Loved this podcast from the beginning
Amber Ran H
They are SO real, funny, relatable. It’s so good for parents, people in a relationship, anyone who just loves to hear male vs female options. It’s entertaining and I learn new stuff all of the time!
Loved the podcast until...
Matt why are you sooo rude to Angela now?
Favorite podcast!
I love your focus on family marriage and God. You probably don’t realize how much you teach others by way of example. You’ve taught me marriage has comes first to have a happy family. Look forward to the new episodes each week! Keep them coming!
So real & relatable !!
I have listened since the hello bump podcast and am a huge fan! My girl is 18 months, so I have loved hearing all the experiences and advice. Toddlers are tough and it’s important to get all the advice and help you can get! 😂 Thanks for being so honest, real, and relatable. It’s so refreshing 🙌
I've been listening since the first episode and always excited for the next. Matt and Angela are real and I love hearing their parenting struggles as I too have a now 2 year old😳 Angela and I were pregnant at the same time which made the podcast way more real! Love listening, as I do my housework!
Matt seems to put Angela down. All. The. Time.
Matt seems to put Angela down. All. The. Time. Wish I could have listened to this podcast but it was all I could hear after a few episodes.
Free Beezy
I have enjoyed listening to this podcast so much. No matter what they’re talking about, Matt and Angela are funny and engaging. They are not afraid to share their faith or other difficult things which is so admirable. Truly my favorite podcast out there!
Fun podcast and informational
Hi! I just started listening to your podcast and really like the episodes. I live in Columbus,OH and love how you mention how/where you can do events like date night in the state of Ohio. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but really want to and love all the tips and information you give out. You’re both so humble and down to earth and the way you discuss topics reminds me of my relationship. I constantly identify so with you guys. Thanks for having such a cool podcast.
If you’re going to do stores about other celebrities, you should do your research.Cardi B is not only a rapper, she’s an activist. You may not like her music, but to speak with disgust during your analysis what in called for. For reference, Hennessy is her sisters stage name. Her husbands rapper name is Offset, but that’s not his real name. It’s a shame that you two reported this story the way you did. Have some tact. I’ve listened to this podcast since the beginning, but now I have to unsubscribe because I’m deeply offended.
Amazing Podcast! Genuine and Loving Parents!
I highly recommend this podcast. Matt and Angela are the real deal. They are two of the most loving people and You can feel how humble and genuine they both are. I am not a parent yet, but I love listening to them chat about their lives and how they manage parenting and their marriage and careers. It can be funny at times and others time super informative. I feel they sincerely care about each of their listeners and want to share from there experience and growth, so we can learn from them. I think they are both truly inspiring as parents, partners and all around good people. I love
Wish I would have had this during my pregnancy
I just started listening to this podcast recently and went all the way back to the beginning. This would have been so helpful during my pregnancy as I had a lot of different issues and questions and worries during the whole pregnancy. Thanks to Matt and Angela many women will have someone to go through their worries and difficulties with! They are amazing people!! God Bless you two!!
Love it!
Melissa Art
Thank Angela and Matt for being so open and not hide the hard moments.
So relatable!
I finally finished catching up on all the podcasts and I’m genuinely sad I can’t listen to multiple episodes every day anymore. My little boy is almost exactly a year younger than MacKenlee and it’s great to hear about all the exciting milestones to look out for before they actually get here! I love that the episodes are so laid back but still cover some awesome info without the super structured vibe like other podcasts. So excited to hear more about how you guys are navigating this crazy parenting journey!
My favorite podcast
My favorite podcast! Started listening in 2017 and have listened to all episodes. As I got pregnant, it’s been amazing to listen along my journey. Love it!
Favorite podcast- These two are so relatable and fun!
I stumbled upon this podcast while I was pregnant with my son in 2017 which was perfect since Angela was expecting at the same exact time. It was so nice listening to them especially since they would dive into all the different things that pregnancy brings to most women. I’m so happy that they continued to carry on once MacKennly was born. It’s so nice to hear how she’s growing and how Angela and Matt tackle parenting. Highly recommend this to anyone who is expecting or has children. You will love this family!
Love the podcast but they aren't consistent
I've listened to the podcast back from the first episode of Hello Bump and have really enjoyed following their journey. I just find that they aren't very consistent in their episodes. They say that new episodes come out on Mondays but it's very very rare that the new episode shows up on time.
Fun podcast
Nice to hear a husband and wife talk about their journey together!
First podcas I ever listened to. Can't believe Matt voice is lower on Timeless and deeper on here. WIsh we could see Matt's face when he's talking.
AMAZING! Must listen
Love listening to the podcast and I don’t even have kids🤷🏽‍♀️ they are so great.
