Incredible board gaming podcast and crew
My first stop for board gaming news and reviews. Can't get enough.
Fun and informative, but unorganized and inconsistent
Ivan Warner
The team who make up this podcast have great skill, and have skill making people enjoy what they talk about. However, they are super free form, meaning apart from their list of games they mention at the beginning there is no consistency from show to show. Also the amount of content they give for how long people need to wait for the podcast I feel is not worth the wait for me. If someone makes a monthly show i would like it to be more polished, have more content, and have more effort put into it instead of idle discussion.
finest boardgame podcast of all time and now I'm gay for Quinn
Quinn is adorable and Matt is a sweetie.
Great Podcast
Enjoy listening to the team talk about board games. Have bought several based upon what we've listened to on their podcast & seen on their websites. Love the humor.
Awesome board game podcast! Please make more podcasts!
Shut up and sit down is one of my favorite podcasts! I miss Paul but I also love all the other members of the crew! My only complaint is that I wish you guys and gals would make more podcasts! :) Also your all’s YouTube videos are amazing and super funny and I trust your opinions on board games more than most! -Philip
Fun and entertaining, but not substantive
I love SUSD's personalities and video reviews, but I find the podcast's focus on new releases makes it somewhat difficult to relate to. I wish they covered fewer games per podcast, and gave more quality time to the games they do cover.
Love it
These boys know their stuff! They’re very open and honest about their opinions of board games, and they’re quite funny too. These guys have given my husband and I great joy from what they’ve recommended. For people who like board games or are interested in getting into them, i recommend these guys 100%
best games podcast
Bill Millions
I'm not usually into the podcast format "Two-People-Sitting-Around-Talking" but I make an exception for these guys. Consistently interesting coverage, and enjoyable banter. I love that they are interested in table games across the spectrum too; they have broad (but wise) tastes. The only drawback? My wallet is suffering because of all of the games they have convinced me to buy.
Great stuff!
Alice Dogsbody
Love this podcast. Don't ever stop! While the video reviews are great, the unscripted format of the podcast is a breath of fresh air and the discussions among the various contributors regular (Hi Quinns, Matt, and Paul!) and otherwise are always entertaining and informative.
favorite boardgame podcast
Love this podcast so much!
Aside from being absolutely hilarious, the team at SU&SD do a fantastic job looking at and talking about board games. What impressed me most is how well they are able too look at a games through a critical lens by discussing both the mechanics and aesthetics. There are plenty of board game podcasts and video reviewers out there who get away with saying “well, I just didn’t like this game!” SU&SD can back up their critiques while also pointing out their own biases. They've discussed several games that they weren’t fans of, but because of how they talked about them and their certain critiques, I knew that it would still be a game I might like! End of the day, the show is completely entertaining. I like how they discuss games that are unreleased or sometimes several years old, Mainstream hits or underground surprises, heavy eurogames or goofy party games, etc. Every episode comes across as highly curated yet slightly off the cuff, which, in the end, makes it brilliant. Thanks team! Y’all single handedly have gotten me back into board games after a 10 year hiatus. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!
Great show
I’ve been listening to these guys for quite some time now, and I really enjoy what they do. The podcasts are great and their YouTube channel is amazing as well.
tbh, I generally enjoy playing different games than what SUSD recommends. But I still love listening to the podcast and watching their reviews. Even if they don’t enjoy a game they still find the good in each game. They provide a great synopsis of how a game plays and how it feels to play it! They are just wonderful people to listen talk about games!
Great show
Great show. While I sometimes disagree, the show is funny and thoughtful, always giving a breakdown and reasons for their opinions
the best board game podcast to date!
High quality reviews! Matt, Paul and Quinn’s re-introduces me to the art of board games. They are like the tour guides of the wonderful world of gaming, showing you what is worth buying and what isn’t. This podcast has all the good parts of their amazing video reviews. The comedy, the insight, the charisma and the extravagance.
My go-to board gaming podcast
This podcast has been my go-to for board gaming podcasts for a few years now. Quinn’s and I have the same taste in games which helps, but the reviews are insightful and well thought out.
Actual board game journalists
I don’t always agree with all their reviews since they favor tons of player interaction but the duo is clearly more educated, thoughtful, articulate, witty and enjoyable than any other board game reviewers. Like you actually get the sense they should be journalists vs many other hobbyists who just also happen to like the sound of their own voice. 5/5.
The best dang board game podcast out there
I save it and savor it. Great conversation, great guys, great games (at least when they tell you they’re great games).
Excellent perspective. Love the chemistry that Quinns, Matt, and Paul have together. Highly recommend.
Wonderful podcast about board games
I love these guys so much that I listen to this podcast on a wierd egg.
Always fun to put this on and just listen and chill
Herp D Derp
I love listening to these guys talking baout whatever weird new games they've got their hands on. Almost always 1 or 2 games that sound like they'd be fun for my group, and then I go dig deeper on them.
Gold Standard Reviews!
Great reviews that take a critical eye - even to games they love. They can really give you a good sense of what a board game plays like and let you know what type of person may like a game they don’t. Very fair and thoughtful. Chanting and entertaining to boot!
Critical discussion, but fun
Malte Brigge
These guys give unique opinions with good reasons behind them, but consider the gamer first and foremost. And they’re funny. Very funny. Listen to these guys, even if you don’t agree. They bring perspective, jokes, and sometimes food.
Hal the reviewer
Love listening to this on my egg
Podcasts are a hellscape
Mud Paint
There are too many podcasts of free form conversations about personal opinions. This one has enough charm and informed content to rise above. Thanks buds!
