October 7, 2019
In this episode, Adrianne welcomes her massage therapist, Jaime, to the Nursing Uncensored Headquarters. They spend the hour and twenty minutes discussing a variety of topics in the self-care universe. They explore topics like: *What bad self-care costs caregivers*How our bodies carry stress*Valuing our skills and time as commodities*LGBTQ considerations in self-care*Making habits sick*Finding safe self-care maintenance resources in the community.They hope you enjoy this episode as much as they enjoyed recording it.Check out Back Together Massage at https://www.backtogethermassage.comAre you a traveler? Thinking of traveling?Check out our sponsor for this episode:Trusted HealthThey’re a nurse-run agency that empowers traveling nurses to find assignments they love without the hounding of traditional commission-based recruiters. They’ve replaced the traditional staffing approach with an intelligent matching platform to find you an assignment that fits you’re unique experiences, preferences, and goals.Check them out at more nursing-related content? 🎧🏥😷Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, and art at https://nursinguncensored.comCheck out podcast merch at—————-Find me 💜 on the webInsta music included in this episode found in the YouTube Audio Library: Cast of Pods by Doug MaxwellAfter All by Geographer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Send Adrianne snail mail308 East Burlington Street #175Iowa City, IA 52240
September 23, 2019
The roller coaster continues this week with Adrianne and Jillian. We’ve got another hour of loops, corkscrews, turns and mega-dives - all conversational, of course. They talk about a million more things related to nursing and school. Some of those things include:Rallying your team and keeping goals in your sight.Failing isn’t the end of the road.How to speak up as a new nurse.Not needing to know everything right now.Dealing with anxiety, fear, and doubt.….and this stew of topics is peppered with humor and curse words to keep it interesting. We can’t wait to hear more from Jillian as she approaches and conquers the NCLEX. ----------------------------------This episode is sponsored by Trusted Health.Trusted health is a company built by nurses, for nurses to help travelers connect with great job opportunities efficiently and with transparency.They’ve replaced the traditional job search and staffing approach with an intelligent matching platform -- empowering nurses to discover opportunities that fit their unique experiences, preferences, and goals. Instead of a commission-based recruiter, they use Nurse Advocates -- nurses just like you (some of whom have even traveled!) who work commission-free. Because they’re all commission-free, their goal isn’t to get nurses into any open jobs; instead, they focus on connecting each of their nurses to the travel assignments they want and supporting them every step of the way - before, during, and after their assignment! And just in case you’re wondering, Trusted Health comes right out and says it: no, they won’t hound you with phone calls and emails about jobs that you’re not interested in. Just the information you want, when you want it. Interested? Check them out at Fill out some basic information about your preferences and qualifications, and you can get started viewing job matches personalized for you in minutes! Join Trusted - they’re not just an agency; they’re a movement. ---------------------------------------Want more nursing-related content? 🎧🏥😷Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, and art athttps://nursinguncensored.comCheck out podcast merch at——————————————————————————-Find me 💜 on the webInsta music included in this episode found in the YouTube Audio Library: Intro and outro:Nobody calls it San Fran by Coyote HearingTrusted Health ad song:Et Voila by Chris Haugen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Send Adrianne snail mail @308 East Burlington Street #175Iowa City, IA 52240For guest, listener or sponsorship inquiries emailnursinguncensoredpodcast@gmail.comTHANKS FOR LISTENING! HAPPY NURSING!
September 9, 2019
There is more than one way to become a nurse. Adrianne’s journey was more of a saga. Recently, she got a message from a listener asking Adrianne to tell her story. The listener wanted to know things like how old Adrianne was when she finished, what degree path she chose, and what obstacles she faced along the way. Becoming a nurse is a difficult undertaking, and many of you know that is a gross understatement. The material is hard, has real-life consequences, AND the system is broken and inefficient making it all that much harder. If you know and love someone who is working towards or through nursing school, this may give you some perspective on what they’re experiencing. If you’re on the journey yourself and also leaping hurdles, know that your hard work will pay off. Keep going. If I can do it, you can do it. Come back next time for part 2 of the last episode, The Nursing School Roller Coaster with Jillian. Want more nursing-related content? 🎧🏥😷 Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, merch, and art at Check out podcast merch at Recorded with Zoom Web Conferencing Edited with Adobe Premier Pro Find me 💜 on the web Insta Twitter Facebook Pinterest Goodreads LinkedIn Copyright-free music included in this episode found in the YouTube Audio Library: Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:
August 26, 2019
Welcome to Season 4 of Nursing Uncensored! In this episode, Adrianne embarks upon a conversation with pal and co-worker, Jillian. Jillian has just graduated from Nursing School and is awaiting boards at the time of this recording. She’s got a lot of great stuff to say which is why this talk at NU Headquarters was so dang long. The conversation winds around and through topics such as -finding out “who you will be” after nursing school - podcasts and other resources for learning -anxiety from nursing school skills test outs -the struggles of having a personal life in nursing school -and Adrianne tells a story in which her class collectively gets the shits There is so much more the cover, so settle in for the long haul. Part one awaits. Come back for part 2! -------------------------------------------- Want more nursing-related content? Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, merch, and art at Check out podcast merch at Find me on the web Insta Twitter Facebook Pinterest Goodreads LinkedIn Copyright-free music included in this episode found in the YouTube Audio Library: No Good Right by Freedom Trail Studios
July 29, 2019
