July 30, 2020
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July 25, 2020
Live Virtual Music School four day event. Video about the Virtual school the best...
July 20, 2020
Dovydas video Video about the Virtual school the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
July 18, 2020
ovydas video Video about the Virtual school the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
July 14, 2020
Why The Heyday of Peavey Changed the Industry Tylers Video about the Virtual school the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
July 11, 2020
Sweetwater 55 point inspection Video about the Virtual school the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
July 6, 2020
Highlighted Question 3:39 How much do Music retailers really mark up stuff?For the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod Cast is a link to the strings I...
June 27, 2020
Highlighted Question 30:31 Insuring your guitars and what you need to think aboutThis link is to Sweetwater Gear fest Website. the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
June 22, 2020
Highlighted Question 41:12 Is The Upgrade From Gibson Classic To Standard Worth It?Question Index down belowFor the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
June 19, 2020
Question Index down belowFor the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod Cast is a link to the strings I use Live Show Is on...
June 12, 2020
For the best audio of this Show check out The Know Your Gear Pod Cast is a link to the strings I use Live Show Is on Fridays at 3pm Arizona...
June 5, 2020
The Live Show Is on Fridays at 3pm Arizona Time Become a Patreon and support more videos like this photos of you in your shirt...
May 27, 2020
You can become a Patreon and support more videos like this photos of you in your shirt here or ask questionsaskknowyourgear@gmail.comWhat are Herco...
May 23, 2020
Highlighted question26:00 How I Tricked My Parents Into Buying My First GuitarThe Live Show Is on Fridays at 3pm Arizona TimeQuestion Index0:00 Intro0:40 check out The Know Your Gear Pod...
May 16, 2020
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May 14, 2020
Todays podcast is me going through some emails and talking about some fun guitar subjects. As always I want to thank you for supporting the Podcast and You Tube channel
May 8, 2020
Highlighted Questions 18:19 What guitar should you invest in? Question Index 0:00 Intro 2:48 Checking out guitar cables 4:44 The shame shelf of gear 12:00 Small cracks in your acoustic guitar top? 14:00 Sometimes the best gear I review I thought I would hate 16:59 Ever had to shim the front of the neck pocket? 18:19 What guitar should you invest in?
May 2, 2020
0:00 Intro 1:05 Know Your Gear Channel 3:14 Facebook and my fight with them 11:45 Noise with the Fender Princeton 65 RI 14:10 What Piezo do I like? 17:19 Strap locks for Taylor and acoustic? 19:38 Do 5 watt tube amps feel and sound like higher wattage amps? 25:10 What Tuning Machines do I like for acoustic? 27:45 Is anyone worried they didn't get better at guitar right now? 29:40 Fuss Trated ? 31:59 Better springs makes a difference 34:48 Ohm question. 38:30 Black dirt on cloth after cleaning fretboard
April 28, 2020
# 5 Bonus Pocket Knives and Guitars by PhilMcknight
April 26, 2020
Highlighted questions 40:19 Kemper doesn't feel like a real amp? Should you get Axe FX? 5:23 The Jeff Kiesel did the wrong thing, then he did the right thing Question Index 0:00 Why Im late! 2:13 Dirty Finger Pick Ups 5:23 The Jeff Kiesel did the wrong thing, then he did the right thing 19:15 We lost a great person and I am better for knowing him 22:06 How do you set your pick up heights? 25:30 Is Pro Audio Star a real place? 30:30 Strat saddles that do not scratch your hand? 38:05 Have I dyed fretboards? 40:19 Kemper doesn't feel like a real amp? Should you get Axe FX? 46:10 New Charvel 47:26 The tone control video 49:00 Best Friedman 20 watt amp for Clean, Rock, and Metal? My PT 20 on reverb 50:50 The Guitar kitchen (Smaller channels matter more) 52:55 Tube amp or Modeling? Whats the right fit for you? 57:01 Bias asked me to check out the Spark. 59:40 I have never reviewed Orange or Vox and why 1:00:40 Intonation and how to deal with issues 1:08:16 All this gear is just tools for us 1:11:18 Fake Guitars on Facebook using my video 1:12:55 The T shirt issue. I am working on it and will update you nest week 1:17:40 BC Rich on Tone Kings Channel 1:20:20 Did I check out the PRS Silver Sky Maple fretboard guitar and thoughts? 1:22:40 The Stew Mac Tool pack? 1:25:35 Do I still use my Katana? 1:28:00 Ever-tune and LTD and Solar 1:29:42 A fun Pedal order question 1:32:30 Is The Stew Mac 5 watt amp kit worth it?
April 25, 2020
Highlighted questions 11:00 Guitars that are copied vs guitars that are faked. 46:11 Low guitar sales are not the only problem for the mom & pop shops 1:00:40 Will new high-end guitar prices drop in the next few months? Question Index 0:00 intro 2:00 Locking tuners for USA and MIM fenders 3:30 Thoughts on the Marshall JCM 2000 and 6505+ combo 7:18 Thoughts on the Charvel DK24? 11:00 Guitars that are copied vs guitars that are faked. 17:34 Thoughts on sound hole humidifiers 19:35 Fender Noiseless Tele pick ups 23:10 Jet City amps is on hiatus 26:51 Thoughts on the gear market in 2021? 34:51 matt schofield fundraiser 39:01 Upgrades for Strat besides pick ups 44:20 Kansas City Orders Guitar Center Facility To Close 46:11 Low guitar sales are not the only problem for the mom & pop shops 57:30 Set neck vs bolt on beck which is better for longevity 1:00:40 Will new high-end guitar prices drop in the next few months? 1:17:26 Thoughts on the new Fender Mustang amps 1:10:40 Sand paper and Fret Sprout? 1:12:31 My Alvarez Dana Scoop Guitar 1:14:30 What wire do I use for wiring guitars? 1:18:00 Gotoh 510 Bridge issue 1:23:50 Happy Birthday Jake! Make sure to practice 1:26:00 Use a EQ pedal to get a idea of what to look for in a speaker 1:27:45 Player, Performer, Professional series 1:32:40 Fender is now only doing limited runs of ash bodies 1:36:40 Thank you My Patreon Web Page
April 22, 2020
Highlighted Question 39:04 Is there a down side to stainless steel frets? Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:40 Limited run of Chrome Foil Logo shirts 1:58 Last chance to win a Kirk Hammett Wah from Sweetwater 2:20 logo with masks? what charity would you pick? Playing for change? 5:10 What makes a guitar one of my go to guitars? 7:39 Do I still dig my Gibson Les Paul Lite? 10:09 Static issue with guitar 13:19 G&L Humbucker vs Seymour Duncan? 14:00 viewers Pick ups, video idea? 16:40 Players seem to be doing more smaller impulse shopping 19:50 Thoughts on Fender and Gibson Custom shop guitars 23:00 Do I have a rule of thumb for fret work? When to use the fret rocker? 28:05 Strandberg nut and what I like and do not like 34:45 How do I choose my fret wire? 36:11 Breaking the You Tube rule about the Boss Katana 39:04 Is there a down side to stainless steal frets? 43:00 How do you remove velcro from the bottom of a pedal? 49:00 The Answer to PRS Artist pick ups (Thank you Jeff) 51:30 Stanley Clark fan? 53:15 Optical pickups? 54:30 Fret leveling discusion 58:24 I alway end up back to my Fender amps 1:00:30 Thoughts on new Epiphones? 1:02:52 Zero Fret? 1:05:00 Guitar finishes that have issues with guitar stands? 1:09:00 What Voodoo do you need to do to get a Strat to stay in tune? 1:15:35 Marshall Class 5 1:23:00 Why I do not play 5 string basses anymore 1:25:00 Thank you
April 18, 2020
# Bonus show Episode 4. Spending the morning answering questions by PhilMcknight
April 7, 2020
Win A Kirk Hammett Wah from Sweetwater highlighted question 29:01 Waiting to open guitar boxes when they show up Question Index 0:00 intro 1:26 The Podcast with Mrs. Smith Mrs Smith Pedal board 4:40 Guild Starfire Cherry red 8:35 Can you have a RWRP pick up on a Nashville Tele? 10:18 Thoughts on Speakers 8s,10s, or 12s 15:40 The KYG Gold Top shirt 17:40 Six String Samurai (ok Im going to watch this and let you know) 18:09 Epiphone Lzzy Hale vs Gibson 22:28 Why don't acoustic guitars come with locking keys? 24:41 The Somnium guitar is getting to the end of the honeymoon and.............. 26:30 Pick-up makers always say they found the magic 29:01 Waiting to open guitar boxes when they show up 34:07 What does it mean that a used Relic guitar is mint? 36:27 Shop Local as much as you can now. 42:26 & string Archtops 44:15 Behring compressor pedal Thoughts (They are noisy) 48:01 Good for the price 50:16 100,000 subs with my phone 55:57 Notes that are louder than others 59:48 What locking keys I like right now 1:01:00 Thin-line PRS S2 594 neck heavy? 1:03:00 How to start trading guitars? 1:07:09 Dovydas streaming live playing 1:07:40 The Peavey Rage, As Good As A Marshall Stack! 1:13:30 What is my favorite Attenuator? 1:15:00 Truss rod covers 1:18:17 A huge Thank You!
