Pleaseeeeeee read my potter story
the rader rater
Here’s my potter story, in 2017 I had heard of Harry Potter but I had never really got into Harry Potter until 2018 when I was 9 I had read all of the Harry Potter books and for the longest time I thought I actually was going too get a hogwarts letter but I really got started when me and my friend were seeing who was going too finish the Harry Potter books first I ended being on the 6th book when she was on the 4th so she quit and that made me disappointed but I went on reading the books for some bizarre reason I said too myself I’m going too watch the movies before I finish the series and I ruined my life because( WARNING SPOILER ALERT) Hedwig died and I was sooooooooo surprised and I just cried and cried and then (WARNING SPOILER ALERT) FRED DIED AND THEN LUPIN AND TONKS DIED AND DUMBELDORE DIED AND I CAN GO ON and that day I wanted too die. And that is my story oh and by the way I’m 11 LOVE YOU BYE, LILY😍🥰😘🥰😍😘🥰😍😘😘🥰😍🥰😘🥰😍❤️💕 P.S. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE READ
Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down
Potter Girl In A Muggle World
I have always been a Harry Potter fan (obsessed according to most). Quite like most others who listen to Swish and Flick, I have read the series multiple times, own all of the movies, as well as an assortment of collectibles. My husband was not a fan when we first started dating, but that quickly changed. When Swish and Flick first started airing, we both jumped in to listening while we read along, him for the first time and another reread for me. We both have discovered a new love for Harry Potter while listening to Swish and Flick, our little boy (he’s a red head and thinks he’s Ron) enjoys listening too in the car. For me, the funny parts including the laughing just shows how much Harry Potter can bring people together. Even if Swish and Flick isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and lets face it, people are always going to complain about something), this podcast means so much to so many people. We have gotten to watch the hosts come out of their shells, grow into new daily roles, and experience HP in new ways! Swish and flick has gotten many people including myself through stressful times because it’s a wonderful escape back into the place we all call home, the Potter universe. Not to mention the wonderful community that comes with being a Swisher. Thank you to the wonderful 4 hosts, guest stars, and all who have a hand in helping this podcast be what it is! It’s perfect for so many people, even if it’s not perfect for everyone. If you love Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, laughter, Danny DeVito, and a community ready to welcome you home, this podcast is for you!
My absolute favorite podcast, they have changed my life!
As a lifelong Potter fanatic, one day in 2017 I looked up Potter podcasts to see if there were any. There were quite a few, but this was quick to be my favorite one. What I love the most about this podcast, is it truly is like you’re sitting down with a group of friends. The giggles, the jokes, the silliness, the “soap box” or “tangents”, the personal stories/personal relation to the story itself, all of these things are what makes Swish & Flick so unique. And honestly, that is what Harry Potter, to me, is all about.. bringing people together and making friends. Everyone can relate these stories in a different way to their lives and I love hearing about it, I love hearing different ideas and opinions. It also so very wonderful that each of the girls bring something unique in their personalities to the podcast. All four houses really are represented here and I freaking love it. I love all four girls for their own reasons. Every Sunday I look forward to a new episode and they really are the nerdy friends I never got to have. They share the love for Potter that I have had since a child and it’s so heartwarming. This podcast and it’s community is very near and dear to my heart and I’m so grateful for it. Keep up the good work Megan, Katie, Tiffany, and Sarah (Florence too).. and don’t let the muggles get you down!
Best ⚯͛ podcast!
Kristen Fortman
This is the BEST Harry Potter podcast I have found this far. It’s just 4 girls (one in each Hogwarts house) reading along chapter by chapter and discussing everything there is to discuss along the way. They aren’t afraid of long episodes which I LOVE because my commute is long. Disclaimer if you’re starting from the beginning: the first episodes are a little hard to follow along but come on, it’s the beginning of them doing their thing. They grow and get better and better. They offer exclusive content to people who support them financially on Patreon(sp?) and even have swag they give to supporters as well as stuff you can buy online. They are active in local events especially in the eastern half of the US. They have a great little community of followers that get together on Facebook in a group setting. Everyone is welcoming and respectful towards each other. I really love how the girls have created this network of people who stand for what’s right and be kind in what they say and do. Lots of talk about the Orlando Universal park. I know the Ca park supposedly isn’t as good but I hope they go there soon since I’m in that area and haven’t made a trip out to Hollywood yet since it’s been there. Anyway, if you need a good Harry Potter podcast with a lot of good content that doesn’t piss you off with incorrect facts and assumptions like a lot of others, this one is for you.
