October 14, 2019
The StreamGeeks Summit will be partnering with the Center for Educational Innovation and to give students a chance to broadcast a live Esports tournament. The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) is a non-profit organization that is a recognized leader in advancing meaningful reforms in public education. Their successful NBA2K Academy currently combines gaming and education as an after school enrichment program for underserved communities.Jadd Schmeltzer the Esports Director for CEI is a former professional athlete who understands the value of coaching and teamwork. Schmeltzer leads the NBA2K Academy which is currently working with students on “character development/life skills (Social Emotional Learning), and helping to improve student gameplay in NBA2K
  we are currently developing a basketball curriculum that will be aligned with the current Esports curriculum as well. ”
July 29, 2019
Our Secrets to LinkedIn Live   We've been learning a lot with our access to LinkedIn Live! The results have been pretty shocking. Tune in for our secrets to living streaming on the popular business networking platform.
July 19, 2019
Did you catch our stream yesterday from our local radio station [WCHE 1520 AM Radio]? Today we will cover the setup of that production, what it takes to connect a live stream to a radio broadcast, and dive deeper into our 10 Tips for Streaming Radio. Grab the full guideÂ âžĄïžÂ
July 12, 2019
In this podcast, we talk about live streaming in high bitrates and, of course, high frame rates. Why? Well for one we live-streamed a ping pong match with multi-camera instant replay. But also, we talk about live streaming to multiple social media sites and more.
June 28, 2019
In this show, the Geeks review how they just live streamed a Rock'em Sock'em game in with a high frame rate and used vMix instant replay with the xKeys Jog Dial.
June 24, 2019
Listen to an interesting conversation about influencer marketing and how live streaming is playing a role.
April 26, 2019
Listen in to hear all about what we learned and saw at NAB. This includes Magewell, XKEYS, LinkedIn Live.
April 5, 2019
Listen in to hear about the wireless cable, IRL Setup, and updates before we head off to NAB 2019.
April 1, 2019
Paul is making the Broadcast Club Curriculum free to all this week! Check it out and download at
March 25, 2019
The world's largest broadcast and live streaming technology show is here again! It's 2019 and we here is a list of the top companies we are excited to be checking out this year!
March 4, 2019
Open Broadcaster Software started in 2012; it is a free and open-source software for the recording and streaming of live video. OBS is written C and C++. The software provides users with a cheap and efficient alternative to paid software. They get access to all the tools they need to create and broadcast professional live streams without the necessity of a spending a lot of money. OBS was born out of its author's own frustrations. In 2012, Hugh "Jim" Bailey wanted to stream Starcraft and other games to his friends. Somebody told him about an application that he could use to do that. But when he discovered that he needed to subscribe to use the app, he decided to build his own and make it free for anyone to use. What was came out of that decision was Open Broadcaster Software. In the author's own words: "When I first had an interest in streaming Starcraft and games for my friends to see, I heard about a certain other app out there, and I thought, "A subscription? Seriously? I could probably write this myself". .. and that's exactly what I did. So, two or three months later, after much learning and much toil, I have completed the first public alpha version of my streaming application. This application supports capture cards, webcams, as well as software desktop capture. You can make scenes, bitmap overlays, and it even has a plugin API so developers can add their own functionality to the application. It's fairly simple in design, and relatively easy to use. It's also written entirely in C/C++ and Direct3D 11 to maximize performance. Best part is it's entirely open source and free." Since that original version created by Jim in 2102, OBS has taken a life of its own and grown far beyond what the small project for live streaming games that the author conceived. In his initial post on Reddit, inside the section dedicated to Starcraft, he had asked the community to test the software and report back any bugs or issues that they discovered. The response was immediate and overwhelming. From that point onwards, OBS took off and has never looked back. With the help of an army of online collaborators - spreading the knowledge and use of the program - development on the improved versions of the software began. And in 2014, work on producing a rewritten version of OBS known as OBS Multiplatform began. OBS multiplatform was designed to offer multiplatform support, a more robust feature set, and a more efficient API. It was later renamed OBS Studio. OBS has gone through many iterations and updates and as of today, OBS classic, though still available for download is no longer supported
the newer versions having surpassed it in features and functionality.
February 13, 2019
Listen to hear our 10 tips you should know on the new LinkedIn Live.
February 4, 2019
This week the StreamGeeks discuss the first ever in-game live concert hosted by Marshmello inside Fortnite. The StreamGeeks just got back from live streaming virtual reality and the team discusses what they foresee in this crazy new industry.
January 22, 2019
See what the StreamGeeks say are the top 10 live streaming features inside OBS. That's right Open Broadcaster Software, the world's most popular live streaming open source software platform.
January 14, 2019
Today the StreamGeeks talk about Paul's new book, Helping Your Church Live Stream PLUS Melissa has her first day tweaking the audio system! Fun show, please enjoy!
January 7, 2019
The StreamGeeks have a plan for 2019 that is evolving quite quickly! VR Streaming, eSports, and a whole lot more in this podcast.
December 17, 2018
Mike Nappi joins us to talk about Bam's crazy Smash the Ramps Party. We talk about the music industry, the television industry and much more. Enjoy!
