Episode 090
Congrats on episode 090!! wells you’re hilarious, you’re the best!♥️
Love the tv/movie recommendations! I Listed to todays podcast and you mentioned the podcast about NXIVM... This all happened about 2 minutes from my house which is insane! There is also a movie on Lifetime about it. Listening to the podcast now. Keep all the recommendations coming!
The review reading.
Taya R
After listening to the 90th episode, I HAD to share the review reading with my parents. We were crying, LITERALLY CRYING, laughing. Wells’ dramatic reading makes it all the more amazing. Thanks for the laughs (and tears).
Wells need a new co host
awsome skeleton
I don’t think Brandi care about the podcast
Y’all are legit my comic relief for the week and I love checking out all of your recommendations. 😍😍
Ya’ll are MY favorite thing
I really like the Podcast
...but it makes me sad that Brandi doesn’t like Taylor Swift.
love you guys
I love this podcast but it has gone down hill since Brandi got the dog. There is no focus.
Wells.. get a new co-host
I enjoy YFT, it is light hearted and doesn't require your undivided attention but Brandi could not care less about this podcast and contributes nothing. Wells is hilarious though. I think Sarah should take Brandi's place and then we would really have a five star show here.
One of my favorite things
I look forward to this podcast every week. I love the fact that Wells and Brandi are so relatable. I thought I was the only one who had indoor, outdoor slippers lol. Every week I get a real inside look into their lives and laugh along with them. If you’re looking for a favorite podcast this is it.
Love it but Brandi needs to improve
This show is one of my favorite things but Brandi doesn’t seem to put any effort into it. Wells carries the show & Brandi is just there
Suggestion - Best of YFT
This show is my favorite thing! I started listening a couple of months ago, but have gone back and listened to basically ever episode. It would be s’fun if you did a “Best of YFT” episode where you ranked your top 5 favorite things you have recommended in each category (music, books, TV, etc). You both have so many great recommendations but a lot of them have been buried over the course of time.
Bring back the grandma voice
And get Kelley from the bachelor on the show!!!!!
-1 because Wells
Wells, please think twice before making a joke about a mother of 10 vagina. Total garbage commentary.
Diamond Status Content
Love this show and it’s premise. My bestie introduced it to me and I’m hooked. It’s slightly problematic for my bank account because I have purchased so many books on your recommendations. 😬 You guys have great conversational chemistry and you make me laugh at work while my earbuds are in & everyone around me thinks I’m bananas. Keep on giving us the podcast version of diamond status content!
Broooey Joeyyy !!
I loved Wells’ comments about the Circle! I definitely started binge watching it after hearing Wells talk about it in last week! Wells and Brandy always have the best suggestions! Manifest is the best!! Hoping for many many more seasons! My family always makes me feel like I’m the only one who watches the shows I watch but I’m glad to know I’m not alone! I appreciate this podcast so much. Best part of my commute to work each week ❤️❤️ Please come to Silver spring, MD for a live podcast!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Best Comedy/Bachelor Nation/ Cyrus family member podcast this side of the Mississippi
Wellls and Brandaaaayyy! This podcast makes my commute go by so easy one evening a week.I depend on you guys to point me in the direction of my next Netflix binge, good read, and always appreciate wells’ music choices. I’m also team broey Joey btw # YEAHBUDDY😂 Keep up the good work y’all! (Also..Wells should check out Colter Wall. We seem to have the same taste in music and he’s a fave of mine!!)
Brandi & Wells - y’all are my favorite podcast to listen to. I definitely listen to the other bachelor recaps, but I love y’all’s conversation the most. I don’t care that y’all barely talk about the bachelor because I love y’all’s conversation. I will definitely listen to Brandi & Tish the Dish’s podcast. Y’all make me want to read more books. But I am an accounting major so I have to read a lot regarding tax changes every year. Brandi - you are seriously awesome. I love hearing your stories about the dogs & horses, etc. Wells, you are my all time favorite bachelor(ette)(paradise)(bartender) contestant. (Basically all time fave) You are a gem. You and Sarah are beautiful. I love it.
Needs more diversity of thought
I’ve been listening since the first couple of episodes but it seems like this pod is in a rut. There’s always a routine: life updates, netlix or HBO original programming, the same indie songs by the same bands from Wells and top 40 music from Brandi and a bachelor recap. I didn’t realize how bad it got until I heard mike as a breath of fresh air this week, I wish he was on for longer! He seemed to get the hosts out of their rut and I noticed the same when Matt Shively was on a couple of weeks ago. If more (interesting, no more Hannah Gs please!) guests is what the show needs I’m open to it, or maybe just more Roddy Rich to close the show👽
The internet: ever heard of it?
I love this podcast, and the banter between Wells and Brandi, and hearing about their lives and updates on all going’s on. Sometimes they tell me about something before I’ve heard of it in terms of a recommendation. That being said, they often talk about things without looking them up and doing any research and speak about it as if it’s well known facts. I have a newborn at home so i don’t listen to the podcasts immediately after they come out, but the show on Disney+ is called High School Musical the Musical the Series is about teenagers doing a musical show at their school about High School Musical. It was made for little teeny boppers so it’s not supposed to be television genius. I’m sure it is stupid, but that’s not the point! All I’m saying is look things up before you talk about them to the masses!
