They are secret Trump lovers
It's so Bad - it's Good
This is show is so BAD - it's GOOD! If you are interested in learning about cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins & staying up-to-date on the news + you like to laugh at BAD Dad jokes - this is the show for you.
good information but drop the bad stereotypes
it’s very annoying to hear them continually repeat really bad french or british accents and stereotypes as a nonstop joke. it seems embarrassing to make fun of tea and crumpets right before they have a guest that has a British accent goes on.
Crypto for your Ear Holes
Brad the Futurist
This is the only crypto podcast you need in your Ear Holes! Let the glorious crypto flow through the canals into your brains and change your life! “Travis and Joels!” are absolutely the best duo you could ask for to deliver incredible content with a massive dose of hysterical every week that is so on the money with this world changing technology. Thank you guys for all you do, and Stay Bad!
This Show Is Bad
I am Satoshi Nakamoto and I approve of this podcast.
Crypto Clowns
I’m typically afraid of clowns. Mr. Travis Wright and Mr. Joel Comm have helped me with my fear in a unique way and saved me thousands of dollars in therapist bills that I have now invested in Bad Coin. Hoping for big things from that investment! -Thomas S. (Nashville, TN)
Bad Crypto is Better Than Bad Medicine
Just like Bad Medicine is what Jon Bon Jovi needs, Bad Crypto is what I need. I subscribe to a lot of crypto podcasts but this one is easily my favorite! Joel and Travis are very informative and entertaining. The way crypto was going in 2017 I thought I'd be retired by now. The way crypto went in 2018, I'm just glad I haven't grabbed a metal ladder and ran into the nearest powerline. This podcast has helped me get through crypto winter with a smile.
Fun show! Great place to lick your wounds
BTC is like being in an abusive relationship. It beats me down over and over again, but I don’t feel confident leaving the space. Joel and Travis do a great job reminding me that BTC loves me and it’s not worth leaving.
A little bit of humor makes the medicine go down
Sophomoric humor, blockchain, boobs- ok not boobs but still worthy of your time in this changing of the fabric of society. If blockchain is the future- and it seams to be, at least be entertained while you learn about it.
Hooked on Bad Crypto
There’s only one way to hedge a bear market and that’s to hodl “Bad Crypto” knowledge that is. John McAfee for president! Episode 300? Stay Bad...
Shrouded ultra-conservative
It’s a funny show, and I enjoy the puns and the interviews. They interject too much political viewpoints for me to enjoy a crypto show. After I saw them retweeting Russian sycophants, I drew the line and unsubbed.
Bad, ah not so much. Childlike humor in bite sized chunks. Good content though so ya got to give them that.
They were good before...
I started listening to Travis and Joel late last year when they interviewed Charlie Lee of Litecoin. It was a great episode. They had ton of similarly great episodes with Brad Garlinghouse, Stan Larimer and Laura Shin. But after episode 100 with John McAfee, the show went down hill. It wasn't specifically John McAfee, but the fact that after that episode, they think the audience want laughs over information. Before Ep 100, they would throw in a dad joke or a punchline here and there and let their guest speak so we can learn from the guest. After Ep 100, they would constantly interrupt their guests in an attempt to maximize laughs. Just listen to their episode with Trader Cobb if you want an example (you will learn nothing from that episode, a complete waste of time). Again, it's not the guest (Trader Cobb knows his stuff when it comes to daytrading/swing trading), it's Joel and Travis thinking laughs are more important than useful information. Maybe they can turn it around, but it seems like the more "crypto famous" they got, the more arrogant they became.
Best podcast on crypto
Buck Blutarsky
Three reasons to listen to the Bad Crypto Podcast: 1. Good source for relevant crypto news 2. Good source for exposure to a wide range of coins and projects 3. Highly entertaining banter and interaction between the two hosts. This podcast has substance and personality!
Well intentioned but too many pay to play ICOs, too little actual substance and way way way too much of Ronnie Moas (a total fraud). Good for beginners who are less interested in learning and more interested in being entertained, not for people actually trying to build and understand the technology.
Two guys talking about a subject they seem to know almost nothing about — honestly google will teach you more about crypto than they can. A recent episode had them (two white men) lecturing on “racism” and the “liberal conspiracy” of blocking voter IDs. Idiotic and insufferable.