December 11, 2018
Ok, you guys requested this podcast. We are talking all about color matching multiple cameras. What are the tools we use... Why is it so important. And how can color matching multiple cameras make your live video productions sooo much more professional looking!
December 3, 2018
How to Accept Donations on Your LIVE Stream Accepting and offering donations on your live stream is now easier than ever. Join today as we walk you through how.
November 26, 2018
The StreamGeeks are talking about TeleShopping and live streaming. Learn how to Live Stream with Phone Call-In option for Teleshopping.
November 19, 2018
This week the StreamGeeks are pulling out all the stops to enable live viewer engagement! Yes, you can have your live viewers launch off a confetti cannon, yes Twitch is making kids who play video games famous... What kind of world are we living in? Well, the StreamGeeks love it and we are reviewing all the latest right here in this episode.
November 12, 2018
Enjoy an enlightening conversation about the incredibly popular eSports industry and Twitch. Twitch is Amazon's live streaming platform which recently hosted TwitchCon a convention in California where the industries top streamers all attended. Daniel Pisarski from LiveU attended the show and reflects on his experiences with the StreamGeeks.
November 5, 2018
Are you interested in live streaming a special event, product announcement or community outreach project? Live streaming is so powerful because it holds the power to connect people all around the world with your next big idea. Engaging live video content is the modern bridge between online community on social media and your business. Here at the StreamGeeks we are constantly looking for ways to increase audience engagement, social media reach and ultimately real business outcomes. But how much should live streaming a event cost if you don’t have any equipment or expertise?   Luckily, you can always whip out your phone, which is hopefully connected to a reliable WiFi network and start an off-the-cuff live stream. But for many larger events, with more important goals, your business needs to think bigger in order reap the benefits. When it comes to live streaming it’s important to understand the power of a live audience and their ability to share your content with their network. Everyone in the world is connected within six degrees of separation and your message can quickly spread online with the right mix of quality presentation and live audience engagement.   The first thing to think about is the presentation style for event. Do you want to provide an exclusive behind the scenes look for viewers online or a all-business television style presentation? Generally, you can pay a video production company to setup a multi-camera television style presentation for roughly $100-250 per hour which will include costs for setup and breakdown of all the equipment. In today’s day and age, you can also higher video production companies to stream a professional mobile production allowing your coverage to span miles, throughout your city, museum or party.   Some events, like Vidsummit, which is YouTuber Conference in Los Angeles California uses a mix of both. The event monetizing their live streaming capabilities by selling virtual tickets. These tickets include access to the events on-demand videos for viewers to watch up to 1 year later. The conference uses IRL (In Real Life) Streaming wireless backpacks, to allow hosts to generate hype for the event on social media. The paying customers with virtual tickets than gain access to professional multi-camera video production streams hosted in the main ballrooms and educational conference areas. As, you can see there are many ways to use live streaming to amplify your businesses goals. Whether you are simply trying to gain more attention leveraging social media, or driving increased ticket sales with a private content delivery network, the opportunities are limitless.   If you are a video production company that offers live streaming services, contact the StreamGeeks about joining our referral network. If you are a business trying to prepare for an upcoming event, consider downloading our free guide titled “10 Questions to Ask before hiring a live streaming company” found at
October 29, 2018
This week on the Podcast we are discussing Facebook Live Video Premieres but more importantly, we are joined with 3 in-studio guests. This podcast was recorded during the StreamGeeks 10,000 YouTube Subscriber Party and we are joined with multiple digital marketers in Real Estate and High Education Space. Enjoy!
October 26, 2018
An in-depth discussion about the live streaming and podcasting market. See how the StreamGeeks are using their video podcasting studio to deliver real business value to their audience.
October 22, 2018
It's here, YouTube has officially announced the video premiere feature is ready for all YouTube channels! Are we live yet? Well, Yeah, kind of... What’s a YouTube video premiere you ask? It’s just like the video premiere of your favorite Hollywood movies except this premiere happens right here on YouTube.
October 20, 2018
Tim Vandenberg, Paul Richards, Tess Protesto and Michael Luttermoser talk about the live streaming industry at large. Enjoy a fun, light hearted podcast that reflects on many facets of the video production industry including: Facebook Live, YouTube Marketing, Social Media, Video Production, Educational Content Creation and more.
October 15, 2018
Today the StreamGeeks tackle "in real life" streaming and all the technology you need to go completely mobile with your live stream.  Whether you’re a business, a brand or a content creator this is how you can bring professional live streaming anywhere with a cellular signal.
