I switched podcast apps just so I could rate this.
I love this podcast. It’s the highlight of my week, especially now that we can’t go anywhere or do anything. You guys are great even with all the weird Wells voices!
A Banger
This is my go-to weekly podcast for updates on music, media, and all things Wells and Brandi. Wells and Brandi: don’t sell yourselves short on being a “no-mind” podcast. You have great chemistry, conversation, and recommendations on new things to watch, read, or listen to. It’s a joy to listen to when I’m killing time or running errands; I feel like I’m listening in on a conversation with friends. This is a classic pod that only gets better with time! Do yourself a favor and listen. Loved the interview with Sophia Bush. I love her passion and she’s so interesting. As are you ..
Over the top amazing recommendations
I cannot thank Brandi enough for recommending the book Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier. I could not put this book down this past week. Thank you guys for always entertaining my on my way to work. I could not survive my commute without laughing at loud with you guys.
Stop it on the Baby Boomers bashing
Sociology Prof
As a college professor, I generally enjoy listening to your podcast as one more source to stay relevant with students. But listening to today’s podcast, I was so offended by the false generalization that my generation is not taking COVID-13. You use your mother, a sample of one, which is far from a scientific sampling. I can assure you, my generation takes this very seriously, from those of us on the front lines in hospitals to those of us who fearfully venture out to do our food shopping during designated senior citizen hours early in the morning. Not to mention headlines screaming out to us about how we should sacrifice our lives to kickstart the economy. Be kind to us. I can guarantee you that most in my generation are scared to death, not only for ourselves but for our younger loved ones.
You Two Are Awesome
You want to listen to a podcast that talks about virtually nothing but actually does it right? Listen to these guys. You’ve become one of my favorites! I love the sound of Brandi’s voice and Wells is just made for this. You two have a great dynamic. Thank you for bringing the good vibes every week!
More Please!
I think I speak for everyone. Since this is one of your only sources of income at the moment your YFTers would not be opposed to multiple podcasts/ week. We are burning through all your suggestions like crazy right now so two shows a week would give us more options and honestly more time to listen to your banter and help forget about the crazy for 40 minutes. Just a thought...
Good podcast
awsome skeleton
You need a new co host she boring
My Favorite thing = this podcast
Thank you for making me laugh, especially during these times!!!! Love it!!!!!
Meggan loves this podcast!!!
I have always been a huge follower on the Cyrus fam starting out with Miley’s Hannah Montana stage. And have loved, appreciated, and respected her growth as a woman ❤️❤️ My second favorite Cyrus fam member is Brandi so and I thought podcasts were not for me because I’m definitely a music in the car person and when I heard her and WELLS (I’m a new member of bachelor nation) (also I love love Sarah) (I love the episode about his Adam Sandler run in) have a podcast I had to check it out and it does not disappoint I am laughing the whole time and when the hour ends I’m sad. I have downloaded so many apps because of them 😂 Wells definitely shares my type of humor and Brandi shares my type of hobbies like horse riding, loves to travel. And basically I’m rambling at this point but let’s just say #obsessed #thankyouwellsandbrandi. Also I couldn’t stop laughing when Miley said Adam Wells 😂😂😂
Brandi is irrelevant
First, wells is the best and honestly i could listen to him all day everyday. I fall in the camp that loves the different voices. However, i seriously cannot handle Brandi anymore. I speed up my tracks usually but have to slow it down for this podcast as Brandi talks like a freakin ferret on speed. And like, all the like, up speak? Is like so annoying? And like, she never like speaks in anything but like a giant like run-on sentence? Plus, she is supposed to be someone who at least understands pop culture and trends but she is always wayyyy behind on EVERYTHING. For example, i never watched greys anatomy but even I knew private practice was a spin-off circa 15 years ago. Everything she likes to discuss has been discussed to the core on social media already, and often her song choices are just bad covers of old songs. I have started to fast forward whenever she speaks because i cannot handle it anymore, her descriptions need to be more to the point, dont try to explain a book just read the synopsis. Also, for the love...STOP WITH THE “OH YOU DOOOO???” As that has to be the most annoying thing in the entire world and i cant be the only one who thinks any of this. Also i think wells needs a co-host who can actually banter and not sit there like a brain dead bump on a log. She doesn’t have the sense of humor to pull off good banter with wells...i feel bad he has to carry the show on his own. He deserves all the stars. Brandi needs to go. -
Love the pod, but I was disappointed in Wells for not calling out the Damian Rice song as a cover of an extremely popular Sia song. The whole time it was playing I was imagining how badly Wells was going to drag Brandi for not realizing it was a cover. I’ll forgive you this time!! Keep up the great work you two.
