More like “poacher’s life”.
Real Talk
Superb information real hunters in real situations. If I could change anything, and this is just a little on my part, would be the audio quality. Sometimes it’s just hard to listen to what everybody saying is just an echo in the backround Not trying to be petty, love the podcast.
Great Podcast
Hndsum Rob aka El Padrino
Love Adam and Kimmie. Great people. Very informative and easy to listen to.
Good Clean Fun
B R Shook
Always insightful and fun. Thanks for all you do. -Shook
More than hunting.
Steve Nardone
Good stuff brother. I appreciate the first episode; with your views on attitude towards life and work.
Great podcast! Real world experience!
Adam Enjoy your podcast. Life lessons are great, bow hunting information is spot on just plain spoken truth. Nice to hear someone who is not bashing or pushing some product they probably have never
Great podcast! Adam Greentree is the baddest bowhunter on the planet!
100% Legit
True original passionate words about hunting, family, conservation, and everyday dramas
Adam is the best no BS bowhunter!
Adam you have some great podcasts my friend. Listening to the episodes and working out or working or chillin with a beverage is the bomb.
A podcast for life
A great podcast for every aspect of life. How to be a better human. Thanks Adam & Kimmi!
Love the podcast, Kim is a great addition and not bad to look at either.
Great work!
Thank you for keeping it real! Keep‘em coming👍
Only one complaint
I want more episodes! Adam is a great guy and advocate for hunting, he and kimmi are fun to listen to
Great conversation and great people! Must listen to
Awesome content, but they need better audio
Keep it up!!!
Real people relating to real life! Love the Aussie perspective! Work harder and go after it!!!
Great Podcast
I’m new to the world of bow hunting and I love hearing all the great stories and life experience advice Adam and Kim give. It’s a fun podcast to listen too! In the great words of one Cam Hanes, “Keep Hammering” lol
No Thanks
About 30 minutes into the first episode, I turned it off. The podcast was more about profanity than bowhunting or the outdoor life.
Real people, with great stories. straight shooting humans. I can relate.
Adam is amazing
Anything he is involved with, count me in.
💪🏹👊!!!!! Outstanding
Amazing bowhunter and family man, what the true bowhunting sportsman is (or should be) about. Well done man.
Awesome Podcast
Randy Zuckerman
Very entertaining and fun to listen to! Highly recommended!
Fun and Entertaining
Ian the duke
Adam has great stories and a positive outlook on life. These podcasts are both entertaining and inspiring; both in hunting, and in general life. Keep it up, Greentrees.
Such a great listen..
Thanks for the pods, keep it up
Podcast Review
Mark Kinsey
This podcast hits the target every time. Hunting mindset, positivity, ethics/conservation. “Ticks all the boxes.” Thank you!
Love it!
I was hooked from episode #1!!! Please keep making the podcast. Love listening to you you and your wife. You two sound like great down to earth people.
Awesome podcast!!!
Chuck Macaluso
Great podcast all around. Besides hunting, Adam has great insight into living an amazing and fulfilling life. I’d give him 10 stars if I could.
Solid podcast, great conversations
Cash Ritchie
Good stuff, thanks Adam.
Adam Greentree
@M_who @Kschmerse
Very interesting and entertaining. 👍🏼
Adam tells it like it is and is unapologetically himself. It’s refreshing in a time when even the best bow hunters out there seem to still be clamoring for the adulation of their followers. Adam gives off the feeling that he could care less, and it’s one of his greatest strengths to drawing you in. If you love the outdoors and bow hunting then it’s a must listen!
Great podcast
Adam is a great hunter, tough as nails and his adventures and stories are entertaining as hell.
Like a freaking boss
Adam is arguably the best bowhunter in the world, however you would never hear this from him because he is humble, pays respect to the land and animals, and does it for all the right reasons. I literally cannot wait for each of the podcasts to come out. I am so glad he is finally doing this! Thanks for everything Adam! Very much appreciate all the heart and hard work you put into everything. It is an inspiration!
Bailey in Tennesse
Love listening to Adam, such an inspiration
Awesome Podcast!
Brent Reed
Awesome podcast! Keep em coming!!!
Keep it up.
Bowhunters Life
Listen to this.
Amazing first podcast! It was full of wisdom. And at the same time I was laughing so hard at times that I was crying! Can't wait for the next one.
2 thumbs up
Great new podcast. Great people.
Awesome Podcast
Loved listening to Adam and Kim, looking forward to hearing more episodes. Keep it up
This podcast helped me.
bkvill tx
Ever since I ventured down Greentree street to learn about bow hunting my life has been immensely better. In the past two days I've killed a 400" elk (had to pack out 246 miles, no big deal), 18 different fallow deer, and a few hogs. I owe this all to Adam. If you want to have similar experiences I would definitely recommend this podcast.
Awesome podcast
Joe Schlep
Thank you for starting a Podcast Adam it was excellent and a excellent first guest. We learned a lot from it and I think you two learned a lot about each other as well. Good stuff and keep grinding out life mate.
Adam Greentree gets it.
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