October 10, 2018
In today’s podcast The StreamGeeks’s Podcast Facebook watch parties and premiers to create a new marketing strategy with social media.  YouTube, Facebook and Twitch now all offer the ability to Premier a video with a countdown timer.  The feature allows creators the ability to post a video with Livestream features built in.  Video premiers or pre-scheduled on-demand videos that are released into live streaming fashion to an audience online.  Since the creators of the video are not actually on camera they were available to participate in a live chat room with their audience.  This was an interesting chance for the StreamGeeks to participate with our audience off camera.  We learned that Facebook premieres or a great way to boost engagement with video uploads.  We noticed a significant increase in our social media reach and engagement with our followers.     Another interesting feature that we found out about his Facebook watch parties.  Facebook is really taking the lead here with this new feature mixing on-demand and live video streaming.  Facebook watch parties are only available inside Facebook groups and they allow groups of users to share the video watching experience.  As the host or cohost of a Facebook watch party you are in control of selecting live or on-demand videos available on Facebook for the entire audience to watch.  We were able to connect to our lives Facebook premiere inside or Facebook watch party and then transition into a live broadcast from another Facebook page.  This turned out to be a great way  to build excitement for on-demand video and transition into a post show for live view were engagement.    YouTube live premiers has not rolled out to our stream geeks YouTube channel yet.  The next on-demand video premiere technology we will be digging into is from Twitch but until then you’re some pictures and video clips from our latest test with Facebook watch parties.  also don’t forget the check out our podcast which outlined some of the details we encountered with Facebook premieres .
October 8, 2018
IRL or In Real Life streaming is becoming a big hit in the streaming media industry. The StreamGeeks review the latest IRL technology and plan out their invasion of the NAB New York show coming up in just one week.
October 1, 2018
Podcasts are in an incredibly popular way of listening to audio content. In this video and blog post, we will talk about why churches should consider starting their own podcasts. One of the best things about starting a podcast is that it’s incredibly affordable to get started. Most churches already have high-quality audio systems in place to amplify the voice their speakers inside the church. The churches audio system can easily be used to record services audio and upload it as a podcast. For members and nonmembers of the church alike, listening to a podcast is convenient. Many people subscribe to the podcast they’re interested in on their smartphones which they can use to easily play audio in their car, on a jog or while they’re shopping in the grocery store. podcasting is a form of Internet radio that does benefit from having a host and a moderator. Popular religious podcasts that I listen to regularly include world religion news and Christian today. These podcasts talk about important issues happening outside the church to keep members informed on the world at large. Churches can use podcasting to reach new members in a variety of ways. The easiest way for a church to get started is to simply record the Sunday service with an audio program such as Audacity. Audacity is a free audio recording software available on both Mac and PC computers. Churches simply need to plug in their digital audio mixers into their computer with a USB cable in order to record the audio. If your digital audio mixer does not include a USB 2.0 output you can purchase an inexpensive USB audio interface that cost only $35 from Behringer. This equipment can be used to record the entire sermon but also the intro and outro segments for a higher quality production podcast. You can use your USB audio interface to capture audio from your larger audio mixer but also to bring in an XLR microphone into your computer for podcasting. You can start and end your podcasts with custom segments and paste in various parts or the entire recorded service audio.
September 25, 2018
The StreamGeeks’s recently live streamed to a fashion show in West Chester, Pennsylvania called the Fall for Fashion event.  It was a great learning experience for the team and I say so because a lot of technology from our video production set up decided not to work properly. Here is our recap of everything that went wrong and how we are going to do better next time :)
September 17, 2018
Learn more about how the StreamGeeks are teaming up with video production studios around the world in this podcast episode.
September 14, 2018
Today we made a thrilling discovery. Something that’s going to change the game for us and our podcasting strategy. Our discovery and the topic for today’s blog post is live streaming our podcast to Instagram. You may think, well why not just live stream your conversation to Instagram? What’s the difference? The difference is we get to pull from our professional audio mixing board, not just our high-quality audio, but all of our audio effects as well. This is one step away from being able to host a professional video stream to Instagram with graphics and all.
September 10, 2018
Podcast Tech Upgrade & Review   Should streamers podcast? Should podcasters stream? In this episode, we argue, absolutely! Tune in to hear about our new podcast studio, and why crossing mediums can benefit your audience growth and business.    Don't forget to like and follow for more of the geeks! And if you want to check out the video version, find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch(@sgeeks) & @streamgeeks
August 20, 2018
You’ve seen it. The transition from Hollywood, to Reality TV and now daily vlogging. Let’s talk about the importance of authenticity in live streaming and video production. Why are Behind the Scenes video so attractive and what is it about IRL (In Real Life) live streaming that has captured the attention of a generation.
July 30, 2018
The StreamGeeks have been through it all when it comes to live streaming. Here are some of the things we do to prevent live streaming issues and make our team feel more confident going live.
July 25, 2018
This week the StreamGeeks went live from their phone, throwing all the high-end video production equipment out the window! Why? The power of the selfie stream! Learn more about how you can leverage mobile phones for live streaming in a way that people respond too!
July 17, 2018
This we the StreamGeeks reflect on a recent live stream for a medium-sized music festival. The team talks about everything involved, all the upgrades for technology and what to watch out for. Enjoy this podcast all about the latest live streaming / mobile systems.
July 9, 2018
This week we review the lighting setup that has evolved over the years to incorporate 3-point lighting for each one of our guests plus we have added some very nice "atmospheric lighting". Our lighting system includes six cameras from DRACAST that are all LED which keeps our studio cool and well lit. But what do not currently have is actual DMX control over our studio lights. Therefore each show we have to manually turn on each light and angle the lights for the set we in. We are now adding Chauvet DJs lights to our system and felt it was time to start using DMX controls with our studio lights. So this week we reviewing our LED studio lighting before we jump into our new setup for Season 2. When it comes to lighting it's all about color temperature and setting up your lights to complement your cameras. Each camera angle will capture light in a different way so testing your camera angles with your lighting setup is always a good idea.