It's official! Even though it's still summer, there are school supplies popping up in all the stores. Adrianne's college town is seeing a new influx of students who are about to start prepping for the coming semester. So that means it's time to shop for school supplies. Adrianne's not even in school anymore, yet she still wants to hit the sales. By the time you get to college, you probably know what supplies you want and need, but let's challenge you to think outside the box.  Here are Adrianne's Top 10 Nursing School Supplies... ...and How to Use Them. This episode will also be posted as a blog with links to some of my favorite school supplies and a link you can use to purchase. Each purchase through these links supports the podcast.  It wouldn't be Nursing Uncensored if you didn't get actionable tips and items to help you out.  So checkout the blog post at Want more nursing-related content?  🎧🏥😷 Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, and art at Check out podcast merch at Want *even more,* content?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Join the 💫brand new💫  Nursing Uncensored Break Room. Get behind the scenes looks 👀 at the Nursing Uncensored Podcast and gain access to special content and limited-edition merch not in the shop. ——————————————————————————-Find me 💜 on the web Insta Twitter Facebook Pinterest Goodreads LinkedIn Copyright-free music included in this episode found in the YouTube Audio Library: Song of Mirrors by Unicorn Hearts
July 15, 2019
New nursing students everywhere are in the final stages of preparation before starting their programs - getting health records submitted, going through orientation, making sure they're signed up for the right classes. Simultaneously, they're all trying to enjoy as much summer as possible before they settle in for the long-haul on the road to becoming a nurse. If you're an incoming nursing student, you already know the benefits of working ahead. In this episode, Adrianne presents some things you should think about while sitting by the pool or hiding in the air conditioning between now and the end of August. (These tips wouldn’t hurt you returning students either!) Adrianne breaks down her Top 10 Preparation Tips for New Nursing Students. This was originally a blog post she wrote back in 2018 (, but due to popular demand, it’s now in audio form. Don’t be fooled though, there are some perks to the blog. We’ve included some related links from the original posting that you may enjoy. Please check them out if you want some very memorable memory devices and also maybe get a little giggle. Here’s a video about the metric system. Make it your friend now. U.S. Office Of Education - "Metric Education" (PSA, 1978) Just when you thought rapping white dudes couldn’t get any nerdier... The Greatest Medical Terminology Rap Ever Kick up some vintage vibes with this parody of a vintage Frankie Valli hit. Electrolytes Song (Big Girls Don't Cry Parody) Speaking of vintage, I wonder if Freddie Mercury would be into this parody. Bohemian Polypharmacy Let’s get serious for a sec. This video from Nurse Nacole should be a nursing school requirement. Learn how to read a textbook, because you’re probably doing it wrong. How to Study from a Textbook Effectively If you want some helpful infographics for metric conversions, check out our board. Nursing Uncensored Med Math Pinterest Board Did you know there is a separate APA guide for digital sources? Get the book! APA Style Guide to Electronic References, 6th ed. ------------------------------ Want more nursing-related content? 🎧🏥😷 Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, merch, and art at Check out podcast merch at Want *even more,* content?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Join the 💫brand new💫 Nursing Uncensored Break Room. Get behind the scenes looks 👀 at the Nursing Uncensored Podcast and gain access to special content and limited-edition merch. Recorded on iPhone SE Edited with Windows MovieMaker Find me 💜 on the web Insta Twitter Facebook Pinterest
June 17, 2019
This week Adrianne chats with Nurse Margo about aromatherapy use at the bedside, specifically in palliative and end-of-life care. They discuss how aromatherapy is used in the hospital setting, as well as how Margo approached this evidence-based project, and how she helped improve essential oil use on the unit. The moral of Margo’s story however, is that any nurse, regardless of years of experience, can impact bedside practice and contribute in meaningful ways. Margo has also provided us with some great resources for further education on aromatherapy use among patient populations. Be sure to check out: Palliative care chat podcast: Episode 8 Dr. Lynn McPherson and Dr. Susan Kristiniak Aromatherapy Podcast The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health The NCCIH has a variety of information about this topic, as evidenced by the ample search results when you search “aromatherapy” on the site. Thanks again to Margo for joining us~! Want more nursing-related content? Find more including the Nursing Uncensored podcast, blogs, videos, merch, and art at Check out podcast merch at Want *even more* content?! 🏻‍♀️ Join the brand new Nursing Uncensored Break Room. Get behind the scenes looks at the Nursing Uncensored Podcast and gain access to special content and limited-edition merch. Find me on the web Insta Twitter Facebook Pinterest Goodreads LinkedIn Copyright-free music included in this episode found in the YouTube Audio Library: Sunny Looks Good on You by Midnight North
June 3, 2019
This week we are joined by Molly Hillig Rodriguez, RN, BSN, MPH, CEO of Empower Yourself Coaching. She reached out to Adrianne to discuss the very sensitive, yet important topic of suicide among nurses and how we work to prevent this tragedy. According to an article from, nurses are four times more likely to commit suicide than individuals not working in healthcare (Yazdi, 2017). The combination of physical, emotional, mental and financial stressors is a real threat to the well-being of our frontline healthcare providers. Molly and Adrianne discuss the imperative need for suicide prevention programs in healthcare institutions and the much-needed involvement of nurse leaders. They highlight ways leaders can reduce suicide risk among nursing staff, how individuals can identify signs of increased suicide risk, and how to be a support to someone who is struggling. Molly also provides some great resources to give each of you a boost of empowerment and education on how to maintain mental health. On the Nursing Uncensored website, you’ll find an information page provided by Molly regarding the content of this conversation and some helpful resources for you. In the episode, Molly mentions three additional resources for you to check out: The School of Greatness - Lewis Howes Rise (podcast) - Rachel Hollis The 5-Second Rule - Mel Robins -------------------------------------------------------------------- Crisis Resources If you or someone you know is in an emergency, call 911 immediately. If you are in crisis or are experiencing difficult or suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273 TALK (8255) If you’re uncomfortable talking on the phone, you can also text NAMI to 741-741 to be connected to a free, trained crisis counselor on the Crisis Text Line. Find more info on Molly and Empower Yourself Coaching at Insta: @_mollyrodriguez Citations Yazdi, M. (2017, September 28). Suicide In Nursing: Much More Common Than You Think. Retrieved from Copyright-free background music is: Always Be My Unicorn by Freedom Trail Studio from YouTube Audio Library
