Ways of Hearing Episode 4
I don’t understand how the host can say the music doesn’t have a tangible cost. If a studio charges a per hour rate for recoding/engineering and producer likewise charges a lofty per-hour/per-song rate, in fact, doesn't that song have a “cost-per-minute” associated with it? Why would an artist feel that their material is free? Artists that have recorded in my studio signed contracts and certainly paid me for my time. I would expect they’d want to recoup that cost on sales and concerts. The average cost to make a decent record today is between $8000 and $20000. Sorry, engineers and producers have to eat too. Personally I don’t see the difference between an artist materializing a song no different than Elon materializing Tesla. He doesn’t give Tesla’s away for free. Yet another NPR leftists view on business. If it’s art, it must be free. Sadly Vanilla Ice thought the same, and he was wrong.
Polybius good, but complete fiction
The 'Polybius Conspiracy' season is by far the show's best season. Just don't let yourself get too wrapped up in the story. It's all acted in the 'investigative documentarian' format, and obnoxiously tries to disguise itself as a genuine, even down to the narration. Rather than going through the actual urban legend of Polybius, it blends real locations and Portland businesses with fictional characters, like Bobby. Good if you take it for what it is.
Check out Polybius
This one series in this podcast is strong , really interesting. On the strength of that series alone , I recommend this.
Lol I fully binged the series all day today. Its great reporting and thoughtful composition, blended. The multiple format changes in Ep1 is what hooked me in. Later, the montage work is brilliant. The music is really well-integrated. Really enjoyed it.
12 cold miles
what a great show about a time we've almost forgotten.
Interesting and fun
Don’t listen to the people saying that the second show (the polybius conspiracy) is “fake news”. It’s obviously a very fun and interesting fictional podcast (it’s similar to Tanis or The Black Tapes). I love all the short run podcasts and I think it’s a great concept!
Ugh! Now I feel like an idiot
Well-made, well-written LIES!! I shouldn’t be so irritated at being entertained, but I do not like to have to start researching whether or not something is fiction and have to HUNT for the truth. Really creepy feeling. Good one guys! Ya got me! Was that... the point? I’m happy to listen to fiction... just let me know.... To be fair, it became obvious that the Polybius story was too good to be true around Ep. 3, but like... now I feel like a fool & I hate you.
Spacebridge is Amazing
Spacebridge is incredible
The latest show, Spacebridge, is a glimpse of the end of the Cold War featuring the story of how the US and The Soviet connected thru the space program. The experimental production and weird archival tape is wildly entertaining.
In the era of Donald Trump and fake news, misleading your listeners and not revealing your podcast as theatre not fact is gross and should not be allowed on this platform. Much worse, you tricked me into listening to advertising for your other shows. Bad form.
Soooo slooowww
“The Great God of Depression”
Five stars specifically for your series on the relationship between creativity and depression re: William Styron and Alice Flaherty’s partnership. Would love to see this theme going to more episodes!
Narrator is toooooo slooooow
Could ... the depression ... narrator ... be ... any ... slower .... or .... more ... deliberate? Turned it off in five minutes.
So thoughtful
Suitcase Murphy
I’ve been loving most of these mini-podcasts, but this is the first one I binged in a day. Beautiful and so helpful. Thank you!
Absorbing, not depressing
Don't be put off by a podcast series on the subject of depression. This isn't depressing to listen to. Pagan Kennedy is a wise, compassionate observer, and you'll care about the lives of the flawed, likable people she talks about and talks with.
Great God of Depression is the best showcase yet
Please take time to listen to this great 5-part podcast. It will be worth every minute you spend with it. Yes. its an insightful, funny and beautifully told examination of depression but its equally a fascinating exploration of people's complicated relationship to writing (the process and the physical act).
Radiotopia? More like ‘Radiotoperfect’
I’m so glad I didn’t listen to these as they came out so that I got to binge! The first season appeals to my physicist nerdy side, and the second satisfies every true crime, 80’s nostalgia, and neurological interference conspiracy craving I’ve ever had. Seriously the first review I’ve ever written, can’t wait to find out what’s next!!
I'm in love
The savior 2000
Fantastic selection so far
One hit wonder?
After a fantastic first show, Showcase has not been fortunate in selecting its new ones. The proposal seemed to be to offer a channel to independent creators with talent and little opportunity, but it turned out to be a recycle bin for niche audience shows that did not succeed their first tome around. Five starts for “Ways of Hearing” and a hard pass for the others.
I Love Errthang
Kat is drinking tea
Errthang -- I really love Errthang and have been recommending it to everyone! Polybius -- It was interesting at first but I was kinda hoping the story would move further/get weirder. Overall, a bit on the boring side for an audio drama. Ways of Hearing -- As a fan of audio content, interesting to get some insight into the technology and history. Haven't listened to the other segments yet.
Ways of Hearing was amazing...
...but Polybius conspiracy is a HUGE letdown. After the smart, artistic, engaging, and concise “Ways of Hearing” series that left you wanting more, “The Polybius” mess is a rambling bore that goes nowhere and you can’t wait for it to end. Spoiler - there’s no surprise ending to make it worthwhile. The first episode promises intrigue, but the rest is pointless drivel. HOWEVER, “Ways of Hearing” is enjoyable, and well-produced - an absolute gem.