May 23, 2018
Ariel Viera has a passion for traveling the world and sharing the unique culture and lifestyle of different cities. He also has a passion for sharing his passion with the world, using LIVE video. In this podcast we dive into an artcile Ariel wrote on his strategy with growing and audience, telling a story, and connecting with his community, all via live video.
May 14, 2018
Having a successful on-site live stream all starts with planning! This podcast reviews in detail 10 keys to planning the perfect live stream at your next on-site location.
April 30, 2018
The StreamGeeks are streaming to Twitch. Enjoy this fun conversation about the potential in Amazon's new live streaming platform. Is it for you? Find out here.
April 17, 2018
Enjoy a light-hearted reflection of the 2018 NAB Shows biggest announcements as they apply to the live streaming industry. Paul, Tess and Michael return from Las Vegas with stories about the world's largest live streaming and broadcast technology trade show the National Association of Broadcasters.
April 3, 2018
This past week, the StreamGeeks decided to host an "HQ Trivia Style" live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube Live. If you haven't heard about the latest live streaming trivia game show sensation... where have you been? Anyway, the StreamGeeks break down how this live trivia show went viral plus we review some of top prospects for the 2018 NAB Show.
March 19, 2018
That's right. We just finished helping a young entrepuner live stream her fashion manufacturing. Tesoro Leather owner Brit Reed, worked with the StreamGeeks to produce a multi-set live streaming system to share you made in USA hand-bag manufacturing. We share the business side and technical streaming setup in this podcast.
March 12, 2018
In this episode, the StreamGeeks highlight new technologies and ideas for live streaming fundraisers. A bubble machine, a balloon pump and a whole lot more come together to make this podcast a fun listen!
March 8, 2018
In Episode 28, of the StreamGeeks Podcast, we delve into the process of live streaming for a Bar/restaurant. We just finished an on-site live broadcast to Facebook at the Split Rail Tavern in West Chester, PA. Here's what went well and the obstacles we found along the way. Enjoy!
February 26, 2018
Video Marketing - Facebook vs YouTube   YouTube and Facebook are the world's largest platforms for advertising video today. It’s interesting to think about how different the Red and Blue giants have become. Today we'll dive into both and our strategic approach.
February 20, 2018
In episode 26 of StreamGeeks we dive into live video and digital marketing strategy. We interviewed 8 industry experts on what it takes to build and grow your online presence and the value of video for business. From recorded to live content, we're bringing you the gems of these discussions.
February 12, 2018
The StreamGeeks critique the epic SpaceX Roadster Launch, have fun chatting about outerspace donuts and where Paul finds his zen time.
February 7, 2018
This week in Episode 25, the StreamGeeks pop the hood on their inbound marketing engine and share insights on how live video is fueling their lead generation system. The team is joined by Morgan Jacobson, HubSpot Principal Manager, to discuss how businesses small and large are using live video in every stage of the inbound marketing funnel. The StreamGeeks Chief Streaming Officer, Paul Richards, explains how the team uses HubSpot as a central marketing management platform to organize the company's efforts surrounding live video as a tool to attract, convert, close and delight customers. The company has been using HubSpot for over 5 years building an audience of over 45,000 contacts using a mixture of traditional inbound marketing and live streaming as a driving force for lead generation.