That’s not Damion Rice. That’s Sia. It’s a cover and a terrible one at that.
Good podcast though.
Always puts me in a good mood.
You guys are the best! Thank you 🧡
A great show about really nothing.
Wells and Brandi are great friends who are totally opposite but generate pretty great chemistry. I love Wells’ jokes and wacky personality and you can totally hear Brandi’s roll her eyes at him. I love when they share their music pics with each other and it’s totally obvious they hate each other’s selections. They conversation goes all over the place but manages to entertain the entire time. Give it a listen.
Five stars!
I love this podcast so much and look forward to it every week so I had to leave my five star review. But I’m mostly here to say, what is up with Brandi lately suggesting songs and not knowing that they are covers? Chandelier is a very famous Sia song from 2014. I recognized it right away. I thought for sure Wells was going to call her out again, but this time he didn’t and I was shocked. I’m laughing, but how does this keep happening? Keep up the hilarious dialogue!
So Good
Shout out to Wells and Brandi for providing great content and being one of the only podcasts that already has great audio when the hosts aren’t together during the time of social distancing!
Makes me laugh every time
Wells & Brandi are hilarious and I love all their recommendations! Don’t people know they can fast forward through ads? They gotta make money somehow!
Leave the medical advice to doctors
Bach addict
I love the show but shut up about Coronavirus. Bad info is going to get people killed. Wells, you are engaged to a woman who is in a very high risk group. Promoting the idea that it’s no big deal is irresponsible.
High quality and funny
This podcast is one of my highlights of the week. I always look forward to it every Wednesday. It’s light and entertaining. It is not easy to pull off a podcast but Wells and Brandi made it feel easy. Only one thing that made me feel a bit off. Both Wells and Brandi talked about how coronavirus was not a big deal and concerts & events should not be canceled. I agree that we shouldn’t freak out for no reason but we shouldn’t be ignorant and in denial. It is a pandemic. Even though young people are not at risk, big gatherings could easily infect thousands of people and then spread to at risk groups. I hope you can take this pandemic more seriously and take better care of yourself and your fans.
YFT Podcast > Everything else
AllTheNicknamesAreTaken Sam
This is my absolute favorite podcast. This is the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts. I was a year late discovering so I binged listened to all the episodes. Wells and Brandi are great separately but take it to a whole other level together, I love their banter and back and forth. I also live for the explicitness and inappropriateness. This podcast is literally the highlight of my Wednesday, I don’t even care how sad that may sound I love these two. You guys are great, don’t let anyone tell you different.
This podcast is my favorite thing! I look forward to listening to Wells and Brandi every well.
Rachel LK
Can’t wait for the show every week! Love to hear about your bachelor/bachelorette opinions and about all your favorite things!!!
Definitely, YES, click play, subscribe
I have literally never written a podcast review (hardly written any reviews ever, except Farmhouse Thai in Denver, HOLLA! So good.) BUT I laugh to tears Every. Single. Episode. 10/10 recommend
3/11/20 Louisiana
maw Libby
I’m from Louisiana & I was not offended but some people might be lol
Wells is awesome!!
I really love this podcast but Brandi brings absolutely nothing to the table. Wells rattles off tons of great TV, movies, and music and Brandi gives us a book recommendation. She also never knows anything about the latest in pop culture. Come on Brandi! Wells - you’re awesome, never change.
Your Favorite Podcast
I never leave reviews, but decided to take the time to write one after the two most recent episodes! It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud in public while listening to something with headphones on, but YFT has successfully (and embarrassingly) made me do that the past two weeks in a row. I’ve been listening since the first episode, love both Wells and Brandi and their hilarious banter. Can’t wait to continue listening!
Dead ☠️
Yo, I usually try to quietly giggle at my desk when you guys are funny, but today I was DYING @ the Hakuna Matata over Brandy and Oliva talking about deepdickin 😂😭☠️ that was amazingggg. Love you guys so much!
Lexi is Cheer
Shouts to the way Lexi talks like each thought is a cloud materializing unexpectedly in a huge blank sky
Wells is great!
Wells is great! He needs a new co-host.
In the words of Fictoria... I just can’t.