I’ve listened to this podcast from Hello Baby’s first episode and I loved that podcast! However the level of whining and over elaborating every small event is getting excessive. Literally 15 mins of the newest episode is them complaining about being sick.
I’ve been catching up because i missed a lot and i forgot how much i love it! Matt & Angela keep it real & i like that! Plus having a cute kid helps too😉😍
Insightful, Hilarious, & Relatable
Karyn J
I loved 90210 back in the day and decided to give Timeless a try when I saw “Liam” had a role. I fell in love with #SaveTimeless and looked Matt up on Instagram! It surprised me that his bio started with “Christian” (so rare for actors!) so I started following him and then started following Angela and then started listening to Hello Bump! Soon after, I myself became pregnant and so I followed along week by week. It was so encouraging to hear of someone else’s journey and to know what I was feeling and thinking was totally normal. There’s just something about hearing someone say what you are thinking versus only reading it. Now that my beautiful baby girl is here too, Hello Baby has been a joy to listen to each week. Again, it’s so positive to hear others talk about parenting in such a real and informal way. We’re all just trying to do our best and I love that Matt and Angela have opened themselves up to us throughout this process. I’ve learned so much from them and been so inspired by their words. In those first few weeks when I was so sleep deprived, I listened to the sleep podcasts over and over. I even purchased Cherish the First Six weeks and it was a lifesaver! I’ve also enjoyed Angela speaking truths about the difficulties of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. It’s just been such an encouragement to me, so thank you guys for your commitment to your online podcast community! I look forward to the 2019 podcasts and your new shared tips, advice, and experiences.
Best podcast ever!
Maddie Bigert
I have been listening to this podcast for a couple of months now and I went back to listen to every episode from the beginning. They are such a cute couple and MacKenlee is adorable! If you are debating on listening to this, do it! You won’t be sorry!
Honest and a breath of fresh air
I love listening to this podcast each week because it reminds me of the beginning stages of child raising and makes me smile. I have a 7 year old daughter now and I love any reminder of what it was like when she was tiny and it makes you appreciate taking in each moment because time flies by so quickly. I love that Angela and Matt are not afraid to give their opinions even if they know that they will get people who disagree or shame. Each child is different and every set of parents is different. All we can do is what we believe is best for our child. It’s great to hear Angela and Matt talking about their experiences. And their honest back and forth banter is really entertaining to listen to. I love that their relationship seems honest and real. Keep the podcast going! I love it!
I love listening to you guys! My oldest is 8 (Emma) and my youngest is 3 months (Serenity). I just love all your topics and listening to both of you. Also with Angela and I having a same name, and sharing a birth month I feel we can connect that way! Best wishes to both of you for sure! Everyone should listen!
My favorite podcast!!
I absolutely love this podcast! Matt and Angela are so fun to listen to and have great advice! My child is only a few months younger than theirs and it’s so fun to hear what they are going through. My favorite podcast by far!
Absolutely one of my all time fave Podcasts!
AmesBond 007
Angela and Matt! First of all congrats on your absolutely adorable baby girl! I have listened to your podcast since the beginning of Hello Bump and I was hooked! We don’t have any kids but if I ever do I feel like I have more insight and great tips from listening to you both! So thank you! Angela I love the marriage ones also and I appreciate your rawness and honesty as marriage is hard! Matt you rocked it on Timeless, one of our fave TV shows hands down! There’s so many more wonderful things I could say about you both but I don’t want this to be a novel. I would absolutely LOVE to meet all 3 of you one day! but if I don’t get the chance, I will see you in heaven ❤️ my thoughts and prayers are with you! Love you guys! ❤️
Great Podcast!
Meghan Meeks
Love this podcast and this couple so much! Mine and Angela’s pregnancies were about 6 months apart (I had my baby in June 2018) and I’ve been listening every week since around January. I’ve loved getting to listen to, first, their experiences during pregnancy and now during parenthood. Angela and Matt are super down to earth and for them to be in Hollywood, they are still so relatable. If I had one request it would be to talk some more about marriage! Thank you for sharing your life with the world!
I Love Sharing Their Journey
Madeline GZ
I was searching for podcasts while super pregnant in my 3rd trimester. When I found Hello Bump I quickly binge-listened to every episode! Since having my own son Judah who is now 6 months, I’ve found Hello Baby extremely fun and helpful. It is so helpful to hear other parents’ experiences and I really appreciate how they share so openly. I know they get flack and “Mom shaming” by sharing but I love how genuine, open, and relatable they are. 💕 Also, I know God is using them powerfully as they share how their faith impacts their decision-making as parents. Based on their advice I decided to sleep train Judah and use the sleep suit, and man, I’m glad I did! I’ve gotten 11-12 hours a night since 8 weeks! 😊 For that alone this podcast deserves 5 stars. 👍🏻 Please, keep making advice episodes and sharing products you love!!
