August 6, 2020
As art teachers, the demands on our time right now are as great as ever. But those demands do not lessen the importance of making time for ourselves and making time for art. In this episode, Nic talks to art teacher Kara Aina about balancing work life, family life, and everything else while still finding time for yourself. Resources and Links Follow Kara on Instagram View Kara's website 12 Ways to Balance Teaching Art and Creating Art How to Rethink Creativity When It's Gone Missing
July 30, 2020
Professional development is always important, whether it is during the summer or the school year. Today, Nic welcomes on Matt and Laura Grundler to discuss their favorite avenues for PD. Listen as they talk about the K-12 Art Chat, the importance of creativity, and using their podcast to have important conversations. Resources and Links Follow Matt and Laura on Twitter Follow Matt and Laura on Instagram Check out the Grundler Art website Take a look at the Grundler's Adobe page
July 23, 2020
Distance learning is undoubtedly a challenge for every teacher, and most teachers are navigating how to teach their same lessons in a new way. But what does that look like when you want to teach clay? Today, Nic welcomes on Leah Schultz to discuss how she has handled distance learning, the things she has learned, and how she taught clay projects with every grade level during quarantine.  Resources and Links Painted Paper Art Bird's Nest Dragon Eyes by Katie Blanchard on Instagram The Face Vase Bugs by Sarah Krajewski on Instagram The Ladybug Hug Book
July 16, 2020
If you look hard enough, you might be able to find a small silver lining in distance learning--a new way to work with our colleagues. In this episode, Nic talks about how she connected with her team to end the last school year and what lessons she will take into the fall. Resources and Links Read Nic's blog post about celebrating student learning Find the AutoCrat app 4 Reasons to Meet with the Art Teachers in Your District When Times are Tough, Your Attitude is Everything
July 9, 2020
In previous weeks Nic has been discussing healing, community, and connections. This week, she continues that conversation with two equity specialists from her school district, Yuko Larson and Troy Johnson. Listen as they discuss the importance of their role, how art can start a dialogue, and how communities can come together. Resources and Links How to Help Students Reflect, Process, and Enact Change Inclusivity for All Learners in the Art Room A Perspective from Minnesota Follow Yuko on Twitter Follow Troy on Instagram
July 2, 2020
Author and artist Peter Reynolds--along with his twin brother Paul--join Nic today for a very special episode of Everyday Art Room. Listen to their wide-ranging conversation about creativity, opening a bookstore, the beginnings of International Dot Day, and so much more! Resources and Links View Peter Reynolds' Website FableVision Studios The Blue Bunny Bookstore Make Your Mark: A Coloring Book-ish Register for AOEU's NOW Conference
June 25, 2020
Nic has been talking in previous weeks about how we can help our communities heal, and today, she shares her experience connecting with other art teachers and painting a mural in downtown Minneapolis. Amy Cunningham, the leader of the mural team, joins Nic to talk about her inspiration, the process of creation, and how art can help us heal. Resources and Links The Perfect Project for Art and Activism How to Help Students Reflect, Process, and Enact Change Inclusivity for All Learners in the Art Room A Perspective from Minnesota
June 18, 2020
Father's Day is coming on Sunday, and in today's episode, Nic takes the opportunity to celebrate dads and how they can help raise creative children. Nic's husband Tim comes on the show to share stories, strategies, and an appreciation for creativity. Resources and Links Rekindling Your Creativity 5 Things You May Not Know About Creativity How to Foster Kinder Creativity Teaching 21st Century Skills: Creativity
June 11, 2020
Four months ago, Nic spent an episode sharing everything amazing about the state of Minnesota in preparation for the NAEA National Conference. But after the cancellation of the conference due to COVID-19 and now the police killing of George Floyd, the perspective has shifted. In today's episode, Nic talks about her view from Minnesota right now, the lessons she is trying to learn, and the work we all need to do moving forward. Resources and Links Jessi Raulet on Instagram Ashley McKee's U Matter LauraLee Chambers on Instagram Life and Privilege in a $100 Race Trevor Noah's Facebook Page Illustrations for Hire
June 4, 2020
Today, Joel Scholten is on the podcast to talk to Nic about how he uses art to help kids learn to love reading. Listen as they discuss Joel's journey to teaching literacy, the beauty of storytelling, and how he tries to connect with literature at a higher level.  Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning Follow Joel on Instagram Joel's 'Creative Curriculum' blog
May 28, 2020
Everyone is questioning what our schools will look like this summer, this fall, and even further into the future. How do we reopen in a way that is safe for both students and teachers? In today's episode, Nic talks to Vicki Wilson about how she reopened her socially distant art room in Hanoi, Vietnam. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning Follow Vicki on Twitter and Instagram Check out Seesaw, Clips, and Movavi
May 21, 2020
Within this new normal, it can be difficult to keep yourself in a growth mindset or in a positive mindset. In today's episode, Nic shares some strategies on how she shifts her mindset, why we need to continue to challenge ourselves, and how we can deal with the difficulties that come our way. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning The Effect of Language on a Growth Mindset How A Growth Mindset Can Affect Your Teaching Career The Lies I Tell Myself as a Teacher
May 14, 2020
We all have the power to create, and with our creations, we all have the power to share our stories. In today's episode, Yaz Gate joins Nic to share her own story, including her experience teaching refugees, tapping into your joy, and helping foster creativity in your students. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning See Yaz's Youtube Channel Follow Yaz on Instagram Visit Yaz's website here
May 7, 2020
There is no one right way to organize yourself right now, or your space, or your classroom. Today, however, Nic hopes to give you some insight into the environment in her classroom, on her digital platforms, and her everyday working environment in the hope that you might find something that works for you.  Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning The Catalyst Approach (Episode 133) The Jellycomb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Color Family Posters Sit Spots
April 30, 2020
