Amateur or Professional
Just wanted to say Diego, that I have really appreciated your podcast. I’m new to the small farm approach, looking to invest next year, and these programs have been wonderful! Some of them I have listened to over and over! - and I so very much appreciate that while you do advertise, your program is still education based. There is a phenomenal amount of information in your podcasts! Thank you! Please don’t stop anytime soon!!
Just one episode changed our business life!
Our small farm needs help on the office side of the business. The office side is non existent. So I searched “small farm” in the podcast app and your podcast was recommended. And just the day before you posted an interview with Emma Hendel. I listened to that podcast and it scratched in so many places I was itching!!! Thank you for the guidance in the specific area of the office side of the farm. Emma said so much on exactly how I feel. Please continue to share quality information in this important side of farming.
Way To Go Diego
“That’s D-I-E-G-O Diego!” With all of the amazing information and farming tips that you and your guests share, makes it much easier for us to “Do The Work!” Great Podcast!
Great farming show
HelpFul lady
As a new farmer I love listening to this podcast as I am going about harvesting vegetables, planting, or making deliveries. I always learn something from his conversations with guests on a variety of topics that pertain to the farming lifestyle. Diego’s insights have given plenty for my husband and I to discuss around the dinner table. Thank you for continuing to put out this podcast for the community. Love the guests, the topics, and all that you do.
Love This Podcast
The soothing voice of Diego and his enlightening farming conversations makes for goodness in life. I could see Diego being part of CBS’s Sunday Morning Show someday, he’s that good! Thank you for doing what you do.
Ray Tyler Interview
Lascassas Farms
I really loved the interview you did with Ray Tyler! I like hearing about farming methods, but It’s refreshing to hear about the human element of farming and actually get to know the farmer. Thanks for all you do!
Food is life
Thank you for your work, you have a great approach to helping all of us understand and think about small farming, eating and business management and life choices at all angles.
Farm Small Farm Smart
This podcast has changed the way I Farm for the better. Advise from Diego’s interviews have made my work easier and more profitable. Thanks Diego!
My favorite podcast!
Curtis stone is such an inspiration! Great podcast love listening.
Thank you
This show has been so helpful.
Very thankful for Diego's work
As an aspiring small scale farmer, Diego's work is invaluable. All episodes I have listened to have been exceptional in all aspects from sound quality to question quality. Thanks, Diego
Real farmers
Listen and learn from real farmers. Diego's questions extract useful answers.
Love the show
Flavio Guzman
I love your podcasts thanks Diego keep doing a wonderful job this definitely a awesome show I enjoy and I appreciate all the educational info I pick up from your podcast.
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year and find it invaluable. And this last episode, 126 - A Practicle Look at Vegetable Farming and a Fragile Seed System was what finally made me want to leave a review. The information was fascinating and very thought-provoking, as pretty much every episode is. I am so grateful for the work Diego does in this field.
The best I’ve heard....
Diego’s questions are incredibly insightful. Love how his guests range from farmers I’ve never heard of to industry leaders like JM, Conor Crickmore and Curtis Stone. Thank you for you podcast
Gigi Libertybelle
Just listened to my first episode (the Thanksgiving episode). I loved it!! It is just so refreshing to hear a generation of younger farmers not afraid to work hard. Who realize they may fail in one thing but can learn from it, persevere, possibly pivot, but never give up! So encouraging. Keep up the good work!
Best small farm podcast hands down
As an newbie homesteader with transition plans to full-time, small scale farming, I never miss an episode of this podcast. The variety of topics and guests are incredible. Diego's commitment to the cause shines through in the professional level of questions and sound in each and every episode.
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