Love it!!!
I love this podcast ❤️❤️ thank you Oprah 🙏🙏 not only you have amazing speakers that inspire me but also the way you explain their concepts in such easy words for anybody to follow them . May God bless you always 🤗
Super Soul Conversations helped me when I was severely depressed and gave me hope. There were times when I couldn’t leave my bed and all I could do is reach for my phone and look for something to lift me up and this podcast did just that. I am grateful to have found this of which I’ve shared with friends along the way. I have a list of my favorite episodes that I put on from time to time that give me that boost to commence the day. Thank you Oprah and your team for giving me inspiration to not give up.
Appreciate her guests, let them speak!
I’ve stopped listening to this podcast - Oprah’s constant interruptions, finishing people’s sentences is incredibly annoying and disrespectful to her guests. She needs to find another format to download all she has to say and realize that an interview is not the time to show the world more of who you are, rather to let the audience learn more about the guest.
Interrupting guests
scared senior
Do not like to hear Oprah continue to interrupt her guests. Seems rude and less than respectful. GC
Love hearing Iyanla and Oprah in conversation.
Please please please record a series of life lesson conversations between Oprah and Iyanla. These two are my most treasured guru’s, and I always feel so full after hearing them speak together. Maybe the topics could circle around Black women and self-recovery? Just a dream I’m tossin’ into the ether. I have so much gratitude for all the SuperSoul content thus far. I’m 24, and I’ve been listening for over a year now, and I feel as if I can credit this podcast for a significant increase in my health and well-being. Thank you!!
MA Travel Dreamer
Oprah’s super soul conversations have opened my heart, healed me, guided me, and given me hope. When listening, I feel that I am on a journey of personal growth together with oprah. Thank you so much for this gift. But Oprah!! Bring back the woke people!
OPRAH - Always improving & Simply Amazing!
My best memories as a child are watching Oprah with my Mom on our windmill pattern couch with Lays potato chips & a shared Coke (before Coke thought it cool to share a Coke). Of course, we eat better now because we know better, Thanks O!. We shared our most open conversations with Oprah’s lead & choice of topics. We don’t see eye to eye always, but we understand, value & appreciate each other’s opinions because she taught us how to listen to each other. We appreciate each other & coexist happily while still gently challenging each other; Peace as the most important Goal. I did multiple essays on Oprah in elementary school. She has always been an influential public figure in my experiences, challenging my level of empathy, forgiveness & contemplation. We can’t wait to see her in Charlotte January 18th! I have evolved with her ongoing, objective journalism. She obviously can’t help but shine though her work & she is simply brilliantly heart centered.
Oprah ♥️
I love this podcast so much. I’ve been listening for the entirety of 2019 and it’s helped me in so many ways. One more than one occasion I’ve listened to multiple episodes over and over that have had a profound impact on my well being. The ones with Eckhart and the one back in March where Oprah was “finding her truth” and she reads a maya Angelou poem. I love Oprah so much. Going to her in Feb in Dallas 💕💕💕 thank you Oprah for all that you do
So grateful
OMG I just listened to yet another amazing interview by Oprah. Lady Gaga amazes and touches my heart. Oprah thanks for all your interviews. I’m 58 and have learned so much about the world from these talks. I’ve never been a tv person but I listen as I drove and when the work I’m doing allows it. Bless you all.
Maria highly recommends this podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. Highly recommend it, because no matter what you are going through this podcast will hit every topic and it will touch you in many positive ways.
The most kind and understanding woman
I love this podcast. Oprah is a wonderful example of who we should aspire to be. She asks the best questions and is a wonderful listener. Such an uplifting podcast!
Journey of internally Search
I deeply appreciate the importance of soul searching. The journey of internally search with soul Sunday has continued to open my mind and soul with the part me that I’m not aware. Thank you!
I absolutely love Oprah super Soul, it is filled with so much goodness that we can apply to our own lives. It also validated many things that we all go through and to know that we are not alone. I listen to several over and over again. It’s by far the BEST podcast. Oprah is such an inspiration.