April 1, 2020
Question Index 0:00 Working way more 0:20 Podcast on Itunes 2:28 Patreon content 3:47 I use to be hyper focused on things 7:19 what bass effects do I use? 10:27 Strats with a stiff feeling tremolo? 14:13 What is the best hum-bucker to coil split? 16:50 Cabin Fever 18:34 Will Guitar Center make it through this? 27:58 Sweetwater Selling G&L guitars and other brands 31:52 Gibson SG or Chapman Guitar? 33:15 Need a Floyd Rose in a Strat? 45:03 My favorite Strat pick ups 47:12 Joss at Guitar Bros Demos 50:46 No More Know Your Gear Web Site 54:46 What Princeton Amp Do I have? 1:00:11 Paoletti vs Fender if they were same Price? 1:04:52 Why are re-frets as much as a new neck? 1:12:10 You should have fun or why do it. 1:19:30 Calling before you order online during these times
March 27, 2020
Highlighted Question 23:05 Roasted Maple Necks, Gimmick or Amazing? Question Index 0:00 Into 1:30 Are the Ibanez AZ Prestige guitars having tuning issues? 5:18 Why don't do these three times a week? 6:49 Thoughts on how to sell on Reverb? 7:59 The Music Nomad Winner!!!! 9:45 What is the best Hum-bucker to get the Skid Row 80s sound? 15:10 I cleaned the Ibanez YY10 in Bleach? 17:20 Im not full screen. Fixed! 18:19 My Somnium TS3 Guitar 19:27 Thoughts on Schecter Elite C1? 21:06 Best way to price a custom guitar for sale 23:05 Roasted Maple Necks, Gimmick or Amazing? 31:20 Should you re-fret a guitar you got from a famous player? 43:10 Why I like the 6 way switch 37:50 Do I own more clean or dirty amps? 42:40 Paoletti Guitars 44:07 Doing videos for the channel 48:28 Working on guitars 52:28 What specs do I shoot for when doing a set up? 57:49 How to make your bass have a softer sound? 59:51 Why I use Millimeters 1:02:49 AMS is still shipping 1:04:30 Thank you
March 25, 2020
Highlighted Question 2:12 Line 6 Wireless Safety Recall 1:22:27 I'm Becoming A Telecaster Player Question Index 0:00 This is a Podcast on Itunes. (KYG PODCAST) 1:00 Changing the merch pricing 2:12 Line 6 Wireless Safety Recall 5:04 Can you choose which coil you split on a humbucker? 8:08 Do you think the Stew Mac Fret bar will overtake the old way? 11:40 Epiphone Emperor Swingster 13:07 Guitar hangers safe for nitro? I only use string swing hangers ( Not endorsed or sponsored) String Swing Sideways Wall Hangers Zither Oak Guitar Stands String Swing hanger 16:50 How to remove knobs without a ESP tool? 20:00 What song should we learn when stuck at home? 24:04 Thoughts on Alvarez acoustics? 25:41 Thoughts on Peavey Viper? 26:40 Changing your mind right before you buy 30:20 Nirto finish turned black (It is a Lacquer burn) 32:26 Whats the most excited U have been to just be let down? 36:59 Modding tuners to fit G&L. Thin headstock? 40:20 How much TP did I stock up on? 41:09 Trading tissues for bleach 42:08 Linseed oil can be dangerous 43:49 Music Nomad Giveaway (Sorry US only) 44:21 Social distance from social media 45:45 My goal during all of this 48:07 Over humidification? 52:18 Select hardwood? 55:14 Guitars shipped in tune? 57:40 Can you give guitar parts to charities? 1:02:50 The pick up videos and the Somnium guitar 1:05:10 Why are there so many guitar bodies for sale online? 1:07:35 Charity is something you do, not something you will do 1:11:29 Intonation issue? 1:13:41 Soldering to the potentiometer 1:15:41 Thoughts on the HXFX 1:19:42 Can you make a 3ply pick guard? 1:21:13 Thoughts on Fender 5 string bass? 1:22:27 Telecaster or Stratocaster? 1:26:57 Am I afraid of Covid? 1:30:23 What is my favorite guitar? A huge thank you!!!!!
March 20, 2020
Highlighted Question 9:45 The GYROCK guitar? No Thank you 1:20 Why You May Need A Guitar Project Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:30 This is a Podcast on Itunes. (KYG PODCAST) 1:20 Why You May Need A Guitar Project 4:38 My favorite PRS pick (It changed) 638 Is that a Yvette Young Ibanez behind me? 9:45 The GYROCK guitar? No Thank you 17:38 Guitar giveaway 18:19 Can you lower your Floyd Rose Nut? 21:45 When is a backlog a good thing or a bad thing? 25:00 It is a different time, but 27:58 The 1,2,3, Of Bad Workmanship 32:30 Tele guitar pick ups preferences 34:00 My favorite acoustics for under $500 35:27 If I could guitar tech for anyone who would I pick? 37:30 What is the most consistent guitar brand under $250? (Would love all your thoughts) 45:29 VVT Amps 45:50 The Somnium guitar 49:53 A fun story about buying random pick ups 52:30 Why do your strings slip out of your Floyd Rose Special? 54:29 The Friday the 13th Bass tuning Machine 54:50 Will Sanding Your Guitar Neck Hurt The Value? 58:34 Should you get a a cheap multi FX pedal or stomp boxes? 1:00:30 Why I wear Vans 1:03:30 How do manage string changes on my collection 1:10:35 Barefaced cabs? 1:11:30 How do I sand down a glossy neck? 1:13:19 Do I own a EVH Musicman? 1:14:00 Thank you!
March 20, 2020
Highlighted Question 41:13 Asking Google If Fender Guitars Are Any Good Question Index 0:00 This is a Podcast on Itunes. (KYG PODCAST) 1:10 Music Nomad Video 1:11 Link for the Music Nomad Giveaway 3:31 Thoughts on the Fender HH Blacktop? 6:10 Should I buy a Fender Esquire? 7:30 Should Gibson put the Les Paul Lite in the regular lineup? 10:39 12 to 16 inch radius neck what do I set the bridge to? 12:29 Fender American Original 60s Strat vs John Mayer Silver Sky 16:53 The PRS 513 20:25 Thoughts on there Positive Grid Spark? 25:07 Wiggins Pick ups 25:57 Sammy Boller (You need to check him out)! 27:21 reachable of the week Reachable Just text me at +1 (480) 386-1305 and I will respond within 48 hours. First message is free, and after that you can become a member for a small fee 34:40 Can you record a cheap acoustic and make it sound good? Fluff doing Danelectro Honeytone 38:48 Eric Johnson Strat rumors 41:13 Asking Google If Fender Guitars Are Any Good 47:13 What fasteners do I use to hang my guitar hangers 48:20 The Pick Up review videos 49:34 The Wah OFF!!!!! 51:05 Im Pro WAH pedal! 53:10 New lighting and rig for videos 53:50 Will a heavy guitar get lighter over the years? 56:20 Time change 57:40 The Kiesel addiction 1:00:14 Fender Is discontinuing Fender Fuse 1:02:30 Say high to the bird 1:05:48 The Relish vs the Somnium guitar 1:10:50 Thoughts on Music Man guitars
February 29, 2020
Highlighted Question 1:40 Tips on fixing feedback issues with Telecaster? Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:20 This is a Podcast on Itunes. (KYG PODCAST) 0:55 Reachable Just text me at +1 (480) 386-1305 and I will respond within 48 hours. First message is free, and after that you can become a member for a small fee 1:40 Tips on fixing feedback issues with Telecaster? 4:45 Why do we still talk in watts when talking about amps? 9:00 Do I still need Modules and Pickups for there Impossible guitar? 13:40 Black Ops KYG shirt. Discount Code DEALFORYOU for 15% off 14:20 Do I still have my PRS Custom 24 in Eriza Verde green? 16:20 Tesi Knobs for your Helix discount code CANUCKS for 15% off 21:14 What speaker upgrade would I do for the Fender Super Camp X2 24:20 Thoughts on Treble Bleeds on guitars? Here is one I like 29:51 A cool pedal for my Silver Sky? 35:24 is there a good Magnifier for soldering? Ott Light 40:00 Headless Kiesel vs Silver Sky 42:50 What are the best Girl Scout cookies? 44:59 How much does my Kiesel Delos weigh? 45:58 250k 0r 500K pots for mini humbuckers? 48:30 Schecter guitars 50:49 GFS parts 52:00 Custom Kiesel or my Custom Halo? 53:26 Your Feed Back On Brands Helps Me Make Good Choices. 57:54 What is the fastest I have ever returned something? 1:00:24 What speaker would go well with a 70/80 Celestion? 1:02:04 Can you wire a HH guitar with 5 way switch to coil split? 1:04:38 Good PRS Silver Sky type pick up? 1:06:00 Marshall 1960A thoughts on Speaker mixing? 1:08:30 The Live Wires 1:11:05 The winner of the Tesi Knobs 1:13:00 Vintage tuner issues with locking keys 1:18:20 EV Speakers. 1:19:30 Thank you to everyone
February 26, 2020
Highlighted Question 10:28 Why Headless guitars are like stairs Question Index 0:00 intro 0:10 Podcast on Itunes. (KYG PODCAST) 1:15 Black Ops KYG shirt. Discount Code DEALFORYOU for 15% off 1:37 Reachable Just text me at +1 (480) 386-1305 and I will respond within 48 hours. First message is free, and after that you can become a member for a small fee. 2:09 Thank you to Dees Music! 2:38 Thoughts on the Fender Evil Twin? 5:07 Thought son Wolf Guitars? 5:08 Check out the Guitar MAX channel 8:47 Should you shield cavity for meg pick ups? 9:58 What is that blue strat shaped guitar behind me? 10:28 Why Headless guitars are like stairs 16:29 How do Musikraft parts to Warmoth? 18:00 Jake E lee Charvel high string E issues Fret polish video Fret Polish system by D Addario 20:17 Fret Sprout and how to fix it 20:30 If I had to learn guitar over again what would I do different? 24:06 My Favorite backing tracks on You Tube 26:59 What is the best way to take care of phenolic fretboards? 29:49 How to fix a sitar sound on a high E string on a Floyd Rose? Here is a link to the shims 32:22 How to protect a signature on a guitar? 34:34 Thoughts on the Evertune bridge 37:00 Why I thought I was being punked at the NAMM show 39:40 The imposible guitar 42:00 How do you tell if a pickup cover is Nickel or Chrome? 43:50 Ormsby guitars is one of the few on the my short list 45:52 What to consider before buying your second guitar 51:38 New drinking game? 53:32 How to fix a guitar that is out of relief? 56:08 The Danelectro Orange Sparkle 57:24 Do you need pedals made just for bass for bass? 59:15 Thoughts on powered cabs for multi effect units? 1:01:25 If I could only have four pedals to use what would I pick? 1:06:05 How do I tell what a guitar nut is made of? 1:12:10 Ever put a boost or compassion pedal in front of a Boss Katana 1:15:39 Thoughts on the Vintage guitar brand? 1:17:30 What boost do I use in front of the Katana? 1:20:20 A looper for the pick up videos 1:21:30 A very special thank you
February 20, 2020
What Guitar Player Has the Most Expensive and Cheapest Signature Rig?