May 20, 2019
In this episode, Adrianne is talking money - specifically student loan repayment - a topic that has most of us fresh graduates totally stressed out. Since Adrianne is one of the stressed out masses, she’s having a conversation with expert and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Travis Hornsby, founder of He and Adrianne discuss a number of topics including, but not limited to, Federal vs private loan repayment strategy, the public service loan forgiveness program (PSLF), and refinancing student loans. While this show primarily focuses on the lives of Registered Nurses, this financial information can be helpful to any health science graduates - including nurses, chiropractors, physicians, dentists, etc. They discuss basic financial repayment concepts as well as specific tools to help you on your journey to repayment. Below are some links to help you on your way. If you visit Travis and his crew at you will also find free access to his Student Loan Calculator Also here is more information on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program:
May 6, 2019
Happy National Nurses Week to everyone in the Nursing Uncensored universe! Adrianne is excited to welcome Jaime Dawson, MPH, the Director of Program Operations for the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge and Innovation at the American Nurses Association. Jaime’s past programmatic work at the ANA has included occupational safety and health topics, such as safe patient handling and mobility, healthcare worker vaccination, violence prevention, and sharps safety. She attended George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services and earned a Master’s of Public Health degree with a focus on environmental and occupational health. Jaime and Adrianne discuss the health status of nurses in the United States, the mission and functions of the ANA, and they highlight resources and ways to get involved with the HNHN™ Grand Challenge. Please keep reading for helpful links and information. If this episode has inspired you to get involved with this wonderful challenge, Adrianne would love to know about it. Drop a comment or email or use the Contact Us page on the website at Thanks again to Jaime and the American Nurses Association for reaching out. ANA 2019 National Nurses Week Webinar Nurses4Us: Elevating the Profession! (Free Webinar) Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 Learn more about the American Nurses Association at Facebook: @AmericanNursesAssociaiton Twitter: @ANANursingWorld Instagram: @ANANursingWorld National Nurses Week Hashtag: #NursesWeek Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) Twitter: @HealthyNurseUSA HNHN: @HealthyNurseUSA HNHN hashtag: #HealthyNurse background music: Lightning Bug by Geographer YouTube Audio Library
April 22, 2019
Brad is back and we're talking about preparing food for a three-day-stretch of 12-hour shifts. We cover tips and tricks for food prep and preservation, how nurses show love with potlucks, and Brad's food-related side gig with Pampered Chef. Then we set up mics in Brad's kitchen and cook an easy freezer breakfast/brunch meal and let you listen in...sort of. You'll see. Don't miss it. And if you're interested in becoming a Pampered Chef consultant, hosting an online party, or purchasing some awesome kitchen swag, you can find Brad here: Tell him Nursing Uncensored sent you. background music: How It Began by SIlent Partner Mirror Mirror by Diamond Ortiz Price Check by Freedom Trail Studio All obtained through YouTube Audio Library
April 8, 2019
This episode is taking us back to August of 2017 when Nursing Uncensored was still called Med Room Chronicles: Nursing Uncensored. This episode was lost in the cloud til recently. So Adrianne polished it up and is presenting it here for your amusement. Andrew and Adrianne talk about common myths held about nurses working the night shift. Night nurses can’t help but cringe when folks say to us “you must love how quiet night shift is, with all the patients sleeping”. Um, not exactly. This episode lays out some 3rd shift truths - but make no mistake, we love our staff on all shifts - we can’t do this without each other. Listeners beware, this was recorded via phone while Andrew was speeding down a Midwestern Interstate. The quality is not what we’ve grown into here at Nursing Uncensored, but this conversation was so good, it couldn’t be lost in a vault forever. Check out our merch shop for stickers, buttons, and digital art. Background music: Slip by Geographer from YouTube Audio Library
March 25, 2019
Adrianne is joined again by Craig of the popular nursing brand Keep It Real RN. This is their followup to the last episode about some of their most nightmareish poop cleanup situations. They're back to teach you how to go from massive poopstravaganza to squeaky clean patient with as little stress as possible for everyone involved. This episode is gross, funny, informative, and destinated to make you a poop cleaning superstar. Since we are talking about poop very candidly, please be sure you're in an appropriate place to listen. Find more of Craig's content at Listen to Adrianne's first episode with Craig here:
March 20, 2019
Nursing schools start clinicals at all different times of the year, so it's as good a time as any to run through Adrianne's top 10 tips to get you through this experience. Many nursing programs require between 200-300 clinical hours to get you graduated, so why not harness the behaviors and tips to get you through with confidence and your health mostly intact. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are the basics that Adrianne believes will set you up for clinical success. If you like what you hear, share this list with someone you know at any point in their nursing clinicals journey. Copyright-free background music obtained from YouTube Audio Library: Wolf Kisses by Otis McDonald
March 1, 2019
By poopular demand, Adrianne and Craig bring you the long-awaited episode on an inevitability of bedside nursing: cleaning up poop. This discussion is not for the weak-stomached, but if you appreciate some good poop puns, turd tales and fecal follies you're in for a treat. Above all, though we laugh at the ridiculousness of human excretion, please know that Nursing Uncensored and Keep It Real RN urge you to treat every patient with dignity and compassion. It's also ok to laugh sometimes as a form of coping with this unique profession. If you'd like to see more of Craig's content, visit: YouTube: Twitter: Check out a poop-related blog post about fecal management system basics:
February 9, 2019
In this episode. you’ll hear my half of the cross-over collab I did with Tina of the medical true crime podcast Good Nurse Bad Nurse. This conversation is great because we get to talk about the Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast and get to know a little bit about the podcaster behind the mic. We discuss our journeys in podcasting, medical true crime, some of our favorite podcast support groups, goals for the GNBN podcast and more. Tina is a delight to talk to, as you'll hear in this episode. Go subscribe to Good Nurse Bad Nurse if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to hear the episode I joined in on….it was a lot of fun to record. If you’re a new listener and you’re here because you already love GNBN, let me know in the comments section or on social media. Background music: Fresh Healthy Perspectives by Birocratic (YouTube Audio Library)