Dead To Me
I absolutely love the show guys, it always brings a smile to my face, and a frown when I am out of episodes. Tried to get my best friend to listen, he said h didn’t like the sho and I told him “You’re dead to me”. Keep it up crypto blockheads :)
Such a great value
This is an amazing place to learn.
Shilling and hate
Shilling their ICOs and advisory roles. Then Travis hates on immigrants.
Mildly entertaining
If your want to listen to two aging guys rant about the news and their personal lives then this is for you. But these two obviously don’t know a lot about the subject they just review articles and make joke after joke. It’s the equivalent to listening to a annoying KISS FM DJ on the way to work that won’t shut up and play the music lol.
These two clowns...
...may not know it all, but they know the right questions to ask. More importantly, they know how to google it for you.
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Joel & Travis, host of The Bad Crypto Podcast, highlights all aspects of bitcoin, blockchain and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Very funny and Informative
Fastpitch Junkie
They make me laugh while I learn. As a Crypto Cousin I like this podcast.
Great stuff fellas
Matt in Florida12456
One request...Can you ask all of the ICOs how they plan to monetize🤑🤑🤑...thank you and keep up the great work.
Worth the time
This podcast has given me enough knowledge to make me dangerous with my money. Easy to listen to and understand.
Bosco XVG
I have been listening since last September and I absolutely love this podcast. Travis White and Joecom are witty, hilarious, and BAD, all at the same time. Cheers and looking forward to more!
Two Dudes Doing It..(iIn the Crypto World)
Get your mind outta the gutter, then toss it back in - this is BAD CRYPTO BABY! Travis & Joel talk you on an adventure through the crypto jungle in every episode and I thoroughly enjoy their 'take' on the latest news. Something I can enjoy with the kids around because it's not that kind of bad, these guys keep it clean and above the belt which is nice so I don't have to make my kids wear earmuffs in the summer while Daddy stays BAD with Travis and Joel!! 🤘😎
Love it
Informative and entertaining.
get your crypto news fix
Here you can both learn lots and laugh lots about the crypto space. It's all about staying bad. Travis and Joel, keep up the good (bad) work! I appreciate all the effort you put into the shows.
These financial advisors are horrible.
Crypto goesss uppp
They’ll guide you through the primordial sludge that are these early days of crypto. Even though these cryptozoologists lack some objectivity when it comes criticizing all media types (probz the two most smartest peeps you’ll find at a MAGA rally), their banter and light hearted dialogue makes for an easy listen when en route to work. That being said, as long as you’re not soft serve ice cream on a sugar-free cone when it comes to differences in politics, these gentlemen-birds are well worth takin a gander.
You can’t make this stuff up
Refreshingly smoky, like fine whiskey. Travis and the other guy are well rehearsed, funny, and informative!
A while back I received some insider info about the Bad Crypto Podcast's native cryptocurrency, BadCoin. Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, and also this is cutting-edge innovative technology so please forgive me if it’s a little hard to follow. BADosphere (BAD) will be created by the first ever soft spork. A soft spork is a polycrypto fork and simultaneous atomic wedge. This soft spork will include the merging of Bitcoin and many of its children, grandchildren, cousins, alt-siblings, and step-cryptos; including Badcoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Litecoin, NEO, Oyster, Stellar, Zcash and dozens of others. The result will be a cryptographic, p2p, lightning mesh-net blob with a multitudinal array of #badFeatures. The feature rich chain which will include instantaneously anonymous messaging, silky market-placing, transaction-less transacting, quantum IOTangling, and plasmatic sharting will, upon immaculate launch-ception, form an ecosystem known as the BADosphere. BAD thrives on 51% attacks, 1% Wall Street trust funders, DDoS hacks, and private key parties ; ) Investment protection is highly recommended. BAD forked coins will be issued on a (1 to Infinity):1 scale, where a minimum of 1 of any of the merged coins will be granted a maximum of 1 BAD, as 1 is all the BAD you will ever need. The BADosphere will encompass billions of self-sustaining economies, called Balls, that are built upon the BAD architecture model. The lowest tier of BAD is the Balls. Balls communicate through artificially-intelligent neural-networking absolute ledger (AINNAL) channels. These Balls of decentralized data-graphing consensus coinage will be tethered to AINNAL at one end and to virtual crypto-poles at the other. You probably now find yourself asking why? “Why are the Balls tethered at