January 31, 2018
I know this title sounds like click-bait, but I really do believe that live streaming and social media may have the power to help defend our countries small businesses again tech giants like Amazon and Walmart! I love small businesses and I just finished producing a beautiful, television quality, Facebook Live broadcast for a local retail store. Most small businesses, especially those in the boutique retail space, do not have time to think about producing videos, much less broadcasting live. In fact, the owner of Old Soul Decor, Krystal Reinhard, pictured below, did not even have a YouTube account when I first asked her about doing a free pro-bono broadcast for her company. Old Soul Decor is located just a few doors down from our office in downtown West Chester and Krystal explained to me that she knows they should live streaming but it's difficult to find the time. Like many other small businesses, Reinhard has a dedicated following on Facebook with over 1,000 likes on her page, a social media feat she is proud of.   With everything going on in today's day and age, the rise of Walmart and now Amazon, it's a wonder how small businesses in our community stay afloat. The rise of online video and live streaming has been a blessing for our business so I really wanted to see if we could rub a little of our magic off on a local business :) Above you can see an "inbound marketing" funnel I built modeled from HubSpot's famous "Attract, Convert, Close & Delight" motto and redesigned for retail businesses. It seems to me that too many retail stores are too reliant on walk-in customers and physical attraction items like a store-front window. While it will likely take a real human to covert and close many traditional retail customers I believe that live streaming will be a game changer when paired with localized advertising tools available from Facebook & YouTube.   As you can see on slide 16 of my Slideshare embedded, social media advertising has a much lower price of entry when compared to Local Radio or Television advertising. There's a lot of information to digest in this presentation and included tutorial video. In essence, I believe that people buy from small businesses because they like to shop locally and they like purchasing from someone they know and trust. Live streaming will allow small businesses of every variety to reach out to their local communities in ways that big businesses could never scale to fulfill. So I would love to hear some comments from those of you on LinkedIN who are passionate about small business! Sincerly, Paul Richards Chief Streaming Officer StreamGeeks
January 26, 2018
This week we discuss how to use YouTube’s live streaming features to hack the YouTube algorithm. We discuss the most important aspects of the YouTube algorithm and how live streaming can put your videos first in search results. Everyone knows that YouTube’s search engine has been built to deliver the most relevant content to it’s users. But what makes YouTube’s algorithm decide that one video more relevant than another? We discuss the important of watch time and user engagement ratings which can be improved when you are delivering your content live. Our entire presentation is available at for download we include some of our favorite YouTube assets including photoshop files for YouTube Thumbnails and outro screens designed for the new YouTube End Screens. We hope you enjoy this episode full of YouTube SEO and Strategy secrets Paul has built up over the years with a focus on delivering content via live video. Many of the SEO strategies discussed have been accumulated from exclusive trade shows such as VidSummit in Los Angeles which Paul credit for many of his tips. But the StreamGeeks also share insights from the live streaming world where the compare and contrast Facebook’s live streaming platform with YouTube. SEO Explaining the YouTube Algorithm – Wants to serve the viewer. Uses engagement and view time to determine relevance. Combination of likes, subscribes, shares on social media, embeds out on the web and total time users spend watching your video in seconds.) Live streaming as a YouTube growth strategy. Promote new video used schedules upload Boosting content on Adwords Titles – Relevant – Penalized for low view rates Description Closed Captions Tags Links – Inside YouTube – Penalized for linking away Channel Page – Short Trailer, use playlists for branding Show Playlist – Send people to playlist links and encourage binge watching Promote your content with keywords and Thumbnails Custom outro – End Screen Daily strategy – chunk content save as new Deleting preshow with editor YouTube Live Goals Grow Live Viewer Audience Chat Integration Request Subscribes – Grow your notification tribe Request Comments – Learn what your audience wants to see next Schedule your Stream – Don’t Stream Now! Scheduled streams maintain view count and most importantly view time Advanced YouTube Live Features 4K Streaming 3D Streaming Multi-Streaming Tools YouTube AutoComplete Google Trends Keyword Finder Blue Ocean Theory Inspect Page Source: Keywords Zapier – HELPFUL TOOL OF THE WEEK (SUPER TOOL) Show Promotion Press Release Blog Post Podcast Twitter Snippet
January 15, 2018
The StreamGeeks are a small team of video production professionals specializing in live streaming. Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the team has over 20 live broadcasts available free to the public reviewing how businesses can best take advantage of live streaming. This week the StreamGeeks have published a free guide outlining 10 tips to gain more live viewers on Facebook to grow your business.  Download our Free Facebook Live Guide here: There is a HUGE need for professional video on Facebook especially live video. In this presentation, we will review how to increase your video quality and breakthrough with Live Video. We suggest users develop a niche on YouTube and Facebook. Use a press release, be prepared with an agenda. Content is important but so is the space that you deliver your presentation. Think about your studio
 Then consider the lights, cameras and action. “We are so happy to have a job where we can dedicate ourselves to promoting the live streaming industry” says Chief Streaming Officer, Paul Richards. “With over 20 episodes on live streaming we are finally ready to tackle Facebook Live streaming after the recent algorithm changes on the platform.” 10 Quick Tips: Have a regular show to give you audience a time and place to be. Gather email addresses and notify your audience when you go live via email. Start a Facebook Group and invite your audience to take things to the next level! Organic Growth will happen over time. Don’t forget to link all your websites/social profiles back to your Facebook page. Collaborate and Share with creators/companies in your space. Use instagram and drive traffic back to Facebook. Use Live Streams and Engagement to invite people to like your page. Everyone that engages with your live stream can be invited to like your page. This is the best way to grow your likes based off engagement from your audience. Find the direct link to your Facebook Live Stream and send your audience to their via email. This will increase your chances to go viral and improve overall reach. Having great content is the best way to promote engagement. You can also ask for Likes and even use something called Facebook Live Reactions. A Facebook Live Reaction is a way to have your audience vote with emojis. We will demonstrate this process of boosting engagement in our live video. The free StreamGeeks training catalog already includes tutorial on growing your live streaming audience, transitioning from video to live, interviewing guests and much more. Interested businesses can access the free video on the StreamGeeks YouTube Channel here. Don’t forget about the power of Native Video on Facebook. Do not simply share your YouTube videos on Facebook. Native video on Facebook will perform 10X better! It’s important to have a budget for boosting posts on Facebook.  