Advocacy is always relevant, but it is especially important now with online learning happening everywhere. Now is a good time for us to be advocating for our program and reminding people of the importance of what we do. Listen as Nic brings on Alicia Peters to discuss content, curriculum, standards, and the importance of advocating for ourselves. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning Why You Should Use Social Media as an Advocacy Tool 10 Arts Advocacy Resources Every Teacher Needs to Know Check out the YES Network Website and Facebook Page See Tiffany Erie's Franklin Art Studio page
April 23, 2020
Teaching looks incredibly different right now, but as art teachers, we have the ability to continue to share the visual content that develops in our room. In today's episode, Nic discusses how we can continue with our advocacy and share the work of our students in a time of distance learning.  Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning See how Nic's students post a FlipGrid response Why You Should Use Social Media as an Advocacy Tool 10 Arts Advocacy Resources Every Teacher Needs to Know
April 16, 2020
In between creating engaging content, connecting with our students, and making sure they have the tools they need, distance teaching is an incredible challenge. However, teachers everywhere are rising to meet that challenge. In today's episode, Nic discusses what teachers everywhere are doing for their students and why a growth mindset is such an important tool right now. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning SeeSaw FlipGrid
April 9, 2020
Over the past few weeks, Nic has been refining her teaching and figuring out what will work the best for her students with distance learning. In today's episode, she shares some of her best plans, lessons, and strategies, including why she is taking this opportunity to help her students focus on careers in the arts. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning Nic's YouTube page is here Nic's Architecture Post 60 Visual Arts Careers to Discuss with Your Students
April 2, 2020
As we are sitting in uncertain times, don't you wish we could look into the future and just get an idea of what it's going to be like? Today's episode is the closest thing we can manage. Kit Lang returns to the show, this time with Zoe Coughlan, to talk about life on the ground and in the classroom in Hong Kong. Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning Take a look at Padlet and Parlay Follow Kit Lang on Instagram Zoe Coughlan is on Instagram as well
March 26, 2020
Our teaching is in a state of upheaval right now, and we are all looking for ideas to get started with distance learning. In today's episode, join Nic as she shares some of her best ideas for lessons and ways to connect with your students.  Resources and Links View all of AOEU's resources to help with distance learning View Nic's Continuous Line Bunnies and #12Eggs Challenge FlipGrid Nic's Architecture Post
March 19, 2020
The Catalyst Approach is an approach to professional development and classroom management that can help every teacher. Today, Nic talks to two teachers about the approach and how it can help in your classroom. Listen as they discuss how you interact with students, how you interact with the curriculum, and how you are able to adjust your own behavior to be in service to the students that are in front of you. Resources and Links The Catalyst Approach Nic's Mini Matisse Blog Nic's Instagram AOEU Resources on Classroom Management
March 12, 2020
With the NAEA National Conference coming up soon, it never hurts to start thinking about how to make the most of your experience in the host city. Luckily, Nic calls the Twin Cities home, and she has a lot of advice for you on what you can do in Minnesota. Listen as she and Heidi Miller discuss all the sites you will want to take in as an art teacher and an artist. Resources and Links A list of Minnesota museums, galleries, and exhibits A slide show of Minnesota galleries Take a look at Heidi's personal website 8 Reasons to Attend an Art Ed Conference
March 5, 2020
Sketchbooks are incredibly valuable in the art room, but it can be tough to utilize them when you teach hundreds and hundreds of students. In this episode, Nic shares some of her best ideas for using sketchbooks and sketchnotes for yourself and with the students you teach. Resources and Links Implementing Sketchnotes PRO Learning Pack Sketchbook Ideas that Really Work PRO Learning Pack Encouraging Students to Use Sketchbooks in a New Way The Easiest Sketchbook System Ever Amber's Advanced Fibers PRO Learning Pack
February 27, 2020
It is always difficult for teachers to find time to create their own art, but it is especially difficult this time of year. We spend all of this time developing incredible lessons and passing on our passion for art . . . but how do we keep ourselves working? In this episode, listen to some of Nic's ideas on getting back to making and how you can go into the next few months with a clear goal and a plan for creating some of your own work.  Resources and Links See some examples of last year's eggs Take a look at Jaana Mattson's website Creativebug Sketchbook Skool Explore all of AOEU's Graduate Courses
February 20, 2020
Cultural appropriation is a consequential issue for art teachers, and it is important that we spend time creating a culturally responsive curriculum. On today's episode, Nic talks with art teacher Tasha Newton and assistant professor Dr. Heather Ann Moody about their collaboration that resulted in a consequential, meaningful, and thoughtful curriculum.  Resources and Links How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation in Your Lessons A Project to Teach Your Students About Appropriation You can view Tasha's Instagram page here See the work of Delina White
February 13, 2020
You may know Josie Lewis from her huge Instagram following, her colorful, creative artmaking, and her idea that art is for everyone. In today's episode, Josie joins Nic to discuss her artwork, her artmaking process, and her new TED Talk, and she has a little bit bigger message to share as well. Resources and Links You can view Josie's TED Talk on her website Josie's YouTube Channel can be found here Follow Josie on Instagram Read Nic's blog post about this episode!
February 6, 2020
This week, The Art of Education University announced our newest offering--FLEX Curriculum! But what is FLEX, and what does it involve? AOEU's Director of K-12 Curriculum, Cassidy Reinken, joins Nic to talk all about FLEX. Listen as they discuss how the platform meets and adapts to teachers' needs, and how FLEX helps them plan and deliver the perfect curriculum for their students. Resources and Links Take a Look at FLEX Curriculum! Get FLEX in Your School
January 30, 2020
Today, Nic talks to Jeanne Styczinski, a children's book author and illustrator, former kindergarten teacher, and artist-in-residence. Listen as they discuss painted paper illustration, great collaborative artworks for students, and how to look forward to that second career after teaching. Resources and Links Jeanne's Personal Website Jeanne's Publishing Site The Art Ed Now 2020 Winter Conference (use AEN2020 at checkout for a $20 discount!)