February 17, 2020
Highlighted Questions 36:04 When someone says a guitar is lifeless or has no soul? 50:20 Gibson Sent Kiesel A Cease And Desist? Question Index 0:00 Intro and how it works 0:01 Pod Cast 1:09 Chibson USA 4:39 What is the blue wrench next to someones name? 5:49 The new amp shelving unit 9:56 Issues with PRS 305 pick ups 13:05 Would a 1! meg pot brighten my guitar sound? 17:38 How do you reach out to part of the 50 Pickup set challenge? contact 20:29 Have I played a made In Japan Fender Strat? 22:40 notes on the G string going sharp on a Gibson guitar 24:14 My new review list for videos. The very official 10 things list. 29:00 I love George Carlin 32:48 Issues with Epiphones? 34:30 I really like Gibson 57 classic pick ups 36:04 When someone says a guitar is lifeless or has no soul? 41:43 Showing my sarcastic side (busting chops) 44:38 Is a pedal In front of a Katana a waste of money? 46:30 Doing reviews based on price points. 48:15 Hearing a difference in pick ups? 50:20 Gibson Sent Kiesel A Cease And Desist. 1:03:40 Did I check out the new series from Fano? 1:05:16 Does a Strat need two string trees? 1:07:40 What guitar hanger should I use to not get lacquer burns String Swing hangers I use 1:13:03 Trade value if you change pick ups on a Gibson? 1:14:48 Thoughts on apologizing publicly and getting feedback 1:19:30 Making music with other channels? 1:20:18 Graphtech string savers? 1:23:20 What I focus on with gear and you guys
February 8, 2020
Highlighted Question 43:22 Figure Out What You Suck At And What You Can Master Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:28 Reachable phone number Just text me at +1 (480) 386-1305 and I will respond within 48 hours. First message is free, and after you can become a member for a small fee to can conversations. 1:28 Know Your Gear Merch Store 15% off promotion. Code: LIVE144 1:38 Mojo Tone Amp Build Class March 28- 29 At Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ Contact: Bart Applewhite Toll-Free: 800-507-3738 5:35 Whats up with Peavey? What are your thoughts? 10:12 Whats the story on the Washburn Custom Shop? 13:02 Can you age a artic white POLYURETHANE guitar using a tanning bed? 15:20 Thoughts on the new SD single coil pick ups? 16:49 I just bought a bunch of guitar tools on Amazon 20:01 Do I still use the Friedman JJJr? 22:40 How thick is the top on the Gibson Lite? 27:35 What would help tuning stability? 28:32 Knaggs vs Custom Shop Gibson. What is a better purchase? 31:41 Peavey Valveking vs the Butcher? 34:34 Thoughts on Multi Scale guitars. 38:16 Great resources for guitar repair 43:22 Figure Out What You Suck At And What You Can Master 46:24 Always print your wiring schematics 49:15 Thoughts on new PRS 594 S2s? 53:22 Thoughts on EVH roasted necks? 54:48 The Squier Bass IV Reissue
February 1, 2020
Highlighted Question 5:45 Baby Goo On A Guitar? KYG Podcast Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:03 Checkout Kennis Russel 1:50 Mojo Tone Amp Build Class March 28- 29 At Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ Contact: Bart Applewhite Toll-Free: 800-507-3738 5:45 Baby Goo On A Guitar? 9:02 If Dovydas goes to summer NAMM Im going 10:45 Thoughts on Micheal Kelly guitars? 12:38 Thoughts on Blade guitars? 16:08 Thoughts on Jet City amps? 17:45 Will the new Epiphone blow away Harley Benton 20:08 Will I get another Kiesel? 21:54 I was on Cheddars channel. 28:20 Issues with Martin Guitar 31:58 Do wax potted pick ups sound better? 34:00 What is my Favorite head? Friedman, H&K, Mesa mk5 25 37:39 My family has to listen to me play all week. 39:09 Is it better to get a head and cab or combo? 42:55 My guitar influences? 46:48 Do you need all 6 screws on a tremolo? 47:59 New channels I dig Cat Pick Studios Chris At The Guitar Pit. (For Discloser he is one of my Patreons) 50:17 What should I do for the quarter million subs contest? 58:13 Live show from shop area 58:48 Apple is now just an adapter company 1:00:01 My New Years resolution. No more gear attached to my phone. 1:05:50 The pick up videos 1:07:42 The KYG Mojo 2x12 cab 1:08:28 The You Tube gig and what I was told 1:13:08 Silver Sky, Ibanez AZ, Friedman, or Fender Custom Shop? 1:16:07 John Mayer Shows. lol 1:17:40 The John Mayer tickets and why I bought 8 of them 1:19:30 Mojo Tone Amp building class. Why you should go! 1:22:14 Kit amps value. 1:24:40 Blackstar amps 1:25:29 My Biggest regrets with reviews last year 1:27:30 Blues Deluxe thoughts? 1:30:25 Glary guitar videos Hype 1:32:48 Godin Session good used price?
February 1, 2020
Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:30 listen to this as a Pod Cast on iTunes (KYG Pod Cast) 1:05 Reachable phone number Just text me at +1 (480) 386-1305 and I will respond within 48 hours. First message is free, and after you can become a member for a small fee so we can continue the conversations. 3:13 Kennis Russel New channel 5:00 5 to 1 watt tube amp or attenuate a higher wattage amp? 6:48 My Charvel hums 10:12 What was the worst thing at the NAMM Show? 13:00 Clean Black mold from a guitar? 18:19 Super Fun Happy time something something show 19:19 My New Boss Katana and the Guitar Center at NAMM 21:33 Coolest thing at NAMM for me? 27:44 Can you play the guitars at NAMM? 29:17 Musicman Cutlass or PRS silver Sky? 34:05 How to take photos of guitars for sale? Golden hour 39:05 Rats peed inside a tube amp. Can it be saved? 40:17 Jackson inlays LIFTING! Can I use a soft hammer? 45:04 What's your unfiltered opinion of the new Epiphones? 48:04 Warm pickups like hot pick ups 51:00 Sweetwater's Mitch Gallagher interview me 54:18 Repainting a vintage guitar? 57:24 Phil's Pancakes and Porkchops 1:04:13 Inspection of a guitar 1:07:14 Adjusting a MIM Strat? 1:10:29 What kind of guitar set-up (strings, action, etc) would you recommend for experimenting with alternative tunings? 1:14:42 Friedman Be Deluxe or Peavey JSX? 1:17:16 The Trogly Guitar Show 1:19:28 The real competition on You Tube 1:23:55 what affordable luthier tools would you recommend that aren't stewmac? 1:26:17 When will our guitars b considered vintage 1:29:09 Upgrading HarleyBs worth? Or do I wait for better? 1:32:00 A huge thank you Professional Guitar Pointer shirt
January 13, 2020
#141 Are locking Tuners The Best Option To Stay In Tune? by PhilMcknight
January 4, 2020
# 140 Fender naming new products after old ones by PhilMcknight
December 21, 2019
Highlighted Question 56:06 Will Amp Manufactures Sue Amp Simulator Companies In The Future? Last Chance for 2019 KYG merch (use Promo code LASTCHANCE to get 10% off) Question Index 0:00 Into 1:32 Sadowsky and Warwick have teamed up 7:18 Best tool for fret edges? 12:01 Rosewood Cities update 14:34 best Place to buy a custom shop Les Paul 19:20 AM I going to NAMM 2020? 24:30 Reviews on Charvels 27:00 Good 2x12 cabinet on a budget? 30:00 I suck at gift giving advice, but? 33:40 Why are the Sire basses so good? 35:30 What guitar would I put in a guitar shaped stocking? 36:45 how is the Reachable app working out? You can now reach me 24 hours a day 40:30 Epiphone LP or LTD EC 1000 41:30 What would I buy? CE. Core 24, S2 24 or 594? 44:42 Why sometimes a dollar can cut the BS 50:48 Greenback vs Vintage 30s 53:43 Using cheap parts to mod cheap guitars? 56:06 Will Amp Manufactures Sue Amp Simulator Companies In The Future? 1:02:50 Would I ever have Scott Grove on the show? 1:05:00 Any wiring tips for a GFS pick up? 1:06:00 Guitar keeps breaking B string 1:08:09 You can now get Guitar World for a buck! (again not sponsored) 1:11:30 Which artist who died to soon would I bring back and record with? 1:14:13 Thank you to all of you!!!!!!!
December 20, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:30 Last Chance for 2019 KYG merch (use Promo code LASTCHANCE to get 10% off) 2:50 Win a ESP LTD and Sub to the Tone King 3:46 Is Costco now a authorized fender Dealer? 11:18 A $1000 to spend? 17:55 What Orangewood guitar is behind me? 18:30 Recomandation for modern distortion pedal? 20:45 What is the neck on Kiesel Vader like? 21:55 You can not get to me anytime 24 hours a day 26:26 Im just not a Baritone type player, Check this pedal out 27:58 Im just a guitar nerd 30:05 Why I stopped using my Mesa Mark 5 25 in videos 33:38 Thank you from Chicknguitars 34:13 Why I do not wear headphones ever! 36:55 Maybe I do not have a good friend at Ibanez? lol 37:54 You can get to me at NAMM now 39:38 I regret the lack of Epiphone guitars on the channel 42:00 Sharpen My Axe Patreon winner 46:00 Ibanez Rg guitars 48:14 DIY Amp build Mojo vs Stew? 52:07 Which Marshall 100 head is my favorite? 00:00 Big Hairy Guitars one of my favorite You Tube channels
December 7, 2019
Highlighted question 32:08 My Method Of Getting Deals On Guitar Gear Question Index 0:00 Into 0:45 KYG Pod Cast 1:19 What did you buy on Black Friday? 3:20 What glue do they use in guitar cases? 5:18 Dovydos Bar said Its to loud! 6:49 What Distortion would I use to sound like Metalica? 10:05 Best battery powered amp? The amp I use is the Roland Micro Cube The other amp I use is the Blackstar Fly The Yamaha THR5 13:28 Ben Coombs 14:38 The New Boss Waza Headphones 16:14 Should I buy a Boss Katana 50 or 100 for Reviews? 17:00 Neck heavy guitars? 19:43 Whats with the Friedman's behind me? 20:50 Pickup rings or direct mounted? Pros and cons? 22:20 Ive decided to believe it all? 25:01 The J Rocket pedal? 26:44 Should we in the north hydrate hollowbody guitars? 30:18 Do keyboard pedals for guitar work? (Key9) 32:08 My Method Of Getting Deals On Guitar Gear 40:57 Did I ever try and invent something? 45:49 he MT15 to MT55? 48:34 Trogly's Guitar Show (Great Channel!) 50:20 The Marshall Studio models and what will be next? 55:00 If there is one thing I know it is guitar players 1:00:41 What fret sizes do I like? 1:02:01 Bridge feels stiff? 1:05:21 Tagima or fender? 1:07:20 Walmart selling guitars 1:08:46 ChickNguitars 1:08:47 20% of the guitar players buy 80% of the gear. 1:13:20 Load boxes 1:15:50 Great advice (thank you HK) 1:24:19 Check out the Sharpen Marty Schwartz video Merch store Become a Patreon and support more videos like this Send questions that might get featured in a video here Send photos of you in your shirt here
November 30, 2019
Highlighted question 22:38 Isn't it funny once you could self publish all this talent showed up? Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:20 You can listen to this podcast on Itunes 2:36 New Sharpen My Axe shirt and gear math shirts KYG Live Black Friday Merch deal 20% only during the live show Use code SHARPENIT NEW Sharpen My Axe shirt and Gear Math Mearch! (sale is also good for new items) Use code SHARPENIT 4:30 Which would I pick? Danoelctro 64Xt? Or Music Man Sterling St Vincent?**LP%20-%20Shop%20-%20Guitars%20-%20Electric%20Guitars%20-%20Solid%20Body%20-%20Under%20%24750&utm_term=4578229007517082&utm_content=L48233000002000%20%7C%20Sterling%20by%20Music%20Man%20St.%20Vincent%20Electric%20Guitar%20Vincent%20Blue%20%7C%20%24649.99 7:30 Getting a good tone with Peavey classic 30 at low volumes? 9:38 Is Music man great for small hands? 11:03 The Line 6 Spider value amps 14:57 Speeding up playing and faking videos 16:50 Gearmandude and my Coily Cable of love Gearmandude Coily Cable of love!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:30 ben Coombs. I never say it right, 20:40 My hat and the the Dickies shirt 22:38 Isn't it funny once you could self publish all this talent showed up? 26:30 The Orangewood video and thank you for helping vets 28:49 My pick up videos are going to be the biggest undertaking I have ever done 31:58 Headphone units I recommend? 35:00 The Glarry review and some more information 39:40 Why do some guitar still buzz even when the frets are level? 44:27 The magic of a great video and why it is so hard to replicate 47:23 Why I have not bought a Gibson Double cut p90 50:09 The best way to store a tube amp for periods of time? 51:42 The Sharpen my axe videos 53:05 Companies say gear is dead, but we hit 57 million views and we broke records this year 56:30 What guitar is like ESP with a thicker neck? 58:59 Black Friday Sales. Money Runs Out Before The Deals Do. 1:01:05 Sweetwater gear list… 1:01:59 Rack unit suggestions? 1:03:00 Guitar Center is the grumpy grandpa of the internet. 1:04:42 Adjusting the neck and other issues 1:09:03 Orangewood videos 1:11:17 Used Sweetwater gear 1:11:38 The issues with Guitar Center used gear on their site? 1:12:20 Why I never return gear and only exchange 1:15:39 Thank you to everyone
November 22, 2019
Question Index 0:00 intro 0:38 The KYG Pod Cast 1:43 The $200 Carvin Mach 100 Pedal Looks like The $88 Harley Benton Pedal 10:00 What cheap and medium priced guitars feel expensive? 14:40 Day Light savings 17:25 Guitars for some new students
November 16, 2019
Pod Cast Question Index 0:00 intro 0:58 Time stamps and the way I do the live shows. 1:48 My shirt and bold head makes me stick out. lol A special coupon code to get 10% off merch Type C0ZY The Black ops logo shirt has been the number one seller since May Type C0ZY 3:36 Can you re-fret a guitar with smaller frets than it has? 6:18 Duncan Design vs Seymour Duncan The pick up is called a Duncan Performer. Guitar Center MF only PU 13:12 Why I think most 15 watt amps are great for blues. 17:25 Any love for the Soldano Hot Rod 25? 20:11 Is 400 guitars and 400 amps enough? 27:18 Thoughts on Tonewood amps 29:36 The feeling that you should not keep a expensive guitar 33:33 The PRS SE Standard 35:52 My influence on Paul Smith is about zero. lol 39:26 I will be reviewing 50 pick ups in 2020!!!! This is why 42:19 More of what you want and less of what companies want.