But don’t forget to use an audience that will respond to your content and ultimately like your page and buy your product.  Learn from your boosted posts and see what demographic responds best to your content. One of the most important about live streaming is creating engaging and interactive content that responds to your audience. The magic happens when both the hosts and audience are having fun. Try your best to spice up your studio and have fun with this awesome experience. Receive live show updated by liking the StreamGeeks Facebook page here. Each week the StreamGeeks have a giveaway free live streaming technology for viewers. Sign up to win a free live streaming camera and much more at
December 19, 2017
In Episode 21 of StreamGeeks we talk all about creating the graphics for a professional live show. This is our last show of the year so we will quickly take a look back at the past 20 episodes and how our live show has grown. As some of you know, every show we provide the graphics we use in a free download called Tess’s Live Show Goodies available at: . Today we really dig into the software we use to create our digital graphics and video assets for our live show which will include: intros/outros, lower thirds, social media titles and video bugs. Paul has been creating graphics and videos for live video productions for over 2 years with over 200 live shows under his belt. So we will talk about ways to streamline your workflow, keeping your show fresh and reducing the processing load on your computer. It’s important to keep your show branding consistent through your visual presentation so we talk about the important of a short intro, triggering lower thirds, integration with YouTube/Facebook viewer comments and video thumbnails. The StreamGeeks go over everything from Photoshop, to After Effects and SEO thinking through our entire live show strategy from video, to podcast and blog. Paul and Tess take us through After Effects tutorials for creating intro and outro video clips which are short fun and to the point. We then jump into creating social media titles with your brand that can share viewer comments on the screen. Finally, we use a combination of Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to create a custom lower third video bug. A “Video Bug” we call short video clips that crawl onto the screen to display a short bit of information like the show time or your logo. These are usually MP4 video files which we discuss using a chroma key to keep file size down. We also demonstrate how we setup our pre-show and the importance of starting early. We have done the research and learned that on average it takes 10-15 minutes from the start of your live show until you reach your peak concurrent viewers. This gives you a chance to catch up with your live viewers and get excited them about your main presentation while your audience is building. We always suggest using a countdown timer to let people know exactly how long it will be until the start of your live show. We even suggest creating a fun strategy for the pre-show so you can tease the most important parts of your presentation to keep your audience hooked. ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here: Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster #blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera
December 5, 2017
StreramGeeks || Episode 19 || Free Live Streaming Software - New OBS 20 Features  In episode 19 of StreamGeeks Live, we review the latest new features in OBS 20. We take a look at free vs paid live streaming software and how you can use OBS with advanced features such as RTSP Streaming, NewTek NDI, Studio Mode and now Stingers. Here is a list of the most notable new features inside OBS 20.1.3: Modular View - Docking System New Rachni Blue/Grey Theme! Default buttons in filters/sources Source Locking Preview Scaling Audio Clipping Visual Notifications Stinger Transitions We share with you how to setup OBS for professional video production in Studio Mode and the new Ranchi Blue/Gray theme available in version 20. We also share the ability to lock sources, preview scaling and the new stinger effects. Stinger effects use a transparent alpha channel enabled video to seamlessly transition between two different scenes in OBS. Paul and Tess take you through all the basics for OBS and don't forget we have a completely free course on OBS here if you want to learn more: Gain access to the Open Broadcaster Software course free with coupon code: "OBSFREE". For those new to OBS we review the OBS Layout and these key points: Downloading the Software Interface Overview Settings Overview Adding Inputs Setting up Audio Using Scenes Using Studio Mode Plugins RTSP Streaming NDI Setup Green Screen Setup Finally, we review all the normal StreamGeeks Segments and the difference between OBS, vMix, Wirecast, LiveStream and NewTek TriCasters. ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here: Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster#blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera #streamgeeks
November 28, 2017
Episode 18 || $10,000 Live Streaming Studio Budget - How we spent it! In episode 18 of StreamGeeks, we go over our entire budget of $10,000 and how we spent it to build our live streaming studio. $10,000 was just enough money to build out our entire office with new IP-based networking infrastructure that we can use for live streaming in our offices and our studio. We are also able to use the NewTek NDI inside our cameras and with compatible software (Such as vMix, Wirecast and Livestream Studio) to connect all of our devices over a gigabit ethernet switch. So this episode we take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of how we set up our live streaming studio with a custom PC, multiple live streaming cameras and all of the hardware switchers which includes the PTZOptics IP Joystick. Paul and Tess review everything from standup desks to wall painting and budgeting for the technical equipment used in the entire office. As you can see from the picture above we spent a good amount of our budget (roughly 20%) on the gigabit networking infrastructure which includes our 5 GHz WiFi system from Ubiquiti. The television and set decor took up another 40% leaving just $4,000 for office furniture and painting. Luckily we got our entire office space for a steal (Just $13/sq/ft) and only have to pay $2,500 per month in a downtown West Chester, PA location. To build out and design our live streaming studio from scratch we use Pinterest to visualize our plan. As you can see, we purchased various items for our live streaming studio that are both functional and appealing to our target audience. We know our audience is technically inclined and perhaps a little "geeky". So we chose furniture and shelving to help support various items that will enhance our live streaming environment. We also used our budget to build out areas of our office that are used for live streaming and spontaneous videos.   Our super tech tool of the week has to do with setting up a managed ethernet gigabit switch for QoS quality of service. In order to do this, we had to label each one of our 24 ports and use our ubiquity management software to identify which devices require priority for live streaming video production. Since many of our ethernet cables were installed inside walls we had to use our ethernet cable checker to identify which port is connected to which device. Once we had each port on our switch labeled with the correct device we are able to prioritize our live streaming IP-based network. The StreamGeeks go over everything from QoS (quality of service) on their live streaming network to the importance of painting walls energizing colors in this episode. We hope you enjoy some of our live streaming in video production tips and hope to see you next week I’m stream six live broadcast Mondays at 11 AM Pacific 2 PM Eastern. ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here: Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster #blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera
November 21, 2017
Episode 17 || Our Ubiquiti Network Setup for Live Streaming + BTS Tour In Episode 17 of StreamGeeks live we look at our ubiquity network set up for live streaming. At the heart of every modern live streaming, facility is an IP-based network. Paul and Tess show you their brand new Gigabit network setup for live streaming and video production which includes a power over ethernet managed network switch, a firewall, wireless access points and much more. Episode 17 is our very first live stream in the new studio located in downtown West Chester Pennsylvania. The stream geeks share video footage from the IP network installation which includes running ethernet cable laying through the drop ceilings and installing wireless access points throughout the building. If you’re considering setting up and IP-based live streaming system this is a great episode for you. So we start off with our Comcast Internet service which costs $250 above and provides 150 Mb of download speed and 20 Mb of upload speed. Comcast provides an Internet router which we connect to our UGM firewall and 24 port managed ethernet switch. This ethernet switch is then connected to all of our computers, cameras, and other IP devices used for live streaming and video production. The IT department at stream geeks chose to go with the ubiquity 24 port POE managed gigabit switch because it provide gigabit speeds ideal for video over IP. This switch can be remotely managed using the ubiquity cloud key simplifying life for our IT department. The goal of the new office for stream gigs this to have a completely interconnected working varmint where live streaming can be spontaneously available to any employee. From our public facing YouTube and Facebook live shows to our internal spontaneous Livestreams on Facebook work place we want to have the technology available to quickly Livestream professional video content. There are for our ubiquity wireless Unifi access points have been installed throughout the building to provide high-quality band with to any device wirelessly. How 24 port managed ethernet switch provides power over ethernet to power each wireless access point. These wireless access points are fast enough to live stream low latency video directly into our video production software such as vMix wirecast or even a Newtek tri-caster. We demonstrated this today on our live stream by using an iPhone 6 to wirelessly broadcast video and audio directly into our video production. ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here: Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster #blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera
November 13, 2017
StreamGeeks || Episode 16 Facebook Workplace - Paid community & private streaming option ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here: Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster #blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera
November 8, 2017
Stream Geeks || Episode 15 Hi ya'll! On today's show we are chattin' about Private Live Streaming đŸŽ„đŸ€– Restreamer, Peak viewership and a SPIN TO WIN! 😁 STREAMGEEKS FEATURE TOPIC OF THE WEEK - Free Private Streaming Show Segments  Restreamer RTSP vs RTMP Bandwidth when running your own server Processing power when running your own server Python Script called Initial Slate ---- 14 Day Trial --- Now using Password protected Wordpress Facebook Live in a Private Group Local Area Network Streaming Using NDI vMix LAN Streaming -   Pre Show segment - 10 minutes is when you hit your peak viewership LIVE VIDEO MOMENT OF Week - Tour of Farting Puppies Tech Setup BRANDING QUOTE OF THE WEEK-  “ Mistakes are proof that you’re trying” GIVEAWAY - Spin To Win HELPFUL TOOL OF THE WEEK (SUPER TOOL)- Raspberry Pie w/ Random tech fact - we tested Facebook workplace and they don’t screen for copy written materials VIRAL VIDEO MOMENTS- VERTICAL VIDEO MOMENT OF THE WEEK - Ring light preview?   ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here:   Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster #blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera
November 3, 2017
2 Years of Live Streaming đŸŽ„đŸŽ‰ - Halloween Stream 2017 đŸ‘»đŸŽƒ [Video]   In Episode 14 of StreamGeeks, we take a moment to look back on our last two years of live streaming. Sometimes it's funny, other times we learn from our best successes. This episode is a look back at over 22 timeline moments in our history live streaming. From our first ever live stream to our first custom live streaming PC build the following list includes a many of the steps we have taken during our path to video production expertise (though we are hardly experts yet). First Live Stream - Halloween 2015 - Feb, 2016 - NewTek releases NDI 1.0 June 2016 - Tom Sinclair builds us our custom PC... July, 2016 - Facebook Live Starts April 2016 - vMix 17 Released - Includes PTZ Controls Jan 2017 - Tess Starts Jan 2017 - Our first Facebook live stream Feb 2017 - Real Studio Installed March 2017 - vMix 19 - Includes vMix Call May 2017 - 2017 Streaming Awards May 2017 - Replaced USB 3.0 PCIe Cards w/ Magewell HD-SDI Cards June 2017 - We Started MultiCasting June 2017 - Facebook User Group July 2017 - First StreamGeeks Show July 2017 - Added Zcams - Behind the Scenes Aug 2017 - Facebook Adds Streaming to Groups Sept 2017 - Michael Starts Sept 2017 - Wirecast Introduces Randevu video chat
 Sept 2017 - Tally Lights Oct 2017 - Gen 2 IP Joystick Oct 2017 - NDI Cameras Oct 2017 - 2 Year Anniversary This episode is a great way to catch up on everything Paul and Tess have added to their live streaming studio. The StreamGeeks are building another live streaming studio yet, so stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments below.  ✓ Watch our Latest Live Stream: ✓ Free UDEMY Course on how we live stream here: Hashtags: #ptzoptics, #livestreaming, #tech, #videoproduction, #PTZCameras, #streamingmedia, #webinar, #collaboration #wirecast #vmix #newtek #Tricaster #blackmagic #FacebookLive #YouTubeLive #videography #camera
October 24, 2017
Episode 13 || Viewer Statistics for live streaming Today on StreamGeeks we're covering Viewer Statistics for live streaming - What to look for and how it can benefit your channel. The team dived in about video statistics on Facebook and YouTube. Analytics have been proving to be an valuable tool for your channels success. Whether its a cooking show on YouTube or product videos on Facebook. The ability to understand who, when and where is consuming your content is invaluable.