January 26, 2019
This is the third installment in the longest three-part special ever. Adrianne and Dan finish their drinks and this conversation that, in real time, was almost 4 hours long. Here we have just the highlights as they discuss pet peeves, empowering patients, and making notes before doctor's appointments. It's always a great time when Dan's involved and perhaps things got a little goofy. You be the judge. Check out more Dan at
January 12, 2019
In this long overdue episode, we get back to my conversation with Dan DiMonte, travel-nurse-turned-per-diem-nurse, about loads of things while we enjoy some frosty beverages at my kitchen table. We topic-hop and touch on travelers desiring roots, staffing ratios and union issues, premium healthcare, and poisoning the well during patient report. We also touch on direct language in a medical setting, how to meet patients where they are, and what that means. There is one more part to this marathon conversation. If you're not subscribed, please do so you won't miss any content, including the grand finale with dan. Check out Dan's musical side at Intro and Outro song is: Kamogawa Dreaming by South London HiFi Obtained from the YouTube Audio Library
December 18, 2018
An old pal of the show, nurse and touring multi-instrumentalist Dan DiMonte stepped into the Nursing Uncensored Headquarters for a little kitchen-table-chat and a cocktail or two. In this very long, late-night conversation, we covered so much - too much for one episode. In part one, we tackle a listener question about how Dan maintains relationships of all sorts while on the road - both from the nurse and musician's perspectives. We talk about what it means to 'catch up' with old friends who follow our every move online, the amount of effort various relationships require, and the similarities between nursing and improvisational jazz. If you know us, no topic is off limits and no segue is too much of a stretch. Listen in and then go catch up with the musical side of Dan at for more nursing conversations go to
November 24, 2018
Dorothy returns once for her 4th Nursing Uncensored Appearance! Actually, this is the second half of our hours-long discussion. You heard the first half in the episode, Dorothy the Medical Examiner Investigator Returns. In this episode, her and I break down palliative care vs hospice. We discuss what they are and the differences between the two, work on dispelling myths and explain benefits. We also talk about the American relationship, or lack of, with death. We venture into what death looks like and how family members can be involved in the care provided at end-of-life. Dorothy gives us a book recommendation on the topic of America and the development of the funeral industry: The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford (not sponsored). We do a PSA for Advanced Directives - if you're an adult with a beating heart, you need one. We talk about end-of-life cultural considerations in the hospital, as well as briefly dip our toes into the topic of Death with Dignity and human euthanasia. If that isn't enough, I'm sure there is more we've forgotten to list here. Enjoy your journey into getting more familiar with one of the few things that unite us all, death.
November 20, 2018
Adrianne is back with a quick update on all the behind-the-scenes happenings keeping her away from the mic the last several weeks. Listen in as she talks about her Fall Prevention and Community Health Practicum and gives you helpful gift ideas for your older loved ones. Don't get Aunt Jan another fruit basket. Give the Gift of Safety. Adrianne also rattles on about her most recent paper-writing process. This is just one way of writing papers and it's a bit non-traditional, shall we say? Also, learn how you can help support Nursing Uncensored as it continues to grow and evolve. Thanks for listening. Happy Nursing!
October 3, 2018
Trigger warning: In this episode, we talk in detail about topics some people may find traumatic. We will be taking about dead bodies, autopsy, crimes, suicide and other graphic topics. No personal patient information is revealed. If you've made it this far, welcome to Season 3 of Nursing Uncensored. It's October so Adrianne will be celebrating Halloween and creepy things all month long. In that spirit, Adrianne invited back Dorothy, Medical Examiner Investigator to talk about her job in greater detail. She walks us through her role in both a hospital death and a community death investigation. We talk about the circumstances and processes involved with autopsy and decomposition of the human body. We also give some book recommendations for those of you who want to read more about the Medical Examiner role. Join us for this creepy and informative conversation. song: Fresno Alley by Josh Lippy & the Overtimers from YouTube Audio Library
August 19, 2018
Now that Adrianne has helped you fill up all that extra memory on your iPhone with the previous 18 apps, she's got 9 more for you! In part three, she shares the last nursing-related apps in her folder. But never fear, this app-queen will probably find and share more with you as the semester rolls on. In this episode she talks about 1. Stethoscope 2. Eko 3. Castle Branch 4. Palliative Care 5. Moon Plus 6. AHRQ ePSS 7. NurseGrid 8. Calm 9. Khan Academy This is not a sponsored video. Music: Soul Brother by Bruno E. (YouTube Audio Library)
August 18, 2018
She's baaaack! Adrianne is here with 9 more iOS apps that she loves and thinks you will, too! In the second installment of this three-part series, she breaks down some textbook companion apps, a few others that have served her well and a fun one at the end. Be sure to stick around for the third and final part of this series. This is not a sponsored video. In this episode, Adrianne covers 1. Mosby's Pocket Guide to Nursing Skills & Procedures 2. Clinical Companion to Medical-Surgical Nursing 3. Manual of Nursing Diagnosis 4. Medscape 5. Eponyms 6. Lab Values ++ 7. MDCalc 8. FastFacts 9. Figure1 For more content, please visit
August 16, 2018
This episode is the first in a three-part series of Adrianne's favorite nursing-related iOS apps. Here she breaks down the first 9, in no particular order (actually just the order they happen to be in on her phone). She'll outline the perks, general cost and try to convince you that you need them, too.  If you'd like to see a video version of this episode, check it out at: This is not a sponsored video. In this episode, Adrianne talks about: 1.Passy-Muir TrachTools 2. O2 Calculator 3. ScrubCheats 4. NRSNG Clinical Library 5. IBM Micromedex Drug Info 6. IBM Micromedex IV Drug Compatibility 7. IVCalc 8. Omnimedex 9. Quizlet Stick around for parts 2 and 3, with 9 more iOS apps each just for you!
