Music felt wrong
The host is great at what he does. The music was completely wrong, though...especially the music at the end of every episode. It almost sounded happy, like something you’d hear at the end of a lighthearted family movie. Maybe it’s dumb for me to care about that, but I feel like it threw off the whole narrative.
Do you see mee
I really appreciate the research of the internet porn model but moreso the human effect it has played out on so many lives
Almost journalism
Not very even. I started out believing this was straight journalism, but towards the middle and end it seemed he was reaching on many conclusions and pushing his own narrative due to his personal views of Moore. Of all the people interviewed Lisa Ann was the scariest. She comes off cold and calculating. Everyone else seemed to be doing the best they can in whatever reality they are in. You can identify with them in some way, but she seems evil.
Review about butterfly effect
Ok I was into this podcast...until the “children” episode....where the host talks to a guy who is a registered sex offender and his mom and they talk about how awful his life is because he’s registered. He sent 50-60 images of anime porn to a girl and said he wanted to bend her over and rape her. Blaming this guy’s actions on the availability of porn is both dangerous and disgusting. It’s a version “Marilyn Manson is the reason school violence happens”. And the flippant way the host and the guy and his mom handle talking about it.....“It’s like being grounded permanently HA HA HA”. Seriously?! And talking about how the neighborhood where sex offenders have to live is gloomy.....are you KIDDING me with this? 🤦🏻‍♀️ hard pass on the rest of this podcast. It’s sad too, because I was really enjoying this podcast
Bronson Arroyo is doing interesting things after baseball
When I first heard this show I couldn’t believe that retired MLB pitcher, Bronson Arroyo had traded in his fastball for a notepad! He traded in his curveball for storytelling with curves! He traded in his sinker for a narrative that will make your stomach sink! What a second act. Bronson is British now, which is a little odd but Madonna did the same thing, tbqh. The story follows the hot and steamy world of adult “entertainment,” and you should NOT listen if your children are present. But it is a good story with a lot of twists and turns. I can’t believe Bronson Arroyo did this!
Well intentioned .....
Sad broken people with sad broken clear villains or heroes here. Much like real life the conclusion is most people struggle and have their own demons to manage.
Not a fan of Jon
Jon Ronson comes across as pretentious, smug, condescending and two faced.
Kat S 81
I recently have become a Jon Ronson fan, he has some great stuff “out there.” Stumbled across this podcast & figured I’d give it a try. I’ve listened to it twice in one week so far. Great & insightful.
Well done
eg portland
Despite all the negative reviews I thought this podcast covered the story fairly. My main takeaway was that this business still exploits the majority of women who are in it and that some have mental health and substance abuse issues that made porn seem like a great vocation. Not a business for the fragile with men having most of the power jobs and it sounds like they are able to dominate the actors who are young. It’s sad that there are endless amounts of women who want this as a job. Unless your one of the lucky few superstars,you are completely disposable.
Interesting Story, Bit Strays From Topic
In the 2017 season, you hear no mention of the August Aimes story. Instead, you The Butterfly Effect. Listen to this first to learn that the porn industry is dumb, weird, corrupt, and highly lucrative. It’s good. The 2019 season covers the real topic of the podcast and actually matches the name of the podcast. But thanks for cleverly attaching the butterfly affect as a prelude. I didn’t want to pay to hear this on Audible anyway. This podcast and the Butterfly effect should be marketed as two different podcasts, different titles. If you only wanted to hear the August Ames story, you’d skip the first season all together. They should not overlap, except maybe on 20m summary of the butterfly effect. Otherwise, good investigative report by Jon.
Not a fan -
The narrator's delivery was often times judgemental and condescending. Sure Kevin may not be liked and has flaws - and I really don't want to take his side in this - but I felt as if this turned into a hit piece on Kevin and then didn't find enough evidence to outright blame him. In the end I felt like this was way more about Kevin than the industry or even August.
Exploitative and boring
I can't believe Time rated this a top 10 for 2019. I enjoyed Butterfly Effect, which was rooted in a bigger story about the evolution of sex and business in the age of the Internet, but I found this one to be petty and voyeuristic. The main reason to keep listening was to wait for a murder accusation (or at least proof that her husband drove her to it) or to hear more graphic on-set porn stories. Gross.
