AJ Koz
Great chemistry among Cory, Hawk and Sauce, worth listening every day
Low brow humor
Good for fart jokes, bad for sports takes.
Pay them guys there money!
Best part of my day!
I love this podcast. The first time I listened it was a little shaky because of all the inside jokes I had no idea about, but it’s been 4 years of listening daily and I love these guys!
The best in town
These guys are great. Best morning show on the radio
This show wails
Yeah pretty waily
For everyone.
Love this show.
This show is awful
One Millionth Caller
I don’t have anything better to do so I listen to this garbage.
Simply the best!
The crew never ceases to bring out a few gut laughs every day. Much love
Highlight of my morning
Best podcast around!
The power trip
Brian of Nor Cal
I listen everyday. Living in California being MN born. It makes me laugh out loud! Can I have a job?!
Great point
rube todd
It’s lit!
This Show Wails
The Reason Why....
Absolutely Brillant!
This show bangs
The best, lucky. Genius!
Stopwatches morning crew
pink sox
Gold material.
Total banger.
Great Show
The way that these guys can fill you in on sports news with time to make you fall out of your seat laughing is amazing
Love this show so much! These guys never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh. Love the random conversations and sports talk, definitely recommend!
You guys are doing good!!
Come on over for some Moose soup!
Magic Fingers
J Lane 529
Pretty good
I like it but I don’t love it. Good to tune into when I’m caught up on other podcasts. HAMS is by far the best morning show in the twin cities, but I like hearing Swardson from time to time. Some decent sports insight - Otherwise it’s all about hearing a guy randomly singing over 90’s rock tunes during conversations. People constantly talking over each other and really, really dumb and uninteresting stories and conversations that can occasionally be funny. It’s alright.
Makes me laugh out loud
Love these guys. They are a good mix of hilarious, immature, and even knowledgeable. Good stuff.
Proud listener
The product that Chris, Corey, Paul and the team at KFAN has developed is amazing. The Powertrip should be considered among the best shows in the country.
My secret best friends
Shivas mom
I love these guys. They make everyday hilarious and I tell everyone about it. So funny and some sports too 👍🏽
Love it and have been listening for 3+ years now. Can’t get enough of it. Brilliant.
This show is naughty
Toilet humor, sexual innuendo, and arrogance are your thing this is the radio show for you. If you want to hear that EVERYDAY then don’t wait and subscribe. Should really have an Explicit content warning next to some episodes.
Win a pie for it.
My favorite podcast! I sometimes have to turn it off at work because of laugh crying.
Best show on the radio
Simply the best
Best show
This show is for anyone with a sense of humor. Oh and they also talk Minnesota sports. Great guys.
Can’t get enough of these idiots!
You guys wanna hear a song?...
Freezin rests his head on a pillow bade of concrete...again
the u should be in here
The Beaver!
Moose soup
Get your daily ration of moose soup here!
Do yourself a favor and subscribe
I don't live in MN anymore but I listen to this show religiously. The only things I don't like: Cory needing to call movies "films", AJ always thinking he's the smartest guy in room, and hearing how life just constantly gives Meatsauce breaks for no apparent reason (new famous A-List friends, golf at Spring Hill for free, gets married to someone WAY out of his league, etc). Even with those somewhat serious complaints, this show rocks and you should listen every day.
Come back Chris
Zombie King 30
Without Chris (he is on vacation), the cast is insufferable with Toddsauce hitting the larger target area of being indefensible and Corey engaging in repetitive pop culture references from twenty years ago. Hey Corey, your takes on television are suspiciously close to those of former weekly guest Andy Greenwald and 311 was never cool. As for you Paul, while you have played the clown your whole life, maybe it is time for s new shtik. You are married and almost 40, I think the "little" guy needs to grow up Hopefully management will recognize the how lesser the hosts of the show are and perhaps promote better personalities. I assume Paul will have a temper tantrum about negative critiques and Corey will merely call me a rube. Too bad.
The Best
Can't miss a show!
Best Show EVER
I'm like a dog in heat!
This podcast is the best part of my day!
Wish I could make myself wake up at 5:30am everyday but this is the best way for me to catch the show. Hate to miss a minute!
Best Morning Show Ever
Swedish Sombrero
Todd-free and superbly inappropriate.
Excellent show!
Golf Fan
Cory, Chris and Paul (Meatsauce) are a fantastic trio and excellent grouping of three very different but equally funny hosts. The regular group of guests that come thru are wonderful and add the perfect amount of intelligence, humor, variety and beauty (yes I know it's radio but Miss Carly is absolutely adorable!) A wonderful show that for being on a sports talk station, covers a surpringly little amount of sports, which is fine with me. They discuss varied topics like music, odd but true stories, food phobias and more with just a dash of sports talk. The week is capped off by the greatest game in radio which is The Initials Game. So sit back, relax and enjoy the undeniably best morning show on radio.
Haven't missed a show in 3 years!
Can't stop laughing
My favorite morning show dudes
Love the show
Thanks for the updated podcast link
The best podcast out there.
Pure genius.
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