Guest request
One guest. JAN ULLRICH.
The Classics revisit
Lance and team absolutely this is a brilliant idea! Thank you for the professional insight and points made @ the Classics races, racers, and region. I listened, watched the YouTube and then watched the entire races from each year on YouTube. Awesome stuff! Thank u
Proud mfer
I won’t lie... didn’t know much about cycling other than what I had been told. Lance 3.0 keep it up man. You guys all kick ass with this show, I know now is a downtime but I love turning on an episode when I’m on the bike with a couple hours to zone out. Next time I’m in Aspen we’ll get some miles in !!! Proud of you guys!!!
We need more Lance
Lance is the man. Smart, funny, and insightful - every conversation he has strikes to the true nature of what’s being discussed. Cycling is a much better place with him in it.
Great Content
Enjoy every show - really enjoyed re living the classic races with commentary for the group and that you had old winners on the show too. Would be cool to hear about what technology the panel thinks has made the biggest difference in racing / training. because everyone has access to the same tech - so does it really make a difference in the end...
Spring Classics
Juust old.
Thank you for the Spring Classic podcasts They were fantastic and great company.
Cycling insights, banter, perspective
I really enjoy the conversations that Lance has with his circle of cycling friends, former teammates, race team directors and other cycling “experts”. Lance leads a podcast that make me laugh, mostly at the fun he has poking at his team of podcasters, and them returning it back. I love the fun you all have and especially love the window into the cycling world that you give me. One comment... today as I was listening, you guys are commenting about video highlights of two races. Would be nice to see what you guys see?
2020 Best Of series
Absolutely loved the podcast, the insights, commentary, humor and concept. Brilliant. Keep it coming guys!!
Andre in Asheville
Great podcast! Lance did it, and very well! He is very informative and knowledgeable. Refreshing and never dull. Please keep it up. Don’t know how he has time with a family. Thank you! From a fan and rider.
Race stage break-down and prognostication par excellence!
Fascinating insights from the JBs, as well as interesting guests.
TradCat Ag
The two JBs podcast is best cycling podcast and it’s not even close!
The best!!
Johan and Victor This podcast in Spanish is very important for the fans in LATAM. There are not that many cycling podcasts in Spanish and the ones available aren’t interesting. Keep up the good work!!
Spanish Vuelta Coverage
Thank you Johan and Victor Hugo for doing a Spanish language pod for La Vuelta a España. Despite studying Spanish for years, my professors never got around to bike racing terminology. This should be an educational 3 weeks.
The Grip and The Man
Great Interview by Lance on this one. Really enjoyed it.
Tour from the inside is great
Hudson Brother
Totally enjoyed all the commentary and the mix of the personalities. Looked forward to the 2 podcasts per day after the tour segments. Great job all.
Enjoy the insight from your team from x racers! Johan is also a wealth of information
Excellent podcast, especially with Johan
I found out about this podcast partway through the TDF last year, and instantly loved the inside “baseball” podcast. The addition of the “Johan” show this year for the Giro, the TDF (and can’t wait for the Vuelta) was an outstanding choice and I looked forward to it everyday. We have continued to get more and better coverage every year of pro cycling. I remember the days of going to a bar to watch some highlight reel of the TDF. Getting to see full on coverage with commentary on NBC Sports Gold a few years a go made a huge difference for me in understanding the sport (love the Aussie commentators, btw). The addition of the Armstrong podcast took me to a new level, but the addition of Johan and the strategic discussions? Superb. If you like strategy, check out that show. I personally prefer it to the Armstrong show, but listen to both. The addition of Hincapie every day was a huge plus. Balances out Lance. JB does a great job of producing. With Flo Bikes this year and getting to see the Giro and Johan’s commentary - I have never enjoyed cycling so much. I can’t wait for the Vuelta now. Yes there’s shilling for sponsors, but frankly - the ads on the old TV coverage we used to be subjected to is orders of magnitude worse as is the NBC standard TV coverage.
Very very good
Fantastic job. I forgot how good JB is on air. Lance is beyond good. Who knew? The full time additions of George and JB2 makes this by far and above any other show on the Tour! The commercials are even funny in the way the they are presented. Glad to see our country is still one that values redemption.