August 12, 2018
In this episode, Adrianne revisits a blog post in audio form. She's going to share 10 tips on how to best spend your time preparingin those final days and weeks before nursing school. She'd love to just tell you to kick back by the pool until the final minutes of summer have ticked down, but there is just too. much. to. do. If you want to see the original blog post from June 2018, go to for more content including back-to-school visit Music: Mizuki by Bad Snacks | YouTube Audio Library
August 9, 2018
In this short episode, Adrianne digs into her iPhone to share her 20 favorite, must-have apps for anyone taking college classes. These are not nursing specific apps, but that episode is in the works just for you. If you'd like to see these general school apps in Adrianne's super nerdy spreadsheet with pros/cons and other details, go over and check out the blog here: Happy Nursing folks!
August 4, 2018
This week Adrianne wakes her friend, night nurse and DNP, Nurse Lo from her slumber to bring you the dish on the DNP life. They cover a lot of ground including the trajectory of Lo's career from LPN straight through to DNP with no breaks. She also talks about what it's like to do it all as a mom. They also discuss: -types of NP programs and testing organizations -NP clinical experiences -favorite apps and resource books for practice -the spirit of learning from each other ...and Adrianne talks about her favorite apps - but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Wanna hear a full episode on her crazy nursing app collection? Leave a comment. ;) Thanks for listening! Subscribe and share. We love ratings on iTunes. Write one and we'll read it on the show. If you're interested in the books Lo cites as favorites: Robbins and Cotran - Pathologic Basis of Disease Danes, Scheibel and Baumann - Advanced Health Assessment and Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care Chapman and Habif - Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment Fitzherald - Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation *This is not sponsored content. song: Anno Domini Beats - "Welcome"
July 26, 2018
Well, folks, today we're digging through Adrianne's giant bag that she drags to her job as an intermediate pulmonary nurse. Unlike the very anti-climactic 'What's in My Pockets?" episode from a while back, this time she's got way more to dig through. You see, she's what you call an overpacker. Reserve your judgement as you listen and then go clean out your own bag, locker, car, or whatever. Music during this episode: Cut Trance - Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:
July 20, 2018
This week we dive back into my marathon call with my good friend and travel nurse Lindsay Dingbaum. Since we can get our gab on like pros, we covered a LOT of information like... -The multifaceted nature of a nurse's emotions -Advice for new travellers -Narcotics and end-of-life-care: a nurse's discomfort -Dealing with undesirable assignments -Getting used to a new place as a traveller -Designer scrubs (yes, we go there again) ...and a million other little things on our minds. (Warning: we may cry again and also we get fast and loose with the cursewords, so beware) Happy Nursing, folks! Subscribe, like, share, comment!
July 12, 2018
This week you're dropping in on the conversation Adrianne had with her old pal Lindsay, a traveling nurse and cool human that she can literally talk to for hours and hours on end. They talk about a million things in this episode including how Lindsay caught the travel bug, weighing the pros and cons of different contracts and locations, her adventure dog, licensing for travelers, and getting tricked into wiping butts of patients who really can do it themselves. There's never a dull moment here on Nursing Uncensored Thanks for listening!
July 7, 2018
Adrianne takes a serious moment to reflect on her decision to attend the funeral of a patient. It is a first for her, despite her early-career decision not to ever attend such an event. Listen to this unedited personal commentary. Thanks for listening. Despite a heavy heart, I still wish you Happy Nursing.
June 21, 2018
I think part two of my talk with Dorothy is as profound as it is irreverent. Dorothy explains how people die as they lived and we ponder elements of 'a good death'. We absolutely must address the need for a morbid sense of humor in high-stress, high-trauma fields, as evidenced by almost every joke we crack. Then we dig deeper into her work as a medical examiner investigator and explore the classification system used to document death by the Medical Examiner. Other topics we discuss include: Working as an OR nurse Considerations for choosing a healthcare provider and the story of once when Adrianne was gut-punched by a patient. Never a dull moment with Nurse Dorothy. Listen and see for yourself! Please like, subscribe and share! Happy Nursing!
June 15, 2018
In this episode, Adrianne is joined by nurse and medical examiner investigator, Dorothy. She's lived a very interesting nursing life so far and has such great perspective on being an advocate for all patients. Dorothy is going to tell us all about her days in the Operating Room, home hospice and how she goes about investigating the deaths of people all over her county. NSFW but, boy, is this interesting. Pt 1 of 2. If you like us, subscribe and share!
June 8, 2018
Welcome to the first episode under our (sort of) new name: Nursing Uncensored. Adrianne is giving the website a makeover, so head over to and do some oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the new design. Then come back and check out this new episode. In this conversation between Adrianne and old pal Andrew Craig they topic-hop, as usual. They discuss the horrors of calling a patient by the wrong name, more comparisons between day and night shift (since Andrew has officially been working days), relationships with management, and personal preferences in getting and giving report. If you've been paying attention, you will also know that they talk about a hundred other little things along the way. Like, subscribe, share. Happy Nursing!
May 31, 2018
After editing their 3+ hour cross-country conversation, we've got 45 more delightful minutes with MRC friend and travel nurse, Dan DiMonte. In the second part of this conversation, Adrianne and Dan discuss: *the scheduling perks of working as a per diem nurse *the oversaturation of travel nurses in some places *Adrianne's thoughts on her first experience as a New Hire Preceptor *how nursing is helping Dan chase his musical dreams *special connections with patients Join us, subscribe and share! SUBSCRIBE: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter: Light by KV Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library
May 25, 2018
Travel nurse Dan DiMonte returns for the longest recording in MRC history (don't worry, we've distilled it down to the best parts). Adrianne and Dan sit down for a morning chat and chai which turned into afternoon tea. In part 1, they discuss a wide range of topics including: *the automation of nursing *indwelling catheter alternatives *Dan takes a terrible patient assignment *the effects of Med TV shows on patient perceptions *shitty trash cans and Dan may have accidentally created the new talent portion of the show. Join us for all this and more!