one end to AINNAL channels, and at the other to a crypto-pole?” Well, the answer that you are seeking is DICKSE (Doge IOTangled Cryptokittie Symbiosis Energies)! The cross-mutation object interaction that the atomic wedge allows for during the soft spork is the greatest of the BAD innovations. It is during this process that the BAD developers will create the code to initialize DICKSE, the magic that powers the entire BADosphere. Gen 100+ feral cryptokitties born with the “Swatting” property find the tethered Balls to be an irresistible game. The swatting cryptokitties cause the Balls to remain in a constant state of orbit just above the corresponding AINNAL channel. The constant movement of all Balls inside the BADosphere, created by cryptokittie tether toys, will essentially act as a perpetual atomic energy engine that will power AINNAL consensus mining. Simultaneously, Doge, the once laughable meme-coin, will gladly accept the task of chasing any stationary kitties into the AINNAL channels. Once in the AINNAL they will unknowingly and anonymously deliver all data, messages, and traded currency to the receiving Balls. This transaction will be gas free and protocol-less. Any extra DICKSE will be donated to fund the mining of other cryptocurrencies in an effort to console them for trying so hard, yet never achieving the gloriousness that will be forever held by BAD. Thanks for taking time to read this unsponsored and untrue insider edition of Talking Bad Tokens and most importantly #staybad
Bad Crypto Saved My Life
After listening to several episodes of bad crypto I was able to use the knowledge to survive in the wilderness following a plane crash. Catching and cleaning bush meat would have been impossible with out your podcast. Keep up the good work!
Awesome Crypto podcast, and funny dudes
Funny & intelligent
I was new to crypto in early 2018 and discovered this podcast. Travis and Joel make crypto fun and entertaining. If you are into crypto, then definitely subscribe.
Covering Bitcoin Bases
Joel and Travis bring in a great variety of guests and cover the wide spectrum of characters that are building out our bitcoin and blockchain universe. You'll pickup something useful in any espisode you listion to.
This is the show that got me into Crypto!
Honestly I love these bad mofo’s. They’re no fad, they’re more like block chain not like French rolled acid wash jeans which I used to crush with my Samba’s. The jokes are so bad sometimes I spit my coffee out and feel ashamed about myself because I get these guys. They’re very approachable and ask the right kind of questions without fear of losing compensation from the future star studded guests. Bottom line they’re here as part of the community they’ve built over countless hours of editing and traveling to conferences to produce extremely solid content for the masses. Stay Bad ya Mofo’s.
A descent option when battling Seattle traffic... I suppose
As I reluctantly clicked on the notification of the new podcast I could only hope that the 70 year old, heavy smoker, grandma, Casey Kasem persona we all suffered through during the top 10 countdown would not make another appearance... much to my delight it did not. After 53 minutes I still have no idea what the hell dragonchain is, but at $.60 it might be worth a shot. Keep up the bad work guys!
Like sand through the hourglass...
So are the days of our lives. I’m a stay at home Mom with a little income coming in from a small photography business. I’m getting really tired of watching daytime television and eating Bonbons all day so I decided to be more productive. Though it may be small... I decided I want to start investing my income. I’ve been interested in cryptocurrency for a while now and as a novice recently started listening to this “Bad” podcast. These guys are hilarious, complete with breaking into song and using some impressive accents. I particularly enjoyed the recent “party pooper” reference. I have enjoyed it and have been binge listening. I feel like this is almost a crossover comedy podcast! The information is presented in an easy to understand manner... as the only thing I’ve had to think about recently is who the next “Bachelor” is going to be. It’s nice to have something I can listen to with my kids in earshot or if I am want to put in earbuds to drown out the monotony of sibling fighting, it’s a great option. Thank you for the info. Keep up the good work! Let me know if you want to hook a barefoot and pregnant woman up with some lumens. I think it would be hilarious if I beat out my financial advisor husband in investments! Shhhhh!! Lol.
Hey guys, the BAD is ironic!
I give this podcast 5 stars, 4 harvested baby brains, 3 bonus stars, 2 thumbs up, and a box of rat poison squared.
Education and advice from professionals
These guys keep me in the loop and have legit interviews and sound advice! They listen to there audience and are super chill. I have learned a lot! Thank you gentlemen for all the great content.
