Thank you for always answering questions even when you don’t know the answer, you always know where to look & find it!!!
CrossFit Paw Paw is FAN
CrossFit Paw Paw
I am a 64 year old at 168lbs and CrossFitting 5/week looking for a way to reduce 10 lbs body fat. LOVE your work. Have listened for months and am on keto for 2 weeks with tracking. Eye opening 5 STAR Podcast.
Love this podcast
I get lots of information from you both. I enjoy your guests and appreciate your knowledge.
Love them
Bookstore Calico
Matt & Megha are my fav people. They’ve made my Keto journey so much simpler and more fun.
Love these guys! Great information and I really enjoy their banter with each other.
Another pregnancy episode?
I love this podcast but I’m not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Three fertility/pregnancy related episodes in a row is too much.
You’re overthinking diet
You lost me at not getting vaccines
Love it!!
Loving your podcast and how real you both are!
“We are”
As a long time listener a situation that has revealed itself many times on the show has been brought back up. I always enjoy listening to the podcast on Monday morning on my way to work and I always liked Meghas intro when she said “we are” Matt did always correct her saying it sounds weird because we’re not the actual website. But it sounded nice and we all knew what she was talking about. Then Megha tried saying it different but it just didn’t roll off the tongue. Then Matt started doing his crazy loud intro. Which is fun. Then he mentioned this week he wants to reimplement the statement of Megha said I used to do that and you always said something and that it sounded weird. I was shocked to hear Matt disagree with this statement! I def remember Megha being corrected many times by Matt after she said we are I’m glad you asked us to comment about this because it’s something I’ve always noticed about this show being a faithful listener. Y’all are an amazing team and always look forward to new content! Cherish each other and see the awesomeness in front of each other, which I can clearly see you guys do. I think it would only be right if y’all do reimplement “we are” that Megha is the one who says it. Wifey is always right Matt! Man up and tell her she was right all along big Papa 😉
Amazing Keto Podcast
I love the Keto Connect team! The title of the show is so true! It helps make Keto less stressful and more normal! You don't have to be a crazy fit workout person to do Keto! Whether you are new to Keto, an old pro, or even just thinking about it, subscribe to this podcast. Honestly, even if I wasn't Keto I would enjoy listening to them because they are just so chill and nice!
I can hear the lisp!
Just recently found this amazing podcast and already have learned so much!
New to Keto
Two weeks into this new lifestyle. I I'm drawn to this podcast due to all the different shows. I'm two weeks into this and I've learn a lot. You guys are great and easy to listen to can't wait to get through them all. Keep on keeping!
Why don’t today’s okay??? AAAARRRGGGHHHG!
You crack me up!
I love you two and your personalities meshed together giving great information and interviewing all the greatest people. It seems that every episode I listen to, it is meant for me at that exact moment or soon after as far as trying some of your “hacks” and trying the things you do to help my current situations or questions I have with my keto. Also love your product reviews on YouTube and a day of eating keto as well. Thanks for the entertainment while learning soo much! 🤗
Unhealthy Relationship
If you love listening to a couple bicker and talk down to one another, this is the podcast for you. I used to be a huge fan and look forward to every episode. Now I can hardly make it through 10 minutes without being disgusted by how they speak to one another.
helpful content for newbies!
I love their content and how they ask questions that I would have myself as well as just different points of view for everyone. I am learning so much and it’s defiantly motivating for a beginner and on bad days they keep me accountable and help me stay on track again. Is it weird I love to listen while I clean or organize the house? Great job guys!
Appreciate all you are doing.
I stared listening at episode 1 but then started skipping around as I saw some episodes that really interested me and I have to say I love all the interviews but when you do one on one with each other they are my favorite. Episode 32 was inspiring.
The best keto channel ever!
This is the first im going to be listening to Matt & Megha’s podcasts but I watch their YouTube channel EVERY SINGLE DAY. Very knowledgeable about everything keto! Recommend them to everyone who asks me about starting keto!
Love listening
yogi mommy of 3
Love listening and have gone back to listen to past episodes.
Love Megha and Matt
So down to earth. Enjoy everything they have to say. Thanks for all your hard work.
I love Matt and Megha
I recently started Keto and stumbled across the YouTube channel and then found these podcasts. Great recipes, wonderful information, inspiration and education.
Gina Teigen
What a great resource!
Good podcast
I listen every week and the topics are very relatable with tons of good info. I just kind of cringe whenever they discuss the medical community and really hope the audience forms their own opinion based on their own experience and not the hosts’. There’s just a lot of assumptions about what medical doctors do/don’t do with very little knowledge about the process of treating/prescribing. Glad you do advocate for yourself though as everyone should, but don’t paint an entire community as doing things “Willy nilly.”
My Fav Keto Pals
I have been following a Keto diet off and on since January and I have been a subscriber of Matt and Megha's You Tube channel for several months. I am super excited to have found their Podcast! I am listening from the beginning, because that is how I roll, I have to listen in order even though the episodes are now 2 years old. I am on episode 6 and I am loving it! Their approach to this lifestyle is so common sense and relatable. They are just regular people (Normies...haha) that are giving practical advice and sharing their ups and downs in the Keto lifestyle. Informative and fun to listen to as well. Give it a try!
Keto for Normies is the best
I absolutely love Matt and Megha they are the best resource for Keto and funny. Love this podcast in fact I did not ever listen to podcasts until I found Keto connect and bing watched most of their vlogs. Haha so glad I found them. Being new to Keto is rough and they make it alot easier.