So relatable and informative!
I am SO thankful that I found this podcast. I started listening when I came home from the hospital with my little girl 5 months ago and needed something to do while nursing. I remember listening to the first couple of Hello Baby episodes and feeling so reassured and it really helped normalize the way I felt and what I was experiencing. It was so nice to see week by week how similar our experiences were and being able to get advice and suggestions on what worked for them. They are both so down to earth and they always make me laugh!
Love love love!
I love listening to you guys! I started listening because I am a big fan of both Matt and Angela. I love that when you guys give advice or talk about something you guys see things from both sides and are not so one sided about things. Keep up the good work! You can tell that you guys work hard on your podcast everything seems so well researched and thought out!
Relatable & Adorable
Andria I
These guys are hilarious and they make a great podcast team. They’re both highly entertaining, but informative as well for other new parents. You can tell they’re just dealing with the same issues every parent does, but voicing their concerns in a relatable and refreshingly clean way. They do go off on tangents now and then but I don’t find it annoying coming from them.
Awesome couple with a great story to share
A close friend recommended this podcast to me when I became pregnant. It was such a joy to go through my own pregnancy “with” Angela and Matt. With pregnancy hormones on full tilt, I would cry and rejoice with them! I felt silly to be so invested, but they truly are fun to listen to. My little girl is now 4 months and it is still insightful and funny to listen to their banter. If you want to go on a journey with a fun couple, I would highly recommend this podcast!
"The Beginning" got me hooked
Risa Bierman
I checked out that 3min ep first to get a feel for the podcast. I was in tears right away, had to pull the car over. Immediately had me reminiscing. Got myself together and hit play on the actual beginning of Bump. It's been FUN listening to Matt and Angela. They're hilarious, real and honest. Interesting to hear all the differences in their experience, the tech/apps, gadgets etc. SO much has changed since having my daughter 10yrs ago! Some stuff I wish we had, some I'm glad we didn't! I look forward to each new episode!
My favorite podcast! I get so excited to listen to it and always save it for my long Friday afternoon drives! You two are the best! ❤️
Angela has a horrible attitude
I’ve listen to almost every single episode. But the one that just made me finally unsubscribe was the social media and babies one. Matt tried to talk about a serious topic and Angela was soooo bratty and down right rude to Matt it was uncomfortable to listen to. You cover some good topics but Angela needs a serious attitude adjustment. Most the time she sounds like she doesn’t even like Matt as a person.
So Unrelatable
I really kept wanting to like this podcast because I have a baby about the same age I thought it would be helpful to listen to. But these two are so out of touch. They talk about things like having three different strollers one of which is $900 and having a nanny and sleep expert on staff- it’s just not relatable to the average person. Also Angela loves to whine about how hard she works and how tired she is when her baby sleeps less than 12 hours a night. The final straw for me really was the social media sharing episode. I think this would’ve been a wonderful topic to have been truly explored and talked through. Angela was so dismissive because she’s already used her baby to get product endorsements and sell things so she can’t condemn social media sharing but there are parents out there in this digital world to whom this could’ve been really useful information and she was just ignorant and rude the entire time to her husband and it was painful to listen to.
I love your podcast. At first I was not sure about it because I have tried for over 3 years to become a mother with going to an infertility clinic. This past year I had to put all that on hold due to other medical reasons. So being around so many of my friends who are already parents or becoming parents I found it to be difficult sometimes. However, I wanted my friends to feel comfortable talking to me about things going on. Anyway I found your podcast and became pleasantly surprised that you didn’t just talk completely about your baby but in life in general. I sometimes even laugh at when you describe your discussions about decorating the house or Angela being call “boss lady” because that’s generally how my husband and I joke around. I really enjoyed your podcast on marriage. I found it very interesting from someone who got married very young and has been married 7 years. I know this review just got very long, but I just wanted to say thank you and for bringing light into conversations that are not always talked about. 🙌
The lasted podcast
Omg you actually allow your 10 month to pull hair & your face. She does that because you allow it. Same with the mirror. And she does understand the word NO. I have raised two & 4 grandchildren. And never allowed them to hit or pull hair even with 5 dogs . They learned not to pull hair or hit anyone. You guys need not to laugh when she doing something wrong. She is smarter then you give her credit for. Otherwise she will be running you. And your poor dog, I have never own a dog when they dislike the kids. My dogs were very protected of them. And yes we had a mutt to a thoroughbred. So maybe take heart of your dog ,dogs love unconditionally
Just finished listening to the marriage podcast from Matt and Angela and I truly feel like they are some of the most genuine people to listen to. They are so relatable that I feel like I could just jump into the conversation through my car speakers! Love how they weave through hard subjects with grace and humor. One of my very favorite podcasts!! ❤️
Love you guys!
