Absolutely amazing!
I am a new believer and as an overly analytical, hyper-aggressive learner, I absolutely love your teaching style. I came here from The Bible Project on YouTube & The Bible Project podcast. I could not possibly say enough wonderful things about you & John and what you do. I appreciate how you break everything down and explain the origins of the text and provide examples to relate to your life to make it easier to understand. Thank you for what you do!
If you desire biblical knowledge and truth, this is the podcast.
I have learned more from this podcast and videos than from any other source. Thank you!!!!!!
Incredible Biblical Depth
I have become a T-Mack groupie! His education and background bring incredible biblical depth to his teachings. One of the all time best Bible scholar and teacher.
Great podcast
Great podcast. Love the communication style and exposition of the speaker. Three episodes in and enjoying every bit of it.
Let's Dive In!
from Africa 314
Hands-down my favorite podcast! I listen at 1.7 speed but often pause it to take notes. Listening to these is similiar to my Bible College degree, for the great depth of insight and application. Be sure to check out the Bible Project videos too! 5 stars all the way!
Refreshing & insightful perspectives very memorably explained
Tim has an endearing ‘voice’, & is willing to illustrate great points unforgettably with his own foibles, other stories & metaphors. We laugh, then realize we’re laughing at ourselves too. He brings startling insights from Biblical linguistic, geographical, cultural & religious context. After a lifetime serving Jesus, I’m excited to learn from this able teacher. May God continue to use him at The Bible Project!
Great podcast!
Jacob of Huntington
I love this podcast. I relate with Tim a lot, as I grew up skateboarding it molded the way I saw the world and pulled me away from my faith. As an adult I have come back to it on my own terms and began reading the Gospels, and this podcast has helped me understand a little better how the Torah and the Old Testament as a whole formed the foundation for Christian beliefs! Awesome resource for people who want to learn about the Bible as they work or hang out around the house. The interpretation is well read and they do research live as they record and relay their findings. Good job guys and thank you!!
Insightful, informative and irresistible
Those words describe the Bible and it’s truth that lies within its pages. The truth of Jesus and who we are lay beyond the pages. This man Tim Mackie is wise in understanding the passages because of God’s gift of wisdom and it’s is beyond obvious. I am so thankful for him being used by God in the free online teaching and preaching he provides to everyone.
Thank You
Rose Misery
You do very important work.
As the deer pants for water....
....so my soul longs for you, My God. I can’t stop listening to Tim Mackie and this podcast. This presentation of the Gospel and the Scriptures are what my soul has thirsted for. This isn’t a formula for drawing in a crowd, a prosperity gospel for well-being, not rants about personal opinion of culture. But a thoughtful and educational experience of who Jesus is, where he has come from, why he has come, and the life he invites us into. Tim’s teaching of context, language, and history open wide the beauty of God’s redemptive story in our lives as individuals but also for humanity as a while. I can’t thank him, and our Father, enough for these teachings. I would recommend these to anyone looking to learn about who Jesus really is.
Incredible teaching
The breakdown of these books are fantastic! I love the simplicity yet deep commentary of the language, history and theology
Great teacher of difficult subject matter
Just finish bingcasting 9-12. Great material to learn from. God has blessed Tim as a teacher.
I love this podcast compilation. So much knowledge packed in here. Just finished up all of them, sad it’s over
Fantastic bible teaching
Tim has a true gift for teaching the Bible in a very clear and relatable way. This podcast, as well as The Bible Project, have contributed much to my Bible literacy this past year.
Tim Mackie
Tim teaches in a way like no other I’ve ever heard. He’s so good at making sense from complicated material. I’m a 67 yr old women. I’ve been a Christian forever yet I feel I am truly learning what it is to be a Christian, for the first time. It makes so much more sense. Thank you Jesus 👼🦋🙏
Tim Mackie is awesome
Bim teacher
Tim Mackie has been a major influence on my spiritual growth. I love The Bible Project also.
My Strange Bible
Love love love the strange bible podcasts. Found it a few weeks ago and have already listened to 40 of them !!
Best down to earth bible study Portland style
I have been addicted to the Bible project and now my strange bible podcast for a couple years now. These guys will really break down true bible knowledge to blow your mind. Tim has taken the Bible and made it more real to me than ever before, just by explaining the Bible with the Bible, from the original language. Glorifying the awesomeness of God throughout. I love you Tim.
I know this is 2019 but hear me out...
How I just now managed to stumble across this podcast, I don’t know. I am only 2 episodes in and have never felt more convicted and uplifted than I have hearing the teachings of the Bible. Tim truly has a gift of speaking the Word and bringing a light to a dark world. Truly grateful to have found this resource.
Life changing!!
These podcasts are seriously changing my life. I’m learning and growing as a Christian woman. The podcasts help you understand and give more clarity to the word of the Lord. Or, our Strange Bible. :) Tim Mackey is fantastic at explaining his view on things, which is based on years of schooling, and study. Based on life experience and other people’s experiences as well. Based on a life searching and making mistakes, and growing from these lessons. All the podcasts are thought provoking and humbling. I strive to be be the light even more now than ever before. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.
Exploring my strange Bible
This podcast is amazing. I love it!
One of my favorites!
One day I was just searching Christian podcasts and this one came up and it has quickly become my favorites. I have listened to the Bible Project for a while so I was familiar with Tim but didn’t know that he had a collection of his sermons too. I love his sermon style and how real he is when he is teaching. I can honestly say that I have learned something new from each one of the sermons I’ve listened to. Thanks Tim, for teaching Jesus so well!!
I love it
I stumbled across this podcast through The Bible Project on YouTibe and I’ve learned so much.