Advertisements are not on point
Who's in charge of these advertisements? Does Oprah listen to the podcasts? I would think she'd notice that they're usually contrary to the purpose. The people listening and inspired by these podcasts are making an effort to grow their awareness, be more conscious and grounded. Most of the podcasts here are amazing tools and help move the needle in our planets collective consciousness. A lot of the advertisements are about something completely unrelated to the podcast topic and audience as a whole. Imagine listening to & getting inspired by the podcast with Suzy Amis promoting and teaching about what changing to one meal a day to a plant based meal and all the good it does for your health and the planet, then it's interrupted by an advertisement for some Asian chicken bowl and boars head deli meat ¯\(°_O)/¯ It's like listening to a soothing meditation and right when your fully in it, an advertisement comes on from YouTube, snaps you right out lol. it definitely made me question how much Oprah and the people helping produce these really believe in the ideas they're talking about. I get it these things cost money and the companies promoting the things that are bad for you but your ego will be satisfied with, have the most money so we'll push them👍🏻 "practice what you preach." Love the podcasts though.
Love this except the ads
So nice to have the super soul conversations on the go and. It limited to OWN. Always quality as in everything Oprah does. She selects guests she is truly inspired by. My only suggestion are the ads. Today on the OMD topic, encouraging one plant-based meal to help the planet was an ad for deli meat! What? Also frequent ads for dairy milk promoting its health. Responsible advertising matters too.
Hire a podcast studio to produce this plz
Hi again. I’d love to update this to a five star review. However that’s not the case. I’m trying to listen to the episode with Pema as a guest. I adjust my volume to Oprahs intro to the show. Great. Then Oprah gives another intro to the episode. It’s way lower so I raise the volume. Ok. THEN my ears are blasted because the actual interview is mega loud! Tell your mix engineer to fix your levels and get a peak limiter in that session. Get the LUFFS right so our ears aren’t blasted. This is like podcasting 101. I’m seriously only coming back to this show because it’s Oprah and I love her, but I’m very disappointed in the sound quality of this. I would totally listen more consistently if it was well produced. I would LOVE if Oprah had a well produced show. I’d just love it. Oprah, if you’re reading this, you deserve a better podcast than this. Mix engineer or producer, hi, I’m sure you’re trying your best but please, please, please think of the listener when you make this. Please just make some inspo Oprah content that will gently lull me to bed. Please and thank you. ❤️ My previous review.... I love Oprah so much. But PLEASE add content warnings if there is talk of rape or other violence. I listen to this podcast to relax before falling asleep (Oprah’s voice is so soothing and the spirituality talks are comforting) but the most recent episode about “warning signs” had two stories of rapes not even 10 minutes in. This was unexpected for me, and certainly not what I wanted to hear before bed. Please think of your audience of assault survivors, sleepy people, people listening with children, or other listeners who might not want to hear about violence and near murders. Thanks.
One of my favorites
This is easily one of my favorite podcasts. Oprah and her guests share so much wisdom and insight on life - it’s a must listen! Oprah is one of the greatest teachers of our time, she is a wise and gentle soul. I’m so happy to have this podcast to learn from her and her guests.
A breath of fresh air
Linda Cort
As someone who was forced to mature at such an early stage in life, I have applied some of these things to my life that Oprah shared in her podcast such as “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them” My parents divorce affected my childhood a lot to the point where I always applied that saying as a kid (I never liked having a big group of friends) I was always alone in peace and tranquillity and my best friend was a popular girl but we only spoke when she was without all her other friends... And as a teenager I applied this during my high school years, I only had 2 boyfriends, I never had a long relationship because once the boys showed me a glimpse of who they really where I believed them and I didn’t care if I loved them so much and that I was going to be hurt I simply ended the relationship and never turned back. I’ve had plenty of time to think alone and learn from my parents and friends/family mistakes. I wish a lot of people could learn this more and apply it in life and this podcast will give many people that. Everyone deserves a breath of fresh air.
Oprah is my Queen
Paola Rosser
I love this podcast, I listen to it daily. She has the most amazing guests and Oprah’s voice is so soothing. You are missing out on great wisdom and knowledge if you don’t tune in.
Know my name
As someone who has NEVER said a word about my own sexual assaults, it brought me to tears listening to the story of Chanell as if it was my own. I always thought that i did something to deserve it, but her words at the end cheered for me to speak my truth. Thank you Oprah for interviewing a woman who had just the words I needed to hear so I can process my hurt.
I love the in-sight!!!:)
I believe Oprah teaches a real in-sight on becoming a better person...I’m loving it!!!!especially when eckhardt tolle and Oprah discuss issues on chapter 8 “discover your inner space”he explained an issue using the flower as a metaphor.its was as if I discovered an eclipse...mind,body and soul!!! “No better better than...” thank you for your insight on making this a great day...