November 9, 2019
Highlighted question 7:20 Why do the new Fender Ultra guitars not feel so Ultra? 40:05 What is Gear Math Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:24 No love for Bass Players? 2:33 29 The 12th fret hump 4:30 Do I still own a Fender Bassbreaker? 7:20 Why do the new Fender Ultra guitars not feel so Ultra? 11:16 How often do you find yourself selling gear? 13:32 Do cosmetic upgrades hurt or help the resale of guitars? 14:49 Thoughts on the JHS bonsai? 16:00 I sold a guitar, but it didn't go away 18:00 My wife realized I'm not unique in my guitar geekness 20:40 Is it true that Mesa Boogie is not interested in You Tube videos? 20:40 You Tube is becoming the biggest advertising platform for our industry? 25:38 Do you like it when You Tube channels do mass product videos? Put your comment 30:00 Guitars that are cheap, but feel expensive. Leave your pick 33:23 Schecter makes great guitars. 35:38 Tube rattle 37:21 There are certain tones in digital that I do not like. 40:05 What is Gear Math 45:00 Have you ever tried a Fender Road Worn Strat?
November 2, 2019
Highlighted questions 12:48 Why My Gig Bags have leopard Print inside. Please don't Sell My Guitars Question Index 0:00 intro 0:35 Pod Cast 0:55 Thank you for joining me at the amp class 3:08 Super Fun Happy whatever he said show. lol check them out 5:10 First tube amp (please give your suggestions as well) 8:00 I sold a real Gibson V for a $100 (Blame it on my Youth) 12:48 Why My Gig Bags have leopard Print inside. Please don't Sell My Guitars 19:22 The best super high gain lunch box? 21:34 Should I repair a small crack in my maple neck? 23:50 The new way you need to ask questions. ? first 24:48 .22 vs .47 ? 25: Can I hear the bells? LOL (My wifes favorite video I have done) 26:05 Will I do more bass videos? I love this one! 27:18 The Fender American Professional is my favorite strat 30:40 Thoughts on Blackstar Siverline?
November 1, 2019
Bonus Pod Cast #1 by PhilMcknight
November 1, 2019
Highlighted Question 48:35 My Experience With Harley Benton Guitars & Used Gear Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:35 Im going to go build an amplifier 1:28 This is also a pod cast on iTunes and sound Cloud 2:35 Thought on the Veritone switch on the ES345 4:25 Wrap around bridge for better intonation? 7:15 JHS Bonsai or regular Tube screamer? 9:29 My Solar guitar 12:39 Why are the Ibanez RGRT421 back ordered? 15:18 Guitar companies can only have so many models 18:35 What humbucker is hotter and sounds good with the V mods? 20:37 Amps are designed and tested with a type or types of cabinets 22:47 The Toms Line Octo pedal 24:44 26:29 The Fender Tonemaster 39:32 Fender Super Sonics 22 or Bassbreaker 30? 42:30 ESP Eclipse or Gibson Les Paul? 44:20 If The Fender Twin good for Home use? 47:20 Schecter Guitars? 48:35 My experience with Harley Benton Guitars & Used Gear
October 21, 2019
Highlighted Question 43:37 Why The Recession Changed The Guitar business Model 31:02 How Much Fret Buzz Is Too Much? Question Index 0:00 Into 1:45 The Show is a podcast 2:45 A Harley Benton Sharpen My Axe? 4:06 The Friedman Runt vs the Studio Marshalls 6:08 What is the Red thing on my amp? 8:45 My Funko Pops 12:38 Used gear should be in videos more 13:50 Fender Pawnshop guitar made in Indonesia? 16:38 product changes during the recession 19:49 My Used Carvin story in the store 25:44 Thoughts on Ibanez Sz? 27:11 Orange Drop caps 28:00 The Treble Bleed? 29:53 Thoughts on Devil Cat amps? 31:02 How Much Fret Buzz Is Too Much? 39:30 How does the Tagima neck feel? 41:50 Sometimes you need to use different gear than the artist used to get their sound 43:37 Why The Recession Changed The Guitar business Model 49:20 who isn't making amps overseas? 52:56 Why I use the Radial ABY box 55:47 Have traditionalist kept the industry back? 58:48 I can not find all three THR Yamahas to compare 59:40 The SX guitars (I meant to say Agile) 1:01:01 The importance of customers 1:01:59 Thoughts on tremolo bridges 1:03:01 How to fix neck dive on a SG? 1:04:16 My Instagram friends meeting my You Tube Friends 1:09:35 The Green Tagima 1:10:19 backing the volume off 1:12:40 Upgrade speakers or cab? 1:14:11 Fixing a noisy issue on a Bass 1:17:07 Is it a good idea to tune your guitar down when storing it? 1:18:36 The best Job ever 1:19:00 Thank you Reggie 1:19:19 Picking a Squier vs Fender Starcaster 1:20:38 A huge thank you
October 12, 2019
Highlighted Question 28:51 You Suck At Guitar? So What. The power of learning 15:24 Chasing tone and practicing Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:45 Micah's guitar is going up for auction! All proceeds will pay for music lessons for autistic children. 2:30 The video I did with Marty Schwartz 4:12 Melissa Rocks! She is doing something Amazing 6:45 Front of the line fees 10:50 Guilty Pleasure song or band? Listen until I'm burned out? 14:30 Favorite Strat pick guard combo? 15:24 Chasing tone and practicing 17:58 Do I play drums? 21:43 Does your wife love all the guitars I have? 23:23 My Home guitar? Guitars can take you back 24:28 The C K Blocker pedal Noise gate 25:50 Making your wife watch the live show 27:30 Schecter Guitars 28:51 The Great Feeling Of Learning Guitar 33:44 What other amp have the Blues breaker vibe for less? 34:28 The Schecter Sun Valleyguitar? 36:37 Thoughts on my Framus? 37:51 Does your wife play guitar? 39:02 Guitar I would play if no Fender, Gibson 41:51 The Beercaster? 42:42 Sticky Les Paul neck. (Ron said yes) 44:40 The new PRS SEs 47:15 Indonesia guitars are getting exspensive
October 9, 2019
The Top Ten Highlighted Questions 4:57 The Guitar Repair World Is Feast Or Famine 10:38 What do I think of Reverend guitars? 11:28 How I determine what to review? 17:34 Do Pick Up Covers change the sound? 23:23 What does Limited Run Mean? 27:00 Check out this Auction for a good cause eBay auction number 163874763336 Micah's promotion video for the auction is on YouTube: 37:34 Do you have to solder the ground wire to a Tele bridge? 47:43 What is the purpose of binding on the guitar? 1:13:00 Strap locks 1:23:00 Can you use Lighter fluid on your fretboard?
October 1, 2019
0:00 Welcome 0:40 XSonic winners 1:58 Check out the Marty Schwartz video 2:58 $1000 pedal board giveaway 3:58 Did You Tubers kill Guitar Magazines? 7:56 Tele Performer thoughts vs Strats 11:30 Burns Cobra (P/P Tone pot) 13:38 Gibson Has removed all videos from their You Tube Channel 19:28 Friedman Runt vs Victory Sherif? 25:00 A huge thank you to Joshua 27:46 Roasted Necks, Fad or Innovation? 32:38 Whats that Soldano behind me? 34:49 Should Stainless Steel frets be industry standard? 37:48 Tuning a guitar 39:19 Check out Larry Mitchell in Tampa 40:20 Those VHS lessons tape from the back of guitar magazines 41:28 A video on Fret leveling? 42:47 What I learned from Marty Schwartz 44:23 Condition the fretboard before or after cleaning? 44:24 Good advice for guitar tech and for players 46:25 Why do reviewers ignore speaker swaps? 48:00. The amp build and class Join me in Phoenix AZ ROBERTO-VENN OCTOBER 26-27, 2019 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM $999 (Includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit, MI Guitar Craft Academy Nashville November 16th and 17th 10:00 AM -6:00 PM $999 (Includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit, 52:38 What was my MOS 53:15 Thoughts on the Fender Tonemaster? 53:50 Are solid state amps as good as tube amps now? 54:50 Thoughts on Chapman selling his prototypes cheap? 58:07 Why I take your comments to the companies when I meet them 1:00:49 I have always liked Schecter guitars we need more videos 1:02:20 Thought on Genz Benz and the El Diablo amp? 1:05:48 Just got a McKnight Sam guitar. 1:10:00 Bass amp that takes a vocal mic? 1:10:45 Should I restore my guitar or sell it and upgrade? 1:12:52 Good used cheap Heads? 1:14:28 Waza or OX thoughts 1:15:35 What amp next? 1:16:58 A huge thank you to everyone and the KYG Crew!
