. I was hooked after the first episode. I’m not sure if it’s Jake’s voice, his impeccable research or simply the subject matter that makes this addictive. Jay cover the full spectrum from big names to those might have heard of. He brings the stories to life and has you coming back for more each week!!
Jake Brennan!!!
This podcast has everything! Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. It’s scandalous and funny and sad and empathetic. Writing is well researched & well written. Jakes voice....smooth as Tennessee Whiskey! I agree with others here... the Prince episode was fantastic. I too have raved to friends and recommend. Long live rock and roll. Keep up the great work Jake!!
Great pod
Don’t know how I didn’t find this sooner. But I’ve listened to 30 episodes since Saturday
Great pod
This never gets old no matter how long I’ve been listening (over a year now)
Great Podcast
I love this podcast!
Love the show but...
Love this show, love music, love the storytelling... what I don’t love is the new ads for “male enhancement” drugs. As a female, it seems disjointed from the countless stories of men being all-consumed by the sex and drugs of the rock n roll life. We all like to get laid... but I mean c’mon guys. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Until women get a drug that also improves our sex life (which is currently nowhere to be found), let’s put a moratorium on drugs to give you dudes a boner.
I have been listening for years but never have been compelled to comment. Your Prince episode was a masterpiece! Thanks for helping me understand the genius & the tragedy. Looking forward to 27 Club this week!
Great storyteller!
Some of it is a bit much for me (graphic), but well worth it, you feel like you are in the story!!!
The absolute best!
Kalonda (kay-lawn-duh)
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now and everyone around me has heard me rant about how great it is. I listen to this podcast everywhere I go and it’s incredible how deep you get sucked into these stories about your favorite musicians. I seriously can’t get enough! I’m a huge Prince fan and was too stoked when he episode came out. Thank you so much for this podcast!!!!!!
Narrator is the best!!
B. OMalley
Do yourself a favor and download Disgraceland and the 27 Club. Jake Brennan has made the musicians of Rolling Stone come to life!!
Prince / George Floyd
Thank you for this episode. I have always loved Prince and his music. Listening to the end when you speak about the racial injustice, really made me proud to support and listen to your podcast. Thank you Jake! You have a permanent supporter and listener here!
THIS is What’s Gonna Get Me to the Other Side
The BEST true-crime/celebrities behaving badly/historical podcast that I've foud yet! This show will be what gets me through this COVID-19 bull and I couldn't be more greatful for it! Be sure to check out The 27 Club podcast as well!!! The first season in completeion is available now, and it's all about Jimmie Hendrix. Season two starts soon and is going to be on Jim Morrison, and I can't wait. Thank you very much, Jake and crew! You are all my heroes, and I couyld only hope to ever be as cool as you!!!!!!!
Absolutely love love the studio 54 episode omg can you do one on the viper room please
Great job
Love this podcast! If you like music give it a spin. #27clubpod is also great! Can’t wait to hear more. Please keep the episodes rocka rollin on
Jake is a 12/10
Even if you don’t have an interest in the weekly topic the way Jake pods gets you vested 200%! Awesome show would recommend to any music lover!!!
Love love love
MissE 1977
I started listening to Disgraceland on March 1st and my only complaint is that I’m caught up and have no new episodes to listen to. I love how well researched and narrated they are. Jake draws you in from the very beginning and makes the world around you disappear. I am eagerly awaiting the next new episode.
The writing. The delivery. The story. All top notch
Favorite podcast by far!
I recently was turned on to Disgraceland by artist Jared Gaines🤘so rad both of you. Thank you for merging two of my interests together.
Super dope
I started listening to this podcast at work and I love love love it!! I can’t wait for the next season
Ozzy Osborne plane crash
Melissa NP
Overall, I enjoy Disgraceland. It entertains me on my commute to work. As a healthcare provider, it has lightened my mood on many occasions over the past 2 months. With one exception...the plane crash in the Ozzy episode. I was not born in Leesburg but moved there when I was 17. I am well aware of the Calhoun estate and their ability with tour buses. Which is why I find it hard to understand why Mr. Brennan chose to state in his podcast the bus was parked at the bus depot in Leesburg. It confused me as I listened to the podcast. The bus depot is close to the middle of town nowhere near the airport. But tonight, after a small Google search, it confirmed where the bus and plane actually were when the accident happened in 1982. Maybe law suits, or possibility of one, led Mr. Brennan to negate the fact this accident happened on private land not at a depot. I’m not sure but telling an accurate story sometimes outweighs telling a good story. As to why I call him Mr. Brennan and not Jake, I don’t personally know him. He performs a podcast of which I listen to on a regular basis. That does not make us friends or able to address him in a personal manner. Maybe I am a bit old school in this thinking but having met professional footballers in the past. They seemed to appreciate being called by Mr. rather than their first name. Again, I may watch them every weekend but I do not know them personally. My one request, Mr. Brennan, go back to season 1 and listen to the difference between 1 and 2. Good luck to you. I did love your commencement address.