The clear winner of the cycling podcast world!!! With Johan, George, and Lance all on the podium, JB brilliantly hosts and produces THE BEST in cycling commentary. Tune in to both shows for EXCELLENT entertainment and learn something about how to ride while you’re at it!!! Johan, has again made a great move...simply a gem of a rider, race director, master of languages and charm and is, without a doubt, my Patron of the day!
Great talk stuff too much advertising stuff
Kitchen table meets pit fire in the backyard. Good convo, insights, humor but annoyingly heavy on product promotion.
It amazes me the transition from cyclist to content producer and as an advertising professional for 20 years I love seeing how organic the marketing has been over the last 3 years. Those that got in early will crush it. Also for the losers out there that have never accomplished anything crying about ads it takes revenue to produce a show. Content ain’t free! JB needs to pay some bills and can’t eat air for food!
Wanted to like it
I’m a huge cycling fan and recently saw Lance do some interviews on the tour de France, and his podcast was mentioned. I also listen to a lot of podcasts so naturally I was excited. However this is one of the worst produced podcast I’ve ever listened to. More than half of it is ads from “sponsors” from companies that he owns. Then the rest is Lance and his friends bickering and Lance’s ego coming out on top.
Like Lance: Used to be Good
Loved this show the first year. The inside baseball was the draw. Now, it’s all gummed up with (too many) ads, and the hosts offer only superficial analysis, which you can get anywhere. Take out the ads and each podcast is only a few minutes long!! Also, they don’t understand (or care) that podcast listeners can’t see the pictures they’re referring to. It’s funny that Lance is always talking about his drinking, because the more I listen, the more I realize, this is the LAST person I’d want to have a beer with.
Old time fan
I dig the report with these guys! Their insights are far above ANY out there. This 58 yr old “doughy” fella is getting motivated to dust the chains.
Three- stars for Lance, five+ for Johan, makes four
I’ve listened to The Move since the first episode what, three tours ago? It was at its best early on. Then, as it became more popular, Lance Armstrong became more and more confident and self-absorbed and the show’s quality suffered accordingly. Now, I’ve always been an Armstrong advocate in matters associated with his career. But he can get really full of himself, can’t he? Adding George was a needed infusion of fresh air and insight but regrettably, with Lance’s propensity to talk over him (how many times does George have to say to Lance “Can I just finish my point?”) it can still be hard to listen to. Now, fortunately, they also have the “stage preview” show with Johan Bruyneel (did I spell that right?). He (and J.B.) are knowledgeable, informative and insightful. Brilliantly done! I don’t even bother to listen to the original show any more, but the “preview” show with Johan and J.B. is just great. I do miss George, though. Hmmm...George, J.B., and Johan???
Yohan’s insight is AMAZING!!!
This is the kind of insight you can only get if you paid top dollar for it. Yet it’s totally free with The Move. The dynamic between JB, George and Lance is great. They show with Yohan by himself is AMAZING... I feel like I’m robbing them... by listening to a free podcast with this quality. The show’s easy to listen to (as opposed to other podcasts). These guys give a serious and unprecedented look at the TdF without taking themselves to seriously. This is SERIOUSLY FUN!!!! Thanks for the great content.
Good insight. But they spend 50% of time on advertising
50% of time is spent trying to get you to buy stuff from their sponsors 20% of time spent talking about their personal rides and other non - race topics 30% of time spent actually talking about the Tour de France. Too much BS.
Great stuff!
Love their insights! French look strong. C’mon Thibaut!!
Johan Bruyneel is an excellent commentator!
Johan Bruyneel is an excellent commentator!
LA is a total douche but...
I was a Lance hater for many years. For good reason, he's a total DB. However I've changed my tune and this podcast is really, F'n good.
Great podcast
I’m enjoying this podcast immensely Final we have expert talk after the stage. Like in France. I will continue to listen for as long as you guys broadcast.
Great podcast
Cycling in Kansas
This podcast makes the Tour fun again! Wish we could believe the French are riding clean. Alaphilippe sure didn’t look as tired as all the other TT riders.