January 23, 2020
Ruthie and John Post are two amazing art teachers from Sedona, Arizona. Today, they are back for part 2 of their Everyday Art Room appearance. Listen as Nic guides a discussion with them on keeping projects safe in the kiln, logistics of working with clay in your classroom, and the benefits of teaching clay throughout the year. Resources and Links Follow Ruth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TPT John's Blog Building a Ceramics Program (John's PRO Learning Pack) Ruthie's Clay Box Subscription Service
January 16, 2020
Ruthie and John Post are two amazing art teachers from Sedona, Arizona. Though they have incredible ideas about many areas of art teaching, today they are on the show to talk all things clay. Listen as Nic guides a discussion on student engagement, the types of clay that work best in the art room, and how you can best make do with the materials you have in your classroom.  Resources and Links How to Get Started with Clay 50 Amazing Clay Resources from AOEU Building a Ceramics Program (John's PRO Learning Pack) Ruthie's Clay Box Subscription Service
January 9, 2020
Teaching abroad is an exciting opportunity, but one that comes with its own unique set of challenges. In today's episode, Nic welcomes on Kit Lang to discuss her experiences teaching overseas for the past 10 years. Listen as they discuss how to find an overseas job, the pros and cons of teaching in another country, and creating a community wherever you are. Resources and Links Follow Kit on Instagram Kit's blog can be found here Teaching Art Around the World (with links to all 6 parts of the series) Making Travel a Part of Your Teaching
January 2, 2020
Whether in art teaching or in life, it's important to have a group of like-minded people with whom you can connect. In this episode, Nic talks with Michelle Mullins-Means about how you find your art teaching community and what it can do for you. Listen as they discuss connecting online, growing professionally, and why they share their best classroom ideas. Resources and Links Follow Michelle on Instagram People of Color Conference How a Growth Mindset Can Affect Your Teaching Career
December 19, 2019
We all know it is important to show students a diverse set of populations and points of view. AOEU writer Jordan DeWilde recently penned an article about how we can be an ally to our LGBTQ+ students, and one of his suggestions is to incorporate the work of more LGBTQ+ artists in your curriculum. Today, Nic invites Jordan on the show to discuss his article and ideas, how to handle sensitive topics, and his suggestions for some of his favorite artists to show in his classroom. Resources and Links Jordan's Website How to Be An Ally to Your LGBTQ+ Students 5 LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Know GLSEN Homepage
December 12, 2019
Assessment can be intimidating for art teachers, especially if you don't have a lot of experience with the topic. Today, Nic brings on Janine Campbell to share some of her best ideas to make assessment a little bit less intimidating. Listen as they discuss ways to incorporate technology with your assessment, finding time inside of a limited schedule, and how teachers can better inform themselves when it comes to assessment. Resources and Links Follow Janine on Instagram Janine's blog can be found here Learn more about MAEIA  Take a look at Assessment on the AOEU website
December 5, 2019
In the art room, differentiation goes beyond just concepts. Allowing students to really explore the materials, evaluating skills, and looking at ideas are all necessary in the art studio. In this episode, listen as Nic discusses some of her best ideas for differentiation and tells you how you can meet students at their level. Resources and Links Decoding Differentiation for the Art Room Differentiation in the Art Room (PRO Learning Pack) Simple Ways to Provide Options for Differentiation
November 21, 2019
As art teachers, we sometimes have the tendency to fall back in our own interests--and our own aesthetics--when we design our lessons. But how can things change if we design lessons around what will interest our students? In today's episode, listen to Nic's ideas about engagement, building a classroom community, and always keeping students' interests in mind.  Resources and Links A Simple Way to Increase Student Engagement 5 Projects to Engage Students Interested in Sports Motivating Students on Difficult Days Why Building Relationships is So Important
November 14, 2019
During the holidays, we are always looking for new ideas. Gifts to recommend, gifts to give, and maybe even gifts to ask for ourselves. In today’s episode Nic brings on a couple of friends and they discuss some of their favorite new materials and best ideas for the holiday season. Resources and Links Nic’s Blog Post for this Episode Follow Sarah on Instagram Follow Abby on Instagram Gifts Any Art Teacher Would Love
November 7, 2019
This week, a celebration is in order as The Art of Education University has enrolled its 300th student! Which prompts the question: what is it like to be an AOEU graduate student? Nic talks to 5 different Master's students to get their take on the best parts of the program, how to make the schedule work, finding that elusive work-life balance, and so much more. Resources and Links So You Want to Apply to AOEU How to Fund Your Master's Degree Program How to Create the Best Application Possible Collaborating with Your Academic Advisor Follow These Students on Instagram: Heather W., Erica, Heather A., Chrissie, and Tasha
October 31, 2019
It is Halloween, and Nic is here with one of her scariest stories from her teaching career. (WARNING: You may want to skip this one if you don't like blood.) Listen as she tells how her own scary story improved her teaching and eventually made her school a safer place for everyone. Resources and Links Help! I'm Afraid of My Kiln! A Guide to Hazardous Materials in the Art Room How to Safely Use Spray Paint with Your Students Smart Safety Tips for the Pregnant Art Teacher Kiln Checklists to Keep Your Room Safe
October 24, 2019
As art teachers, many of us worry about budgets, money, and even whether our job will be there from year to year. Because of these worries, it is vital to advocate for our program. In today's episode, Nic talks to Ashley and Randy McKee about how you can be an advocate for the arts in your community. Listen as they discuss creating a bold, bright, and beautiful environment for learning and how that can affect students and their learning. Resources and Links Follow Ashley and Randy on Instagram Here is Nic's Blog Post on Today's Episode Check Out all of AOEU's Articles on Advocacy How to Get Art Displayed in Your Community Watch PRO Packs on Showcasing Student Work and Art Clubs
October 17, 2019
It can take time to develop your classroom management strategies, but new ideas can always be brought in to improve what you do in your art room. Listen as Nic discusses behavior management strategies, specifics for your own classroom, and how she continues to refine what she does with professional learning. Resources and Links Read Nic's blog post on the topic. Simple Strategies for Managing Misbehavior Everything You Need to Know About Classroom Management
October 10, 2019
Digital portfolios are an incredible tool for both learning and advocacy, but they are also intimidating if you don't know what you're doing. Today, Nic's conversations with three different experts will help you and your students begin to navigate the world of online portfolios.  Resources and Links AOEU's Resources on Adobe Spark, Google, Flickr, and Artsonia. Nic's blog post about the episode and her many posts about Seesaw. Follow Vicki Wilson on Instagram and on Twitter. Follow Anais Hernandez on Instagram. Angela Gadkey is on Twitter as well. Seesaw has tips about their platform on Instagram and Twitter.
