New hosts give the show a different feel( not in a good way)
Nick 206
This is my favorite Crypto podcast. Matthew Aaron is fantastic - thoughtful, insightful questions, unique point of view, intelligent, picks great guests, etc. Picking someone names Pizza Mind (?????) to be a co-host on your show is mind boggling. If these two want a show they should completely rebrand or do something different altogether. Extremely disappointed that the show is going this direction. Honestly, you should have just cancelled it if this was your plan. This is now false advertising. Having these combined transition episodes was also a really bad idea - it paints a stark contrast of styles and shows the listener how ill informed the new hosts really are. I will miss the real Crypto 101. Farewell.
Optimist view without FOMO BS
I have been listening to this podcast since 2017 and have learned a lot. People need to realize these shows are not intended to make you rich but to add more tools to your toolbox. I have contacted them directly and always had immediate responses. Keep up the good work.
BSV = Unsubscribed
Way to cover the biggest scam in this space.
Interview with
I just heard your interview with's Matt Luczynski. You asked great questions. They were honest and to the point. Your knowledge in the space was obvious and it lends itself well to help others discover new things.
Best crypto podcast!
Very new to the cryptocurrency/blockchain realm and this podcast has taught me so much!!! Love Matthew’s interviews! He is the best and this podcast is awesome!
Informative, Honest, and Enthusiastic
Matthew Aaron’s podcast is a great starter podcast (hence Crypto 101) for anyone interested in learning more about the field and all of the thinkers in the space. Do I always agree with his guests? No. What I appreciate about this podcast is the desire to share knowledge for all levels and the enthusiasm about this extremely nascent space. In a space where there is a lot of hot air, this is a good break from that environment.
One of the BEST!!!
Have been extremely involved with the Crypto 101 podcast. Another one of my favorites that I will listen to over and over again . Great Work Mathew hope your enjoying SD
Crypto 101 to the moon!
Best Podcast in Crypto. Very friendly and informative. I don’t know if Bitcoin will moon but Crypto 101 will for sure!! Thanks
Mr Rogers
The Mr Rogers of crypto!
Matt is the man!
mister jukes
That’s for sharing your information with the world! Super helpful
Awesome cryptocurrency podcast
I listen to quite a few podcasts, crypto and otherwise, and this ranks among the top, alongside 99 Percent Invisible. Listen to it if you even have the smallest passing interest in crypto, and then you can decide if you want to go deeper into the tech.
Confident information
This podcast provides great value to all listeners, very genuine host with with an awesome interests to educate, & a very pleasant voice. This is the Best podcast I’ve found for crypto, they’re definitely my favorite!!
Good podcast during the bull, great during bear
Started listening to the Crypto 101 podcast last year during the bull and euphoria, learned a lot of new information. But the podcast has really been a great educator during the bear run. It’s easy to buy into the hype. The pod has been at informing people on how to manage a bear.
Absolutely one of the best Crypto Podcasts out there
Not only does great information get shared but it’s done in a profesional manner. The sound quality is great and best of all, the host doesn’t have a monotone and boring voice. I listen to this podcast very often on my way to work. Great job guys.
Fantastic podcast
For beginners and OG’s alike, the crypto 101 and ICO 101 guys always deliver fresh, entertaining, and educational content. Listen to these in chronological order for max benefit!
Best crypto podcast!!
Hands down the best crypto podcast! The host is amazing and super informative.
Best crypto podcast by far
Jon Broderick
Matt is extremely knowledgeable. Each podcast is fantastic.
Can’t even pronounce Cyptocurrency
7 mins in and still no info. Could not take it anymore.
By far the best show for introduction to various topics in the crypto space. Respect the platform C101 has built by taking a LTV rather than taking $$ from pay to play and scam ICOs. Matthew is a total G and this is the first podcast I'll represent to crypto newbs!
One of the best
Jason Rigden
This is one of the best crypto podcasts. Everyone in this space should be listening.
I love it
Ryan " Maverick " Belcher
This podcast is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Each one is a gem!
A great place to land when you fall down the rabbit hole. Matthew does such a great job of bringing knowledable guests and bringing out the best of them for a beginner audience to learn from. It's relaxed, professional and fun. I'm impressed with how well the host will ask the right questions or let the speaker share their knowledge without stopping their flow too soon. I love how his passion seems to be in the power of blockchain to improve our world as well as his excitment for the investment opportunities. (PS, a lambo won't bring you happiness) ;)
Great podcast
Favorite podcast in this area. They seem like good people you would like to have a beer with. User friendly for beginners.
Are you new to Crypto?
Aaron Kowalski
Crypto 101 and ICO 101, a Crypto 101 Podcast are the absolute best Podcasts out there for any new person coming into the space.
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Matthew, host of the Crypto 101 podcast, highlight all aspects of cryptocurrency, blockchain and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
A great place to start
I'm a crypto-newbie and this podcast provides excellent jumping off points for further research.
Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work!