Amazing show, just please look at audio levels
In some of the episodes, the audio is very quiet or goes up and down between the ads and the episode content. That’s all. My fave podcast.
Dean Ornish interview
While I loved hearing Dr Ornish’s interview about his decades of proving how powerful lifestyle interventions can be, it is absolutely absurd that the interview was interrupted by a paid advertisements for White Castle fast food hamburgers. Dr Ornish’s program proves the whole food plant-based is key!! Dr Ornish gets a 5 star but the advertising gets a 0!!
Disappointed with Sponsors of this podcast
I love Oprah, but... I’ve only listened to three episodes, but I was disappointed that there was a Boar’s Head Delhi meat commercial in the middle of the podcast talking about going meatless. Also talking about how we should avoid dairy and gotmilk was a sponsor as well as White Castle being a sponsor. Disclaimer: I eat meat and dairy and even occasionally eat a White Castle, but these sponsors seem so hypocritical to me. It was really disappointing that they would in one breath tell you about these things being bad, but then advertise to you that you should buy them.
Introduced to Oprah’s and Eckhart’s “A New Earth” podcast series by a friend, my life has been forever changed. Too much to write here. But I will share, when I know better, I must be better. I’m far BETTER! SN: I’m now a podcast junkie! Lol
No meat=Boar's Head??
meat or no meat?
Your episode about One Meal a Day that suggested people leave animal products behind contained an advertisement for Boar's Head meat!
Love the content, ads need to be overhauled
Love Oprah’s podcasts and look froward to each new episode. Recently however I have been confused and disappointed by advertisements that are in direct conflict with the message of the podcast. Recent episodes advocating for the transition to a plant based diet such as those with Dean Ornish and Suzy Amis Cameron are punctuated by ads from both the dairy industry and perhaps even more shockingly Boars Head deli meat? You can’t be sending the message that plant based eating is important for health and essential to curbing climate change while also helping these industries to continue inflicting their harms on people and the planet, not to mention the animals. Whoever is managing these ads needs to check themselves.
Life Saver
Ohoyo Tushka
Super Soul Conversations have literally saved me. Two years ago I hit the darkest place I’d ever been. I found Super Soul Conversations and started devouring the podcasts like life-saving bread. Every morning and sometimes evenings too, I would listen. The inspiration and thoughtfulness from every interview helped hold me up as I was slowly rebuilding my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have deeply touched a life that you may never know.❤️
A prayer, a meditation, and an ever present gratitude
Every morning, when I make breakfast I listening on Oprah’s conversations with some thought-changing or provoking leader. I don’t always relate to the topic but I always learn something. I always come away feeling more broken open and more aware of the life that I’m living. The spiritual journey in a human existence. I love the references back to such golden nuggets like Rainn Wilson’s definition of prayer and Gary Zukav’s take on when personality serves the soul and of course (!!!!) Ms. Maya Angelou’s definition of LEGACY (le sigh). Devon Franklin’s bathroom moment that brought about my own!! Starting my mornings with SSC is a prayer, a meditation, and could easily always be on my gratitude list. This show, and more so, Oprah has changed my life little by little throughout the years. My only sadness is that I’m not sure what I’ll listen to every single day when I’m caught up on all the podcasts. So because if this I bought tickets to the 2020 tour in LA for my 40th Bday. That should keep me super soul charged for a while. If you haven’t listened, listen. Open your ears and your heart. I can’t think of a better way to start my day.
If it’s not for charity, ditch the ads...
So the advertising always seemed misplaced to me for this type of “soulfull” content coming from someone who is already incredibly wealthy. And yesterday was just too much, when the show went directly from talking about the harm that meat production causes to the environment straight into Boar’s Head advertising - within the span pf 30 seconds. Full on from “I made the change to one plant based meal a day to save the environment” to “Fresh roasted beef from the deli counter is the thing for you listener” in the span of no seconds. Do you really want to be cashing out on this one, Oprah? When in the realm of “spiritual” ideas, topics, leaders we can recognize who is in it for the fame and cash, and who is in it for the greater good of humanity. Your intentions appear blurred, Oprah, and it was especially obvious today. Here’s a “tweetable moment” for you - a person with pure intentions to help others(oh, and happens to be a billionaire) is compromising themselves by selling out to advertising, I’d say, unless that revenue is going to some cause for the greater good. If the advertising revenue is going towards charity, I apologize, but even so it still seems misplaced.