October 3, 2019
What did you learn from your student teaching? Which of those lessons are still with you? In today's episode, Nic talks about the lessons she learned about both art teaching and life. Listen as she discusses her best memories from student teaching, how those ideas stick with her, and how everything comes full circle in the end.  Resources and Links Nic's Blog Post for this Episode Kim's Classroom Website How to Pay it Forward with Student Teachers
September 26, 2019
AOEU Writer Sarah Krajewski joins Nic on the podcast today to discuss the importance of making our own art, and how we can use that art to create joy for ourselves and inspire the people around us. Listen as they discuss artmaking and experimentation, collaboration, and how Sarah became the Art Room Glitter Fairy.  Resources and Links Mini Matisse Blog Post Art Room Glitter Fairy Website Follow Sarah on Instagram Austin Kleon's Steal Like an Artist
September 19, 2019
Humor is a very interesting tool to use in the classroom, and it can be used for good. But sometimes, it can bring about some not-so-good consequences as well. In today's episode, Nic talks about how humor can be fun, but we still need to be careful with what we say to our kids. Listen for her advice on cutting out sarcasm, getting people to laugh, and the best ways to relate to the students in your classroom.  Resources and Links 5 Ways to Incorporate Humor into Your Classroom Nic's Humor in the Classroom Blog Post  Pinterest Shutdown Has Teachers Searching for Immediate Alternatives
September 5, 2019
You never know when inspiration will strike, especially when it comes to art. In today's episode, Nic discusses the importance of collecting art and how art can improve your surroundings. Listen as she discusses whom she reaches out to and why, what she's looking for in the art she collects, and how her collection makes her a better teacher. Resources and Links Creating a Welcome Wall  Ways to Balance Teaching Art and Creating Art 7 Ways to Add Fuel to Your Artistic Fire
August 29, 2019
Assessment can be difficult. But when you do them right, they can turn your art classroom into a more fun, positive place that is authentic and accessible. Today, Emily Compton is on the show to share some of her best games for assessing her students. Listen as she talks to Nic about critical thinking, creativity, and why assessments are strongest when they are based on a strong, scaffolded art curriculum.  Resources and Links Follow Emily on Instagram See Emily's website here Here is Nic's post about the episode Games in the Art Room PRO Learning Pack
August 22, 2019
Do you flip your classroom? Should you? For a lot of teachers, it can be a huge help for your teaching. Nic has been flipping her classroom for years, and in this episode, she will tell you all about flipped videos, how you make those videos, and most importantly, how you use those videos with your students to enhance your instruction.   Resources and Links Flip Your Rules and Procedures to Save Your Sanity Some of the equipment Nic discussed can be found here Important information (and a download) about flipping your classroom!  How to flip to support absent students Nic's PRO Pack on Flipping Basics
August 15, 2019
As teachers, we always have far too much on our plates and far too many things to do. Today, Nic has some advice on one way that you can handle things--Goal or Soul. When you are deciding on whether to take on something new, you need to ask yourself "Does this reach a goal? Does this feed my soul?" Listen as she discusses the importance of these questions and breaks down her decision-making process.   Resources and Links  Nic's Corresponding Blog Post A Deep Dive into the AOE Archives for a Nic discussion on Goal or Soul Another Nic post about Goal or Soul from last summer
August 8, 2019
One of elementary art teachers' biggest struggles is the lack of time. If you don't have the time you need, how do you make learning stick? In this episode, Nic talks about how we can get information to our kids in a memorable way. Listen as she talks about how to approach this idea in your classroom, how to take the concept across classes, and how to make it fun.  Resources and Links  Nic talks more about this on her blog More about Nic's Bit-o-Bio that she discussed Read about Nic's monsters here
August 1, 2019
At the beginning of the year, the big question looms over everything: how will you set up and organize your classroom this year? In this episode, Nic talks you through her art room and gives her best advice on how to set up your studio for success. Listen as she discusses flow and layout, procedures and routines, and what you may want to focus on this school year.  Resources and Links  Nic mentioned the Managing the Art Room graduate course Here is the PRO Learning Pack on Managing the Classroom 12 Ways to Make the Beginning of the Year Run Smoothly Ways to create a welcoming art room
July 25, 2019
On the same day Nic and Billy present at the Art Ed Now conference, they are together on the podcast as well! Today they tell the story of their collaborative work at Nic's school in Minnesota. Listen as they discuss the power of collaboration, the benefits of a visiting artist, and all the reasons you need to try to get an artist into your school soon.   Resources and Links  Billy's website can be found here Check out Billy on Instagram The local write-up of Billy visiting Nic's school Read Nic's blog post about Billy's project at her school
July 18, 2019
If you follow Nic's blog or social media accounts, you know all about the Artist Trading Card swap. In today's episode, she talks about the story behind how the swap got started and how her first trade kept her interested in doing more. Listen as she discusses why you might want to do a swap, the benefits for your students, and some how-tos if you want to implement it in your classroom.   Resources and Links  Nic's First Trade Kids Reflecting on the First Trade from Japan Information on a Trade with Denmark Check Out the 'Flipping the Art Room' Course Nic Mentioned!