Listener from Lebanon here! Outstanding reviews! Those three take their job very responsibly and seriously!
Wonderful hosts and great discussions
Mastodon in Space!
A witty, charming group of people, who provide an insightful and often funny take on a huge number of boardgames. I especially enjoy how they sometimes dig a little bit more into the games, discussing, for example, issues of representation. They're the kind of people you wish you knew!
Praul dean is good mans
I love these bois, thanks for the hours of entertainment and for teaching me all about the best of the hobby. I just replaced risk, apples to apples, and settlers of catan with lords of Vegas, Inis, and galaxy trucker. I can’t wait for them to arrive, thanks for all y’all do.
No Retreat. No surrender.
Simply the best.
Great Group of Guys!
I don’t really enjoy board games, but their passion for the topic keeps me entertained. I love the podcast and the YouTube channel!
Not just a great gaming podcast
Su&SD is not just a great gaming podcast (which it is), it’s one of the best podcasts *of any kind* available. The hosts are genuinely witty, really know their stuff, and each episode has a lot of heart. One warning: this show will make you want to spend way too much money on games.
A Review So Quinns Can Stop Losing Sleep Over Podcast Ratings
Dr Whoosier
If you're actually reading this review, please stop and just listen to the podcast. You shouldn't waste anymore of your life without this level of amaziness in it. Check out their website, all their presences on various social media platforms, their video reviews, their live appearances, their very own convention in Canada called SHUX, throw some money their way... you will regret none of it!
Check out their videos
Ben Mags
To be honest, the poscast is probably my least favorite aspect of the Shut up and Sit down empire, and my five star rating is still totally genuine by the way, so that goes to prove how much I love their written work and video reviews. Its just a shame that the podcast is kind of a dumping ground for games that are good, but not great enough to be given a full review treatment, but the casual discussion is a nice way to round out the sharp wit of their reviews.
The very 776th 5-Star review
Thom O.
Great opinions from great people recommending great games. Very positive about their passion for tabletop; and always looking for joy & story in everything they undertake.
Congrats! You found the best podcast.
Brandon Atterberry
Subscribe and listen to intelligent, witty, and just good old fashioned fun discussions about board gaming! Don’t be afraid to listen to the older episodes as well. They are full of laughs and due to the nature of board games, they are still relevant. These guys deserve every bit of support you can give.
Great stuff
Their discussions of games are great fun and very informative. If you are at all interested in board games and being entertained give this a listen!
Happy New Listener
Follow The camel
I’m new to the podcast, having listened to the last four episodes. I’ve been looking for the right game review podcast for a while. Too many podcasts subscribe to the cult of the new to be useful to my needs. I appreciate that shut up sit down doesn’t just follow the current trends in games. Their reviews are nuanced based on a mix of personal opinions and experience based on their history of gaming. The reviews are even open enough to say, “I think this game is good but not for me.” That’s rare voice.
Good people doing good things
Hey. These are good people. You should listen to them and then watch their videos. Why? Because we’ve got to make sure Paul is eating right.
Great Stuff
jammin bman89
Everyone has different tastes when it comes to board games, but for the pure entertainment value, I have yet to see anything as good as Shut Up and Sit Down. A lot of reviews/discussions of board games out there can be dry and amateurish, but everything SU&SD puts out is made with care and attention. While I don’t always agree with their recommendations or negative reviews, it’s always entertaining and the chemistry of everyone involved is high. Definitely worth checking out and seeing for yourself!
Best Board Game Podcast
What makes this podcast so great is the honesty that the 3 of them bring to the show. Sure they are super funny and knowledgeable, but you come back because you trust their opinion.
Funny, approachable, insightful
John Jewell
My favorite podcast, these three crack me up and I love the different perspectives. My first listen I was impressed to hear their negative reaction to a ‘hot’ game while explaining the concepts in a way that any audience could understand - if more podcasters and reviewers had such courage, we could move past the hype and narrow down the list of games to try since there will never be enough time to check out everything out there.
Your Royal Caribbean in a sea of review podcasts.
One of the Best board game podcasts.
Always a classic.
The Original MacDaddy
Great commentary and banter, excellent insights. Good pacing and breadth. This is the gold standard of what board game podcasts should be.
An amazing few people to spend your time with
I've always liked board games, but it wasn't until recently that I started to dig deeper into the hobby. As I was trying to get more information, a few channels and review sources stuck out to me. These guys are some of my favorite to listen to. What makes Shut Up and Sit Down so amazing is how much they love board games. All of this is a just a channel for them to share that enthusiasm with others, which is refreshing. I've lost count of how many times I've been pulled in to their description of a game and either written it down to look up later or stopped everything and searched for it immediately. You’re given amazing conversations and great games to find and play with the people in your life. I would recommend anyone interested in board games to download this podcast.
Always entertaining and clever
Dave da fan
The best podcast about board games. The lads (Quinns, Matt, Paul) are sharp-witted and always present a great conversation about the games they are playing. I always listen to this immediately when it's published. Just subscribe already.
The SUSD podcast is an entertaining and informative look at the exciting tabletop games you can play today. Not only is it great to hear about new games you might enjoy, it’s genuinely enjoyable to listen to these friends talk about them together. Thanks SUSD!
Like board games? Listen to this podcast!
Even-handed reviews and criticism from a trio of passionate players. Come for the games, stay for the people.
Great Content
Honest, funny reviews, and opinions of the modern table top gaming hobby. Professionally produced and always entertaining.
Some of the best in the business
These three guys are some of the best in the business. You really can't appreciate what they do, how they do it nor their passion for the hobby without listening to this podcast. Keep up the great work!
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