Ms Joy Harjo
Such an amazingly beautiful story. I was listening while working in my yard, I talk to my plants, trees, bugs and all. I feel a deep connection while outdoors and you just brought it all to a luminary light for me. I’m sorry I have never heard of your poetry, I will now purchase your book and I am so grateful to my wonderful spiritual sister Oprah for bringing you to all of us. Oprah truly is a Soul Sister and I am full of gratitude for this beautiful spirit connecting all of us. Sincerely thankful, ❤️ t.simon
More Joy
I just listened to the conversation with Ms. Joy Harjo and it was so amazingly beautiful. Listening to hear speak with the birds chirping around her made this even more special. Honestly, I have never heard of her before this and plan to buy her books. Such a thoughtful woman.
Oprah.... let the guest speak
I get it’s her channel. But she over talks the person and keeps cutting in. It’s SO annoying. Don’t invite people to your space if you can’t let them tell their story. On many episodes, on sensitive subjects (suicide) she just blatantly and almost is desensitized to it & it comes off cold... I can’t listen to this woman.
Bob is impressive
His integrity shines through every decision he’s made personally and professionally. Reminds me of my own dad. I too wish he’d run for President, now more than EVER. Thanks for sharing his story!
Bob for president.
let down listener
1/2 way through this interview, my husband and I paused this podcast and discussed that this man should run for president. What’s more important than to save the world?
One of my favorites!
Definitely one of the best podcasts out there! Enjoy every episode.
My soul food
Whenever I need a life, this is my go to podcast. There is always something in it that helps me feel good about myself and others. I believe people are basically good but many have lost their way. Here is a way home for all!
anonymous Jae
Great podcast, I love the variety! And focus on spiritual, mental, relational, and health improvement
Channel Miller
Ginagina Smith
I have listened to her audio book: courageous woman who has turned a horrific situation into a positive force for change.
Joyful Moments
I listen everyday on my way into work and get a little calmer, more peaceful and focused. The words of wisdom shared on this podcast bring me joy, everyday and great dinner conversation every night. Thank you Oprah! You are one of my heros and a best friend though we may never meet.
Have to echo many other reviewers in how off base Oprah was in happily following Malcolm Gladwell in his summation of the Stanford rape as fundamentally about alcohol. The rapist himself who got off with a slap on the wrist only owned up to drinking too much. I’d strongly encourage Oprah and her minions to reread the victim’s statement- and be prepared to do some more nuanced and better researched discussion on the topic. Guess after so many years you can still screw up royally, Oprah.
Great content, shady advertising
Love the episode with Dean and Anne Ornosh but the “Got Milk” advertisment just seems so off knowing all the side effects lactose has on the human body. Giving this episode one less star because of that. Part of creating high quality content means having smart sponsored partnerships. I know Oprah can do better!
Anti stimulating
Simon C72
This show should be called the Dumbification of the soul
aunt susi
I loved loved loved Cybil and Ali Talk about their age. And the process. I am not aging well. Not done living yet. ❤️❤️❤️
Malcom Gladwell
His last book is full of insufferable pretentious pauses (audible)and the entire Sandra Bland portion is not about “misinterpretation” or not understanding each other. He attempts to understand and explain- but is not accurate or sensible he has lost credibility with me and others. Took me 10,000 hours to figure that out. Had to stop this podcast 3 min in.
Gary Zukhov
This review is not of this episode but of the Podcast - way too many ads and aggressive ones at that!
thank you!
Thank you Oprah for Super Soul Conversations. I listen any chance I get. While I’m getting ready to leave the house, on my commute to work and my favorite time of all, a Sunday drive. There have been many guests on the show that have inspired me and helped me to understand the things that I need to do in order to take control of my life and most importantly be happy. So many wonderful books that have struck a chord with me. More so than books I have read in the past. One of them being “Before Happiness”. Highly recommend listening to episodes with Shawn Achor, Joe Biden and the author of “A Stroke of Insight”. There is an episode that can speak to any one of us. Learning how to overcome addiction, deal with grief, get out of a rut, become more spiritual, successful, grateful and as Oprah says what we are all untimately hoping to do, be happy. It is also a good time to listen to Oprah. Hear her feedback, views on life and what she has learned. It’s like sitting down and having a conversation with her directly. Priceless! Super Soul Conversations gives me joy and brings me peace. I can’t explain it but I can’t get enough! Thank you Oprah! I love you!
The Most Effective Medicine for Anxiety
Listening to this content has been the most effective medicine and mind opening tool I have found to cope with my anxiety. Thank you thank you
Malcolm Gladwell - another excuse for rapists
I used to be a Malcolm Gladwell fan. But alcohol does not create rapists. It lowers inhibitions. If a man has a propensity to rape when he drinks, he needs to stop drinking. If a man can’t understand no or recognize a passed out woman when he’s drinking, he needs to stop drinking. I am so disgusted by this.
The volume is poor. I have it cranked and at times can hardly hear the voices
Future Momma
This podcast is laced with new Age deception. Oprah pushes the theme of being one with the universe and new Age spirituality. It’s feel good talk. It’s self absorption not self help. There is only one God and I challenge you to beware of this kind of talk Oprah does that Tries to make you yourself a God. Christians don’t listen to this stuff guard your heart!