July 11, 2019
As you may have heard, the Everyday Art Room podcast has a new host this week--Nic Hahn! You may know Nic from her Mini Matisse blog, her Instagram, or her many Art Ed Now conference presentations. Today, she welcomes you to her debut episode of Everyday Art Room! Listen as she discusses what to expect from her show, what to expect from her, and why she wants to share everything that is happening in her classroom.  Resources and Links  Listen to Nic on Art Ed Radio Check out the New Everyday Art Room podcast You can find Nic's blog here Give Nic a follow on Instagram! 
July 1, 2019
There are so many things that classroom teachers don't understand about what we do in the art room. In her final episode, Cassie discusses the unique things we do as art teachers and how we can help everyone else understand our challenges. To close the show, she shares some special thank yous with everyone who played a part in making this show a success and passes the torch to Nic Hahn as she takes over as the host of Everyday Art Room.   Resources and Links  The Not-So-Perfect Truths of Being an Art Teacher Superpowers All Art Teachers Have Amazing Skills You Will Develop as an Art Teacher Characteristics of Great Art Teachers
June 20, 2019
It's summer, and we're mostly kind of taking a break from all things school-related. But can you use that time to get excited to get ready for the next school year? Listen as Cassie talks about what ideas she might want to incorporate in the next school year. Listen as she discusses the benefits of being proactive, Tiny Art Shows, and why she wants her kids to collaborate even more in the fall.  Resources and Links Listen to this Interview About Tiny Art Shows Ideas for Collaboration Keeping Your Head in the Game Over the Summer
June 13, 2019
Today, Cassie devotes the entire episode to answering listener and reader questions from Facebook, Instagram, email, and other social media. Take a listen as she talks about classroom expectations and reward systems, how we can teach everything we want, and how to get ready to take on a new art room.   Resources and Links  Cassie's Instagram Mailbag Another Previous Mailbag Episode Ideas to Help You Discover Your Classroom Management Style Can We Really Teach it All? 
June 6, 2019
Once summer break starts, the last thing you want to think about is how you're going to start next year. And yes--you need to take a break, cut loose from school, and clear your head. But even just a little preparation can make you feel better when the new year rolls around. Listen as Cassie discusses what you should and shouldn't do, why you need time to relax, and the small things you can do to start next year off right.   Resources and Links  8 Art Activities for the Summer 12 Signs You're Ready for Summer Vacation 4 Reasons to Do "Nothing" This Summer Get Inspired at a Summer Arts Festival
May 30, 2019
From painting hundreds of faces to sidewalk chalk to snow cones (and the resulting ants), Cassie has some stories about her field day experiences. But there are better ways to do meaningful work on those sometimes chaotic field days! Listen as Cassie discusses her collaborative activities, painting stations, and other ideas you can take to your field day this year!  Resources and Links Field Day Activites for the Art Room 5 Games to Put an Artistic Twist on Field Day Why Saying No is the Best Answer Yet
May 23, 2019
How is your relationship with your administration? Every administrator is different, but a good teacher knows how to advocate for their own program with every type. Listen today as Cassie discusses how to best work with your admins, how to build support for your kids and your art room, and how to develop your situation to help you become the best teacher you can be.   Resources and Links Cassie's Collaboration Podcast Episode How to Talk to Your Staff About the Power of Art 5 Superpowers All Art Teachers Have 10 Art Advocacy Resources You Need to Know
May 16, 2019
What does your teacher desk look like? And what does that say about you? If it's a mess, it probably just means you have other priorities. In this episode, Cassie talks about how to avoid that teacher desk battle and embrace the mess that sometimes comes with being creative. Listen as she discusses the setup of her desk, what her workspace looks like, and how to approach your desk if you finally want to be organized.    Resources and Links  Why You Should Ditch Your Teacher Desk Desk Therapy for Art Teachers 5 Items in Your Desk You Can Ditch Right Now How Much of a Mess Do You Tolerate? 
