lebron jamesey
Can’t get through episode 4. Between Debra’s whiney voice and her level of stupidity, I’m out.
Sucked in
Was completely sucked in with the story line. Master manipulator. He was a twisted man.
Like a book you can’t put down
Excellent story, well told. Hi lights the trappings of abusive relationships and how warped they can make the victim. Also, hi lights the power of intuition as the woman’s daughter’s new almost immediately that this guy was trouble. The Mom should be ashamed of herself for not listening sooner to the opinions of her own kids and for not protecting them, however you can see she was handed this personality trait directly from her own mother. Sad but interesting story.
I guess the podcast itself is decent but the storyline is so frustrating it’s unbelievable! The two mothers in this story give love and forgiveness a bad name. I just hope that any woman that listens to this story is smart enough to cut off any family member, especially their mother, as oblivious as these two. I’m on episode five and I am so annoyed by these two women and their actions that I don’t even know if I can finish.🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ wake up people, when people show their true colors, believe it the first time!!!!
Dirty John
I St.James
I really couldn’t understand Debra ! My Kids come first last and always
Debra Newell is so dumb
Great podcast but I still can’t believe how dumb Debra Newell is. If I were Terra, I would never speak to her again.
Definitely in my top 5 pod cast
Dirty John is one of the most fascinating true crime stories I’ve ever heard. Everyone who worked on this did an outstanding job— especially with the narrative pace and the structure of each piece of the story. Highly recommend to true crime fans who want to hear a story that deviates from the usual “murder/missing” stuff.
Newell Family: A Case Study Waiting to Happen
The family, specifically Debra Newell and her mother, display a level of detachment from reality that is both astounding and appalling. Debra continually places herself in a position time and time again where she will undoubtedly be exploited, no matter how much evidence is dredged up about John’s disgusting past . Her mother’s detachment is far more disturbing, testifying ON BEHALF of her daughter’s killer, who is serves two years for manslaughter en lieu of murder. The psychology behind Debra and her mother’s undying forgiveness could serve as a great case study. Good production, insane story.
Good but
Their voice was really annoying. It was the worse part of listening to this
Dirty John
It was well told and I was hooked from the beginning!
Extremely suspenseful
I loved this podcast!!! I was sucked in from the second I started listening. Thank you for a well told story. Great reporting! Can’t wait for mor stories like this.
Great story
Great story, but the guy’s voice is so whiny, nasally and annoying. I wish someone else was the host.
I don’t understand the hype
We downloaded this whole podcast to listen to on a long car trip. It left us very disappointed. The story and the reporting elicit no sympathy. The people seem gullible and ridiculous. The family members laugh as they are talking about how this man caused them so much pain, both emotionally and physically. I’m honestly not sure this woman’s family ever speaks to her again.
One of the all time greatest crime podcasts to date!
Terrifyingly Detailed
Im literally just picking up my jaw from the floor! The details of this story are just disturbing down to the core. I don’t see how people still use dating apps after hearing such craziness
I listened to this whole thing in one day. This was so amazingly well done, and I was literally screaming at certain parts because of the drama and the suspense. This was amazing!
Least favorite tc podcast
Least favorite true crime podcast. I understand that you can’t fully control who your sources are when trying to organically unfold a story. But for Pete’s sake, give the speakers a tip or two. The youngest daughter and her boyfriend are SO HARD TO LISTEN TO. the girl has issues with maintaining a consistent pitch and it sounds disgusting. Same with her freeloading boyfriend. You’re 24 and living at home, questioning who your mom has sleeping over. Ughhhh her voice.
This podcast hooked me like Serial & S-Town did a few years ago! Really makes you think about trusting that gut “this is not a good person” feeling.
So good
This story is insane. Like others said, the daughter’s voices are very valley girl and grating but the story is good enough to overlook. The grandma...has professed her “love” for both dirty John and the man who killed her other daughter. It’s crazy to think how blind everyone was to this man who was clearly a psycho (and in grandmas case, TWO psychos). Just so very disturbing.
This is my first podcast ever and I couldn’t have picked a better one to listen to. Dirty John is a very good podcast to start with. At times I used to hope it would never end. It’s such an informative and detailed podcast.
Textbook Psycho
Great podcast. This is about real people. A fantastic cautionary tale. I met a psycho early on in my dating life and the lessons I learned from that experience have allowed me to spot them quickly and avoid many scary entanglements. You (the judgers on here) think you’d never get sucked in to something like this but, good people just don’t have the mentality to go up against this level of gaslighting, manipulation, evil, and crazy. Terra is an unlikely hero. She did what she had to do, stop criticizing her voice...she isn’t an actress, this is her LIFE! I hope she got to see Aldean. This kind of thing goes on everyday, right under our noses. Be alert and reach out if you see signs of someone in this type of situation.
