Fun and interesting stories from around the globe
I. Love. This. Show!! There’s something for everyone. My favorite episode is definitely War Poems, followed by The Search (parts 1 and 2) and The Apology Broker. Listen now!
Excellent - just not frequent enough!
Please make more. They’re great!
Come back soon!
Olivia Celeste
This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time. By far. Your storytelling is impeccable. Thank you for what you and your team do, this podcast has helped me to think globally and realize every day that the US’s issues do not exist in a vacuum. I swear I’ve been checking every week or so for a new episode!
RT immediately earned a spot among my podcast elites. Every episode is emotional and educational in a way that is hard to explain. I've really only had education like this while travelling in person, meeting people, and seeing places which have changed my life. The RT team manages to bring the people and events they cover to me through the podcast so well that I think it almost reaches that in-person experience. Thank you for all of your tireless, compassionate work!
Love your podcast .. Thank you 🙏🏻
Just found this podcast
The Blue Bubble
Immediately sought out the previous episodes and I’ve been binge-listening. Thank you for the terrific storytelling that brings a lovely variety of humans into my life.
Rio senior student
This is an incredible show, in an ever globalized world it’s so important to learn and compare the inner workings of culture through skilled story-telling. War Poems is my favorite episode. As soon as it finished I replayed it right away, and then played it again for my husband. These are the stories that need to be told on NPR, that day something about the human soul, and about the structures of government and their affect on the human soul- cultural miscommunications and how far wrong they can go costing people their lives- cultural cross communication and how powerful it can be when done right. I would love to hear more perhaps about the scene in SE Asia, the effects of the Vietnam war on the region and culture.
Your pod is a combination of history and current affairs...classic
This American Life travels the world
Fantastic. Engaging well told stories, fascinating to listen to as one sees some aspect of some other culture person-to-person. If everyone listened to this we would have more true world understanding..
Rough translation
I love this podcast please keep up the great work.
Love this podcast
I’ve been listening to Rough Translation since it came out. They bring out some of the most interesting topics and stories from around the world. I’m always trying to share these stories and share the word about this podcast. Great storytelling and fantastic content to think about.
Love it! Good and true like Fox News
Rigged spin wheel
Fox News and this is all you need to see Fox is the only news not fake
Very informative. Not like the fake news you get from FOX.
Flipping our questions upside down
Rough Translation takes common questions we have in this country and flips it on its head. It takes issues such as race, fake news, social norms and helps us see it differently through the eyes of different cultures. Get ready to be confounded!
Extraordinary Podcast!
Gazlo Kreg
Outstanding way to understand the world. Use this all the time with my students in the classroom. One of the best podcasts out there!
Christmas present for your ears
A grateful amateur
Podcast royalty!!
More Please!
Kimbo SLlice
I cant get enough!
Intriguing and interesting podcast
This is a great podcast. It is full of feelings, suspense, unease and growth, compassion and humility. It makes me questions my biases and my preconceived ideas. It makes me feel connected to the world (as some stories are brought over from afar). I like it. Great work, great team. Thank you for helping me become a better human being. The information is well presented, the show is kept short , the topics are very interesting and diverse. I highly recommend it. I can hear different perspectives from people of all walks of life.
Truly Enlightening
It’s obvious to realize that we’ll all go through similar life struggles no matter where we are. But to hear it and feel that struggle is enlightening, fascinating, and relatable. Every single episode gets that “hitting close to home” feel right every time! The entire team on this podcast should feel proud the work they put out because it shows! I’d love to just keep hearing more stories. Nothing specific, every story is different in its own way.
Riveting and unique!
This is easily one of my favorite podcasts, and I always look forward to new episodes. This show talks about topics in a way that no other show does, and brings in truly authentic and interesting points of view from other cultures. Seeking to understand other cultures and other people through their own lens rather than yours is so important, and this show does a great job at doing that.
Immediately Hooked
One of my favorite podcasts right now. Storytelling that engages and challenges and informs. I hope to hear more!
The way the stories are told with a narrator but also with the people of the story makes it dynamic and so immediate. I find myself binge listening. So much to ponder after listening to each one.
One of the best podcasts, period...
This is podcasting doing what it does best - thanks everybody!
Great stories to take your mind off politics
Kate in DC
Highly engaging stories that cover a wide range of topics and locations around the globe. Thought-provoking but not at all preachy, each episode paints a detailed portrait of one or two individuals involved in some kind of international encounter — whether it be with people, places, or literature of another country. By the end, you feel like you’ve been introduced to a new friend. Nothing predictable or formulaic about any of the episodes I’ve listened to so far, except that they’ve all made for good listening. Highly recommend!
Enlightening and Cathartic Stories
These stories reaffirm that despite our different geographies, we are more closely related and similar than we think. Excellent listening.
Mixed up with TED Talks?