The best!
I love this podcast! I have been a listener since the beginning. The girls are very knowledgeable and give a ton of harry potter content. I haven’t been able to find another HP podcast that gives as much information and details as them. I love how close the girls are and it feels like I am a close friend listening with them. I love the jokes and laughs- keep the episodes fun! I will laugh out loud at times! They have created such a great community with this podcast. I have never found a group of people that are this accepting and kind. It’s truly amazing what they have created. Definitely check out their group on facebook!
Potter friends you need
These ladies are the real deal. Each bring a different perspective to our beloved Potter stories, each fiercely love different characters, each strive for accuracy, but never compromise a lively discussion. Sure there are a few sound level issues. Sometimes someone may shout into their mic unexpectedly. These things are to be expected with learning new skills. Episode 85 is so much better than Episode 1 proving they are learning! I’m not worried nor unsubscribing for such reasons. Personally, I feel like a fifth friend in the room & so look forward to listening while working. I often laugh or comment to no one in particular because I forget I’m not in the room with them. I’m so thankful for these four and the kind, respectful, informative, FUN podcast & community they have created. Keep up the good work! Don’t let the muggles keep you down!
Love this Pod, Love these Girls
I started listening to this podcast at a time in my life where I felt very alone. I was in a new place and didn’t know anyone. These girls became the thing that got me through that loneliness, just like Harry Potter has so many times. I love the mix of personalities Katie, Sarah, Tiff, and Meg bring, and their analysis of the chapters is thorough and smart! If you’re a Potterhead and if you like quality peeps, this is the pod for you.
*always* here for more potter content
i really love this podcast! having people in each house that are all connected by friendship and even love just makes my heart so happy <3 i just started listening and their conversations are so interesting! not that it needed it but they’ve really reignited my love and got me thinking about harry potter in new and interesting ways! 10/10 would recommend anyone who loves harry potter. they’re a sweet group of friends, each in a different house, all love harry potter, they make you wish that you knew them in real life <3 i really appreciate and love what you ladies are doing! thank you for this <3
Nothing but praise for Swish and Flick
Swish and Flick was the first podcast I listened to, and I absolutely fell in love with these amazing hosts and their awesome content! Potter is such a special thing to me, and this podcast has given me one more way to have Potter in my daily life! I’ve laughed with these gals, and I’ve cried with them. I’ve theorized and shouted out answers to their questions. They have helped my love of all things Harry Potter grow and I am so grateful for all of the hard work they put into this fantastic podcast. Thank you so much Katie, Megan, Sarah, and Tiffany! Keep up the good work!
favorite podcast ever!
do yourself a favor & listen to swish and flick. it’ll nurture your need for harry potter and laughter 😊
This Podcast
Geez people need to chill. If you don’t like something move on. There’s no reason to bash something or someone because of different taste. Remember different strokes for different folks. I for one look forward to new episodes, and am a member of patron. I love the merch as well! So try it out and if you don’t like move on.
These girls are the best! Seriously. I’m so glad I started listening. I actually joined their group on Facebook before I listened... the group was AMAZING. My timeline was getting filled with positive posts and Harry Potter memes that cracked me up. I then started listening... this was my first podcast that I ever listened to. I was listening shortly before I got married and it was an AMAZING stress relief. I then moved away from family to another state and now Swish and Flick helps me feel like I’m home. The thing I love best about these girls is that they show that they are HUMAN! They make mistakes (but then are corrected or correct themselves), they laugh (a lot), they talk about HP from so many different points of view, and most importantly they just care about and love people. They are very involved in the Facebook group and make time to love on us Swishers. If you’re looking for an incredibly serious and deep podcast, this is not it. Although they can be serious and deep, someone always starts joking and laughing (which makes it great). It’s 4 girls discussing HP so of course they’re going to go on tangents, but they always bring it back. The podcast gives me so much joy and so many smiles as I listen. These girls are truly amazing. So basically, if you like fun things, you’ll like them. If you’re boring and don’t like fun, you won’t 😂
Perfect Podcast
These girls are seriously the best!!! They’re so funny, energetic and never fail to keep my attention!! They have a true love for Harry Potter and are never afraid to share their ideas and theories, even if they aren’t popular. They truly love their fans and it shows! I recommend this podcast to every Harry Potter fan I know! Thank you girls for all your hard work and time!
