True to title
You can literally hear them drinking and “knowing” more and more through the episodes. Super fun pod. Abby, Glen, Benji, and Luke all balance each other out so well it’s legit like listening to the ninja turtles discuss TV (and I mean that in the best way possible)!
It would be better if they cut the dead weight.
The dialogue is good, I like the way they go through the episode scene by scene. But. Abby. Ugh. In the episode I listened to she seemed to understand very little. At least 5 times “oh, I missed that” was said about very obvious events. An extended argument ensued because she just didn’t understand what another guy in the group was saying. I just kept wondering if she even watched parts of the show. And the several “yeeeeeaaaah” responses she received from a couple of the more knowledgeable members of the podcast seemed to affirm my frustration. And her “real time notes!” Can’t listen to a podcast that’s makes me roll my eyes so hard at one of the people.
Wednesday mornings at work are so much more fun
Slytherins error
I have been listening to the Podcast that drinks and knows things for quite some time now. They are a great group that are pretty knowledgable about the show and book series. I've read the books multiple times and have been through the series a couple of times and this is a fun way to get new perspectives, especially from the first time watcher who surprisingly catches on to a lot of things even I missed my first couple times through. If you enjoy listening to a fun group who don't take themselves too seriously but take the time to explain and flesh out things without spoiling anything, then this is the show for you. Also if you can catch one of their livestreams on youtube, as they record the episode it makes it that much better because they interact live with the chat, and I'll be honest its fun watching and getting a little drunk along with them.
Instantly became one of my favorite shows!
The Podcast that Drinks and Knows Things has very quickly become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Every time I get the notification from YouTube that they've started streaming another episode, I drop everything to watch it! The chemistry and dynamic between Luke, Ben, Glenn and Abby is great, and they are so darn funny! I love the perspective of the First Time Watcher on the Wall, it reminds me of a lot of the things that I thought the first time I watched the show too. I'm bingeing the show trying to catch up on past episodes, but the beauty of this show is that you can start anywhere as long as you've seen Game of Thrones through to the episode they are discussing that particular week. I love listening to the show and I can't wait for more episodes!
Great perspective of the series!
Tyrion's Bedroom
Found ‘Drinks and Knows’ a few months ago and it’s been a wild fun ride so far. I catch myself watching their YouTube streams and listening to the show every chance I get. I like the first time watcher addition to the panel and seeing her reactions to various scenes in the show. Very well produced podcast! Highly recommend for all GoT fans!
Here are some tips on how to improve. 1.) Know and use the characters names when discussing them. Saying “Old Guy” and using abbreviations of names doesn’t help tell the story. 2.) HAVE ENERGY. You all sound as if you just woke up. The show is a great story so it’s not hard to sell it, but when you describe it as if you’re disinterested and/or exhausted, the listener will become bored. 3.) Please improve the sound quality. I’m not sure if this is an equipment issue or you’re all just moving towards and away from the microphones but please find a consistent sound level. 4.) The idea of having a person who has never watched the show add their insight and perspective is a great one. Here’s the catch though. When you ask that person their opinion on the episode and she responds that she watched it over a month ago and that she can’t remember a lot, then the whole point of having that person on the podcast becomes pointless. 5.) Have everyone show up on time. 6.) What was with that annoying popping/cracking sound? Again, if you know you’re having audio issues, please just stop and fix or start over.
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