Conscious Discipline and Consequences
Published September 14, 2018
34 min
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    Have you noticed that the same children repeatedly receive the same consequences, often with no significant change in behavior? This is because most people have confused consequences with punishment. In Conscious Discipline, we differentiate consequences from punishment in very significant ways. The first six skills of Conscious Discipline build an essential foundation that allows the seventh skill, consequences, to be effective. With this foundation in place, consequences work, and lasting behavior change is possible. Without this foundation, our response to behavior will continue to be ineffective. In this episode, Becky Bailey and guest Amy Niemeier discuss the transformational power of Conscious Discipline consequences. Amy has been in education for 18 years and is in her seventh year as the principal of Slate Run Elementary School. She is also a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. Under Amy’s leadership, Conscious Discipline implementation at Slate Run has resulted in a tremendous culture shift and a 70% decrease in office referrals. Listen as Amy discusses her success with Conscious Discipline consequences, why they’re effective, and how you can achieve similar results. Important Links • ( • Amy Niemeier, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor ( • Conscious Discipline Brain State Model ( • Brain Smart Start ( • I Love You Rituals ( • Creating the Habit of Noticing ( Show Outline :20 What is Conscious Discipline? 3:07 Where are the consequences in Conscious Discipline? 3:34 Addressing common myths about consequences 5:39 Three types of consequences 7:21 Difference between consequences and punishment 7:50 Introduction of guest Amy Niemeier 9:11 Five-year results of Conscious Discipline implementation at Amy’s school 14:21 Amy’s understanding of consequences vs. punishment 15:41 Success story: 70% decrease in office referrals 16:12 How to help staff shift from punishing to teaching skills 17:53 Why punishments don’t work with disconnected kids 18:58 Effectiveness of natural consequences 20:33 Effectiveness of logical consequences 21:12 Practicing consequences in personal life 22:51 Amy’s personal success story 26:44 Impact of Conscious Discipline on behavior support plan at Amy’s school 28:48 Why consequences are the seventh Conscious Discipline skill 29:44 Three steps for making consequences effective 33:25 What’s Becky celebrating? 33:48 What’s Becky up to? On behalf of our Conscious Discipline family, we wish you well.
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