This weeks episode wasn’t even an hour long and you guys threw in 4 different adds! That’s a lot of adds for a short episode. I love you guys but lately it feels like you guys are only recording an episode for the sake of putting out these adds. Any actual content just feels rushed and like it’s “whatever”. Anyway. Hope you guys get back to how it used to be. If not. Then I hope all these adds are worth it.
Too many ads
I have been watching you guys since the beginning and adore you both. Wells and Brandi, you guys always make me laugh! But man you guys do 4-5 ads each podcast it’s killing me lol. Anyways love u guys stop with the ads 🔪🔪🔪 😂
💎💎💎💎💎 freaking love this show and cannot get enough BUT it kills me that Brandi says “To be fair” so often and Wells does not use the opportunity to use the Letterkenny reference. YFT is now my favorite thing and all I’ve listened to for weeks now catching up on episodes. Never seen the Bachelor anything but I love this podcast, Brandi and Wells are by far the best people to listen talk about literally anything. Always a good listen. Also would love to here more of Grandma Derek and Wells - oh and some CookingWells because that is for sure one of my favorite things. Much love to you guys, keep killing it!
Tried to do a f you very much but I felt mean
Sorry if I hurt ur feelings lol love y’all mean it
Not a f&ck you very much but hope
That you read it :) so a few questions I would LOVE clarified if y’all want to comment... 1) Why did Brandi move to Denver but is never in Denver? Did she really move to date a b-ball player, but then got a Michelle Husman instead? 2) What’s up with Brandi’s non-comments about T Swift? More tea please! Ding, ding, ding 3) Isn’t Sarah friends with Taylor? Will she be invited to the wedding? Overall great podcast! But obvi thirsty for a little tea 😈
Step it up Brandi
Love the podcast and I’ve been listening since the beginning. We get a million Wells favorite things each week but not much from Brandi. Want to hear more from you!
Michigan fan
Wells is hilarious Love to hear about brandy and her man
You’re my favorite
Wells is a 60 year old women
As an avid fan, and quickly approaching my 60th birthday, I’m worried about Wells. I started as a forever bachelor fan and loved Wells from JoJo’s season, and Brandi from , well, my huge crush on Blood from the 90’s. Then I became a current fan of the YFT podcast for finding new shows and musics ( really the bachelor recaps...) I have recently noticed a strange occurrence. I love the shows Wells suggests? Does he have the taste of a 60 year old woman from Lodi, Ohio? Or do I have the taste of a 30 year old man engaged to a mega star?( fan girling Sarah) Seriously, Brandi and Wells are a finely tuned machine of ying and yang. ✌🏼
Episode 090
Congrats on episode 090!! wells you’re hilarious, you’re the best!♥️
Love the tv/movie recommendations! I Listed to todays podcast and you mentioned the podcast about NXIVM... This all happened about 2 minutes from my house which is insane! There is also a movie on Lifetime about it. Listening to the podcast now. Keep all the recommendations coming!
The review reading.
Taya R
After listening to the 90th episode, I HAD to share the review reading with my parents. We were crying, LITERALLY CRYING, laughing. Wells’ dramatic reading makes it all the more amazing. Thanks for the laughs (and tears).
Y’all are legit my comic relief for the week and I love checking out all of your recommendations. 😍😍
Ya’ll are MY favorite thing
I really like the Podcast
...but it makes me sad that Brandi doesn’t like Taylor Swift.
love you guys
I love this podcast but it has gone down hill since Brandi got the dog. There is no focus.
Wells.. get a new co-host
I enjoy YFT, it is light hearted and doesn't require your undivided attention but Brandi could not care less about this podcast and contributes nothing. Wells is hilarious though. I think Sarah should take Brandi's place and then we would really have a five star show here.
One of my favorite things
I look forward to this podcast every week. I love the fact that Wells and Brandi are so relatable. I thought I was the only one who had indoor, outdoor slippers lol. Every week I get a real inside look into their lives and laugh along with them. If you’re looking for a favorite podcast this is it.
Love it but Brandi needs to improve
This show is one of my favorite things but Brandi doesn’t seem to put any effort into it. Wells carries the show & Brandi is just there
Suggestion - Best of YFT
This show is my favorite thing! I started listening a couple of months ago, but have gone back and listened to basically ever episode. It would be s’fun if you did a “Best of YFT” episode where you ranked your top 5 favorite things you have recommended in each category (music, books, TV, etc). You both have so many great recommendations but a lot of them have been buried over the course of time.
Bring back the grandma voice
And get Kelley from the bachelor on the show!!!!!
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