The baddest podcast
Strap in for a wildly entertaining hour covering the crazy world of crypto. When they’re not posing as celeb look-a-likes for Penn Jillette and Judd Apatow, Travis and Joel craft this amusing and educational podcast by skillfully guiding you through the in and outs of the cryptocurrency world. With plenty of half-way clever puns and more sound effects than an episode of Mad Money, this podcast will reel you in and keep you coming back for more.
Bad MotherTruckers of Crypto
To begin these guys remind me of my drunk uncle talking crypto at Thanksgiving dinner. Very entertaining show, but unlike my drunk uncle with a cranberry sauce filled pie hole THESE GUYS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. I enjoyed the first episode of the top 10 cryptos on my toilet ( it was a legendary & profitable poop) and learned an immense amount on #’s 10-5 *Lumens cough cough* along with my lack of proper digestion. I am very excited for the episode on #’s 5-1, and the big reveal for your top crypto. Looking forward to diving into past episodes on the way to work tomorrow. SUBSCRIBE!!
Excellent Crypto Podcast!
These dudes just chill back and dish out easily digestible crypto knowledge. They got that Cruisin’ with Crypto Casey Kasem vibe going on and I love it. I also love me some XLM, which they did a fantastic analysis on during the top ten crypto countdown. Good luck dudes, and remember...”Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the Stars”
McKinney Tech
What is crypto? Who knows? Fleeting bits in a computer flipping back and forth... Smart geeks making money at the expense of lesser geeks? Dangling digital bait and waiting for a bite. Dangle, wait, bite – YANK! And another coin is born! Some legit, some unfit, all crypto bits. These guys watch for the dangle, give you an angle and they seem to be expert YANKERS!
Train Wreck
This podcast is a train wreck but with a happy twist. Most train conductors have confidence and a smile that says “i know what i’m doing.” The conductors of this train do not have that. They are proud to be bad, happy to not know anything, and smitten by horrible dad jokes and songs. Somehow though, they keep the train on the tracks, keep it moving, and actually get you the information you’ve been looking for. This is definitely the baddest show i listen to, but not the worst.
Bright like a diamond
When the famous Veronica Corningstone, from Anchorman, best described her assigned story as "grade A bologna" she was not talking about this podcast! These guys are awesome sauce with a hint of red Peppa spice sprinkled in with some Lowreys! Doing great with guys! Stay bad. #poundsignfreethefreelumens
Wiesest clowns
Laughter is always the best medicine. The crazier it gets in crypto, the more we need to laugh about it. Deep knowledge disguised as entertainment that's what the wiesest bad crypto clowns give us every week. Salud, compadres!
ICO, ICO all day
This BAD podcast talks about BAD ICOs and sometimes creates BAD crypto songs. Here’s another fitting jingle they should consider: My altcoin and your altcoin were sit-tin’ by the fire My altcoin told your altcoin “I’m gon-na set your Bitcoin on fire” Talk-in’ ’bout, hey now, hey now; ICO, ICO, all-day…
The Bad Crypto Podcast is bad for your life.
Young Lowlighter
I drive for a living. In a little less than two months and FIVE HUNDRED miles, I’ve managed to binge listen to every episode of this show. I am now a cryptoholic. Unlike alcohol, The Bad Crypto Podcast is FREE. It's to accessible. Whether on iTunes, Spotify, Alexa or any of your favorites. This is a major issue. Because of Joel and Travis’s STELLAR reporting and reviews, I slipped into the rabbit hole and I can't get out. I lost my girlfriend because I found more time for the podcast than I did for her. She’s even busted me updating my crypto spreadsheet on numerous occasions. I’ve tried to ilLUMENate the dark and treacherous path of the crypto underworld for my friends only to lose them along the way as well. What my ex girlfriend and friends didn't realize is that I did it FOR them. Unfortunately they didn’t see it that way. All I have left is this podcast and my 33% gains to keep me content now. Joel and Travis don't spoon with me at night. My profits don't invite me to parties. It should be called the Sad Crypto Podcast. Thanks for nothing guys, LYL DEUCE. Note: If you are reading this review BEFORE the 125th episode or anytime after that that this is only an attempt to win free crypto. I still have a girlfriend and all my friends. Like my Bitcoin, The Bad Crypto Podcast is going to the MOON. PLEASE share this podcast with all your friends and family if you wish for them to not be left behind. Listen to every episode and STAY tuned for more. It's a great podcast. Don't let the word BAD fool you. The Bad Crypto Podcast is for the crypto serious and the crypto curious. It's for EVERYONE.
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