My favorite bible source
nope nooe nope
Tim’s teachings are both really in depth but easy to understand and straight forward. So many in depth bible teachers feel like they are leading you somewhere weird ( chuck missler, les felding etc. but Tim is not like that. He really seems like he’s having a great time.
This podcast is insane.
Mountain max
Wow! This is different. So insightful, and astoundingly refreshing, and so grounded. Also, Tim Mackie might as well be a famous narrator.
Gospel-centered and wonderfully unique!
This podcast adds amazing context to the Bible.
Man! Do I learn soo much from these talks!
Bringing home the Bible
This podcast, along with The Bible Project, has helped my understanding of the Bible and Jesus in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to on my own. I’ll probably never meet Tim, but I thank him for helping me know, trust, and love Jesus. His sermons on the Gospel of Matthew are a true masterpiece. I couldn’t recommend listening to the Matthew series enough.
What can you say?
This is the first time I have heard Tim preach. I’m familiar with the conversations he has with John from the Bible project and I love those dialogs, but I’m really impressed and moved by the movement of the spirit in his preaching, and the fact that he preaches with conviction. It is distinct from just the conversations about the Bible. Thanks.
Deeper into Scripture
Michelle YC
I love this podcast. Tim is very insightful and gives examples that are so relevant to our culture. He peels back the layers to take us deeper into God’s Word and reveals some truths that have been lost in translation. He also gives more understanding of who God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are and how much we are loved.
So Thankful for this Podcast!
This podcast, along with the Bible Project, has opened up so much understanding for me! Listening to these has opened up my view of the Bible and God’s message and really convicted me. I listen to them so fast, I can’t get enough!
Hannah Watts
Love this podcast! So insightful, and so many new ways to view the scripture. Thank you, Tim!
Hooray Tim. So helpful.
Thank you for this podcast!
Life changing
No prayer needed
It’s hard to even put into words the difference that Tim’s teachings has had on me understanding the Bible. This podcast along side the videos on the Bible Project site has been instrumental in my faith journey. I am humbled and grateful for you Tim!
I listen to at least one a day
An elder at my church and close friend suggested this podcast because I was looking to better my knowledge of the Bible. There are times I will drive all day listening and soaking in what’s being taught. I appreciate very much what God is doing in this mans life and it’s translating to my own.
Simply Amazing!!!
I started listening to this podcast because a comedian friend of mine suggested it. I have not regretted any moment listening to this podcast. I’ve actually listened to several moments, several episodes, again and again. I have actually changed my format when teaching the youth group I lead with the notes in perspective of biblical history and language nuggets Tim Mackie gives to anyone who listens. I really enjoy this podcast and will probably start back with Jonah as soon as I’m done writing this. Thank you so much Dr. Mackie! I hope I get to hear you speak live one day.
Incredible Resource
Word Traveler
I started listening to The Bible Project and really get a lot out of it. They recently mentioned this podcast so I started listening. Tim has an incredible gift to explain complex text and passages in a new light that is understandable, applicable, and actionable. I am thankful I found this and thankful for both of these ministries.
So good
I’ve been loving this podcast. I absolutely love the way Tim Mackie teaches and found this podcast through the other podcast by the same author called the Bible Project. I believe God is using Tim’s work to really open my eyes to things I’ve been missing and or misunderstanding in my study of the Word. His extensive knowledge of Hebrew is shinning light on the details easily missed when you read it at face value in English.
It's almost impossible to describe how amazing this podcast is. Tim teaches with wisdom and these sermons have absolutely energized my faith. I'm so sad to watch this podcast end but I'm hopeful for what Tim does in the future!
My Strange Bible
I have learned so much listening to this podcast. I love that I can go back and listen over again and I pick up something I didn’t before. Thank you so much Tim!
Great tool for learning!
I have learned so much about my strange and wonderful Bible from this podcast! I highly recommend.
I just started listening to your podcasts and I LOVE THEM!
A Five Star Thank You!
This podcast has made an immeasurable impact on my life and my faith. I’m sad to see it end, but look forward to starting again with episode one and listening start to finish. Thank you!
I have a fresh and amazing love for Jesus thanks to this podcast.
Thanks to Tim's exposition of the wonder-filled grace and love of Jesus buried in the strange text of the Bible, I have a newfound appreciation and love for Jesus and desire to know Him more.
So amazing!
C. Oh
I literally cried when I heard there was going to be a pause on this podcast. I first came across this podcast after searching through the main platform of the Bible Project. These podcasts and videos have amazingly helped me through so many moments of doubt, hardships upon myself, my family and friends, and I constantly share and talk about these gems to others. I love how relevant and refreshing Mackie explains the Biblical context in this crazy world right now, which I find difficult to find in many pastors. Thank you this gift! Please bring more content! ❤️❤️
Sorry to See You Go
I’m really sorry to see that this podcast has stop putting out content. This is the best Christian podcast I could find. Tim has a gift for explaining Biblical concepts in a way that are understandable and relatable to everyone. God be with you and may you figure out a way to keep this podcast going. I have prayed for that to happen.
A treasure trove!
This collection of talks has been such a blessing and instrument in growing my interest and understanding of the Bible, the Lord, and my love for Jesus. Every talk has wisdom that has strengthened my walk with the Lord in countless ways. Thank you!!
Excellent teaching
These podcasts have helped me know know Jesus in a deeper and more vibrant way!
Thank you
After listening to the science and faith podcast about a year ago, I opened the Bible for the first time. Thank you for speaking what I needed to hear.
An amazing opportunity
Through Tim Mackie and his faith and friends, you will be blessed by this teaching.
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