I love Rough Translation and I love TED talks, but how is it that the TED Hour Merged onto the Rough Translation feed? I prefer to be able to select them separately! Please Fix!!!
Fantastic Stories Across the Globe
Ipodian man
How am I just now funding this podcast? It is absolutely fantastic! Bringing fascinating stories from different places across the globe, it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to!
Please do an episode on infidelity in Colombia (esp Medellin)
Love this podcast and have always been waiting for an episode on why/how cheating is so prevalent among Paisas. After living there for a couple years I am still baffled!
Cross Cultural without “Fogma”
radical commie Jesus freak
It’s so hard podcasts on cultural issues that are not highly ideological but are still done with amazing skill and creativity and insight. Rough translation is rare. Ideology creates a Fog in encountering cultural friction. I love each episode and learn a great deal about our diverse world and my own soul
Worth it!
Rough translation is lovely, insightful Well compressed! I could not tell it in so little words!
Always a good story
Rough Translation may have veered a little bit from it's original concept but the stories are always intruiging.
One of a kind stories
This is my all time favorite podcast and there’s really no other one like it out there. I studied anthropology and then worked internationally for several years, and I love that they take common threads that relate here back home but tell them with a global voice. In the current xenophobic political environment, there’s nothing more important than giving a voice to people around the world to increase understanding, compassion and interest. I hope they keep telling stories for many more years to come!
In a sea of podcasts, this one stands out
Beautiful, informative, touching, humorous and empathetic stories. Thank you to all the journalists that make this podcast a reality.
Captivating stories
Srini SS
Can’t wait for each episode to drop! Stories told with deep research and a lot of heart that takes me places that I might never go but brings them to life one episode at a time!
Love love love
This is my absolute favorite podcast. As someone who was born in Hong Kong, raised in Honolulu, and now living in LA, I truly appreciate the different cultural viewpoints covered in every episode. So much humor, heartbreak, and hope. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!
Excellent work!!! Thank you
Keep it up 👍
I love this show
Keep doing what you’re doing
Bring the fire back!
Rough translation has been my most cherished podcasts. Anna in Somalia changed the entire way I focused on aid and responding to crises as a homeless outreach social worker. This last season just didn't meet the marvelous high bar the previous seasons have. I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to create these masterpieces, I hope when listening side by side each season can learn from a the next. I hope to see more stories that resonate across the world, follow the spirit of the times and have more passion. I eagerly await next season...with cautious optimism.
Great show!
Love the quirky thoughtful political social insightful provocative stories!
An eye opening listen
I love listening to Rough Translation. The stories are very well thought out and very respectful in the way they present perspectives. I've learned a lot about different human experiences.
I am an ESL tutor and this podcast is a great source conversation starters with my students who are from several different places. Love it!
More RT less Ted
This is my fave show but the TED radio Hour is still uploading in this feed and it’s annoying!!
Worth every minute!
Jane Wallflower
I don’t ever take the time to write reviews, but Rough Translation is worth the time. They’re worth the time because they make my time worthwhile. I get immersed in fascinating stories that open my world view and help me to see brightness and hope in my own life. It helps me think differently about my own reality. Thank you for that. Highly recommended.
Podcast feed is mixed with TED radio hour
FYI to the producers - when I subscribe to Rough Translation I also get TED Radio Hour. I think this might have started when there was that big NPR-wide podcast glitch, but this one hasn’t been worked out. Love this show in general; new listeners should start with season 1, though, which I think is better than this season.
If only there were more episodes!
This is hands down one of the best podcasts around. Every episode is thought-provoking, and the stories completely engaging. The world could use more international perspectives these days.
Great international storytelling
I love the international perspective of Rough Translation! I always learn something new about what life is like in other countries and this is some top-notch storytelling. The focus of the episodes tends to be pretty diverse, which I really appreciate. Keep up the awesome work!
One of my favorites, BUT...
Sometimes it can feel like just another episode of This American Life. I’ve been listening since the beginning, and what really got me excited for the stories about language. Stories where language shape the new wants and the meeting and the plot. We don’t want just another socioeconomic focused podcast about wars and politics… Let’s make it about language, translation, culture, verbiage, flavor, place. Languages that are almost extinct and the people who speak them and where. Languages that are the only ones that use that alphabet, and how it affects citizens of that native tongue when they travel. I’d love to see an episode set in the Republic of Georgia, or Vietnam.
Love it!
Love this podcast-so interesting and such great storytelling. My only critique is that I didn’t like all the TED talks this past season...I just want the real episodes! I’d love to hear more from South America or Carribean.
Please go to Alabama small town Andalusia. See how in south AL community has come together to become a lighthouse of togetherness and a community in the south who gets it and we love all!
Just found the show
I found this podcast and LOVE. I will be bingeing for the next week. My husband is from Laos and you should do a show from there.
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