Be the Change for Children
Published June 14, 2019
25 min
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    Every February, Conscious Discipline hosts the Advanced Institute, also known as CD2. CD2 is limited to 48 participants. During this transformative week, each participant presents a ten-minute session on how they’re implementing Conscious Discipline and the results they’ve seen. In this episode, you’ll listen in on CD2 presentations from Rachel Frasier and Alissa McGraw. Rachel is a dance specialist at a magnet school in Raleigh, North Carolina. Alissa teaches fourth grade at Palm City Elementary in Palm City, Florida, where she was once the only teacher implementing Conscious Discipline. Both Rachel and Alissa share insight into their implementation, as well as powerful examples of how they’ve used Conscious Discipline to transform the lives of children. Essential Takeaways  Children who exhibit behaviors labeled “attention-seeking” are searching for connection. Instead of responding by isolating the child or removing them from the room, make a conscious effort to consistently connect with the child.  Helpful activities can include visuals, daily commitments, and ensuring that the child “has a person” they can go to at the school.  Be the change you want to see. Even if you’re the lone teacher implementing Conscious Discipline at your school, keep doing what is best for children. Other teachers will notice, and interest will grow. Steps for Tomorrow  Shift your perception of “attention-seeking” behaviors and label them “connection-seeking” instead. Find a person for the child, and work on building connection. In Rachel’s case, the student met with her every morning to set a daily commitment and foster connection through activities like I Love You Rituals.  Children who engage in physical behaviors or anxious behaviors (e.g. pulling their hair) need safety. When Alissa allowed her student to go to the Safe Place and/or to draw at her desk when she felt overwhelmed, the girl’s behaviors and life changed dramatically.  Stay the course. Even if you’re the only teacher implementing Conscious Discipline at your school, don’t get discouraged. Alissa started her journey alone and now holds two monthly meetings for a group of 25 teachers implementing Conscious Discipline. Important Links  (  Conscious Discipline School Family (  Professional Development Opportunities (  Shubert’s School (  Certified Instructor Rachel Frasier ( Show Outline 0:21 What is Conscious Discipline? 1:13 About CD2, introduction of guests Rachel Frasier and Alissa McGraw 2:56 Why specialists play an important role in school-wide implementation 3:50 Background about Rachel’s school and family 5:34 Rachel’s story about becoming a second-grade student’s “person” 11:26 How Conscious Discipline impacted the second-grade student 13:12 Background on Alissa’s family 15:04 Alissa’s introduction to Conscious Discipline 16:20 Alissa’s story of how Conscious Discipline transformed a third-grade student’s life 18:30 Growth of Conscious Discipline at Alissa’s school 19:44 I Care Club 21:43 Where Alissa’s Conscious Discipline journey is now 23:03 What’s Becky up to? 24:00 What’s Becky celebrating? THANK YOU FOR LISTENING There are many ways you could have spent this time today, but you chose to spend it with me and I am grateful. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it with others via your favorite social media platforms.
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