Not my FaVoRiTe
Wells is now big time-y & Brandi is tired. Take a nap ya’ll.
Ruined the opening
I know you need to “secure your bag” or whatever the kids say these days but opening the show with a long ad really kills the vibe. Miss the old cold opening.
Well Played
Kayleigh N.
Love this podcast and listen every week, but I haven’t been compelled to leave a review until this week when Wells perfectly worked in a Dumb and Dumber quote without skipping a beat. Speaking my language. Truly incredible.
Love this so much!
This is definitely one of the best podcasts out there! I haven’t been listening to podcasts for that long but this was easily one of the first ones I fell in love with. So good! You guys are hilarious! Love the recommendations it makes me wish I had more time in the day to listen to music and watch tv/movies. Phenomenal! Almost caught up on listening to it all so keep the episodes coming! Love you!! 😘❤️🥰
WELLS. I’m so happy you included that recording of the “linger-y” Bach in this episode. When I heard this I screeched, immediately went to twitter to find all the memes about it and no one said anything and I was so upset. My old roommate showed me you and brandis podcast and I used to be a murder mystery podcast fan ONLY until you guys. I look forward to you every week, have caught up and gone to the beginning to listen back (which has been so fun to listen to the birth and progress of MICHIEL HUSIMAN and you & sarah) obsessed with you guys. Love you. Ps. Wells someone left a comment once long ago about your speech with you saying “r’s. You totally didn’t understand what they were saying but I’ve always noticed it and it’s total ASMR to me. Can’t wait for tish the dish and brandi’s pod and more episodes of YFT! P.s after reading a bunch of reviews I feel Wells you don’t carry the show you guys are equally as pleasant to listen to!!! Love u branDIE!
Used to be good, now meh
I've been listening for a while, and I used to really enjoy and look forward to this. Now I'm just wondering if wells' back hurts from carrying the show. Poor dude often sounds like he's floundering trying to make brandi laugh, or at least get her out of the sour mood she's been in the last few eps. She doesn't have much to say anymore besides 'wow' 'yeah' 'uh huh'. The way she said cognac was funny as hell and they could've laughed about that but she got a lil defensive. I just feel like her energy has been off for weeks. Sorry wells, I'll listen to you elsewhere.
Can Brandi really make fun of the girl who can’t pronounce lingerie when she herself doesn’t know how to pronounce cognac? Regardless, love the show.
You can’t make fun of the girl on Peter’s season who pronounced lingerie wrong, when you’ve repeatedly pronounced cognac wrong in multiple Article ads, Brandi! Hypocritical much?
Pretty disappointed that the whole “linger-ey” was brought up but no “finasco” was really looking forward to Wells cracking jokes about it with Brandi’s laugh
Line dancing!
Hi! Big fan of the podcast and of Wells and Brandi! But I do have to correct Wells. While Peter might or might not actually go line dancing, line dancing is HUGE in San Diego/ Orange County. My friends and I go line dancing every weekend and we line dance at all the country concerts that come to town. Nashville isn’t known for line dancing at all, which is why you wouldn’t see it there. That’s all. Love you guys! Glad to see you both so happy in your relationships! You both deserve the best.
Love you
My favorite podcast
I love Wells. I love Brandy. I enjoy their humor and love for animals. I’ve been meaning to give this a listen and I finally have! I love listening to them so much that I just keep listening to old episodes. Give it a listen if you enjoy listening to funny people speak their minds!
Brandy is insufferable
Used to love this podcast but then I realized that what I love is Wells commentary! He definitely carries the podcast, brandy doesn’t bring much to the table. Most of the podcast is her saying “uh huh” “yeah” and when she is talking it’s because she’s hating on people. Not a good look that the only time she speaks is to bad mouth other bachelor contestants when thats how your co-host got his status. Wells is great love keeping up with him!
The best
this is grossss
My favorite podcast. I look forward to listening every week.
Let’s talk about Ep 85
Huge fan of the pod. But this particular episode I had to stop listening half way through because of the negative energy being spewn out! You guys never hate on anyone generally but all the hate towards Hannah brown and negative comments towards Royals is unwarranted. It helps if you do research before you throw out statements. Meghan is not Canadian. Harry is still doing lot of philanthropy. Never missed a bit of any of your 84 other episodes but this one was hard to finish and almost ruined my day with the negativity. Most of it came from Brandy and I kinda sensed Wells not being into the hate coming from Brandy. You guys have great energy usually and please continue striving for that in future episodes.
Matt Shivley!
Long timer listener of YFT-I remember when they had the white backdrop for their podcast “cover”. Personally, I love the easy banter that Wells & Brandi have, I find it’s something you really can’t find in a ton of other podcasts. I’ve been catching up on podcasts and I recently listened to the one with Matt Shivley-hilarious. I would love to see an episode with Wells, Brandi, and Matt! I also just wanted to say that I was first introduced to him as well in The Real O’neals, a true fan! Keep up the good work!!