September 28, 2019
Gibson Took Down All Their You Tube Videos #126 by PhilMcknight
September 21, 2019
Highlighted question 36:04 Why I play My Squier Bullet Everyday Shirt and Merch Promotion 15% off with this code 2RXE7I6DYT Join me in Phoenix AZ ROBERTO-VENN OCTOBER 26-27, 2019 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM $999 (Includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit, MI Guitar Craft Academy Nashville November 16th and 17th 10:00 AM -6:00 PM $999 (Includes Mojotone 5E3 Style Tweed Combo Amp Kit, Question Index 0:00 intro 1:00 Do you see rolling questions in your sleep? 1:31 The margins of Music stores suck. 3:26 250K 0r 500K pots for a mini Humbucker in the bridge? 4:29 I went to Germany 3 times over the summer 5:47 More twang in the tele? 7:10 The most heartbreaking guitar damage story you have? 8:57 Are the Framus Pro range guitar worth it? 10:55 How do I like my Ibanez Axion 12:45 Thoughts on Eric Clapton Strat 13:44 What guitar and amp would I use to play Madison Square Gardens? 16:15 Mojotone and Sharen My axe 19:00 Join me and build an amp 26:25 We hit some cool milestones 27:08 Warmoth or Kiesel? 29:25 How is a Lipstick pick different than a normal single coil? 36:04 Why I play My Squier Bullet Everyday 38:20 Stratosonic and my custom guitar 40:20 Why I didn't buy a Friedman guitar 40:47 The Airlines suck. lol 44:30 42 Gear Street 45:48 Why I do not care when companies do not like me. 45:50 I will not fluff a review 49:06 Harley Benton guitar damaged 51:30 Emails about questions and SMA 55:45 Best polish to use with guitar with chips and cracks? 59:38 Checking out gear at these events 1:02:34 How do you fix a catching E string? 1:05:30 Thoughts on Tonfuchs guitars 1:07:25 The San Diago trip 1:08:30 Please check out joint me to make a hand wired amp 1:10:03 Is beefy necks wide? 1:12:02 I seen Iron Maiden for the first time 1:17:17 A huge thank you to the Live crew
September 21, 2019
Highlighted Question 32:50 Why Are Guitar Players Hot & Cold On Kiesel Guitars 28:18 Cites has made some changes, but will it help US builders? Save 10% off merch good till Monday code: ENDOFSUMR Question Index 0:00 Tee Spring is giving a discount on Merch code: ENDOFSUMR 2:44 Is Fuzz and Od a either or, or can they work together? 5:03 The Sweetwater World Record 6:16 Why Sweetwater is the only company who reached out to make things better after a video I did. 11:28 Recommendations on a good bass wah? 13:25 Fender Superchamp X2 head and cab. Thoughts? 17:30 I was told you can pick the candy at Sweetwater. 19:25 LTD and Epiphone Quilty, thoughts? 22:45 Have I ever installed a Filtertrone in a humbucker spot? 25:42 How Strats is to many Strats? 28:18 Cites has made some changes, but will help US builders? 32:50 Mixed reports about Kiesel guitars. Are they good? 39:38 Westone Guitars 41:13 Thoughts on Friedman JJ jr, PT20, and Runt 20? 43:51 The Trapper keeper. LOL 44:48 The time I tried to buy a Marshall form a store 48:48 Issue with a ring tone when playing loud 52:18 The Red Maple Jackson 56:30 Thoughts on Online lessons? 1:00:02 I hope my Guitar teacher doesn't see this. LOL 1:01:39 Thoughts on reissue guitars? 1:05:12 Whats my Favorite online lesson provider? 1:08:22 You can sniff out when someone is full of crap
August 26, 2019
Highlighted question 28:10 Do Not Throw A Guitar Away Question Index 0:00 What Are your thoughts on the MXR Dookie Drive? 1:35 Thoughts on the Marcus Miller Basses? 5:24 Mesa Mark Five 25 5:55 Gear Street 11:20 I think I just did a coffee commercial. lol 13:05 Thoughts on fan fretted bass 16:00 Buffer before a ABY pedal? 18:45 What piece of gear would I buy with $250? 21:49 What was the most expensive guitar to ever go through my shop? 25:03 Am I wearing the hat because a bad hair day? 28:10 Do Not Throw A Guitar Away 35:35 Thoughts on the 85/15 pick ups 37:00 Getting a good sound with Pedals and a solid state amp 37:56 The trick to dialing in a good tone 41:14 SE Guitars I like 42:28 The rule I like for set ups when changing a gauge of strings 45:27 Thoughts on the Vox 4 watt hand wired amp 48:45 Thoughts on Zagger guitars? 51:55 Tips on getting help for after school music programs 59:31 How to fix a stuck trem arm with nylon ring 1:01:30 Rubato guitars? 1:03:59 A special thank you to the Patreons and to all viewers
August 23, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:21 Who is Nathan 2:27 How do you think Kiesel does their candy finish? 4:01 The Ben Coombs ( it is pronounced Coo mbs) 6:12 Check out Boscoe France 7:00 The Boaz guitar 10:43 Dave Mustaine told Nathan not to make the metal fist 12:20 Thoughts on the PRS SE line from Cort 18:00 Push pull pots on a ES339 20:50 Thoughts on the PRS Mira and more 24:59 Issue with Jazz Master 27:19 Fixing hairline swirl marks 31:15 What guitars does Nathan have? 32:35 How do I like my Silver Sky? 37:23 What is the oldest guitar I own? 38:23 The time we had all our Gretsch guitars pin striped 41:54 thoughts on Fender tuning machines 44:24 What guitars do I dread working on? 47:41 Why your PRS will not stay in tune 52:28 You can trade guitar parts 54:50 Gear is for the musician not the audience 1:00:00 I do not own my favorite guitar and amp 1:02:55 Can you toss the silica packets in your guitar case? 1:04:26 Should Ryan at 60 Cycle hum buy a MIJ Jaguar? 1:08:28 Thoughts on PRS grave yard guitars 1:12:22 Have I ever been to comic con? 1:16:49 Issue with Tele pick up feeding back 1:20:39 Wet dry or Wet Wet sound? 1:21:38 A big thank you to the Patreons 1:23:35 An announcement about a Josh Scott Q&A
August 10, 2019
Highlighted Question 30:51 Is There A Reason I would Not Buy A Used Piece OF Gear? Question Index 0:00 intro 1:25 KYG shirt questions 2:34 If I could only have 6 or 5 guitars? 5:25 What do you think most guitar players can improve on? 10:52 I never see you with a Rickenbacker 12:14 What is my pet peeve? 14:21 What is the best way to start collecting pedals? 18:45 Have I tried a EB Armada? 19:53 What do you use to remove scratches and swirls on guitars? 23:16 Modern Tele vs MIM Strat with mini bucker 28:13 You guys are getting this channel noticed 30:51 Is There A Reason I would Not Buy A Used Piece OF Gear? 33:49 The best mini tube amp for metal? 35:56 Thoughts on dropping HSS pick guard in Squier? 38:17 Thoughts on wireless units? 45:00 A good problem to have 46:38 Tips on how to do a set up? 49:59 What happened to the amp build? 55:01 Check out Michael's channel 57:50 El Diablo Duncan pick up
August 7, 2019
Pod Cast Episode 121 Gibson Runs Over Their Own Guitars? by PhilMcknight
August 2, 2019
Question highlights 16:29 I crashed the Gibson Party 11:19 Thoughts on Etsy buying Reverb 25% off birthday discount code QRKINBM6E8 Good till Monday Question Index 0:00 Intro hello 0:39 Its my Birthday and this is what I got 3:11My favorite Delay and Reverb pedal combo 7:21 Best affordable fuzz pedal? 9:48 My Birthday Merch sale 25% off birthday discount code QRKINBM6E8 11:19 Thoughts on Etsy buying Reverb 13:57 Mooer GE300? 15:30 Thinking of selling your Fenders for a Gibson 16:29 I crashed the Gibson Party 24:02 My Custom Coupe 26:27 The thing I love to hear 27:39 Thoughts on the New Fender Tonemaster 28:48 The Tone king has a theory on the new Fender product names. 33:38 What value pots should I us with this? 35:50 Do they still make the Kustom amps? 36:59 The worst customer I ever had at my store? 39:08 Are there draw backs to short scale bass? 41:15 If you want to impress people with a bass. 42:52 Thoughts on pedal platform amplifiers? 44:59 How do I still like my Solar guitar? 45:23 Why I practice in the mornings for my ears 47:44 Meeting you guys changes me 49:59 The Kit build Challenge Idea Tell me your thoughts 51:50 Are there to many Fender product lines? 53:10 Do I plan on checking out the Pete Thorn PT15 amp? 55:38 Keep or Sell a guitar you just got? 58:14 Why I do not have the Power Caster LP style Tele 1:00:04 Can you use a combo and use it like a cabinet? 1:01:37 The guitar community 1:02:31 Thought son PRS SE with Floyd? 1:05:00 Not a Liquor person 1:06:48 Best way to get the Brian May tone? 1:09:11 Bought a Gotoh and need to make grooves in the saddles. 1:12:00 Thought on the Ibanez Jem Jr? 1:13:41 Are there better options than Reverb? 1:17:30 A quik shout out to everyone
July 13, 2019
Will A Squier Hold Value Over The Years? Riff City closing by PhilMcknight
June 29, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Into 0:26 Two cool videos to check out Check out the video with Warren Huart You can see the other video on his channel 1:47 Gibson Lost The Lawsuit In Europe 8:20 Dean responds to Stay Metal Ray 11:29 We hit 50 million views on YOUTUBE! 12:57 Why I like mini hum-buckers 15:21 Thought son the Bugera 212Ts 16:40 It is worth the risk to buy used online? 21:19 What pots do you recommend on a tele with hss set up 23:20 What was my favorite guitar at Thomann? 25:19 MiM Strat SD Hot Rails and the "blender" pot wiring 29:27 Going to Summer NAMM? Check out Harmonicaster 31:13 Do strings have a shelf life? 37:28 At what price do you stop paying for quality? 40:05 What do you think trumps import taxes will do for American guitar companies? 43:00 Using a Boss GE7 in the effects loop of the Marshall 44:07 Thoughts on Boss Katana vs Boss Nextone 47:10 Can i Polish frets with 3m paper without hurting value? 48:37 Does your opinion of a company affect how you view an instrument? 52:25. Ever ran a tube overdrive pedal into a SS amp? 55:04 The code for the Merch JSPMY1X2RI 55:49 Can you adjust the height of an acoustics action? Beyond relief adjustments 58:02 My thoughts on Celestial V30s new and old? 1:02:19 Best Single Non Gibson single cut guitar? 1:06:51 Thoughts on Chapman ghost fret v2? My favorite 1:09:02 Chapman 1:09:01Thinking about getting a Stew Mac pedal kit? 1:10:09 Your thoughts on Duesenberg Les Trem II? 1:11:50 Would you like a Lapsteel video? 1:12:40 Could Split vs Coil tap? 1:15:20 A huge thank you to all
June 23, 2019
Question Highlight Index 36:50 Can Gibson fix this? Question Index 0:00 Intro and my cold 1:00 The Gibson Video and Lawsuits Here is the Gibson video 8:39 Where was Henning at TGU? 10:30 My Ibanez AZ guitar 12:25 The V Reissue? 14:35 Ibanez RG 550 or Charvel? 17:35 What is the blue guitar with P90s? 19:24 A muffled bridge pickup? 20:25 Dovydas and Universum Guitars Check out a great Dovxdas video 22:21 A lot of Beer in Germany 25:50 Will I be at Summer NAMM 30:25 Did I try the PT 15 Pete Thorn amp? 33:33 What is the brown guitar behind me? 35:35 Do I still have my first guitar? 36:50 Can Gibson fix this? 40:49 The next Hype gear? 42:30 How do I like the Friedman cream back 1x12? 43:20 I did something very special in Germany 50:00 Great bass for jamming? 51:08 How many guitars are in my Reverb wish list right now? 52:13 Geeking out with Ron Thorn 53:20 PRS SE vs LTD EC? 55:15 Epiphone Korina V thoughts? 59:30 I wish I was at Gearfest 1:00:00 Thank you to the Patreons!
