Brilliant, fun, educational, thought-provoking
I love art, am an avocational artist, and have taken a lot of art courses. But I‘m 72. Abbie makes it a total delight to “catch up” with lots that has happened and is happening in the fast-expanding and changing world broadly referred to as art. I learn so much from her questions, her interviewees, her chosen topics—and why so many think her varying subjects of interest are not just art, but “good art” (my words.) Thank you Abbi!
Love it
Abbi Jacobson can do no wrong. She is approachable, hilarious, engaging, curious. She so adeptly invites her listeners to feel comfortable tackling conversations about sometimes obscure art. I love it!
Best Podcast Ever
Smartest and most-fun listening experience. Educational, funny, interesting, mind-expanding. Perfect podcast length. More like this! Thank you.
Yeah Abbi!!
Cheeky, fun, creative. Wish there was more!
Elizabeth Ervin
Yea Abbi! This was such a fun and inspiring listen. Thanks for sharing your love for art with us <3
Needs more episodes
I am so grateful to have stumbled across this gem. Between her passion of subjects and the guests quirky additions, this podcast leaves me smiling every time! The downside to this podcast is that there are only 10 episodes!
fun + learning about art
Great content, Original concept
So playful and fun!! Please come out with a 2 season when you get the time. It was so enthralling and storytelling that was easy to turn around and reshape in life. Gonna relisten to all the episodes now!
Excellent and surprising!
I didn’t know what to expect from a podcast that was telling me about art that I wasn’t actually looking at in person! But these conversations are so fascinating and have given me really new perspectives on particular pieces and whole genres. I learned SO MUCH and find myself telling things I’ve learned here to my friends all the time. There’s nothing out there quite like this podcast. Recommend it so much!
The Art Podcast I’ve been waiting for!!
Polly, Paint & Pencil Studio
What better podcast could there possibly be for a studio-binge! I’m an artist, and so fun to listen to curators, Abbi, & average people interpreting & experiencing art. Passion for the visual medium translated to audio. I can’t wait for more episodes.
Absolutely love! Abbi is amazing as always, and I really learned a lot from this podcast. Thank you for introducing me to so many incredible artists and pieces! Can’t wait to visit MoMA again.
Just Amazing
Abbi’s passion for art and meaning is infectious. I listened to all episodes in two days and I’m already planning some museum trips. Thank you for making this!
Excellent Podcast
erin declue
One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to! Very informative as well as fun and entertaining. Never a dull moment. Keeps a hold on your attention. I never tuned out once while listening. Abby Jacobson is perfect. I wish there were more episodes!
Yes. Can you keep going?
Beautiful Podcast.
Love the concept, love the show, love the art. Talks about great arguments and good questions brought about to different types of art styles. 10/10
I love you Abbo party of 2
Art history major here. Learned so much, laughed and got to stan on my fave celebs.
Art podcast anyone can enjoy!
I don’t have much interest in art and probably haven’t been to a museum since maybe a high school field trip and even I can get into this! Abby you are so awesome for doing this podcast I am so impressed with it and you!
Great Podcast
Will be waiting for the second season.
Abbi is amazeballs
LOVE. I can’t wait for our next trip to New York so we can check out all the amazing Art that was discussed. I want the Abbi experience!
Love this! Want more!
Huge fan of this podcast. Would love for you to put out some more episodes! Looking forward to new recordings.
Fun funny curious and accessible
Great intro to art and at the same time, asks some deeply profound questions for the more advanced Art novitiate
Great Collab!
Love hearing Abbi talk about art with her interesting, funny, and approachable perspective.
Grateful somebody is talking about the hard part about viewing art
I’m so grateful that someone is talking about the hard part about viewing art. As a practicing abstract artist I find myself edifying and defending modern art often. Great guests, wonderful eye into MOMA, and excellent commentary from the curators and practicing artists. I gave this 4 stars only because while her energy is infectious, Abby has a tendency to talk over whomever she is speaking with. Wish she gave her guests a bit more space to finish sharing their thoughts before she shared her own.
Funny and Informative
Everything Is Geeky
Great podcast that I hope they pick up again. The insights into modern art have vastly increase my appreciation for the forms.
So fascinating to hear from Abbi, her friends, and the MOMA curators. Made me think of modern art differently.
Helped me to appreciate modern art more than I ever had before
Second season PLEASE
I stumbled upon this podcast recently, and after the first episode I fell in love with it. I’ve been a big of Abbi Jacobson since watching her on Broad City, BUT I haven’t been as big of a fan of art. This podcast, however, makes me appreciate how art can be accessible, dynamic, and simply fun. I hope this gets a second season!!!
Want more
Andrea Tosten
When's the next season? Can't get enough of podcast about looking at art, especially this one.