Please keep doing these podcast. I have a 7 month old son and these episodes have been so helpful!!! I follow all of the baby apps but it’s nice to hear someone’s experience and about the developments! Thank you!!!
Love your podcast!
I could listen to this podcast all day! I love listening to you two and hearing about your lovely family stories. I listen at work everyday and watch Angelas videos on YouTube also. I don’t have a bubba yet but when I do, your podcast will certainly help me. Keep them coming!! :)
Best podcast for pregnancy and beyond!
Baby momma to be!
I am currently pregnant and have listened to every episode from the beginning. Angelina is so honest and shares the good, bad, and ugly of pregnancy. It’s so nice to hear about someone else’s going through the same thing. Matt and Angelina offer great advice, are hilarious and make you feel apart of the family. I cried on the episode that they shared on the labor/birth. Thanks so much guys and your baby girl is so adorable. :)
The best podcast
chrissy from georgia
I love this podcast. Even though my kids are 18 and 15 and I don’t plan to have anymore. I love to listen to y’all and see how things have changed a little. And all the new stuff out there. Y’all are great!! Y’all are doing this parenting thing great!
Love’s been right on track with my pregnancy & baby! 😊
Love these guys
Stephanie, Jedi Knight
This podcast is amazing. iTunes doesn’t offer it, but I’d easily give it 10 stars. At a glance, there really isn’t anything special about your regular parenting/pregnancy podcast because there are so many parenting books and methods out there. The podcast is just a digital version. But it is interesting to read about how an actor (a NORMAL, unsuperficial actor) and a blogger, two people with non-traditional 9-5 jobs raise their child. I was already a huge fan of Matt and his beautiful voice from the Clone Wars and eventually Timeless, and learned more about Angela from this podcast and then found her blog and YouTube channel. At first I didn’t know what to think about her. Now, I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way and I’m totally kidding about all of this Matt and Angela, if you are reading this, but when you “meet” an actor’s wife where her husband is one of your Hollywood dream men, well I’ll let your imagination run for a bit. But I totally fell in love with Angela on the podcast. Angela is one of the most incredible, hilarious and creative people I’ve never met. She’s kind enough to respond to me on her Facebook page and her blog and podcast her personality comes off as hilarious, down to earth and above all normal. Matt is awesome as always. From their playful banter to each other, special interviews with friends and professional doctors, Matt’s dad jokes and the occasional noises MacKenlee makes in the background when she’s on the room while they are recording, you can’t really ask for more from a baby podcast. I usually listen to this podcast during my workouts or drives. I was surprised by how normal Matt and Angela are, just like everyday people, even though their jobs aren’t what everyday people do. So the fact that they stay grounded just attributes to what amazing people they are, which they will definitely pass on to MacKenlee and future children. At 26, I’m not a parent or married yet, but I’m learning so much from this process and can’t wait to pass on what I’ve learned onto my children. I was even able to pass on some info I learned to a friend’s pregnant sister who is going to try some of the tips I told her about from the podcast. It feels great to spread around new information you learn. The only thing I don’t like is the advertisements that they read in their episodes. That’s a little annoying but as long as Matt continues to read them in his beautiful voice I’m cool with it. I could listen to him talk all day. He just had one of those voices. But your voice is great too, Angela! I look forward to hearing more from their future podcast episodes. PS: Matt, I hope this review was friendly enough, please don’t flick me in my forehead, which you said you’d do to those who left nasty reviews. Sorry I have a pretty much photographic memory, can’t help it haha. May the Force Be With You.
Honest and Entertaining :)
I'm so excited I found this podcast! My little boy is 3 months younger than MacKenlee so it's been so great to gather tips and tricks for what is to come. I love how honest you both are about your parenthood journey. It's always comforting to know that other parents are going through the same things.
My favorite podcast!
Im a first time mom as well, and though my baby girl is a few months older than McKenlee, I have loved tuning into y'all! You are both charming and charismatic, that even just the way you talk pulls me in. I've loved the educational episodes and the ones that just give us a peak into your lives, like your birth story and how you picked your daughters name. I highly recommend this podcast for parents who want to learn and be entertained too. Keep up the great work Lanters!
less commercials more talk
to many commercials
Sierra Jumps
I don’t have any babies yet, I’m actually a Nursing student but am married, just waiting a bit for little ones! I love your podcast, it’s funny & super interesting to me as I can’t wait to be a mom someday & hopefully a Labor & Delivery Nurse soon! Thanks for all the fun conversations!
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