June 22, 2019
Question index 0:00 why are we in Germany? 1:20 Black ops Know Your Gear shirt 1:40 Best bass I seen at TGU? 2:06 Did I get Any new gear here? 4:25 How does Warwick feel about GC giving deals? 5:15 Best locking keys with out making holes 6:00 Will we be at summer NAMM? 6:20 We both like S2 for different reasons 7: 30 No new gear at TGU 9:20 The new import tariffs? Thoughts? 10:20 Grandmeister amp 11:30 Tony King. 12:14 Thoughts on Thomann compared to stores in the US? 13:48 How many turns are most truss rods good for? 15:00 Have we tried the LPD 74? 15:40 Thank you Poo Ninja! 16:09 The Framus Warwick factory 19:10 I will always voice your concerns when I meet companies 20:20 Is your Framus still your nicest guitar in my collection 21:05 Tele or Strat if you can only have one? 21:30 Thoughts on the Peavey Classic 50 amp? 22:46 Which guitars at Thomann impressed us the most? 23:49 Down side of working the events 24:51 Thoughts on the new Tele acoustic guitar? 26:50 Is the old PRS bolt on a Core guitar? 28:31 Thoughts on Rickenbacker guitars? 29:40 PRS Phase 2 and Phase 3 tuners 30:42 What is a good polish for old nitro guitars? 31:44 New Harley Benton guitars? 33:05 Thoughts on Preamp pedals with real tubes 35:23 Marcus says hi! 37:18 Have you ever traded a bunch of pedals for other gear? 39:21 Is a Gibson Les Paul worth the extra costs? 41:15 Rail picks ups 42:12 Did we eat real food or go safe? 43:00 did we buy any gear? 44:12 Does Framus want a larger US presence? 47:00 My first day here was fun and not. lol 48:49 The nest big thing for the guitar community?
June 1, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Live every Friday 3pm PT 1:10 Tools I like 3:20 3:46 Thoughts on the H&K Spirit 200 amp? 7:42 The PRS Silver Sky 9:32 Will cheap guitars oversaturate the market and then ruin it? 14:17 Thoughts on Hagstrum? 15:42 What does a Capacitor do on a tone knob? 23:06 My G&L ( Im a G&L fan for sure!) 24:30 What is the perfect guitar for a freckled guy? 30:15 Is it bad to never have your guitar set up? 33:00 8 or 16 ohm cab for Class five head? 34:39 How important is a compressor to getting a good metal tone? 36:41 Tusq issue with MIM Strat (They, is a four letter word) 40:34 Thoughts on Seymour Duncan delay pedal? 42:45 Do you burn out on pick ups? 46:32 Best guitar for two left hand? 47:35 Wiring PDFs? Here is the PDFs I have so far 49:16 A bad hum in the guitar? 51:39 Thoughts on Hollowbody guitars? 53:00 How do I price when I sell on Reverb and eBay? 56:12 What hot bridge pick up for Strat do you like? 59:39 Do you think weight of the guitar changes the tone? 1:02:06 What in the heck is a HH Strat? 1:03:54 How come every 6506, 6505+, and 5150 has a hum? Please give him feed back 1:06:30 Swapping magnets on pick ups? 1:08:28 Thoughts on eq pedals? 1:10:01 Thoughts on the Seymour Duncan liberator? 1:12:00 Why don't pedals come with power supplies? 1:12:56 Safety first! 1:13:44 Whats with all the sellers from Japan on eBay and Reverb? 1:17:18 Fret buzz at the first fret? 1:19:15 Which would you pick, PRS 594 or Pauls guitar? 1:20:37 The Reflex guitar from Much Man? 1:22:29 The Airline industry could cure obesity 1:23:19 Speakers for Fender Frontman 1:25:26 Thoughts on Peavey Classic 50 4x10? 1:26:35 49 million views and? 1:28:20 Next week show is 8am PT on Friday 1:29:05 A huge thank you!!!!!!!!!!
May 25, 2019
Question Highlights 55:50 The Benefits Of Gibson & Fender Having Sub Brands Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:50 Shout Outs! 2:59 Does Charvel make any high end guitars still? 7:14 The Sparkle G&L ASAT guitar 9:00 Thoughts on the Timmy pedal 12:06 Should I wait and buy the two pick up Gibson? 15:54 Sustainiac issue 18:16 Should you upgrade the G&B picks ups to Seymour Duncans? 21:03 Thoughts on the Presonus? 23:52 When do you use angled pick up rings vs flat ones? 26:23 Do I really take guitar lessons? 30:20 Thoughts on cleaning Phenolic fretboards 32:38 What is a Phenolic fretboard? 35:35 Why do some players have problems with high end guitars? 39:00 Trading Gear To Get The Gear You Want 43:18 What fuzz would I use on a bass? 44:32 What Brand Isn't Around Anymore That You Wish Was Still Made? 51:06 Remember the ones who are no longer here. 53:17 Do you think Epiphone would sell more if they have a Gibson Headstock? 55:50 The Benefits Of Gibson & Fender Having Sub Brands 1:00:22 What can you tell me about the quality of MIJ Squier parts? 1:03:30 Have you checked out Uli Jon Roth's Sky Guitar shop 1:05:13 Suggestions for a noisy high gain amp? 1:07:30 Can you get high quality recording with a Squier? 1:08:38 The difference between A Gear Reviewer and a Gear demonstrator 1:10:30 Good 2x12 cab ? 1:12:40 Thoughts on Line 6 Helix? 1:19:40 Should you feel bad if you get a deal? 1:22:41 Mustang GT or something else? 1:24:11 What this show really is 1:25:01 A Huge Thank you to the Patrons!!!
May 18, 2019
Question Index 1:05:39 How do figure out which guitar has the magic? Question Index 0:00 intro 1:16 The discount code idea 3:19 Im a huge Gibson pick up fan 5:08 Thoughts on Hamer guitars 5:58 The New 2019 Gibson have amazing necks 6:00 Why Fender Why? 10:36 Is the Copper Strat the only Custom Shop Fender I own? 11:40 Please bring the Know Your Tone Shirt 13:00 Do I still have my Fender Super Sonic 22? 14:10 Thoughts on dummy coil pick ups? 15:50 Best wiring for coil split on SE SC245? 17:18 Thought son Gibson P94s? 18:50 Maple vs rosewood vs ebony fretboards Cites? 24:28 The Sharpen My Axe video requests 27:35 The 7ft $5,000 Hole 29:49 Thank you for the LPD video 32:20 43 mm Fender nut. I know he said Bone, but I still like GT 34:22 Slap Bass and Slap guitar 35:36 Why I wished I learned poetry 39:08 The Cites law 41:48 Should PRS lower prices now that Gibson prices are lower? 43:25 What should I run my Pedal Pal 034 Night pedal through? 44:54 Quick fix for sticky toggle switches? 46:01 Song of the week Chuck Berry Nadine 48:11 Gibson PCB boards in guitars 53:30 Epiphone no longer makes good guitars? 1:01:20 I will be at TGU19 ( please leave some suggestions) 1:03:10 Mustangs and Jaguars 1:04:09 Esh Basses? 1:05:39 How do figure out which guitar has the magic? 1:08:05 High clean headroom on 15 watt amps?