This should be called “last days of August because of Kevin”
Matt Warner
Although I did like aspects of this podcasts, I must say that I grew more and more disappointed as I listened. This podcast is more about Kevin, her husband than it is about her. Jon really tries to play out how he is the one most responsible. Kevin sounds like a bad husband. But that’s it. I don’t believe he drove her to kill herself. She obviously had bad mental health issues. Her marriage obviously didn’t help, but to make a 7 episode podcast basically about how she killed herself because her husband was distant is foolish and irresponsible. If this podcast wanted to do any justification for her, they should of delved more into mental illness, bullying and all of the relationships she had with people and not make this about her husband.
Jon Ronson is a great storyteller
Sad story respectfully told
Tragic story well told
Do not agree with the people who don’t like narrators voice - I like it! I really enjoy his style and have listened to his other stuff too.i thought this was sensitive to the tragic story and subject matter and well done. Keep the good work coming
What I don’t like about the interviewer is that one moment he’s kind and understanding to he person he’s interviewing and 10 minutes later into the podcast he’s discrediting him. The same with August. And there’s something about his arrogant tone that grates... I’m not having it and I’m deleting the podcast entirely...
Horrific Narrator...ruins it
Literally the most grating, annoying voice I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I appreciate that this is the creator, but if you’re a songwriter and can’t sing, you find someone else to sing. Awful!
Jon Ronson’s “Whisper” Voice Ruins This for Me
It’s like because the subject matter is so sensitive, Ronson has to whisper throughout the whole podcast which seriously irritating. And also reminds me of a little boy speaking quietly so his parents don’t hear him because he saying dirty things. Anyone else irritated by his voice like I am?
Great story
Great podcast. Sad, tragic but juicy story. It sort of goes in circles a bit towards the end, but still a really good listen! Interesting topics that included mental illness, addiction, grief, the porn industry and more.
Good but needs a different narrator
Great writer BUT pretty annoying to listen narrate.
Torturous narrator
Completely turned off within minutes from the narrators voice.
Podcast tries to create cliffhangers from episode to episode and prove some sense of purpose, but ultimately doesn’t uncover or accomplish anything. I think the creators thought they may have a goldmine story when they started to research, then after they realized there wasn’t much of a story to tell they basically said “oh well, let’s release it anyways”.
Not what I thought it would be
I was very interested in season 1 because you get an inside view of what the porn industry is. I was glad to hear all of the positive stories about the stars but I was expecting more of some of the darker stories such as girls getting stuck in the industry or corrupt directors. If those things are not happening in this world, then that is fantastic but that’s what I thought the podcast was about. Season 2 was also interesting, it just wasn’t the turn I was expecting. And if we did season 2 about August Ames then we should also look into the other girls who killed themselves as well.
Why do I have to do a title
Jon’s voice is ridiculous. But I respect his instincts. My instinct tells me that he thought this was going to be a juicier story than it turned out to be. I mean no disrespect to August and her loved ones.
Everyone who has seen porn should listen to S1
What I’m saying is you should listen to season 1. S2 is interesting too, but S1 is particularly eye-opening.
More about Kevin than Mercedes
I think things started out interesting, but turned into a podcast about Kevin more so than Mercedes.
Great story
Found the story to be captivating and easily binge-worthy. Well researched and narrated. Fully enjoyed it.
Ultimately pointless
I went into this expecting another Butterfly Effect or a podcast on the online hive mind. I ended up getting a prolonged podcast on a toxic relationship. The podcast tried to say so much it ultimately said nothing. Disappointed by Jon Ronson this time.
Butterfly Effect is important ...
For parents to listen to.
What is going on with audible?
I paid to get this “book” that’s now available for free? Ridiculous. Audible selections and membership are never solid and always changing. Great story, but I’ll never support audible again.
Great narrative arc - Kevin is a no talent loser
I’m sure people have different takes on this excellent podcast on the whole - but one thing I think we can all agree on, is that the world would be a better place if Kevin Moore hadn’t been born. His parents are failures.
A serious attempt to humanize this issue without generalizations—not an editorial, a primary journalistic endeavor. This is very hard to do well, especially with the darkness of this situation.