October 16, 2017
Today on StreamGeeks we're covering virtual tickets and private live streams. Paul and I will also be at #NABNY this week and we want to see you there! #livestreaming
October 10, 2017
StreamGeeks Episode 11 || Cable Weight, how to drop some lb's :)
October 2, 2017
EP 10 || StreamGeeks LIVE   Tips for designing your own live streaming studio/set! We're building a new one now too, let's do this together :).
September 20, 2017
StreamGeeks EP 8   In this episode of StreamGeeks live we talk about "How to start your live show off with a BANG!". Facebook has recently released a new API for frame accurate broadcast starts which allow users to start their live streams with accurately. With this new news, the StreamGeeks review an agenda focused on live show energy, starting your show, your pre-show and even your pre-pre-show with pump up music and strategies to go live with the best in broadcast.We also review tips for getting the most out of your live streaming setup with limited budgets and personnel on staff. We review various broadcast techniques such as how to have a countdown timer on your live show, playing an intro video and using clips/images and segments to keep the audience engaged and on the same page. Finally, we talk branding, marketing and creative. How can you tell your story more creatively with the help of some of our heroes: Steve Jobs and Gary Vaynerchuck. All this and more included in our 8th episode of Streamgeeks!
September 12, 2017
Hosting Guests on Your LIVE Show Join us today at 2 pm ET to learn about hosting guests and interviewing someone LIVE. How do we talk to them, virtually or in person? How do virtual interviews work? Also, we'll be diving into IOS 11 and what that means for interviewing LIVE, as well as YouTube's new super low latency mode
August 30, 2017
Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? Well, we are so humbled by the VaynerNation support we received today, that we want to make sure everyone who participated receives something from us. That being said, here’s the infographic we used on today’s show. Use this info to show EVERYONE who doubts your live streaming ambitions, that they know nothing =P. May the streaming force be with you.
August 9, 2017
Established Vlogger? YouTube star? If you are one of these, you might be thinking about going LIVE as opposed to publishing recorded content. If you're not thinking about it, you'd be making a big mistake. LIVE content is being pushed on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, and is watched three times more than recorded content. It's time to start integrating LIVE content into your workflow. In EP 5 of StreamGeeks, we dive into how to blend the two and make the most of your productions. Get more views, engage your audience, grow your community and your brand. We'll give you some tips on how to do that, here.
July 25, 2017
StreamGeeks Ep 4 || Troubleshooting Live Streams While LIVE! If you've been in the live streaming industry or have it as a hobby, you probably know that stuff ALWAYS happens. It doesn't seem to matter how prepared you are, or how long you've been doing this for. Unforeseen and uncontrollable problems will still happen. This episode covers our personal experiences with troubleshooting issues under the pressure of being live. We will dicuss the fear of failure and embarrassment, as well as 3 steps to cover while problem-solving live.
July 17, 2017
Welcome to Episode 3 of StreamGeeks! Concert streamers, this one's for you! Here we dive into tips for live streaming concerts and live music performances.    Our show is all about live streaming. We are expert nerds in this avenue, hosting multiple weekly live shows. We are bringing you all the tips and tricks of the trade, and helpful hints on audience growth and engagement. Check out our new episodes every Monday afternoon. We stream first, at 2 pm ET, and post after! Thanks for stopping by, we're happy to have you.    Find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram || @streamgeeks
July 13, 2017
In Episode 2 of StreamGeeks we dive into growing your LIVE Audience. We've hit the 4,000 subscriber mark for our live show on YouTube, and today we cover how we did it. What's important for growing your audience? RELATIONSHIPS. Create and nurture relationships with your intended audience. There's a number of ways we'll share with you how we do just that.
July 10, 2017
StreamGeeks is a podcast all about live streaming and video production We post every Monday at 2 pm ET with tips and tricks for streaming and audience growth. Let’s hang đŸ€“
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