$350,000 on 1.5 Acres and Still Growing with Farmer Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm (FSFS92)
Published August 14, 2017
63 min
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    Today I'm going to be talking to another small scale farmer who is absolutely crushing it on an acre and half. Along with his wife Kate, Conor Crickmore is grossing over $350k per year at Neversink Farm in upstate NY.

    It's truly inspiring story, and one that didn't start out with a farm making anywhere near what it makes today.

    It started out as a homestead with chickens and pigs and a rocky filled weed patch that almost had Conor and Kate throwing in the towel their first season.

    But they persevered, and slowly got rid of what didn't work, while focusing on what did work.

    It's a theme that's made them successful - removing steps and pieces that make the job harder, less efficient or more time consuming.

    As you'll hear in this episode, a lot of this current success is due to as much what they aren't doing, as what they are.

    It started out slowly and morphed into a market garden that's incrementally gotten better over the last few years - both in terms of financials and quality of life.

    In this episode Conor will talk about what the journey has been like and what specifically they have done to make things improve dramatically since that hard first year; and one of the those things, might surprise you, because it's very much against the norm of what you typically hear about in this sector.

    Let's start at the beginning, in Brooklyn, NY.

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