Show is great and has only gotten better
I started listening to this the first year they covered the tour. Lance and JB have done a great job of evolving and improving the show. George is a perfect “straight man” for Lance and JB keeps them on track - good chemistry, good length of episode, and great content. The addition of Johan as “the professor” is really awesome. Not only because he delivers the strategic insight on the Tour and teams, but he’s also so humble and grateful to have a format to share his passion for cycling. Great work guys.
Johan, JB and the Boyz
Neverstop Moving
Great content, humor and fun to follow. More to cover next year with one day classics, world championships and all the major tours. Johan and JB are awesome.
Sorry Lance Johan is better
I really enjoy both podcast. I learned so much from Lance when I started listening when the podcast first started. In fact, I got to the point where I would listen to the podcast first before watching the rerun because understanding better what was going on made it so much more enjoyable despite already knowing the outcome. But now with Johan it’s like I have graduated from elementary school straight to college. I love Lance’s podcast and listen if I have time, but never miss Johan’s podcast. Sorry Chris Horner, but I think Johan would be a way better host for NBC. It does make me sad Johan can’t manage a team any more. What a waste of talent. Anyway thank you Lance for introducing us to the genius that is Johan Bruyneel. Keep up the good work.
More and more business focus
It has become increasingly obvious that this has become nothing more than an opportunity to make money for LA. There are times when it’s like watching a kid in a classroom 5 minutes before the bell rings with LA trying to end the conversation to get to the golf course. Once the sponsors have been plugged he’s ready to go. Really makes it less enjoyable to watch/listen when you realize he doesn’t really enjoy doing it.
Champions through and through
The Move podcast has become just as familiar and “ like an old friend “ as listening to Phil’s voice each morning of the live coverage. I look forward each day to hear the familiar voices of Lance, JB, George and Johan, and am as equally bummed when it is all over. These guys bring such a deep understanding, humor AND humility to their commentary, I am hooked. And unlike the TV coverage, I can listen the the podcasts over and over! No hater here, these guys are STILL doing more to promote cycling here in the US and across the world, their legacy as true champions on the bike is carrying on through this podcast. Allez, allez, allez!!!!
More Hincapie, Less Armstrong
Denver Nick
George actually knows what’s going on in the current state of the sport and JB is fine as the host. Lance is pointless since he doesn’t know any of the riders, stages, or current teams. Hincapie and Bruyneel would be a great podcast. They actually know the riders and the sport.
Awesome awesome Podcast
Absolutely love these podcasts. Getting to hear all the stuff you guys have to consider is just fantastic insight I get nowhere else— like the different types of cross winds and the impact they have or what you do or should do on the Rest day. Just great stuff. THANK YOU!!!
Great post race podcast
I miss them!
It’s great to hear “themove” podcast post race thoughts and predictions on current and forthcoming stages. I was and continue to be a huge fan of johan, lance and george. I’ve been a cycling fan since the 80s. I appreciate the analysis on the TDF. I ride centuries myself, so I understand the pain of cycling! Keep up the great work! Always a fan🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴
Phenomenal podcast love every episide Not getting updates Please assist
Can your listeners pick a Patron?
Fantastic podcast - thank you, JB & Johann
One of my favorite post-race podcasts. I really appreciate hearing Johann’s thoughts and analysis. I have so much appreciation for the whole crew of both this & the move pod.
Great show
The info you get is insightful, I love it a companion to the tour, I’m not a rider (grew up on horseback) but I enjoy watching cycling (crazy I know). It helps me understand why some riders do the crazy things they do like getting in to breakaways with little chance of success.
Just Love This TdF Season
As much as I enjoy the personalities in The Move podcast, the extra preview pods with Johan are the best cycling pods ever. I learn so much - the JBs make me feel a smarter cycling fan. Thank you so much, everyone.
Best way to get your Tour fix from insiders
I like to watch either on youtube or the site. But just as good to listen. Lance, JB, George, and Johan are a great team.
Lov it
Great show!!!!
tahoe z
Best rider ever. I watched since he was the 15year old domestique from Austin Texas would have won with or with out doping and all we’re doing it or there wouldn’t have 7 missing years
Great show Lance, JB, George & Johan
Great way to learn more about team tactics, stage highlights, etc. my new favorite podcast. Keep up the amazing work.
I simply enjoy your show.
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