My favorite Keto couple
I love listening to your podcasts. They are informative and entertaining. I’ve enjoyed watching your little family life unfold. Congratulations on the marriage. I look forward to seeing what comes next. I’ve used so many of your recipes and have enjoyed the interviews.
Love Ketoconnect
I love the ketoconnect podcast! I do also love their solo dolo series where it’s just Matt and Megha. They are very real and give real tips that are super helpful for those trying to make Keto a LIFESTYLE! I enjoy their you tube videos, food blog, cookbooks and this podcast. Thank you guys so much for all your info and support. Your the best!
I am absolutely in love with Megha and Matt. Their approach to keto and their lifestyle in general is so real and genuine. I love hearing their back and forth...and I even listen to every single second of their banter when they're plugging their sponsor for the episode. (Don't do a generic "commercial" ever, guys! I hate having to fast forward, and I apprecaite your insight into the produts!) Beyond that, the guests they have are outstanding with the different knowledge they share. This podcast motivates me and also educates me each and every time! Thanks for creating such amazing free content for all of us!
Best entry to the Keto journey
My partner has been doing a version of the Keto diet for years, and I finally felt ready to join him. His colleague told him about Keto Connect and your amazing recipes, so before I dove in I did research on your blog and timed my start with using some of your recipes and cycling in your podcast. I can almost guarantee that I would not have been able to keep it up without the recipes, and your podcast keeps me so motivated. He also loves the high fiber muffins I make with the Lilly’s — they are a staple when he does heavy lifting. Thank you for keeping me engaged and helping me stay on track! Your information and podcast guests are fantastic!! renny424
Golden (low carb) nuggets being dropped here
LOVE this podcast. Every episode provides a variety of insight into Keto and health in general. Always educational, interesting, thoughtful, entertaining and helpful!
Love the Podcast
I just started listening and I am very impressed with your ability to keep your audience in tune. I love learning from people’s experiences, because they generally have a better understanding then say a doctor who has never tried it. Keep up the great work!
Great content!
Love all the content you continue to put out. Thought provoking, interesting, and I always learn something new from all the amazing guests you have on your show. I'd think it would be interesting to hear Melissa Hartwig of Whole30 as a guest on your podcast!
Love these two!
Their book, podcast and videos helped me immensely when I started. This podcast is always informative and helpful!
Insightful and intelligent
I learn so much from these two - and they both have great personalities. I listen to them on my commute and I feel so positive by the time iI get to work. Inspirational!!
5 stars!!
Loving your podcast. I went all the way back to episode one and I am working my way up. Just finished episode 6!!! Y’all rock!
Great resource!
Love everything KetoConnect.
Matt and Mega are the best!!!
Donna Pfohl
I love this podcast ! I think these two are hilarious And the podcast is very informative! I’ve enjoyed each one of their guest. If you guys want a better understanding of the keto diet then this is your spot! As for a keto guest I would love to hear Logan Sneed and also Jason Witrock on here! As for my non keto guest .... for sure Obese to Beast !
Just started listening to podcasts. Just for this one. Heard about it from their YouTube channel. Awesome information especially for people like my self. Just getting into Keto.
Best podcast ever!
I started keto from watching keto connects YouTube videos and recently discovered these podcasts! I was so excited to listen to all this information and hear about the keto lifestyle! They are so knowledgeable and realistic. I definitely recommend a listen!!
Love Matt & Megha!
I started Keto in August 2017 and found Keto Connect. Loved all of the content that Megha and Matt shared on YouTube and their website. Super excited to find their podcast! Listen every day on my commute and keeps me focused on my Keto goals!!!
So relatable
This couple I call “my keto gurus” when telling people about them. So thankful to have found their podcasts, YouTube videos, and website!
Episode 93 ❤️
I’ve been listening faithfully since mid-December 2018 and have learned so much from you and your guests. I just wanted to thank you for having Primal Edge back on. This podcast was deep and gave me so much food for thought. Keep thinking outside the box you two....three?...five?
So much fun!
Not only are they incredibly informative, they are so entertaining to listen to!
These Guys Are Awesome
Iv only listened to 3 Pod Casts so far but have learned a lot and have been pointed in great directions by Matt and Megha and their guests. I have also been following them on you tube and have learned a ton about keto. I have for sure felt the benifits and have had some weight loss. These guys are awesome. P.S. I hear the lisp.
Best Keto Podcast
15 pounds down since following their advice along with Dr. Berg and I can’t thank them enough. These podcasts are so informative and entertaining as well. I’d really love to have more episodes with just you two though. Would be nice to just chill and listen to you two talk about keto experiences or topics without limitations. Just a suggestion though. Stay keto :)
Keto Reset
I was successful a year ago with Keto and fell off the wagon. Trying to reset and get back on track. Your podcast is very helpful and is helping me get back to Keto lifestyle. Thank you
Keto junkie
Love the real talk. Sometimes gets off topic and rambles. I just bought their book and it has a lot of great recipes I'm dying to try. Over all helpful!
Just starting out. All of the podcasts and YouTube videos are huge help. By far my favorite couple and go to for anything keto.
New to Keto and loving it!
Thank you both for your dedication to helping people with their keto journey! Keto just kind of happened to me haha. Someone mentioned it, I read a book, did more research and decided to try it out. It’s only been a month but your channel, website, and even this podcast is giving me so much information. I’m hoping to get my family on this keto life by being an example. I just feel so much better mentally and physically.
Love the variety of guests
Terediane 2016
I’m loving the last few guests that are not just Keto. Learning about farming in the 21st century and the DJ Keto was so interesting. Megha and Matt keep things fresh.
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