May 10, 2018
It's hard enough for young nurses to establish authority in their practice without their appearances making it worse. This is especially true when caring for patients who are their parents or grandparents age. In this episode, Adrianne lays down 5 ProTips for being seen as more than just a baby-face to your adult patients. She speaks from experience, starting her bedside work when she was only 24 (and looked 18), being regularly questioned by patients - "are you old enough to do that?" These 5 simple tips will help you find subtle ways to appear like an in-control professional adult nurse.
April 30, 2018
Andrew is back from his internet hiatus to join Adrianne for a discussion that is as all over the place as a confused patient in a low bed. They topic hop from designer scrubs and the social and professional implications, their favorite tools on the unit, plans for a poop-tastic future episode and the ever-serious topic of drug diversion by nurses. They also talk about a bunch of other miscellaneous things on their minds despite the internet cutting out a few times. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter: Music: Don't Hold Back - Great Scott (copyright free music)
April 9, 2018
A technology revolution occured in the MRC HQ with the purchase of a new mic. The Blue Yeti isn't a sponsor, but boy was Adrianne excited to brag this week. This episode is all about the most precious commodity in the hospital...sleep. How do we destroy it and how do we protect it. Listen in for some tips on how to assess and improve the noise and sleep disruptions on your unit. After you listen, hit the comments with your best Sleep Guardian tips, or tell us what disruptions you wish you could fix, but don't know how. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
March 27, 2018
While the process of getting accepted into a nursing program is enough to make your head spin, the vertigo in this episode is unrelated to the school acceptance letter. Join Adrianne as she meets up again with her friend Allison about getting accepted into her desired program. The whole time, Allison's room is spinning, so many thanks to her for putting up with this MRC nonsense again. Go back to hear her MRC debut in the episodes Adventures of a Proto-Nurse 1 & 2. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
March 14, 2018
Adrianne has some thoughts on how a staff nurse should treat a float or a traveling nurse - very specific thoughts. She shares some opinions of how we as staff nurses should be treating our travelers and floating nurses from the moment they arrive on the unit. A basic level of friendliness, professionalism and a crash course of the unit is minimum, folks. We end with the question posed: Is being friendly a responsibility of all nurses? Is refusing to do so adding to the bully culture of our industry? Share your thoughts and opinions. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
March 7, 2018
Adrianne is back with her second solo-episode to bring you her top 5 tips for walking into a shift that can only be described as a shitshow. You know the ones we mean, where you're behind before you clock in, the call lights are non-stop and you may never get to pee again. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter: Adrianne wants to hear your tips for keeping zen when you know the 12-hours ahead of you are going to test your patience, endurance and sanity. Like, comment, share.
February 27, 2018
This week, MRC is keeping it short and simple since Adrianne is flying solo on the mic. She's going to do her best to give you a peek into the Quality Improvement Project she's just started working on, and attempt to give you some helpful hints she's only recently figured out. Join in the conversation - are you new to the world of QI or is this old hat for you? LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
February 21, 2018
This week, Adrianne and Andrew give their two cents on nurses carrying malpractice insurance, crossing picket lines to work, Andrew admits he'd jet at the first sign of a storm with a human name, and Adrianne describes the creative, yet disgusting off-label uses for a Yankauer. All this and more, as these two nurses attempt to string their stream of conscious thought into a cohesive work of podcast art. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
February 14, 2018
Adrianne is back with part 2 of her chat with Anna, an ICU and SWOT (Service WithOut Territory) nurse. In this episode they talk about being a nurse and a new mom, handling death in the ICU, pregnant nurses and isolated patients, how to spot a seasoned nurse and more. If you missed part 1, go back and catch up, we'll be right here... LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
February 6, 2018
Adrianne has a late night chat with Anna, an ICU and SWOT (Service WithOut Territory) nurse. In this Part 1, they talk about finding the courage to speak up on your patient's behalf, SBAR and anxiety talking to docs, being a pregnant nurse, and nurse-led rounds in the surgical ICU. Listen to the first half of the conversation and then come back next week to hear the riveting conclusion. In the meantime go leave MRC a review on your podcast platform. Thanks guys! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
February 2, 2018
Adrianne and Andrew are talking tattoos, marijuana, IV fluid shortages and body waxing in the first episode of 2018! Season 2 is guaranteed to be interesting and hilarious as MRC digs deeper into the minds of nurses. Join your favorite long-winded nurses for more stories, anecdotes and food for thought. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
December 19, 2017
Welcome back, nurses, students and innocent bystanders! It's been too long. In episode 18, Adrianne is joined by nurse and writer, Ashley Hay. In this conversation, they explore the adventurous nature of nursing, the delicate sci-fi ballet of proton therapy, beginning and maintaining a writing career, and keeping the focus on self-care while caring for everyone else. Most shocking, Adrianne manages to go an entire hour without cursing. It's an early holiday miracle! Listen, subscribe and share. Then roll on over to: You can also find Ashley's work on All Nurses: Thanks again to Ashley for joining us on Med Room Chronicles. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
December 7, 2017
Adrianne just got off work and she's emptying all 7 of her scrub pockets. What do you carry in your pockets on the regular and what things do you accumulate as you go? Subscribe, comment share. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
November 29, 2017
Adrianne and Allison reconvene for part 2 of this marathon conversation that spans a wider-than-usual range of loosely related topics like *balancing school, work and personal life. *a couple of poor academic choices r/t exhaustion *hierarchies and power dynamics in healthcare *how not to flunk out of nursing school *the best app you'll ever download *how Allison knew she was old Listen in as we get really opinionated and passionate about basically everything. Thanks again to Allison, who chose to remain anonymous, for letting loose on the podcast. Adrianne hopes to chat again soon...Nursing school is gonna give her a lot to talk about. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
November 22, 2017
Adrianne welcomes an old friend and future nursing student, Allison. They talked for 2 1/2 hours about so. many. things. This is the first half of that conversation. The topics range from the struggle of getting into nursing school, nurses running for office in 2018, power dynamics in the workplace and admirable qualities often found in nurses. Allison is a witty, smart woman and we love every minute of this episode. Listen in as we get fired up! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
November 14, 2017
Adrianne wakes Andrew up from a deep sleep to make a list of things we love about our know, normal stuff. Bet you won't guess some of the things on our list. No, this time we don't include spontaneous vacation time or patients that can clean their own behinds, but we think our selections rank at the top. This is just the first part of many as we attempt to balance out all the complaining we did in our 'Pet Peeves' episodes. What are your favorite things about nursing? We'd love to hear your comments and stories.
