APP #55 - The Bears Still Suck
Published September 9, 2019
70 min
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    • The Bears had quite a hyped-up offseason and managed to only put up 3 points(!) against what, at first glance, appears to be an actual, competent NFL defense by the Packers!
    • Jeremy had a great recap HERE.
    • The Packers' offense on the other hand, needs A LOT of work - their first three drives netted a grand total of NEGATIVE 17 yards or something.
    • Let's face it - this game (for the offense) was basically the 5th pre-season game.
      • Aaron Rodgers looked pretty darn average for most of the game, his mechanics and footwork are still really suspect for whatever reason...
      • The collective offensive line, save for Brian Bulaga, had a rough night against the formidable Bears defensive front.  Some of this is to be expected, but Layne Taylor got lit up all night and even David Bhaktiari gave up a few pressures.
      • Aaron Jones was kept in check all night - he ran for maybe 30 yards the whole game
      • Davante Adams was, at times, TRIPLE COVERED by the Bears.  Somebody else has got to get open outside of Adams - it didn't happen last night.  They have a huge drop off in talent & speed at WR after Adams...that could be a problem as the season rolls on.
    • Back to the defense:
      • Zadarius Smith was an absolute beast - early returns are very positive.
      • The safety play might have been the best it has been since the days of Nick Collins.  Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage were everywhere and playing really fast.
      • Kenny Clark is going to get PAAAAAAAIIIIIIIDDDDD and very soon - he made one play where he was in the backfield tackling the RB as the snap happened(!)
      • Blake Martinez had a really good game too.
    • Special teams:
      • JK Scott might have been the highlight of the game, which isn't good on one level since he's your punter but he was money - booming punts all over the place and switching field position with relative ease for the Packers' defense
      • Crosby made a field goal!
    • Other stuff:
      • Mitch Trubisky stinks - he can't throw to his left to save his life and his overall accuracy is extremely suspect
      • Why oh why does Aaron Rodgers continue to run the play clock to zero before he snaps the ball - it's killing the rhythm of the offense and gives an unnecessary advantage to defenses...
    • League stuff:
      • Antonio Brown basically worked his way from the Steelers to the Patriots sort of like Brett Favre worked his way to the Vikings in 2009.  It is absolutely sinful that the Patriots continue to get great (albeit head case) players from other teams who make stupid PP has to stop at some point.  Inept teams and owners continue to basically enable the Patriots.
      • Speaking of the patriots - they are absolutely loaded AGAIN this year and crushed the steelers 33-3 last night on SNF.  That team is playing Chess while everyone else in the league is playing checkers.
      • The Dolphins are terrible.  They got beat 59-10 yesterday and apparently, half the players have requested that their agents seek trades to other teams 😂
      • The Vikings looked pretty good the other day - their running game is really, really good - should be a good test for the Packers and the new look defense.
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