Not expecting that ending!
Good listen, drew me in and that ending was surprising!
Chilling and Fascinating
ceee win
The podcast is both chilling and fascinating. It’s absolutely worth listening to.
The daughter ruins this
Content is decent...... I have never heard a more annoying voice than her daughters. Like one of those girls in high school that makes the stories longer and more drawn out just to hear themselves talk.
Production value is poor
J Reiss
This was an LA Times podcast. With their resources the audio quality should have been terrible. It was very often garbled and those interviewed sounded like they were in a tunnel. I had to continuously raise and lower the volume to hear the interview portions.
Everyone I know that’s even remotely interested in true crime has recommended this podcast to me and now I know why. I’m totally addicted to Dirty John. This story is unbelievable, entertaining, heartbreaking, frightening, and frustrating among so many other things. Don’t know what took me so long to finally get on bored. Once you start you won’t want to stop.
Not enough cannibalism
Terra should have sunk her teeth into that nut job. The only way to kill mr Meehan was the jugular. Daughters were dumb but not delusional like the mother. I can’t believe these people truly exist. Dumb doesn’t do these lovely ladies justice. Love John as a villain tho. A soft three out of five.
Loved it!
Canine Xchange
Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast
Great podcast!
Such a binge-worthy podcast!
One of the best podcasts
I highly recommend this wonderful podcast. It is interesting, well organized and evenly paced. I also enjoyed and appreciated the final episode in which some of the subjects, law enforcement and domestic violence professionals came together in front of a live audience to review the cast, explain various factors and answer questions.
Listened to this whole podcast driving during a summer long trip. It was so interesting and very good. Thank you for telling the story! Loved it
Dirty John
Great podcast! I know from my own experience with a family member that these controlling and manipulative type of men can completely take over a person. I did have a hard time accepting the fact that Debra saw how he mistreated her daughters and still remained with him and even got back with him a second time. Again, I saw this happen to my own sister. But, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Debra basically chose him over her own daughters. I guess my biggest shock was at the end, Debra said she couldn’t pull the plug, but had his sister sign the papers to pull the plug. This man just attempted to kill your own daughter!!!!
What an ending!!
Listened to the whole thing in one day. What an ending!!
Not great
It's a cool story but it felt like they dragged it out. Probably could've been summarized in 3 great episodes but instead they made it 6 and repeated themselves and got off topic a lot.
Binge worthy podcast
I had no intention of listening to every episode in one sitting but I got sucked in. Great podcast
Couldn’t finish
I tried to finish at least the first episode but listening to the daughters was horrible!! All their statements sounded like they were ending it with a question.
Dirty John
Riveting and chilling. Such an important look into the mind of such a calculating predator.
Dirty John Got What He Deserved
Listening to this story blows my mind at how utterly clueless Deborah was/is. How did she allow all that abuse and keep coming back for more! Dirty got what he deserved and I’m happy he’s dead but that woman is one clueless lady. Maybe it’s because of the way she was raised by a mother who uses religion to forgive the animals who viciously murdered her own daughter. Because of her testimony the guy only served 2-years when he should be serving life or be dead via the death penalty. It doesn’t make her a good person because of not defending her daughter it just makes her a strange and weird person who uses religion to pretend she’s a good person.
Love you, guys!❤️
Best podcast!
Good story, terrible characters
Well written, but my goodness those daughters have annoying voices. Why is everything they say a question? Hard to listen when they talks
The one that started it all
This is the first podcast I’ve ever heard regarding true crime. Now I’m totally obsessed! This is the first and the best!
Very good
This podcast is very well done. This story is incredible honestly!!
Super meh
Listening to it cause I’m bored at work but the narrator and the way the describe the women is super sexist I feel and just basic. Things feel like they are being told in a jumbled way the timeline isn’t really clear. Mostly feels like I’m listening to bad fiction. This is a harsh review, sorry guess I’m feeling brutally honest today, I dunno
Great story.
Dirty John is quite well done. It is not exactly what I first thought it was but still impressed. Even if you don’t like the first few episodes, listen all the way through because E6 is well worth the wait.
Hard to understand which is most disturbing.
Weird confluence of forgiveness, predatory and idiocy.
Interesting and really frustrating
This was really interesting but I was so frustrated with how naive these people were. The clips that had the daughters talking were also kind of hard to listen to because of the way they talked.
Omg i literally had to take a whole star off because of how annoying Terra and the sisters in general sound. It’s hard to get through but other than that It’s a solid pod.
Dirty John
Fabulously written!! I had a dirty John. After I was thrown through a wall I finally left him and never went back.
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