Great Knowledge
Manny 357
Interesting and valuable knowledge for the Cryto Space. Easy to digest and to understand
Hands down dopest podcast. So much info In a slow funnel that helps you learn without overwhelming you. Each episode helps guide you into blockchain and crypto world. Allowing you to make a easy start, by giving you the best knowledge of options so you can make good decisions (or bad decisions sometimes) all by yourself. But feeling comfortable in this space is what this podcast does. Great job dude!
Back to basics and a beginners guide to the cryptoverse
Matty H Spice
I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in getting into crypto, or those of us who have already been in for awhile. Great show, great message, and plenty of helpful tips to jot down. Keep it up team!
It was a pleasure
Thank you ladies. So nice to hear your thoughts. Excellent points from all. I'm very interested in the Xcel file(checklist). Didn't see a link. I do understand if you don't want to share your work with everyone. I'll keep listening. Thanks again
Crypto 101 gets a 100%
I am new to the crypto space since early January 2018. Matthew is excellent to listen to and explains the new world of crypto in easy to understand terms. Great interviews and content. I eagerly look forward to every upcoming podcast. Great Job! Keep up the good work!
The Best Introduction to Crypto
Thanks for putting this podcast out there for us. I didn’t know much about cryptocurrency and this podcast has both opened my eyes and presented other doors to explore in the crypto/mining community. Also digging the music choices you have guests select. Keep it going!
Thanks 101
Part-Time Picker
Many of us are so new at crypto. I know the equities market, and understand investing....but the digital coin market is so weird because there is nothing tangible. (At least until it’s converted back to fiat) and we also don’t have decades to look back on it. Keep doing the research and interviews. I only have so much time in life. I really do appreciate it. To become more knowledgeable at something.....the best method is to start to teach it. It forces you to better understand it. P.S. I’ll be keeping away from hippos for sure. Part-Time Picker
Great way to be introduced to crypto sphere. It's pretty duanting, but this show helps.
Great starter podcast for crypto intro
I’ve been listening for about three months now and I am loving it l. Great interviews great community.
Good intro!
I'm 2 weeks into trading crypto and this podcast had been really helpful just understanding the basics and foundations of bitcoin, exchanges, wallets, etc. Keep it up and I'm looking forward to future content, especially in how to secure your coins!
Still amateur
DeF has room to grow but still feels a bit unorganized and could have more heavy contents than just casual conversations about crypto and also way too long which also makes it less interesting
My First Podcast Ever
Crypto 101 lured me into the podcast world and I love it! I used to listen to music while I drive to work but not anymore. Mathew, you’re awesome, super happy while listening to you, I’m truly learning a lot :) Keep up the great work :)
Great podcast!
Great podcast for the beginner to the intermediate Bitcoin enthusiast.
I love this podcast
I’ve been getting into crypto currency these last six months and this is my favorite podcast. He really explains everything well to newcomers. This podcast is a great source of information of all things Cryptocurrency. I wish them all the success in the world.
Crypto 101 Rocks
Str8edge Jedi
Total noob here. Learning a lot listening to Matthew. Look forward to every new download.
Very Informative
Crypto can be intimidating, confusing, and something that seems too good to be true. This podcast helped me calm all of those concerns. I have learned so much about crypto and believe everyone should give them a listen to educate yourself before investing. Great show, keep up the awesome work!
Happy Noob
Joey Coco
Just started listening a month ago and it is the most informative podcast on Crypto. Matthew does a great job keeping it clear and simple for noobs like me. Keep up the great work! Particularly loved the “how exchanges work podcast!” Thanks.
Great in depth interviews on basic topics
What I like about this podcast is the guests and their in depth conversations about basic topics like what are exchanges, or why id decentralization important. Spending an hour listening to this is really educational and clears up a lot of confusion. The information is very helpful.
Excellent Primer and Source of information
So you’re interested in Crypto Currency but overwhelmed? This is a great podcast to introduce you to blockchain technology and crypto in easy to understand, bite sized pieces. What episode really spoke to me was the 14 Stages of Emotions when trading. I found myself saying yes out loud and nodding as I listened. I wish I had found this sooner. Keep up the good work! Oh and it’s free without having to listen to 5-10 minutes of the host pitching a product or service.
This is an essential podcast for both noobs and more experienced crypto enthusiasts! Listen and prosper!!
Helpful content, great host
I’m new to crypto and found That Matthew covers some important topics. Brings on knowledgeable people and appreciate the time he takes to bring awareness to this new thang called crypto (Enjoy the music portion as well)
New listener Review
New listener, new fan
As someone who is new to the crypto world and not particularly tech savvy it can be a confusing and adaunting to try and get involved with. Luckily Crypto 101 is a great place to start with episodes that speak to the person trying to get involved and still maintains relevancy to those who are more advanced as they continually bring in new guests to talk crypto and other things that shed light on this new and exciting landscape. Definitely worth a listen and a follow.
Crypto made easy!
This is a great podcast to get you understanding crypto and the markets. They begin with an intro to the various aspects of Bitcoin, alt coins and the underlying technologies and make their way to in depth interviews with founders and leaders in the space.
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