A captivating insightful story
I love Jon Ronson. This is another great story by him and a deep dive into the porn industry we don’t normally get. I binged this whole series in a day
Such a great podcast
Country music is the best
This is so well produced, I’m shocked it’s not at the top of the charts. I’ve learned so much about the porn industry (good and bad!) Amazing investigative journalism into a vast world i never really knew existed.
Lost opportunity
Ronson fails completely to hold the porn business to account as if it’s innocuous, ignoring the darkness at the core of the industry. He could have followed the butterfly effect of free porn and the psychological development of young boys
Hauntingly resonant
Endings are a challenge, I know this as a content creator. I am a long time fan of Jon, I devoured the Butterfly Effect, and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed was a delicious read. The Last Days of August had something to deliver and a message to convey, it did so, slaying with concision.
Going where other journalists don’t
When I first heard The Butterfly Effect, I was amazed at Ronson‘s ability to find stories that no one else was looking for. The world of free porn on the Internet? That’s like the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about, yet Ronson teases out the stories of many different people who have seen their lives drastically changed by it. Each episode offers some new revelation on how our lives are being changed by technology, in ways that we don’t recognize until it’s too late, almost like a real life episode of Black Mirror. The sequel, The Last Days of August, is just pure tragedy, such a sad, sad story, which takes an almost Rashomon-like approach to the suicide of one young actress. Yet despite the industry particulars, if you’ve ever lost someone to suicide, the emotions on display here are all too recognizable. Ronson’s best point is his compassion, his ability to just open up to people and hear their stories, no matter how offbeat. Without doubt, this is one of the best podcast series I’ve heard; fans of S-Town will no doubt want to hear this as well.
The best podcast I’ve ever listened to
I cannot overstate how engaging and interesting this podcast is. It’s also heartbreaking and an interesting look at a very specific corner of human behavior. I will listen to, read, and watch everything Jon Ronson is ever involved in. He also has the most soothing voice of all time, so that doesn’t hurt.
Worst narrator ever
Dj spinelli
The content and information is good but the narrators voice is straight up creepy. It really makes it hard to listen to. He sounds like a british - count dracula - pedofile.
Highly recommend
Jon Ronson has such an empathetic way of relating to his interview subjects. I truly enjoy each of his podcasts.
Highly recommend
Jon Ronson has such an empathetic way of relating to his interview subjects. I truly enjoy each of his podcasts.
Highly recommend
Jon Ronson has such an empathetic way of relating to his interview subjects. I truly enjoy each of his podcasts.
Truly excellent
I am a podcast junkie. So few of them present suspense and storytelling like this. And so few of them manage to achieve this level of humanity while still remaining focused on the plot. Speaking specifically of Last Days of August, this is not a whodunnit. It is a slowly evolving study in the complexities of being human; in the potentially multiple causes for a tragedy. The ball is always moving on who the audience wants to condemn or hug in this piece, but with the major players it is usually both. Very entertaining and substantive work. (Still can’t figure out why Ronson’s podcasts seem to drop into my feed months after their release, but better late than never.)
I dabble in porn a few times a year and go specifically to Porn Hub as that is really the only site I know. Did not realize all the information stemming just from Porn Hub. Just never thought about it ever and found this podcast very interesting.
Directed Verdict
This is exactly the butterfly effect. I have recommended this to all my friend!
Great premise and super engaging.
Porn is made by people
Eye Sunklow
This podcast does a great job of illustrating that individuals in the porn industry are people too.
Best podcast ever
This is the best podcast ever. It sheds light on lives of people that seem to be filled with glamour and glory. It goes into the gory and harsh reality of things. And if anyone considering going into the adult entertainment industry. They should definitely watch this to know what they’re getting into.
Thought provoking - engaged some interesting perspectives. Made me think more about on the human experience and sexuality. He hinted that certain childhood events may trigger certain fetishes. Wish he had interviewed a medical expert on the psychology of this so we could learn more about we do and do not understand about how this develops.
Balanced and strangely soothing
Such a great, fascinating podcast. Is it just me, or do the words “free porn” sound oddly soothing when Jon Ronson says them? Like being told a bedtime story about PornHub. He has a balanced and nonjudgmental approach to his interviews, which is so important. I love everything about it.
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