It is allergies.
My nose runs when I change environments that have toxic products involved. If mine get kicked up, I’ll sneeze all day and next day be perfectly fine. My work involves going to different homes. When I have a cold I don’t feel well physically too. Allergies is all nose. Brandi’s right...again.
Brandi and Wells. I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I listen every single week. But that bit about Meghan and Harry leaving the Royal family was kind of disappointing. I honestly wasn’t expecting that from you guys. Please educate yourselves a little bit more about why they are wanting to leave. It’s not because “she” (her name is Meghan btw in case you were unaware. You seemed to not want to call her by her name for some reason) decided she didn’t want to be a “princess” anymore. Please try to have more compassion instead of feeding in to the nonsense and hate that is the exact reason why they want to step away from that life.
Talkin Suh fast!
Love listening every Wednesday. Did something crazy and listened on 1.5x pace. A little overwhelming but I kinda loved it.
Jingle ding ding
I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I love this pod. Been listening since day uno and will never stop. HOWEVER... with Brandi being in, you know, the most famous music family in all of life and Wells knowing more about music than anyone... I’m surprised y’all don’t have a catchy jingle. Kay byeeeeee.
fan on the fence
Wells seriously gives the BEST music suggestions! I find myself searching for and downloading just about every song he plays. Most of my new music comes from his suggestions and a huge reason why I love and will continue to listen to this podcast. When I play the songs I’ve learned about through this podcast for my husband he is always impressed, and he is a huge but picky music guy. I also love the banter between Wells and Brandi. They keep it lighthearted and funny. I love the premise behind this podcast, and it’s the first place I come to when looking for movie, show, or book suggestions too. One of my favorite podcasts for sure! I’m always looking forward to their new episodes.
One of my favorite podcasts! I look forward to it every week. Just maybe.... don’t eat while listening. Especially to the “mud butt room” episode. That is all.
Balloon knot
AW Berry
The fact that Wells refers to his butthole as a balloon knot is one of the many reasons why I will always listen to this podcast. Love y’all.
My least favorite thing is when 8 minutes in Wells says “we should probably start the show now...” Brandi: “yeah you’re probably right” Wells: “is it my turn or yours?” Brandi: “uhhhh I think it’s miiine” Brandi: “BROOOOOOOS AND HOES you’re listening to your favorite thing podcast with..” Wells: “Wells and BRANDAAAY” We don’t need this. We don’t need you to start the show. Stop starting the show. Just start the show without saying you’re starting the show. Love you both, great podcast. Wells is hilarious and along with Brandi I am an enneagram 9 so I relate and agree with nearly everything she says/does. DING DING DING
Wells is my spirit animal
I love this podcast so much, it is my one go to weekly podcast. Wells is my spirit animal. I just feel I understand him. I get his humor and all his funny voices though not a huge fan of the movie trailer voice. Brandi is always there keeping it real. Only problem with Wells is that he is a rebel black bear land shark....#hailstate.
These Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bear reviews are giving me life. Pls never stop this segment! I’ve been a listener for quite a while but have never written a review. Thank you Brandi and Wells (and the whole team!!) for this podcast, it always makes me smile or cringe or laugh and makes me feel less alone! From y’all I have read Burial Rites, Little Fires Everywhere... Watched Manifest, The Society... there’s probably more I’m not remembering right now. Thanks for the sweet recommendations always! I look forward to what you guys dish out every time. Here’s to 2020 ✨
Love the matt shively episode
I am a long tome listener but the Matt Shively episode was by far the best. The conversation was so effortless and fun to listen to. More Matt shively & Wells please. Brandi is great too btw. ☺️
Salt life and Scythe
I count on this podcast to keep me sane on the commute and to keep me tuned in to what to watch and new music. I have this podcast to thank for my Succession obsession (Get it, Cousin Greg) and for many a sad lonely folk country hipster song to play while I stare longingly into a backyard, that sadly has no horses, from my Article chair. While I have your attention, I’ll recommend a book that my students are literally running to the library to read. The book is Scythe and while sci-fi isn’t my thing, in this world where everyone can live forever and we have to mercifully kill to keep population under control, even I am interested. Finally, I had never heard of “salt life” and five seconds after Wells talked about it I saw a minivan with a salt life sticker. To note, I live in Illinois. No oceans. I appreciate the laughs and the cultural awareness.
A few of my favorite things 🎶
I normally listen to true crime/murder podcasts, but they can get a bit heavy. Came across this podcast and it is the PERFECT palate cleanser for in between! (I actually haven’t listened to a true crime podcast for a week now since I’ve been bingeing YFT). While I am a fan of the bachelor and enjoy the updates every now and then, I really love this podcast for the humorous banter between Brandi and Wells, and there’s no better place for tv/book/music recommendations. Love you guys!
The best part of waking up is this duo in your cup
Words can’t express how much joy this podcast brings me on my runs/walks with my dog each week. Your diamond status content has me laughing out loud most days. My neighbors probably think I’m a piece of work. Thank you for the laughs and smiles. Keep those review reads coming and please do the Roomba “Pooptastrophe” review next!
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