Know better, Do better
As a millennial I feel I am living in the hungriest generation to have ever lived. We are starved for connectivity, starved for all things authentic and real, starved for meaning in the midst of the sea of vapid, topical, filtered, overload of technology we so desperately want to escape. Thank you Oprah for existing. Thank you for speaking truth and for being vulnerable. Your presence liberates others to follow the path you’ve blazed.
Loving the new style!
Love the new format with flash backs and compilations about a certain topic. Absolutely life changing. Thanks team. Great work!
Show is slanted toward New Age beliefs
Jamie Popernack
It’s biased. Pushes the idea of people being divine. A lot of the content sounds really good, but has a common theme that reminds me of Satan’s promise “you shall be as gods.” Pushes the idea that we are all one and one with the universe. Again sounds nice, but not true- we are interdependent individuals and we are created with unique attributes of God- we are not God. Only God is God! As a critically thinking Catholic Christian, I can’t get on board with this show. Otherwise it’s well-produced, with clear audio and some interesting anecdotes. Just not enough to overcome the ideological bias. There is not a diversity of mentality here; it’s really all New Age themed. So regardless of your thoughts on that, be aware.
Love super soul Sunday; missing Oprah radio!
Healthy listening. When you like honest discussion about real life from so many amazing humans who have wisdom to share, Oprah brings it! I thank God for Oprah, she has brought spirituality and deep emotion into my life. Everyone must experience Eckhart Tolle’s teachings. I love Brenee Brown, and all the guests Oprah introduces. Excellent podcast!
Edith Eger
Cute Pandas!!!
Always the best
Always inspiring. Always meaningful. Always though provoking. Always interesting. Always the best!
I have never missed an episode of SS. Am ALWAYS humbled, inspired & oh so grateful for your wonderful work. Thank you!! ❤️
Highly recommend this podcast
ieatbeans420 is not a blessing. Beauty hinders growth and it is temporary. Beauty is power, if it is used constructively....but beauty hinders the ability to use it that way. We’re all on the same path....the lessons are the same.
Incredible lessons in life on this show but sometimes Oprah talks too much
Justin Lee McDonald
Oprah I love you to death and always have since I was a child and read your auto biography, you have some amazing and inspiring guests on this show but I think sometimes you answer the questions you ask for them and that takes away from the rawness of it, let them talk don’t guide it, don’t interrupt because they are giving us so much and then it gets thrown off. I think because of your 25 years hosting a show you are used to that but this is so different so much more powerful and sometimes being silent doesn’t mean you aren’t there. Thank you so much for having this podcast and for being you this is just some words of wisdom or my two cents.
Volume Low. Spirits High.
I live for this podcast while I am working out. I love working out my brain while I simultaneously work out my body. My only issue is that the volume on it only goes high enough to cancel out any outside noise during commercials. Oprah and her guests are always very low, while the announcer’s voice is loud and clear. Please oh please activate a louder volume so Oprah’s voice can be heard from the mountains as it should! xx Daniel
Life changing sounds of the universe
The Super Soul podcast is a portal into the life changing sounds of the universe. Just press play.
Oprah accompanies me on my morning hikes and brightens my days..
Poor audio
Love the content but couldn’t hear it and so had to pass on this.
Please fix the audio!
The content is great, but the audio quality is not. In comparison to all of the other podcasts I listen to, the audio quality on this podcast is subpar. It is drastically quieter than all other podcasts. This requires turning the volume almost to the max for this postcast alone, whether in the car, through headphones, or through my phone speakers, or through Bluetooth speakers. It is hard to listen to this podcast in the car in particular because the audio is so quiet.
Audio Needs Attention!
I also love this podcast but there are serious issues with the audio. The sound engineer needs to record these awesome sessions with more volume to the mics. I’ve got it turned all the way up to the max on my phone and the excellent audio I have in my new car but I am not able to hear things clearly even with my windows closed. If I choose to listen to another podcast and forget to adjust my volume before I change over, the native volume of the new podcast almost blows out my speakers. Please, please fix the audio output ofthis podcast and then it will be perfect!
Great Content, Poor Audio past few episodes
I loooove this podcast and it has offered so much to me over the years. However the past few live recordings have poor audio quality and it has taken away from the listening experience. Please mic up speakers better so that listeners can more easily absorb these beautiful learnings. Thank you for all your hard work! Keep it going!
Seat of the soul
I loved to hear their conversation. It takes us closer to our Soul.
Way too many
Bree Conscious
I love this podcast with all my heart. Definitely has changed my life!!!
Great Content, low sound volume.
Love this program. Not sure why the volume level is so low compared with other podcasts. Please fix.
Sound is not clear
For the past few weeks the sound in episodes is barely heard please try to fix the issue
Dog walks
I often listen as I walk my dog in the evenings. As I listen to these conversations, I always feel my soul lifted, inspiration takes root and I have hope for the future. Thank you for these priceless gifts!
Justin Cue
Thank you for these deeper conversations.
Nurturing my spirit!
This podcast is my “go to“ every day. Listening to the interviews here have helped open my eyes to explore my spirituality, my path, my pain, and my future. I wish I could spread the stories to everyone that I know- to take them in, to grow, to learn, and in the end to make this world a better place. Don’t stop Oprah. This is what the world needs more of!
Volume to low
OPRAH, I LOVE YOU! I listen to the podcasts every morning. But on certain episodes, the volume is sooo low. I’m literally shoving my EarPods into my ears so I can hear, because I don’t want to miss a thing!
Thank you, Oprah for gathering the best for Super Soul Sunday!
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