Not true stories
Just to let everyone know Radiotopia’s shows aren’t true stories. If they started as true and then took the sharp turn into fiction on the Polybius Conspiracy they made a very bad decision. I like fictional story podcasts, I listen to a lot of them, but those shows are not on networks that previously told true stories.
Really Amazing Work
This is some of the best stuff I've heard since I started listening to podcasts. Really intriguing subject matter--I've recommended to friends repeatedly. Can't say enough good things about this podcast--can't wait to see what's coming up next. Thank you!
I can't get past the host's voice
I really wanted to listen but I had a very negative reaction to the host's voice. (maybe I'll try again without earphones)
The Polybius Conspiracy letdown
Friends: I love Radiotopia, and The Polybius Conspiracy had me hooked and obsessed to the point that I recommended it to several people with wide-eyed enthusiasm and awe. There were a few moments in the story where I felt like something seemed off, but I chalked it up to the inherently unbalanced personalities in the story. Imagine my horror when one of the friends that I recommended it to told me many weeks later, with some hesitation, that he and his wife had listened to three episodes, loved it, researched out of curiosity, and found that it is partly fictionalized. WHAT? I literally was like: nope no way, and went and quickly looked at some reviews online and still had trouble finding evidence that it was not straight-forward journalism. I went back and forth with my friend for a bit, and ONLY WITH DIGGING were there some mentions of it being a "hybrid of fact and fiction." Added to the confusion, there are places in the actual Radiotopia website that do not state this, and others that do. So now I'm super bummed and wondering what else I have heard through Radiotopia is not real, particularly from Love & Radio, which is my desert island podcast, mainly because the stories are so outlandish and wonderful, and such a rare look into the mysteries of the human psyche. I feel violated! My twisted reality is now in question. Shame on you, Radiotopia!
Fake news...
Good story and production values, but I really don’t like fiction that tries to convince the audience that it’s fact. We have too much of that already in the world.
Martin Johnson’s Voice... Arggggg!
Albert Cipriani
The super-sleazy, ultra-confidential, breathy, staccato delivery of this show’s narrator and producer will have you climbing the walls. What an amazing testimony to my perseverance that I made it through 5 1/2 of the six episodes. I advise you not to bother. It’s not worth the effort of listening to this man’s exaggerated attempt to sound like he’s constantly divulging an extended secret. Note that all the positive reviews of the show are vapid and hollow endorsements, not critiques. The positive reviewers don’t dare actually say anything substantive because there is nothing substantive they can honestly say. That is why they are reduced to simply gushing about how much they love the show. So don’t be fooled by their ridiculously high 4.5 rating of this one-eyed peep show. — Albert Cipriani
Thought Provoking
This program pulls you in by telling real stories about secrets. It does an excellent job of understanding why and how people keep secrets. In most cases, it pushes you to think about solutions and wonder how you would react in the same situation.
Had to stop bc of the narrator
For the first time in my podcast listening history, I had to stop bc the narrator was so intolerable. Seems like it was/would’ve been a great story, hopefully you’ll be able to make it through the narration!
Polybius Conspiracy
OK. If I'm listening to a compelling story, told in a This American Life style, I assume it's real people telling their real story. If you're doing a radio drama in the style of real interviews, investigation, etc., give your listeners the courtesy of letting them know at the outset that it's a work of fiction, or "partial" fiction. I listened aptly (naively, I now know) to each episode, and it was only when I looked for more information on the topic that I found out this was fake news. Shame on you. Radiotopia, you are better than this.
The stories are wonderful and the concept is compelling. The podcast is also well produced. The thing I can’t stand is the narrator’s voice/cadence.... is he trying to be super dramatic? either way it’s incredibly irritating and I wish he would talk in his normal voice. And if that is his normal voice... maybe find another narrator. Thankfully the focus is more on the stories and less on the narrator.
Terrific “documentary”
sir andrew grantham
It’s obvious that fiction has been woven into this storytelling - but how much is fiction? The writers have seeded their fiction with reality, and crafted a drama that is compelling in its believability. It’s never been this easy to suppress your disbelief. Unfortunately, I may never be able to truly believe anything I hear on Radiotopia again.
New Years Resolution: Leave Podcast Reviews
New Years Resolution: finally leave reviews for at least your top 50 podcasts. They give you way too much free entertainment. The least you can do is leave them a quick review. New Years Reality: I listen to 50+ exceptional podcasts. I don’t have time to write that many reviews. New Years Solution: Leave this cookie-cutter review for the few(ish) podcasts you love. Only review the ones you would (or have) recommended to people in real life. Review Note: I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, this is (in my humble opinion) the best of the best. Download, enjoy, and then recommend widely.
Was my favorite
After The Polybius Conspiracy, I won't trust anything these guys put out again. You can't present a "documentary," and then reveal only in the show notes it was fiction. If you need a ruse like that to get people to listen to your stories then you aren't a good enough writer of either fact or fiction to be worth my time. Unsubscribed.