May 9, 2019
We all have our to-do list covering what we want to accomplish over the summer. Some goals are personal, some are professional, but all of them are meaningful. So how do we accomplish them? That remains the important question. In this episode, listen as Cassie talks about her own goals, how we accomplish them, and how we need to approach our summer vacation.   Resources and Links  Art Activities for Your Summer To-Do List Simple Ideas for Getting Your To-Do List DONE Why Summer is Perfect for PD 4 Reasons to Do "Nothing" This Summer
May 2, 2019
As we approach the end of the school year, we are always on the lookout for what we are going to fill that time. There never seems to be a perfect solution, so why not try something new? Today, Cassie talks about why unexpected lessons keep your kids engaged, ideas for new lessons you can try, and why finding success with new methods can build your confidence.  Resources and Links  Art Challenges for the End of the Year Engaging End of the Year Projects to Keep You Sane A Genius Way to End Your Year 3 Cool Projects that Use Up Scraps
April 25, 2019
When it comes to cooperating teachers and student teachers, there is a lot to learn--from both ends of the spectrum. Cassie is here today with advice and her top tips for all involved. Listen as she discusses what we can learn from our student teachers, why we need to give them space (literally and figuratively), and what you need to do to help your student teacher find their voice.   Resources and Links What do Student Teachers Really Need?  8 Tips for Student Teachers 4 Ways to Become an Art Teacher Leader Considerations for Mentoring New Teachers
April 18, 2019
Sculpture is the medium most commonly ignored by elementary art teachers. But your kids deserve to create in three dimensions, and Cassie has some ideas on how to bring some sculptural lessons into your classroom! Listen as she discusses her favorite materials and where to find them, her favorite projects to teach, and why your students love to sculpt.   Resources and Links  7 Contemporary Sculptors Your Students Should Know From Trash to Treasures The Ultimate Guide to Polymer Clay Incorporating 3-D Design at Any Grade Level
April 11, 2019
We all know that it's easier to go to school sick than it is to write sub plans. And who knows what kind of a sub will even be in your room? Today, Cassie tackles the topic of substitutes and how to prepare for them. Listen as she discusses the two types of sub plans, why you need your specials team on speed dial, and everything you need to put inside your sub tub.   Resources and Links  4 Things to Set Your Subs Up for Success 8 Sub Stories You Won't Believe What REALLY Happened While You Were Absent Using Snapchat for Your Sub Plans
April 4, 2019
Could the most dangerous store for an art teacher to visit actually be the bookstore? For Cassie, it is, and in this episode, she talks about some of her favorite children's books. Listen as she discusses her favorite children's books, her favorite authors, and how she uses books in her classroom.   Resources and Links  10 New Books You Need in Your Library 5 Ways to Bring Literacy into Your Classroom 70 Children's Books About Famous Artists 15 Books, 15 Art Lessons
March 28, 2019
When opportunities come your way--whether that be presenting, bringing art to your community, sharing lessons, or anything else--should you put yourself out there? Cassie says yes. Listen as she discusses her own story on how and why she started sharing ideas from her art room, how to promote your unique voice, and how presenting can actually improve your teaching.   Resources and Links  Everything You Want to Know About the National Conference 8 Reasons to Attend an Art Ed Conference How to Start Selling Your Work Finding Your Place in the Teaching World
March 21, 2019
A lot of days throughout the year, we're just feeling 'okay'. Not great, not amazing, and definitely not comparing well to all of the art teachers you see on social media. But it's okay to be just okay. Listen to Cassie's advice on working through those days, the ways in which you can stay positive, and how you can still provide a positive experience for your kids.  Resources and Links  The Art Teaching Secret No One Wants to Talk About It Won't Always Be Perfect Staying Passionate About Your Teaching Finding the Confidence to Be Yourself
March 14, 2019
Art shows are absolutely the most stressful time of the year for art teachers. How can we simplify, and how can we make the art show as effective as it can be? Cassie has some ideas, and she's going to share her top 10 tips in this episode for your art show. Listen as she discusses what has changed in her 15 years of art shows, how to know how much you can handle with your show, and a few interactive ideas that can be implemented with simplicity.   Resources and Links  Survive Your Art Show with 5 Organizational Tips Planning the Perfect Art Show (Episode 030) How to Let Your Students Lead an Art Show Color and Light Survey
March 7, 2019
For everything you say yes to, you have to say no to something else. What are you willing to give up, and is it worth your students' instructional time? In this episode, Cassie talks about her decision making when it comes to all the extras, including her thoughts on art contests, fundraisers, and what she chooses to do instead in her classroom.  Resources and Links  Why Saying No More Often Can Make You a Better Teacher My Art Room is Not a Hallmark Store Planning the Perfect Art Show How to Say No to All Those Stupid Requests
February 28, 2019
Every teacher faces feelings of burnout in their teaching career. Why don't we talk about it more? In this episode, Cassie talks about the issues every teacher faces, and how to approach those issues. Listen as she discusses saying no to anything that doesn't benefit your students, the many reasons you might be experiencing burnout, and what you can do about that feeling moving forward.  Resources and Links  Episode 009--How to Move on From Burnout Curbing Art Teacher Burnout (PRO Learning Pack) 3 Simple Ways to Fight Burnout Why It's Okay to Feel Teacher Burnout
February 21, 2019
How did you become an art teacher? What (or who) was your inspiration? In this episode, Cassie shares her own story and encourages other teachers to do the same. Listen as she discusses her own history as an artist, her experience in college, and her first job as a teacher.  Resources and Links  10 Things I Wish I Had Known My First Year of Teaching Six Pieces of Advice NOT to Follow Your First Year The Art Teacher's Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired 5 Things to Do in Your New Position
February 14, 2019
What happens when we don't do art on a regular basis? Does that make us less successful as an art teacher? Absolutely not, says Cassie. But at the same time, we should still be creating and working to improve both as an artist and as a teacher. In this episode, she discusses why you need to spend some time creating work, why and how you need to improve as an artist, and how to take advantage of your PD opportunities.  Resources and Links  The Biggest Lie I was Ever Told Growth Mindset in the Art Room Carving Out Your Creative Space Balancing Commitments with Creative Needs