May 11, 2019
Why Tube Amps Might End Up like Cd's & Record's. Did Gibson Improve the Quilty In 2019? by PhilMcknight
May 4, 2019
Highlighted Questions 2:02 Are The New 2019 Gibson's A Home Run Or A Downgrade? 26:20 We are excited about Gibson because Start Wars? 55:27 Thoughts on the Gibson removable pick guard? Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:26 What Pick up with 4 conductor sounds like a Gibson 57 classic? 2:02 Are The New 2019 Gibson's A Home Run Or A Downgrade? 9:20 My new Danelectro 12:12 Is the Stew Mac Neck Jig worth the money? 15:19 Do have to set up every guitar you buy? 17:40 CMG guitars? 21:09 Thoughts on Toneshaper 22:07 What Do I think of Solar guitars? 23:14 How do you keep or remove a autograph on a guitar? 25:25 Coffeebeer? 26:20 We are excited about Gibson because Start Wars? 28:46 Stock pick ups are getting so good 30:41 Good Upgrade J bass pick ups? 33:50 Why do most people play a 4 string bass instead of a 5 string? 36:09 Ashbury bass? 37:38 Do I play Ukulele? 38:50 How to figure out where buzz is coming from? 41:18 My Dimarzio gap. 42:20 Thoughts on affordable tube amps fro home? 43:42 Thank You Brian and why I gave him my Danelectro? 45:59 Why your guitar will go sharp when it sits? 49:58 Gear Trends, please check it out 51:00 Is it bad to keep a Les Paul in a case? 52:00 The Wall of dirt lol 53:18 Should you store your guitars in cases verticaly or horizontally? 55:27 Thoughts on the Gibson removable pick guard? 57:58 Boss Pedal stands 1:00:24 What is the Fender Blues Jr of bass amps? 1:01:35 The old PRS CE or the new one? 1:03:04 Buy a Fender Tele or two Slick guitars? 1:06:26 Do you think Rock Smith will help a player? 1:08:00 The guitar industry did not understand Guitar Hero and Rock Band 1:14:47 Best amp to contrast with a Marshall? 1:17:00 Musicman and Suhr why I have trouble buying one 1:19:00 A big Thank you to the Patreons that make this show happen
April 27, 2019
Highlighted question 5:12 Will new guitars brands find a way around using rock stars? Question Index 0:00 The Pod Casts 1:10 New Danelectro guitar Ok New Used Guitar 3:24 Thoughts on Henry amps? 3:38 Doug And Pat Show (check them out) 5:12 Will new guitar brands need rock stars? 11:28 Have cheap Chinese guitars jumped the shark? 14:01 IS that a new Danelectro 59 NOS behind me? 16:08 Thoughts on Wazacraft 17:31 How do I make sure my Fender is right? 20:35 Line 6 Spider or Fender Mustang which is worse? 22:00 Pauls SE PRS guitar colors? 28:19 Marshall Class 5 vs Fender Bassbreaker 7 30:16 Have I ever played a Dumble amp? 31:20 My wife always pays attention to my Stew Mac talks 32:46 My Favorite wah pedal? 35:20 Epiphone LP or Satin finish Gibson Lp? 37:10 My SG guitars pick is loose, what should I do? 43:19 Is the Squier Classic Vibe Tele worth the money? 46:10 Wet Dry Wet rig 47:20 Can you dive bomb a Strat term? 52:00 Ormsby guitars, thoughts 54:16 Thoughts on Hartke bass maps? 57:4:5 The Zither stand guys are super nice. Thank You 1:00:20 The pick packs. 1:02:34 Gibson Les Paul volume knob issues 1:0429 Thoughts on the brand Vintage Guitars by Trev Wilkinson? 1:06:30 Thoughts On Tagima guitars? 1:09:44 A huge thank you to the Patreon Live show crew 1:10:19 My New LPD pedal
April 20, 2019
Highlighted Question 22:05 Why I would buy a High End Epiphone over a low End Gibson Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:20 LSR Roller nuts for Stratocaters Check out D Addario Lubrikit 5:34 How do you tell what Duncan Designed pick ups you have? 8:28 Is it worth it to switch to Seymour Duncans from Duncan Designs? 10:26 Thomas Blug 16:50 Why I like 60s Strat pick ups over 50s pick ups 19:30 I like the Player s Strat from Fender 20:33 My custom shop strat is getting new pick ups. 22:05 Why I would buy a High End Epiphone over a low End Gibson 25:09 Why Did I buy the Marshall Studio 800 over the Studio Plexi amp? 28:40 How do I get gloss of a neck? 30:01 Why Companies cheat us on the nut 33:20 Yosemite vs V Mods for Mexican Strat replacements? 35:00 What happened to song of the week? 37:13 What to do if your guitar is not ringing out 41:20 What kind of roller should you use for your guitar? Lower priced ruler on Amazon 45:38 So many great $500 guitars 47:02 Why the neck matters so much 51:02 Fender amp guy and DR Z amps 52:20 Can you replace locking Grovers with stock grovers? 54:36 Try a Treble bleed on your volume pot 57:37 Thoughts on the G&L ASAT 58:40 Should you use locking tuners on a locking tremolo? 1:00:46 Thoughts on the Digitech tuning pedal? 1:03:12 Matt Bellamy Guitars 1:07:30 Thoughts on Baritone necks for Squiers? 1:09:28 Decked, blocked, or floating trems on Strats? 1:10:38 Where did I get the racks for my amps 1:11:20 Guitar Crate (Please let me know your thoughts) 1:15:24 A Huge Thank you to the Live Show CREW!!
April 15, 2019
highlighted questions 19:08 The Down Side of buying a expensive guitar for your first guitar part 1 1:09:59 The Down Side of buying a expensive guitar for your first guitar part 2 Question Index 0:00 Intro 2:08 Thoughts on good single coils 5:30 zakk wylde audio? 8:25 Is the audience sick of the Wah Pedal? 16:03 Nathan 19:08 The Down Side of buying a expensive guitar for your first guitar part 1 24:06 Thoughts on ESP guitars? 26:36 How do you fix a Jammed up truss rode on a Strat? 29:48 Thoughts on Marshall Code amps? 33:37 Thoughts on Ibanez RG1070? 38:32 Why no love for Vintage amps and guitars? 42:19 Should I swap my bridge and neck pick up back? 44:07 How to check the going used price 51:17 The LPD pedal line up and my thoughts 52:18 Thoughts on Washburn acoustics? 54:44 Sell your Carvin and get a Marshall? 57:29 Can you re-stain a maple top? 59:53 Updates on my Solar guitar 1:03:01 Copyright You Tube updates 1:07:59 How you say? 1:09:59 The Down Side of buying a expensive guitar for your first guitar part 2 1:11:29 Best Low Coast to change a neck on a Squier. 1:13:29 Why is Fender making Squiers so much better now? 1:16:40 My Favorite Reverb pedal? 1:17:35 My Instagram 1 min videos 1:19:38 Squier Bullet Telecaster is Discontinued, but why? 1:22:39 Ben Combs Channel 1:23:31 Family time 1:24:30 Shout out to the Patreons. Thank you!
April 8, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Intro 0:41 Thank you Patreons for a great hang out 1:11 What is my favorite acoustic neck profile? 2:25 Does Sunlight hurt the finish on guitars? 5:15 Which amps are easier to maintain? 8:03 Thoughts on DR Z amps 10:07 Tele vs Strat 13:43 Danelectro gets the community logic of You Tube 16:43 Shrinking fret-board issue 19:37 Fano guitar tour. Let me know your thoughts 20:38 Copyright strike issues ( I feel for Glenn please check this out) 25:43 What was my first guitar? 27:39 What did take up guitar after bass? 29:32 thoughts on 1k for Gibson Studio SB 30:54 Telecasters are unforgiving to players? 32:24 How hard is it to add biding to a Strat neck? 34:20 Thoughts on Fender aerodyne bass? 35:30 Billy Corgan Rollercaster (bee prepared to laugh) 36:34 How do you know how thick of a neck shim you need? 38:43 Ask the Tone King how many guitars he has? 39:24 Do I own a classical guitar? 41:20 Thoughts on G&L pick ups? 42:34 Does A G&L Djent? 43:01 Thoughts on High End Made In Mexico Fender Guitars? 45:07 Who is the Most Overrated Brand? 47:22 Most Underated brand? 48:32 Tokai and Godin Guitars 51:36 Is my G&L a step up from a $600 Korean guitar? 53:55 Do you enjoy expensive guitars more? 54:58 What Jacksons Are like Friedman guitars? 58:04 Guitar Set ups Recording vs playing live? 1:00:24 Electric Harmonica 1:01:25 How to check for acoustic bridge buzz issues 1:04:11 The Patreon hang out potentiometer issue 1:05:04 The Artist Tweed Tone amp 1:05:50 My buddy Jay got a Orangewood Guitar 1:09:07 What is my favorite venue to see bands? 1:09:57 What is the best live band I have ever seen? Foxy Shazam 1:11:53 What are good pots for swells ? 500k 250K 1:12:39 Thoughts on the Hard Luck Kings guitars? 1:13:24 Thoughts on Squier 72 Telecaster? 1:15:46 A big Thank you to the Patreons
March 30, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:10 Picks and stickers 1:13:00 New Shirts 5:20 Why notes die when doing string bends? 7:50 Thoughts on Alpha Pots? 10:10 Thoughts on the Fender Super Sonic 60 combo? 12:18 Thoughts on the Digitech Whammy? 13:30 Pairing Pick Ups together 19:19 Stage volume vs PA sound 20:32 Celestion vs Eminence Speaker Preference? 22:20 FU Tone Springs 24:00 Time based effects before or after distortion? 25:31 Good clean amps that take pedals? 26:31 Are bedroom players buying all the guitars? 36:08 Super Champ X2 is still one of my Favs 39:19 Synergy amps 41:10 Line 6 Amps 42:35 Pre loaded pick guards 43:26 Nickel Back and Winger 45:20 Is there a big difference in a hand wired Tube Screamer? 48:30 Scale length and tuning are not everything in how something feels 52:40 How good is the Friedman Runt 20 line out? 55:55 Thoughts on my Squier Contemporary Strat? 1:04:25 Broke off a drill bit in my guitar, What should you do? 1:06: Thank you Ryan. The Pedal Genie review 1:09:00 You Tube went crazy with commercials. 1:13:20 Yamaha Revstar guitars
March 30, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:01 Did I decide to get a CE 34 semi hollow? 2:32 Do I see a DR Z amp behind you? 9:15 Have I tried a Slick guitar? 10:51 Thoughts on Lindy Fralin pick ups 12:34 Fenders new $500 set of pick ups 17:10 Should You Spend Money To Fix Up A Junky Guitar? 26:29 When sanding frets do you need to keep the radius? 27:40 The hidden gem video 29:49 If you could pick only one fuzz pedal which one would you pick? 35:40 Are frets more important than neck shape? 37:50 Help with hum issue 40:36 Is there different quality levels in stainless steel frets? 48:59 Checking issues with noise with humbuckers 52:38 Should guitars come with bad frets? 57:20 Can you make jumbo frets medium jumbo frets 58:53 New Tosin Abasi guitars built by Grover Jackson 1:00:10 $2500 Gibson vs $800 Epiphone? 1:02:30 Ground wires solid vs braided 1:05:45 Should I keep all the boxes for my gear? 1:07:39 Do you think the online metal community is becoming more toxic? 1:12:55 The sound brenner vibrating Metronome 1:14:20 Why I think String Swing is the best 1:16:00 How hard is it to regret a guitar with stainless steel frets? 1:17:00 Will not having stock pick ups hurt the value of a Fender Strat? 1:18:50 A good Luthier in Sail Lake area? 1:19:30 ISO Box vs IRs 1:22:48 Thoughts on Stew Mac Electronics? 1:24:28 My favorite short scale bass? 1:25:39 Stew Macs shipping costs T Shirts and merch store