Whaaaaaaaaat this is so great. It’s funny and thoughtful and casual and interesting. I have a flipping art history degree and I am PUMPED to hear about art in this way. I hope she goes to the Frick and the Met, like let’s hear about Impressionism and Pre-Raphaelites and dang, let’s hear more!
Please do more!
I absolutely loved this series! I really hope Abbi and crew will do another series like this. I learned so much, and each time I go back and listen to the podcast, I pick up new details. Thank you so much for this experience!
Contemporary Art in Abbi's Capable Hands
I loved this series because Abbi is a phenomenal interpreter of modern art and a talented interviewer. I hope there's a second series.
Doesn't go deep enough
I love the idea of this podcast, but Abbi and co. barely scratch the surface, and it ends up being more about famous people being faux-profound than an actual deep dive into art history. P.S. if you need a suggestion for an art history podcast that's ongoing, The Lonely Palette really picks up where this one leaves off.
Surprisingly Fantastic
Sandy Kay 1984
I like to visit museums, but have never been to Moma. I didn't think I'd be interested in modern art over classic pieces in the Met. I also never expected to listen to a podcast about art and be fully entertained. Abbi is hilarious and makes art interesting, even without being able to see the pieces she's discussing. Next time I visit NY, I'm going to Moma & PS1 for sure!!
We need to thank Abbi for this!!
This podcast is sooo soooooo important, and Abbi should be thanked for making it. Abbi makes art very approachable, humorous and says things aloud that we've thought but couldn't say. I appreciate the intros to artist new and old who we should know about. I appreciate more that it's something modern/cultural that isn't just trash reality tv! And it's pretty amazing that she can describe art (many times a visual experience or other sense experience) over a podcast. And you can imagine it clearly! Thank you, Abbi!!
Makes art accessible to all
Abbi is funny as well as inquisitive. She has a beautifully honest way of making art un-pretentious and approachable in this podcast. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in art, regardless of any kind of art background.
Very entertaining and impressively real
Abbi really is such a cool gal. She asks questions. She dives deep and more importantly she explains the world of art for people who don't have a background but still find it interesting. Love this podcast so much!
Can’t wait for next season!!
Best Art podcast on the net! Keep them coming!!
Yas Kween
Love it
Love it
I hope WNYC brings this series back. Abbi Jacobson is the perfect host: witty, approachable, knowledgeable about the subject, and occasionally a potty mouth. I was hooked in less than five minutes.
Love this! And Abbi
A family in MN
Have to say, I'm a bit biased bc I love Abbi and her work on Broad City but regardless, I think this podcast is great for those who love art but are turned off by the pretentious attitude and conversation that often surround fine art. She brings warmth, comedy and an element of realness to the conversation. It's what I imagine conversation with my friends would be like if we frequented museums yet it's also refreshing to hear experts' opinions, ideas and history on some of the pieces. Bravo Abbi! Please keep em comin!
Abbi has such a knack for bringing JOY into her creative works!! I love Broad City primarily because it is a joyful look at real life stuff that happens to real people. A Piece of Work is more serious in some ways, but just as joyful. I am a college student and I have never studied art seriously, but I love it. This podcast is such a fun and accessible way to get a little taste of art. I would love to spend a day at MOMA and see these pieces while listening to the show. Abbi Jacobson, I love you, I am proud of you, you make me so excited about being alive and creative at this moment in time. Thank you!!
Super awesome and funny and everything good
I absolutely love this podcast. Abbi is so great and funny and you just can't help loving everything about A Piece of Work.
Good podcast
I love the Abby and think her presentation is great. My only gripe is that as an illustrator myself, all of this information was not new to me. So I feel like this podcast wasn't made with artists in mind but for people with no background in art.
Struggled to Stay Tuned
Because I love MOMA, but disappointed with the faux-earnest script and assumption that I have a child's understanding of art.
Kat Holly
I really appreciate both Abbi's passion for art as well as the medley of guests she has on the show. It is a nice balance of curators and art appreciaters that adds more variety to the reactions to art. I wish this podcast were longer in order to dive more into the thick of everything but I am really excited about the first season start to this!
i love you abbi
I'm a working artist with NO art history classes under my belt, so I was super excited that MOMA came up with this concept. Every single episode surprises me with perspectives that are so completely off the wall (QuestLove!) that I, even though I'm highly visual learner, can form my own visual interpretation of the art and actually GET IT. Tying different art forms together is truly brilliant.
More Episodes, Please!
S. Graves
Loved this show and would love to see it continue to grow! The humor and enthusiasm for the art is accessable and contagious and I looked up every single piece. I would love to see Abbi take on different art genres, mediums, etc. in more detail - maybe 3-4 episodes per theme? Hoping for season two soon!
One of my favorite podcasts
Alyson Von
One of the best podcasts ever... Abby truly immerses you into the feeling/dreamscape of the artwork. As someone who was personally somewhat bored by viewing the modern classics, this podcast reinvigorated the artwork for me... giving it a fresh new life in the internet age.
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