I’ve only listened to a few so far and I’ve enjoyed most some of but when I got to the Tiger King episode it made me mad that he described Travis’ death incorrectly. And it has since made me wonder how much else he is fabricating. And the tone of his voice is so smug sounding.
I love the format!
Hornets Beard Guy
As a history buff, I love the subject matter and the time that the host takes to fully research, and deliver a great product!! If I could give 10 stars, I would!! #SubscribetoDisgraceland
Incredible Storytelling
Disgraceland is an outstanding podcast. Jake Brennan, the narrator, does an awesome job putting together stories of famous musicians past and present. He paints quite a mental portrait for you while listening. Disgraceland is the product of VH1’s Behind the Music and The Twilight Zone meeting up after a concert for one night! Highly recommend for Listeners who love music, musicians, and the stories that have impacted us!
Not for me
Loved the podcast in the early years but boy he’s gotten too big for his britches. Egomania abounds! Ish.
Is it possible to have a crush on someone’s voice? 👀
Jake Brennan is an amazing storyteller and has a voice that makes me melt 😩
Hey Jake, You really hit it out of the ballpark with this podcast. I am too young to remember Studio 54 but am familiar with all the players and guests and this podcast brought that disco period to life. This podcast was well executed and enjoyable to listen too. So much so, that I actually listened 3 times. I am a BIG fan and wanted to thank you for a job well done. Bill Cummings NJ
Where are the women ?!?!
HL Barrett
This podcast has the same problem podcasts across all genres have - not enough women featured! This reinforces society’s focus on men as the hero/antihero and women as the passive onlookers or love interests.
Love ❤️
Absolutely one of the best podcast for music lovers. Subscribe, you won’t regret it!
Very exploitive
This is unfortunately delivered as murder porn. The host is a total creep and delivers the stories like a pervert. It shocking that this is as successful as it is.
Love Disgraceland!
True crime of music. I love listening to Disgraceland. It’s so interesting to learn about musicians crazy lives. It’s even gotten me interested in some artists I hadn’t heard much in the past. ~Justine B.
Usually entertaining
I like the story telling and in-depth research but Jake is a little high on himself with his humble bragging. And WHY does iheartmedia/radio have clout to partner up with the US census bureau to release commencement speeches and speak to the youth of our country with a clear political/liberal lean. So tired of the infiltration of politics in the podcast world — do your research on the CEO of iheart he’s a liberal supporter and it’s clear something STINKS in podcast land. What graduate is taking this commencement speech garbage seriously?
Respect the hustle
When I initially heard of this podcast I passed on it thinking it wasn’t my cup of tea. But the 27 Club intrigued me and so I checked that out, LOVED it, and went over to iTunes and bought me some Jimi. So I came here, and I find it much to my liking. The April Fools’ day episode was pure genius! Irrespective of genre, among podcasters, Jake is one of the best in the industry as far as I’m, i dare this man to make me fall in love with some Janis Joplin, yeah I wanna see that. You hear me Jake—I dare you!
I’d give it 1,000 stars if I could!
I’m a HUGE music history junkie and this podcast gives me my fix. Every time I finish an episode I can’t wait to start the next one, when I’m caught up I just go back and listen again!
Excellent Podcast!
tractor driving mama
Very interesting to hear & learn things you never knew about people. I highly recommend!!
Great story telling
My boss mentioned this podcast so I started listening and it’s great storytelling and relevant about stars we know. I listen while riding my bike and it makes the time go quickly. A must subscribe!
Nipsey Hustle
I love your podcast. It’s actually the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts. With that said I was not happy with the Nipsey Hustle episode. You left a lot about his life out. You didn’t even explain what Nipsey had to turn himself in for in-order to sign a record deal. Nipsey Hustle could of easily been a two part episode. I almost feel like you mailed it in on this one.
Great Podcast
With the best voice for the topic, the host keeps me intrigued.. My favorite is the April Fools John Denver story.. I almost fell for it..
Gone downhill
Guess this dude, like nipsey, didn’t know you just can’t call a dude a snitch and expect nothing back.
Great Story Time!
The wild stories of rock n roll legends told with excellence!!
The cadence of the stories sounds like a storybook instead. Easy to follow and supremely human.
Love this podcast but dislike to intro format
I really enjoy this podcast and appreciate the choices for each episode. The intro always confuses/annoys me... why not just tell us what the most popular song was at the time where you want to start instead of talking about a pre set loop and something something cheese...? Not a vibe
Love the content, and production. Please consider doing a show/series on CBGB. Lots of interesting history about that place!
Was good.
Lowered themsevles to tabloid trash with Tiger King content - won't listen anymore.
also the Ramones and do a crossover episode with nodogsinspace :( also this podcast is by far the best music history podcast. Jake is an amazing storyteller and every episode is a nail bitter. 10/10 nothing less.
I don’t even like music and I like this podcast
Like, I mean I like music but I don’t like, like music, ya know? Regardless, this podcast is great; it gives so much insight to the zeitgeist type stories we all kind of heard. Good stuff!
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