Meat sponsor for a plant based episode?
fuchsia b
Extremely disappointed to hear a Boar’s Head deli meat ad during the episode with Cameron promoting a plant based diet. Could it be anymore hypocritical? DO BETTER!
Please stop promoting animal agriculture
make me you fool
I love this podcast, and I love Oprah! BUT I am astounded that Oprah - a woke, amazing, spiritual teacher and communicator - continues to promote the false positivity of animal agriculture. First the dairy industry - horrifically abusive and now directly linked to breast cancer in women - and now the egg industry! Male chicks are still ground alive, and no matter how humanly the hens are raised, they still suffer tortuous transport, mutilation, and death. Just stop, Oprah! Find sponsors who support your values. This is disheartening to say the least
Suzy Amis Cameron: One Meal A Day
Oprah, really a Boars Head commercial in the middle of this podcast? Could you not have chosen more supportive and positive commercial content that would align with the message that this podcast episode is trying to send to the world?!
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Oprah, host of the Super Soul Conversations podcast, highlights all aspects of authors, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Ms Joy Harjo
Such an amazingly beautiful story. I was listening while working in my yard, I talk to my plants, trees, bugs and all. I feel a deep connection while outdoors and you just brought it all to a luminary light for me. I’m sorry I have never heard of your poetry, I will now purchase your book and I am so grateful to my wonderful spiritual sister Oprah for bringing you to all of us. Oprah truly is a Soul Sister and I am full of gratitude for this beautiful spirit connecting all of us. Sincerely thankful, ❤️ t.simon
More Joy
I just listened to the conversation with Ms. Joy Harjo and it was so amazingly beautiful. Listening to hear speak with the birds chirping around her made this even more special. Honestly, I have never heard of her before this and plan to buy her books. Such a thoughtful woman.
Oprah.... let the guest speak
I get it’s her channel. But she over talks the person and keeps cutting in. It’s SO annoying. Don’t invite people to your space if you can’t let them tell their story. On many episodes, on sensitive subjects (suicide) she just blatantly and almost is desensitized to it & it comes off cold... I can’t listen to this woman.
Bob is impressive
His integrity shines through every decision he’s made personally and professionally. Reminds me of my own dad. I too wish he’d run for President, now more than EVER. Thanks for sharing his story!
Bob for president.
let down listener
1/2 way through this interview, my husband and I paused this podcast and discussed that this man should run for president. What’s more important than to save the world?
One of my favorites!
Definitely one of the best podcasts out there! Enjoy every episode.
My soul food
Whenever I need a life, this is my go to podcast. There is always something in it that helps me feel good about myself and others. I believe people are basically good but many have lost their way. Here is a way home for all!
anonymous Jae
Great podcast, I love the variety! And focus on spiritual, mental, relational, and health improvement
Channel Miller
Ginagina Smith
I have listened to her audio book: courageous woman who has turned a horrific situation into a positive force for change.
Joyful Moments
I listen everyday on my way into work and get a little calmer, more peaceful and focused. The words of wisdom shared on this podcast bring me joy, everyday and great dinner conversation every night. Thank you Oprah! You are one of my heros and a best friend though we may never meet.
Have to echo many other reviewers in how off base Oprah was in happily following Malcolm Gladwell in his summation of the Stanford rape as fundamentally about alcohol. The rapist himself who got off with a slap on the wrist only owned up to drinking too much. I’d strongly encourage Oprah and her minions to reread the victim’s statement- and be prepared to do some more nuanced and better researched discussion on the topic. Guess after so many years you can still screw up royally, Oprah.
Great content, shady advertising
Love the episode with Dean and Anne Ornosh but the “Got Milk” advertisment just seems so off knowing all the side effects lactose has on the human body. Giving this episode one less star because of that. Part of creating high quality content means having smart sponsored partnerships. I know Oprah can do better!
Anti stimulating
Simon C72
This show should be called the Dumbification of the soul
aunt susi
I loved loved loved Cybil and Ali Talk about their age. And the process. I am not aging well. Not done living yet. ❤️❤️❤️
Malcom Gladwell
His last book is full of insufferable pretentious pauses (audible)and the entire Sandra Bland portion is not about “misinterpretation” or not understanding each other. He attempts to understand and explain- but is not accurate or sensible he has lost credibility with me and others. Took me 10,000 hours to figure that out. Had to stop this podcast 3 min in.
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