Fantastic Podcast for Potter lovers!
This podcast is so much fun to listen to! The hosts break down the books and discuss common themes throughout the series, theories, and more. You can tell the hosts are really good friends as their episodes are filled with laughs and fun conversation. Definitely give this podcast a listen!!
Great pod, but are the hosts getting big heads?
Ok, I’ve been an avid listener for over a year now. I’ve always loved you girls and your Potter knowledge. I look forward to listening and it’s one of my favorite podcasts... But something was said recently that rubbed me the wrong way... I understand that funds are needed to keep things running, so we can enjoy listening to our favorite story. But I don’t think it’s appropriate for you guys to ask people to be a patron to pay for an overseas trip so you can go to the London studios and make a podcast to tell us all about it. I mean, let’s just call it what it is, a VACATION... I’m sure all of us would love to keep our money and pay for our OWN vacation to see it ourselves, in person, not pay to just simply hear about it. Most of us haven’t been overseas once, much less multiple times, like some of the hosts... Not trying to be rude and I really do love you guys, but seriously?... I’d love to support you so you can continue to make this podcast. And call me selfish, but will I take part in financially supporting someone else’s vacation when taking my own seems impossible? I don’t think so.
My Potter story
My Potter story is I read the first 5ish books and stopped while in second grade and finished them all in third grade in 2017. In fourth grade (2018) I finished them all from May 25 or 30 and finished them on September 21 at the beginning of the school year. You guys are so fun and I love you! You bring back my 8 year old memories and I love it! I am a ravenclaw with pukewidge as my Ilvermorny house. My patronus is a mink and my wand is 11’ Rowan wood with a dragon heartstring core and surprisingly swishy flexibility. I think I’m like Luna or Hermione. I have a theory though, that Hermione actually loved Draco. I ship Dramonie! Love you guys! You are so inspiring and I hope you feature me in an episode because I’m only 11 and have to listen to you late at night. I gtg but I love you🥰❤️🙀😘😗😙😚😻💋❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟🌸🌹🌷🌺💐🦄👑🕶
Yea buddy!
I love reliving my first thoughts on HP. And the in depth look into why things are the way they are is really interesting. Love the podcast!
Awesome, but too loud.
I really like the content. But the tangents are too much. It is difficult to keep on listening about soo many different things rather than HP. And the very loud laughs should be edited. I generally listen to this while I am working and like podasts in background, but the really loud laughs and accents are distracting. I can listen for more than 30 mins before of the loud nature. But even after saying this I really love the content. I wish you would make these few changes.
The best Potter podcast
h potter lover
The best 🤗🤩🤗🤩 I love it 🥰 so good
So much fun!
James Weible
I find myself laughing outloud every episode. These ladies are so much fun, so kind, and their love for the Wizarding World is so great it's like a warm blanket every episode.