November 6, 2017
In this vaguely-titled episode, Adrianne and Andrew glide through an amalgamation of topics including but not limited to: *The inevitable waxing of Andrew's body at the hands of his new Facebook group, Traveler Talk. *The enormous commitment of content creation. *Sexy nurse Halloween costumes. *Snot-spray and sneeze etiquette *Holidays in the hospital *MRC Gratitude Check Listen in! Comment, Like, Share! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
October 30, 2017
Weeee'reeee back with part 2, answering a list of listener questions, but for the second half, we'll be doing things more rapid-fire style. Well, rapid-fire for us, which still makes for a long episode. We talk about how to get "unstuck", how to deal with bosses of all kinds, and much more. We also want to thank for being such a great resource for nurses. We talk about our real life involvement with the site, and hope to soon have some postings of our own there. Go check it out - fall down the nursing rabbit hole with us.....from CNAs, to students to RNs to advanced degree nurses, they're all there talking things over. *this is not a paid sponsorship MUSIC: Soul (Vlog Music) by Dj Quads Music promoted by Audio Library LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
October 23, 2017
First, we got fan mail! Tabitha reached out to us with a few topics she wanted to hear us tallk about, and we sure as hell did. Two hours worth! You get one hour this week and one hour next week, so don't go anywhere. Also, we recorded this episode on the fly while Andrew was travelling - he was awesome enough to go to the big box store and buy a headset at 5am so we could do this. That said - be kind, the audio quality at times reflects the fact that we pulled this ish together before the sun was up. Sorry for the pops and crackles, but like I've said before, this is real life, y'all. Listen in as we talk about a million things from confidence (or lack of), beds, languages, pulmonary toileting, and lots of stuff in between. Come back next week for part 2! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
October 11, 2017
If you've ever worked in healthcare, you may know that lots of us take pot-lucking very seriously. Brad and Adrianne explain the components of a good pot-luck on their commute from Adrianne's house to the hospital.
October 9, 2017
In the second part of this long, middle-of-the-night convo between Adrianne and Andrew, they pick up where they left off, addressing the cliff-hanger from episode 10. They also talk about nurses who are ill, finding natural talents and knowing boundaries. Adrianne may or may not have almost been struck by a train at some point during this recording. Share! Subscribe! Find us everywhere! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
October 2, 2017
We're going to go ahead and use the cliche "better late than never" on this one. We took a week off, and good thing, because all sorts of stuff happened. We talk about a lot of it, but mostly we stick to Andrew's adventures at TravCon a couple weeks ago and the horrific illness that he got as payback for having such a good time there. And it wouldn't be an episode of Med Room Chronicles if we didn't do the jitterbug in and out of a ton of random, unrelated topics. Stick around for all of this epic convo - and don't worry - we edited out all Andrew's coughs and maybe a couple cough-farts - you'll never know for sure.
September 25, 2017
Well, we're off to a good start, but we have high hopes and high standards. We're taking this week off to regroup and plan for the future. We've got a lot of content to bring your way, and the changes we're making are meant to up our game. Stick around, in fact, until next week's episode, why don't you go ahead and catch up on old episodes. We'll see you in October!
September 18, 2017
"But you only work three days a week...." A phrase that infuriates any nurse, but especially night shifters. Andrew and Adrianne are both caught in The Fog as they record this episode about The Fog itself, series of intoxication-like symptoms that occur after working several nights in a row. They also go on a tangent about hourly rounding and bed alarms, and Andrew confesses his lack of trust in a certain group of people. ex What are you like after several shifts in a row? Do you get caught in The Fog? What do you do to make it better? Comment and let us know. Visit us as we build and improve our site.
