Conscious Discipline Implementation at a Migrant Head Start Program
Published October 4, 2019
20 min
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    Migrant farmworkers in the United States face many unique challenges. They earn an average total income of $15,000-$17,500 while working 10-12 hours a day for six days a week. Due to these long hours, parents have little quality time to spend with their children. They are exposed to toxic pesticides and often exploited. Migrant farmworkers are also transient, moving from place to place and often living in substandard conditions. Naturally, working with these families and their children presents unique challenges as well. Dr. Becky Bailey sat down with Gilda Gonzalez, the program coordinator for the Riverside County Office of Education Migrant Head Start in El Centro, California to discuss how Conscious Discipline can help address these issues. Listen in to learn about the challenges Gilda sees daily, how she’s working to implement Conscious Discipline, and why she calls it “a transformational program that works.” Essential Takeaways • The Migrant Head Start program sees children responding to stress with aggression and withdrawal. Classrooms implementing Conscious Discipline have noted reductions in these behaviors. They write fewer referrals and make fewer phone calls to parents about challenging behaviors. • The program is starting slowly with Conscious Discipline, training teachers and implementing deep breathing, greetings, and goodbyes. Some teachers have chosen to go above and beyond. • Gilda’s program also uses the Conscious Discipline Parent Education Curriculum. Because parents are so busy, they incorporate some of the activities during home visits. The parents enjoy the curriculum and have requested more. • Although academics are important, Gilda has found the social emotional piece to be even more significant. It has made a difference in her personal life and in the lives of children, families, and staff. Important Links • ( • Professional Development ( • Conscious Discipline Parent Education Curriculum Results Published in Peer Reviewed Journal ( Product Mentions • Greeting Apron ( • Standard Parent Education Pack ( • Award-Winning Conscious Discipline E-Course: Building Resilient Schools and Homes ( • Creating the School Family ( Show Outline 0:21 What is Conscious Discipline? 0:52 Migrant Head Start programs and the lives of migrant farmworkers 5:07 Introduction of guest Gilda Gonzalez 6:03 Information about Gilda’s Migrant Head Start program 6:58 Challenges faced in the program 8:52 Implementing Conscious Discipline 10:40 Parent Education Curriculum 12:48 Results of Conscious Discipline implementation 14:41 Favorite success stories 17:30 Importance of social emotional learning 19:24 What’s Becky up to? 19:51 What’s Becky celebrating? THANK YOU FOR LISTENING There are many ways you could have spent this time today, but you chose to spend it with me and I am grateful. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it with others via your favorite social media platforms.
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