Kind of annoying
I just started from the beginning and I love the idea for this podcast, however the one girl’s accent (Sarah?) is just too much for me. She also doesn’t seem to even know much about the books. Tiffany is the one who brings the conversations back to actually discussing HP. A lot of the episodes are filled with unnecessary tangents about how none of them can read or speak and they cackle constantly about it. I appreciate the friendships and get that they’re probably slap happy during some of the recording, but the singing and talking about personal stuff the listeners are clueless to just gets super annoying. I’ll probably keep listening because I love HP, but I definitely fast forward through a lot of the laughing and annoying-ness. Oh and ENOUGH WITH THE BELL. It lost its meaning once you started using it for every number and every color
It’s Okay
First few episodes are ROUGH but I was hopeful that the rest would be good. (My cousin recommended the podcast and I trust her judgement.) But jeez. The hosts go on FOREVER on tangents that are often not only not about the chapter, but not about Harry Potter at all. We get it, you’re friends. But it makes no sense to the rest of us. Also they have a tendency to talk over one another, and it makes the conversation really hard to follow. The editing is minimal and really needs to be improved. We don’t need to hear 15 minutes of laughing at a joke. Please continue with the analysis of the chapter. I think the intended building of a community is great. However, one host in particular comes across as extremely judgmental despite all of them saying how important it is to be “kind” to one another. In addition, all of the hosts could do with reevaluating their tone and approach when they get reviews they don’t like. We give reviews so that you can improve. I would think that after you get reviews mentioning that you should stop dinging the bell for every color, you would consider that you should ding the bell for the important ones only, as you originally intended. Or that we don’t want to hear you laugh at inside jokes, you would edit that out. Lastly, for the FB groups. If not already done (I don’t know-I haven’t had FB in years), it would be a good idea to publicly post the rules for all to see so that you don’t have to address it in your podcast and come across as somewhat self-righteous. The tone was completely inappropriate and demeaning. “Don’t message me individually.” “I won’t accept your friend request.” Etc. There is a much better way to create boundaries without lecturing your listeners. I’d like to continue to listen all the way to 7, but I’m doubtful as the last few months of episodes have been disappointing. I’ve stopped recommending this to others because of the reasons listed above.
All things Potter!
I LOVE this podcast! The four hosts are each amazing women and know more about Potter than anyone I’ve ever met. They do great deep dives into theories and the story and cover basically every other part of the Potter universe as well. I also love their tangents - they give me life. Definitely listen to this podcast if you need more Potter in your life!!
Fave podcast
This is my fave podcast to listen to, you guys were the first podcast I’ve listened to and you are what made me love them! Thank you so much for your fun banter and weekly uploads, I feel like I’m in a real conversation with you when I’m listening I’m so glad to have found some fellow geeks! Thanks so much for making a great environment/community- Novah an one year listener/ lover
Best podcast
This is an amazing podcast and swish and flick you are amazing.
Mix of everything
Ridiculous princess
I love the lightning bolt rounds I love the debates and I love love Harry Potter and I love how you guys all get along I think you guys are so cool and the first time I read the first book I got hooked I love all the books
Such a great podcast! So glad I found them!!! Made me start my own relisten!
I’m a huge Potterhead and am in the new generation so don’t have many people to talk about Harry Potter with. I stumbled across this podcast 2 weeks ago and am IN LOVE😍! i’m not ready to be caught up and not have multiple episodes to be able to listen to a day!!! I love how funny you guys are and how in depth you go. your with me when i wake up and when i fall asleep and in between with chores and homework. High school can be rly stressful and i just started so thank you for the distraction and happiness you bring me! You make me feel like i’m right there with you laughing along! I’m a Gryffindor and Fred, Lily, and Hermione are my favorite characters! (I look just like hermione with rly curly brown hair)😄 I started reading the books when i was 11 and finished in a couple months. Sarah, Megan, Tiffany, and Katie you guys are the best podcast ever!❤️❤️❤️ Never stop plssss! even when the books are done! AGAIN THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!🥰🥰 you brighten my day when i listen to you! Don’t let the muggles get you down!
It’s lit 🔥🔥🔥
I love this it is so lit because I love Harry Potter go griffindor
Merlin’s pants! This podcast is brilliant!
Isadora Hooper
After finishing the series for the first time I knew immediately after the epilogue what I was going to do next. Re-read all of them. But I came across this podcast before I started and it’s making my re-read so much more insightful. I am so delighted to learn SO much amazing information about the Wizarding world. Love every minute of the magical podcast! (Shout out to Harry for not putting his name in the goblet of fire)
The BEST Harry Potter Podcast!