February 7, 2019
Getting help from your specials team or other colleagues, why observing classroom teachers can be worthwhile, and how to deal with kids one-on-one when dealing with behaviors.  Resources and Links Creating a Calm Down Corner All Things Classroom Management Discovering Your Classroom Management Style Why Building Relationships is So Important
January 31, 2019
We have a lot of struggles as art teachers, and sometimes it's best to just talk about how we are feeling. Are we doing enough for our students? Can we really do it all in the art room? The answer is probably not--and that's okay. We don't need to feel guilty about it! Listen as Cassie talks about all the things she wishes she could do in her art room, why you shouldn't panic when you feel guilty, and the value of a good support system.    Resources and Links  What to Do if You're Feeling Torn Are You Being Your Authentic Self?  Hot Minute of Art History
January 24, 2019
Tidying Up is all the rage on Netflix right now, and Marie Kondo has everyone throwing out their treasures. But can any art teacher reconcile that thinking with what is actually happening in their classroom? In this episode, Cassie talks about why we need to hoard a lot of different things, including toothbrushes, pom poms, and about 20 other items. She might even have a few ideas on how to use everything you're about to start collecting. Resources and Links A Case for Hoarding in the Art Room How to Cope with Your Art Room Organization Style Prevent Waste and Promote Independence
January 17, 2019
Today, Cassie devotes the entire episode to answering listener and reader questions from Facebook, Instagram, email, and other social media. Take a listen as she talks about what we should love and appreciate about our jobs, why you need some bingo daubers in your room, and how you can deal with 42 Pre-K kids at the same time.   Resources and Links Cassie's Instagram Mailbag The Last Mailbag Episode Bingo Dauber Ideas Even More Bingo Dauber Ideas
January 10, 2019
We all see the spotless, perfect classrooms with impeccable organization. Should an art room look like that? Can an art room look like that? Probably not--but there are still ways to stay organized. In this episode, Cassie discusses why keeping things simple is the way to go, her systems for organization, and why these ideas can make your life a little easier.  Resources and Links How to Store Art and Stay Sane How to Teach Clay with Hundreds of Students While Staying Organized 8 Awesome Organization Hacks How to Organize Student Artwork  
January 3, 2019
We know that the life of an art teacher is hectic, and the schedule can be nonstop. So how do you calm the chaos and make the most of your instructional time? In today's episode, Cassie talks about what to do when you need an extra minute to set up at the beginning of class, strategies for more effective transitions, and ideas to keep kids engaged the entire time they are in your classroom.   Resources and Links  Try Narration to Help Your Transitions 4 Tips to Line Your Kids Up with Ease How to Deal with Fast Finishers Improve Your Cleanup Routine
December 27, 2018
Winter break is the perfect time to step away from school and start making some things happen for yourself. Whether that is a New Year's resolution or takes some other form, now is the time to get started! Listen to Cassie as she discusses her past resolutions, why you should share goals with your "yay"-sayers, and why you have to start somewhere.   Resources and Links Resolutions for the New Year 10 Realistic Goals for the New Year A New Start for the New Year 6 PD Goals for the Upcoming Year
December 20, 2018
As Cassie looks back at 2018 and reflects on what is and isn't working, she is starting to determine her goals for 2019. Listen as she talks about her upcoming plans for dealing with student behavior, time management, and how to make your supply organization and preparation easier when there's so much to do.   Resources and Links Cassie's Favorite Hacks for the Art Room Discovering Your Classroom Management Style Important Tips for Painting with Children Staying Passionate About Your Teaching
December 13, 2018
Hosting a craft night can help you unwind, reflect with friends, make some art and have some great conversation. Listen as Cassie talks about the usual suspects on her invite list, the best time to host a craft night, and the best activities that can get everyone involved.   Resources and Links A Simple Craft Night Idea Get Crafty and Try Something New Ideas for Art Outside the Classroom Making Time for Making Art
December 6, 2018
How important is it for our kids to know the correct techniques and the right ways to utilize supplies? For Cassie, it's vital. Listen as she talks about the benefits of students learning to use supplies correctly, how students' knowledge of supplies can eliminate frustration, and how you can develop confidence in your kids when they learn the right tool for the right job.  Links and Resources Promoting Independence with Students Another Way to Build Skills Oil Pastel Techniques Watercolor Techniques
November 29, 2018
We all know the struggle of actually making it through the last few weeks until winter break. But how do we survive, and maybe even thrive, in that time? In today's episode, Cassie shares her 5 best tips on getting through until break without pulling out your hair. Listen as she discusses how to be flexible without being taken advantage of, how to stay focused on your curriculum, and the best ways to deal with the stress that comes with this time of year.   Resources and Links How to Fight the Winter Self-Doubt Blues Why You Shouldn't Work in Your Classroom Over Break 7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs What Art Teachers Really Want for the Holidays  
November 15, 2018
Mistakes are a part of artmaking, but it can be difficult to explain that idea to our students--especially our kids who want everything to be perfect. It is important to help kids find the joy in art and teach kids to learn from their mistakes. In this episode, Cassie shares some ideas for doing so. She discusses how to talk about growth mindset with your students, drawing exercises and activities that guide students toward success, and why you need to demonstrate a few mistakes and show what to do with them.  Resources and Links The Growth Mindset Coach The Dot by Peter Reynolds Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg How to Help Your Students Overcome Mistakes
November 8, 2018
Last week, Cassie talked about what to do when it's time to find a new situation. But what do you do if a new job isn't an option? There are ways to make the best of a bad situation. In this episode, Cassie talks about why you need to stand up for yourself, speak up for yourself, and how to come up with solutions to help better your situation.  Resources and Links Last Week's Podcast on Finding a New Situation Making the Most of a Bad Situation A Step-by-Step Guide to Standing Up for Yourself The 5 Crappiest Things About Being an Art Teacher  
November 1, 2018