September 11, 2017
In this episode, Adrianne chats with Dan DiMonte, who is both a nurse and a musician living in the temperate paradise of San Diego, CA. They delve into the ways music and nursing complement each other, how Dan almost lost his mind alone in the woods, the perils of dangerous hospitals, and the exciting details of Dan's upcoming tour. The intro and outtro song is "Under the Sun (With River Glen)" from Dan's new album The Best of the Midwest Variety Hour. You can find his stuff all over the place: His 2017 tour dates: 9/11 - Dan Dimonte, Drac & the Swamp Rats, Koi Division at Ham & Eggs, Los Angeles, CA (with Koi Division and Drac & The Swamp Rats) - 9/17 - The Quarry, Dan DiMonte Trio: Bisbee, AZ - 9/18 - Burt's Tiki Lounge, Dan DiMonte Trio: Albuquerque, NM - 9/20 - Red Brick Room, Dan DiMonte Trio: Norman, OK - 9/21 - Jackpot Music Hall, Dan DiMonte Trio: Lawrence, KS - 9/22 - Chicago Street Pub, Dan DiMonte Trio: Joliet, IL - 9/23 - Dan DiMonte * Miss Remember * Jessica Marks * Jacob Tage, Moe's Tavern, Chicago, IL (with Jessica Marks, Jake T. Pearson's project Jacob Tage, and miss remember) - 9/24 - Dan Dimonte + Shark Jackson at Bremen Cafe, Milwaukee, WI (with Shark Jackson) - 9/29 - White's Bar, Dan DiMonte Trio: Saginaw, MI - 9/30 - George’s Lounge, Dan DiMonte Trio: Canton, OH - 10/3 - Pianos, Dan DiMonte Trio: New York, NY - 10/6 - Olive's, Dan DiMonte Trio: Nyack, NY - 10/7 - Home Grown Cafe, Dan DiMonte Trio: Newark, Delaware - 10/9 - Urban Artifact, Dan DiMonte Trio, Cincinnati, OH (Night One) - 10/10 - Listing Loon, Dan DiMonte Trio, Cincinnati, OH (Night Two) - 10/12 - Nomad World Pub, Dan DiMonte Trio: Minneapolis, MN (with Ali and The Scoundrels) - 10/13 - Great River Brewery, Dan DiMonte Trio: Davenport, IA (with Lewis Knudsen) - 10/14 - The Mill, Dan DiMonte Trio: Iowa City, IA (with Justin Leonard and Ivory James) - 10/15 - The Iron Post, Dan DiMonte Trio: Urbana, IL - 10/18 - Evangeline’s, Dan DiMonte Trio: Saint Louis, MO - 10/19 - Willy Street Pub and Grill, Dan DiMonte Trio: Madison, WI (with Beef Eagle, Wurk, and TBA) - 10/20 - Smokestack, Dan DiMonte Trio: Dubuque, IA (with TBA) - 10/21 - Octopus, Dan DiMonte Trio: Cedar Falls, IA (with TBA) - 10/22 - Keller’s Green Grocery, Dan DiMonte Trio: Sioux Falls, SD - 10/24 - Nathan P. Murphy’s, Dan DiMonte Trio: Springfield, MO - 10/26 - Lion’s Lair, Dan DiMonte Trio: Denver, CO (with Pross and TBA) - 10/27 - Corrales Bistro, Dan DiMonte Trio: Corrales, NM - 10/28 - The Lost Leaf, Dan DiMonte Trio: Phoenix, AZ AND FOR MRC: LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
September 9, 2017
Adrianne, nurse, and night-shifter for more than a decade, has just crawled into bed after a long this is real and unedited information in her most honest, exhausted state. She lists* 10 ProTips for getting better daytime sleep and elaborates on the interesting ones.  She starts with the common staples of day-sleep, like eye masks and dark curtains, but it quickly gets, um, unconventional. Listen to Adrianne get sleepier and sleepier as she tries to help you do the same**.  *this is an unpublished recording from Adrianne's personal blog, Night Nursing Nuances. **not kinky so don't even go there.
September 4, 2017
Most night shift nurses will tell you that post-shift breakfast with their team is a cathartic, often-necessary experience - an opportunity to decompress, vent a little, fill your empty belly before heading home. With the right crew, it can be the best part of the work week. The MRC crew talks about what Nightshift Breakfast means to them and why it's such a right of passage for 3rd shifters. Adrianne explains to Andrew that "gravy was never sexy", there's talk of pop songs, snorting antilipemics, and then it all crashes to an end with a tale of Adrianne's first SICU float. Listen, like, subscribe and share! We love you all. Happy Nursing, folks. LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
August 28, 2017
It's that time of year again! Classes have already begun for most of us. Only now it's less about back to school shopping for fun supplies, it's about hunkering down and preparing yourself for success. Brad and Adrianne are here to give you their favorite ProTips for starting the semester on the right foot in both real and virtual classrooms. They also throw in some NCLEX tips for all our aspiring RNs. Tangents are always a high probability as are some sentence embellishments that are NSFW AF. Join us, like, subscribe and share! We love to bring you content! Happy Nursing, folks! Like, subscribe share! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
August 21, 2017
Remember that ugly tech crash that ended the last episode? Well, Adrianne and Andrew are back to finish what they started. Andrew describes his recent "Unicorn" shift and Adrianne spends far too much time and energy describing "ball salad". Tune in for part two of the pet peeves that make the MRC nurses most crazy. It's time for you to chime in. What things drive you absolutely insane about being a nurse? Happy Nursing, folks! Like, subscribe share! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
August 18, 2017
Adrianne hopped on the mic in the middle of the night to bring you this MRC Quickie of her top 10 tips for making yourself a better nursing student. These aren't the only things that will keep you afloat as we head into another fall semester, but they are her most essential pointers. Share your must-have study/life tips with us! Join us, like, subscribe, share! Happy Nursing, folks! LISTEN: Spreaker: iTunes: Google Play Music: Stitcher: IHeartRadio: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: IG: Tumblr: Twitter:
August 14, 2017
Debriefing. Venting. Complaining. Whatever you call it, it can be therapeutic when done right. When someone or something is driving a nurse crazy, just having a colleague listen to them freak out about it for a second makes it all feel better. That's one way to deal with mind-numbing stress. That said, join the hilarity of Adrianne and Andrew facing off with some of their most hated pet peeves of bedside nursing, despite some minor phone reception issues (DIY 4LYFE!!). There's an unplanned surprize at the end. What things drive you crazy? Did they make part 1 of the list? Join us, like, subscribe, share! Happy Nursing, folks!
August 7, 2017
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Med Room Chronicles: Nursing Uncensored. Meet your nurse hosts, Adrianne Behning and Andrew Craig. Listen in on their phone call and learn what the spirit of the Med Room Chronicles means to them. Join us, like, subscribe, share! Happy Nursing, folks!
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