5 lightning bolt scars for this podcast! Each of these women feels like a friend and they break down each chapter of Harry Potter in a way I think about whenever I read the books! Like Hogwarts, each episode feels like it’s welcoming me back home to the wizarding world! Swish & Flick is the Lumos in a dark day. Ladies, thank you for giving me something to look forward to each week! ⚡️
HP love
Finally diving back into the Wizarding world again after a long hiatus. Loveeeeee this podcast! I feel like I’m sitting with everyone speaking ❤️ #griffindorpride 🦁
Such a good podcast!!🦡
I love this podcast! You guys are hilarious! Thank you for making this and keep up the good work!💛🖤🦡💛🖤
I only have 3 podcasts. But one day when I was listening to Fantastic Geeks Brizzy and Tessa were talking about how amazing they were and so I thought I would check them out and it is so worth it! You guys are amazing! Sending my Hufflepuff love!!! - Olivia
I love this podcast!
Flipping Time
I recently found this podcast and love it so much! I love talking with people about Harry Potter but none of my friends really like it so when I listen to this podcast it makes me so happy to listen to this. I love how that go in-depth into the books. This podcast is perfect for me! I love listening to in during long car rides and I listen to it before I fall asleep too! I love it so much! Thank you swish and flick! Please continue making episodes! P.S My mom works with Aubry Vonck and I think that’s is sooo cool that your guys know each other!
So awesome!
I listen to this podcast every day and every night before I go to sleep and I can never wait for Sunday’s when it comes out! I love Florence and all the episodes that you guys do. Keep Calm and Swish on!
Yee master 5000
Little Llamacorn
Best Podcast EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ep. 104: The Pensieve
Hey everybody! So, anyway...y’all are talking about how memories are shown when you’re in the Pensieve, like it’s a television show and not from the memory-maker’s point of view. I think THIS shows that Harry Potter is NOT a Seer. Harry’s visions of Voldemort in the Riddle House, his visions of the Department of Mysteries...they aren’t prophetic, and therefore don’t qualify Harry as a Seer. Instead, they are how memories or imaginings are transmitted to Harry, just as the memories in the Pensieve are transmitted to him. So that’s my two cents. Love you all, and have a great week!
Love this can’t wait for Sunday’s when it comes out!!!
I don’t even know where to begin. You ladies are undeniably amazing! You’re all intelligent and hilarious and I am obsessed with listening to every episode. I cannot get enough! There’s so much content and anecdotes and so many thought provoking questions. I find myself joining in on the conversations as if I am having coffee with the four of you, having the discussion in real life. If you love Harry Potter and the world Jo Rowling created, this is the perfect podcast for you. Love you ladies!!!
Absolutely Percect
These four magnificent hosts are... magnificent. They are hilarious, accepting and well informed. Everything about each episode is entertaining. Even the tangents, which do happen, are so fun to listen to. I’m so grateful they have made this podcast.
Kate-Kat Gryfindor
This podcast is amazing and it helped me get though a hard time in 2018. I love how long they have gotten so that I can listen to one episode until the next comes out!
Best podcast ever!!
Love this podcast it is so fun to listen to while doing work at our farm! And my only complaint is that Alana isn’t on it enough ;) love you guys!
Fan fiction I love to listen to you
What if Harry was in slitherin and he hated Ron and was the leader of Malfoy? You can Elaborate
ha ha harry potter
Harry p0mmer
I own all the books and now I read them
Great ❤️
I’m in love with this podcast!!!!! A must listen!!!!!!!! If you watch from the beginning the audio is a bit fuzzy but it gets much much better ...this podcast changed my life for the better! It’s very fun and funny also!!!!
These girls are my favourite. I have ALWAYS 😉 loved Harry Potter and this was my first podcast. The only complaint would be that it was too short. It’s hard to put in words since I have been part of the community since the beginning of the show. I support you guys. This is a podcast that I would ( and have ) recommend to people. I love how they are all so happy and close. I love that people can get together and talk about something they love so often.
Really good podcast
This group of four friends has created a wonderful Harry Potter community on Facebook. It’s an extension of the podcast. The podcast is uplifting, fun, informative, and inclusive.
Love this podcast
Hannah Boc
I only started listening to this podcast a few months ago but I already love it so much. These girls are so funny and so fun to listen to. Thanks so much for this amazing podcast, as it has brought me so much joy, and inspired me to participate more in the HP community. I love you all!
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