Should you stay or should you go? How do you know when a teaching situation has become toxic, and how do you know when it's time to move on? In this episode, Cassie talks about deciding whether you are in the right environment, how to deal with colleagues and administration, and why you need to always be open to a new opportunity.   Resources and Links Things to Think About Before You Switch Positions Advice for Entering a New Teaching Position Four Stages of the Job Search Important Benefits to Switching Schools
October 25, 2018
Do you teach guided drawing to your students? Cassie thinks she has found just the right balance between those strategies and a more open-ended emphasis. Cassie goes through the pros and cons of guided drawing, how she incorporates individuality and creativity in the guided drawing experience, and how to make that experience stress-free for her students.   Resources and Links Cassie's Thoughts on Guided Drawing The Benefits of Using Guided Drawing Building Confidence with a Student-Centered Drawing Library 5 Reasons to Love and Hate How-To-Draw Books
October 18, 2018
As Cassie continues to talk about her love for fibers, it's time to dive into sewing in the art room! In today's episode, Cassie discusses everything you need to get started sewing with your kids in the art room. Listen as she talks about when and why to try new things in the art room, her favorite ways to teach sewing basics, and why kids love sewing their own creations.   Resources and Link Cassie's PRO Learning Pack on Sewing Everyday Art Room Weaving Episode Sewing and Embroidery in the Art Room Cassie's Feature in "Threads" Magazine
October 11, 2018
What do you do when you have a class where everything seems to crash and burn? It doesn't need to be the end of the world. Cassie has 10 tips for you to help everything run more smoothly in your classroom. Listen as she gives advice on how to read your audience, strategies on how to calm your classes, and why a slow transition to quiet talking can be welcomed by your kids.  Resources and Links  7 Easy Ways to Create a Calm and Focused Art Room 5 Classroom Management Strategies for the Art Room 8 No-Fail Ideas for Keeping Kids on Task Fundamental Routines that Can Transform Your Art Room
October 4, 2018
Today, Cassie devotes the entire episode to answering listener and reader questions from Facebook, Instagram, email, and other social media. Take a listen as she talks about working with chalk on ceiling tiles, why she hates glue bottles, and how she takes care of herself and keeps her energy up throughout the year.  Resources and Links Cassie's Last Mailbag Episode Chalked Ceiling Tiles How Cassie Deals with Glue Bottles Comprehensive Curriculum Examples
September 27, 2018
You are at your best when you are teaching where your passion lies, and for Cassie, fiber arts is one of those passions. In particular, she wants to share her excitement about all things weaving! In this episode, she talks about why weaving is a great introduction to fibers, her favorite books to help teach weaving, and how to begin teaching vocabulary and techniques with each grade level.   Resources and Links You Can Weave! by Kathleen Monaghan The Goat in the Rug Abuela's Weave Cassie's Weaving Techniques learning pack from the PRO Library
September 20, 2018
There are so many ideas out there about the best ways to teach painting and organize the supplies in your art room. Cassie has decided to put all of her ideas on the topic into a single episode. Listen as she talks about her favorite supplies, her best management strategies, and sprinkles some of her best tips and tricks throughout the episode.    Resources and Links This Episode's Corresponding Blog Post More About Painting and Weaving Routines for Painting Days 7 Paint Routines You'll Never Regret Teaching
September 13, 2018
No matter how long you have been teaching, there are still areas of instruction that can make you apprehensive. So what are those weak spots, and how do you deal with them? Join Cassie in this episode as she discusses teaching clay with no kiln or ceramics experience, dealing with the expectations of your colleagues, and how to begin teaching in areas outside of your comfort zone.  Resources and Links Finding the Confidence to be Yourself AOE's Studio: Ceramics Course All of AOE's Courses When You Aren't Comfortable with Content
September 6, 2018
Most teachers are feeling the excitement of coming back to a new school year, but what if that isn't the case? What if you're losing your passion? Cassie wants you to know that you're not alone, and in this episode, she discusses how to combat those feelings. She talks about paying attention to how you feel about the new school year (4:00), ideas on how to take care of yourself (7:30), and trying new and creative ways to teach your old projects (14:00).  Resources and Links How to Move on From Burnout  Dealing with Burnout and Exhaustion Why It's Okay to be Tired of Teaching 3 Simple Ways to Fight Burnout
August 16, 2018
It is back to school time, and after 20 years, Cassie might finally have all the answers. Okay, probably not. But she does share some of her best practices for the beginning of the year, the first routines she teaches (4:45), why she uses video to reinforce some of the most important ideas (9:15), and how she establishes a collaborative culture in her art room (15:00).    Resources and Links 5 Ways to Make Art the First Day of School A Winning Game for the First Day of School 50+ Back to School Ideas Cassie's Video for the Smartest Artists
August 9, 2018
It's back to school time, which means it's time for PD as well. But what if you are the one in charge of your school's PD? Cassie has some advice and some plans for you, including why it can be intimidating presenting in front of your colleagues (7:00), how to find and focus on your 'why' (10:45), and how to deal with the pushback that you might get when you guide people out of their comfort zones (16:30).   Resources and Links Leading Professional Development Art Workshop for Kids Cassie's YouTube Channel
August 2, 2018
Cassie is not a fan of evaluations, and she is ready to tell you all the reasons why. Listen to her experiences and opinions as she talks about the cyclical nature of teacher evaluations over the years (7:45), how she handles evaluation scores and discussions with her administration (11:30), and then gives some suggestions as to better ways to improve yourself as a teacher (14:00).   Resources and Links Making Teacher Evaluations Work for You The Quest for a Fair Teacher Evaluation Model Preparing for Evaluations and Observations How to Handle an Observation Gone Wrong
July 26, 2018
One of the toughest things to do as an art teacher is to find exactly where you belong and discover how to make meaningful connections with your colleagues. In this episode, Cassie discusses her own story and her own feelings of isolation (5:15), the importance of connecting with other teachers (7:30), and suggestions for stepping out of your room and making time for other people in your building (12:00).   Resources and Links The Importance of Personal Connections Stay Connected with Your Arts Communities! Why Summer is the Perfect Time for PD
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