Waste of time... made up drama!
The Polybius Conspiracy - A Mystery for The Podcast Age
Not sure how much is fact or fiction--maybe it's better I don't know! Flowed like a classical mystery--I was a little apprehensive of its ability to last 7 episodes, but I readily ate them up. I am not normally prone to podcasts, but this series of 7 had distinct narrative punch. More of these please!
Blair Witch no more.
Been a fan of the show from the first season. But a few episodes into season 2 somethings just weren’t sitting right. So imagine my surprise when i did some research and learned that a season billed as a documentary turns out to be in large part a fabrication and basically The Blair Witch but in podcast form. I enjoy the teleplays like homecoming and the like but I also appreciate that those shows tell the truth about what kind of podcast they are. I won’t be subscribing to showcase anymore since they can’t be relied on to be upfront about what kind of truth telling they are presenting.
Four hours of my life I won't get back...
Totally lame. Their only consistent leads (all both of them) basically told them to F-off and the series ends with them stumbling around in the woods, "mystery" no loser to solved than the first episode. No wonder they couldn't get backing for a movie and had to settle for a self-produced podcast. Nice to learn it was all fake anyway.
Polybius is a great listen
Well I just binged all the episodes in a day. It's so good! The producers Todd and Jon really knocked it out of the park and uncovered all the layers of the Polybius urban legend in a compelling and suspenseful way. They examine the dark underbelly of 80's arcades, internet fanboy culture and the eccentric Pacific Northwest and keep you coming back for more. Suprised Todd and Jon are getting a little blowback because creatively its so strong and the blurring of fact vs fiction is so prevelant right now with FINDING FRANCES, JIM AND ANDY, AMERICAN VANDAL etc in the zeitgeist. This pod deserves to be in the same conversation. Right on Showcase!
Disappointed it's fake
It's an interesting story, but as it progressed I was disappointed to realize that it's mostly fiction. It's categoriezed as "society and culture" not "performance" or "fiction" so one would think...
I didn't really know how to feel about the hybrid storytelling. Sort of like Exit through the Gift Shop but in podcast form. I'm giving it four stars because they tipped thier hat at the end rather than keeping the audience guessing. Blair witch was a lot better movie when you thought it was real.
a delight
This series was a delight. It had mystery and intrigue and access to a unique subculture. It totally feels like an NPR piece with its thoughtful host and peculiar subjects. I found the whole show facinating, as it was very self reflexive about stories and entertainment itself. Which aspects are real and which ones are fabricated or distorted.
Came here for video games, stayed to listen
Came here for Polybius, in wake of reading about its "twist." I think what these guys have done is pretty awesome, taking actual aspects and facts and blending it with their own creation. Similar to Black Tapes, but stronger. This directed me to Ways of Hearing, which I gobbled down in seconds this weekend. This may seriously be one of the best finds of 2017. What an original idea for a series. I only wish there were more episodes.
I don’t object to fictional storytelling. I do object to a fictional story presented as actual journalism. Really disappointed in Radiotopia for the decision-making here.
Polybius Conspiracy
This applies only to the Polybius Conspiracy and NOT to other shows from this podcast. Rather than engaging in any substantive investigation the hosts chose to follow a group of clowns around and simply hoped that a coherent and engaging story would result. It didn’t. They did, however, manage to assail the character of the origin of their subject.
The polybius conspiracy is an unequivocal lie
I listened to the polybius conspiracy, which is presented as a series of documentary style interviews with key players in the story. After, I did some research into the characters and found out that these people are ACTORS. The show producers lied throughout the entire show to the audience and manipulated the listener. This is NOT the type of work that I expect from radiotopia, which has a reputation for quality FACTUAL work. If radiotopia is going to put out a work of fiction and present it as fact, they should apply an explicit warning during each episode. Do you know how many people I casually told this "factual" story to? Now I have to fix that. I'm sure the producers are amused at their meta art project's success (and consider this review proof of that), but in an era of fake news and alternative fact, this was literally the last thing we need. My trust in radiotopia is shot and i'll be unsubscribing from showcase.
Great storytelling! Want more!
Kanye Asada
I really liked the characters and story. I’ve read posts that say it’s a blend, and if so, they’ve done a real good job at keeping people guessing what’s what. Unique way to present the facts about an urban legend and breath some new life into an old internet mystery. The storytelling is a good representation of the themes of the podcast. Could easily see this as a movie or show!
Fiction Facading as a Investigative Podcast
If you do a quick Google, you’ll discover that Bobby is a fictional character, the newspaper that employed the journalist who received a mysterious tape never existed, and that Radiotopia confirmed with Slate that this is a “hybrid of fact and fiction”. Fictional stories are still interesting, but this misleads listeners into thinking it’s an audio documentary. Not great, Radiotopia.
Scripted Material
Disclaimer should be made on intro on the format. Characters are fictions, ect.
they totally did the subject matter justice. as someone who knows more than most about the legend, there is quite a bit of fact wthin... and the stuff to accompany it is very well executed. this series is a unique and masterful reflection of our biases and beliefs in the digital age. a decade from now, we'll look back on this to realize it was ahead of its time.
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