March 27, 2019
Do you think a Two Notes Capter will help a Fender Superchamp x2? 0:00 Intro 2:00 Do you think a Two Notes caper will work on Super Champ X2? 3:34 What were the 5 hardest repairs you have done? 7:56 Thoughts on PRS SE semi hollow guitars 10:22 Is the Morley Maverick still my favorite wah? 11:22 How much is the Floral Jem in the back ground? 12:19 Should you get a Axe FX or Kemper? 12:49 The Line 6 Helix got me excited about DR Z amps 16:13 Any advise for guitar players starting to play bass? 17:41Will low Cost Gibson Les Pauls Hold Their Value? 20:08 Pick up Switch problem on my Epiphone 22:39 4 way mods on Telecaster 24:08 How do I like my Vibrolux vs my Princeton? 26:05 Lace alumitone pick ups? 30:47 Which Ibanez AZ do I want to get? 33:03 45 million views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 33:47 How do I organize my tools? 36:38 Their was a video up then back down? 39:05 Why is the new PRS CE semi hollow more than the reclaimed? 42:13 Will USA Made Peavey Guitars become Valuable? 44:22 Mesa recovery head, thoughts? 45:56 Do I use different picks for different guitars? 53:04 Have you seen build guilty change in amps the longer they are made? 55:32 MIM or USA Butterscotch Telecaster thoughts? 57:19 Thank you to the supporters of the show and all of you
March 10, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:00 Whats the status on my G&L being built? 1:38 What year is my Gibson SG? 2:04 Thoughts on Hagstrum guitars 4:20 Way Huge pedals and the Overrated Special 7:10 Is there a great pedal to match to the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe? 10:21 High End gear is 1% better for the most part 11:15 The 200 ft guitar cable video 12:40 Better parts better tones? 13:50 Attenuator or a tone pot in the effects loop? 15:35 New tubes or new speaker? 17:49 Solar guitar content? 18:50 Guitars For Vets 21:27 The New Fender Power Caster 28:17 Thoughts on roasted maple necks? 31:26 Is there a benefit to a headless guitars Fat Finger 34:21 Locking keys do not keep guitars in tune String butler 38:34 Best way to take gloss finish of a neck? 42:33 Vigier Guitars 44:00 Mary Spender is one of the most underrated guitar players on YT 49:18 thoughts on Joe Bonamassa wah pedal? 51:30 Are you sacrificing anything by using mini pedals? 54:20 Patreons page 57:36 Charvel Pro mod vs Ibanez AZ? 1:02:24 Thoughts on mail order guitars? 1:04:34 Can a guitar string cut deeper slots in a nut? 1:07:00 The shout outs and thank you to the Patreon Live crew
March 4, 2019
Question Index 0:00John 5's advise on Bands and Boss pedals 0:58 Are you the mother hen of the band? 3:59 Are DIY pedal kits a good idea? 6:09 Thoughts on Short scale semi hollow body guitars? 8:37 Have I tried the Effectrode LA-1A? 10:42 Windsong Guitar Co guitars 11:05 Zero Fret Danelectro guitars. 12:07 What is the Taylor behind me? 13:15 Biggest challenge in building a YouTube channel? 16:18 Smile when you make a mistake. 18:20 What are my best practices when selling/ buying on Reverb? 25:17 The Ibanez AZ or a Suhr guitar? 41:29 Are FilterTron's the most versatile and underrated pickups 42:49 Switch guitars 43:39 2018 or 2019 Gibson SG, thoughts? 46:00 Roland JC22 headphones is not pleasing what can you do? 51:26 Is the center position on a tele hum canceling? 53:38 The Sean Pierce Johnson channel CHECK IT OUT! 54:54 Best Stool for playing guitar? 59:39 Modding your 72 SG deluxe? 1:02:18 Best Shoes for pressing pedal buttons? 1:03:16 A thank you to the crew who make this happen!!!
February 23, 2019
Did PRS Make A Mistake Telling Us Who Made The SE's? by PhilMcknight
February 22, 2019
uestion Index 0:00 Intro 0:45 does the binding on the neck change the feel or it cosmetic? 2:09 What overdrive do I think would pair well with the Princeton? 3:08 Thoughts on Pedal genie? 4:40 What holds value better Guitars or jewelry? 6:06 Solar Guitars and Ola England 8:49 What is the easiest way to coil split Seymour Duncan P rails? 11:19 Do I get to keep the Solar? 12:50 WE GOT YO YO"S 16:29 Your Guitar Sage is a great channel check it out 17:11 Song of the week Neil Young: Out On The Weekend Check it out Justin guitar 18:58 Stephanie is a Yo Yo ist? 19:48 You need to check Shawn Tubbs channel 20:09 Some questions answered from the Melissa Sharpen My Axe 23:29 Best 2 channel amp for under $1,000? 26:01 The Super glue removal? 29:54 Give aways for stickers is al down. Thank you to everyone 31:19 The two winners for the Know Your Gear pictures submissions 33:27 Issue with a Kustom Coupe 36 35:20 Hardwired vs PCB Tube amps? 37:48 My Olive Green Fender USA Strat? 38:43 Thoughts on EVH USA Wolfgangs? 39:38 The EVh Shark Guitar Thoughts? 43:58 Would I swap the tuners on a USA Strat to locking keys? 46:10 Why would you put $130 tuning keys on a $100 guitar? 47:33 G&L Guitar update 50:30 scratches on a EJ Strat? 51:41 Fender HR deluxe Or Katana Artists amp? 53:19 Thoughts on Squier vs Fender short scale basses? 54:56 Thoughts on Samick guitars? 56:35 What about a Sharpen My Amp? 57:51 Any see any issues on the Fender Bassbreaker 007. 58:46 RIP JIM DONLOP How Jim Dunlop saved the Wah 1:00:09 What should you look for in a practice amp? 1:01:38 Find the thing you love to make music on and make it. 1:03:59 Thoughts on Gretch Streamliners? 1:05:46 Squier and Fender Hard Tail Strats???? 1:07:42 Wiggins Pick ups 1:09:50 The Jam Stack 1:13:18 My JCM 800 vs My SJ vs My Runt 20? 1:14:45 Larry Mitchell wanted me to say thank you] 1:17:37 Thank you to Melissa 1:18:53 Zimms Guitars Yo Yoo video Know Your Gear website
February 22, 2019
Question Index 0:00 Episode 100 and 200,000 subs 2:22 Larry Mitchell Clinic Saturday 2/2 4pm at Zimms guitars 4:54 Why we will never do the 100k t shirt again 6:32 What upgrades for $200 would you do to a PRS SE? 7:45 What are the pitfalls to smaller gauge strings? 9:59 How many time should I wrap the string on the post? 14:50 I played with Larry Mitchell this week 16:20 My Dog barks all the time. 16:40 Sharpen My Axe series 18:00 Best amp for the John Mayer sound under 1k? 20:34 Trusting where guitars are made? 23:41 Should you wait for the new 2019 Gibson Les Pauls? 26:00 What is the chance of a wiring diagram video? 28:58 What is the blue Strat behind me? 30:40 Thoughts on CNC vs hand made guitars? 33:50 Is it worth it to remove the negative feedback resistor in my Fender custom deluxe 36:40 When to change tubes? 38:33 Todays Pick Grip Skin Video 41:04 What Danelectro do I recommend? 43:10 I went and seen Tony Macalpine 43:59 The Future of Gear series on the web site 45:14 Where would I put Fuzz in my chain? 47:38 What Solar guitar would I get? 49:36 Opinion on the little 59 for Strat? 51:13 What nut is used on the Sterling Majesty? Can't find it on Google 52:57 How do you find a good guitar tech? 58:05 Thoughts on Fodera basses? And 4 vs 5 string? 1:01:18 Cheddars show. 1:02:10 Seymour Jag vs V mod Jag pick ups? Grip Skin Video Get your KYG shirt here. This channel is an independent review and instruction channel. Become a patron and help me make fun family friendly informative entertainment. Join me on Instagram
January 28, 2019
Question Index 0:00 intro 0:44 Thank you to everyone that came up and said hi. 1:48 Thank you Emily Wolfe 4:03 What did I buy at the NAMM show 7:30 What I was shocked about at Namm? 9:17 Fender 2019 NAMM Acoustasonic Thoughts 10:00 Gibson and Epiphone thoughts 11:59 New Morley ABY switcher 12:53 Korean vs Indonesian guitars, Thoughts 17:37 What was my favorite Fender product at NAMM? 18:28 What You Tubers did I see at the show? 20:00 Thank you DR Bruce 20:30 My Favorite booth of the show? 25:37 The Friedman JJ jr head? 27:00 The worst thing at Namm this year? 30:50 New Gibsons vs last years Gibsons 31:45 G&L guitars 33:00 New Boss stuff 34:30 Fender Acoustasonic vs Talor T5 39:16 New Supro amp 40:14 USA made prices 41:40 Social Media relationships with companies this year. 45:40 Things Im going to try and get this year 47:36 Why did I get the Jcm 800 over the plexi? 50:48 Basses that I liked? 52:30 The NAMM show is like a car show 54:00 Epiphone Hollowbody guitars 56:40 New stuff for Namm 58:29 The cost of the show for the small guys? 1:05:09 My old store 1:08:18 How selling to visitors at NAMM could work? 1:10:40 The Epiphone DC pro 1:11:40 Will the NAMM show go away? 1:13:20 Did I get my G&L guitar? 1:15:30 Why didn't PRS lower prices when they moved from Korea to Indanisia? 1:23:00 The coolest gadget at the show. String swing stuff 1:28:20 My Ikea curtains in my room 1:30:57 Im playing with Grammy Winner Larry Mitchell at the Rhythm Room this week Know Your Gear T Shirts. Discount 10% code LF0NQMICD2
January 22, 2019
Index Questions 0:00 I have the flu 2:05 Know Your Gear Yo Yo's 7:00 The Music Man silhouette? 13:49 Thoughts on Knaggs guitars? 15:12 Suggestion for compound radius fretboards, how do you set string radius @ bridge? 25:37 Collecting Gear vs Just Playing 28:17 Best ABY switch? 29:56 My Squier Bullet Strat 31:57 Thank you to Bob and check out Sharpen My Axe FB page 34:50 What are you excited about at NAMM? Check out Danelectro and RJ Ronquillo 38:58 PRS 594 Semi-hollow for 2019 39:00 Building A Guitar Collection 47:45 What guitar would I not part with? 51:24 Have I ever tried the Compton Bridge? 53:56 The New Blackstar amps for 2019 NAMM thoughts 56:50 Mooer Coping Line 6 Helix 59:49 The emotional part of buying 1:03:30 Thoughts on my Line 6 Helix? 1:11:15 Reasonable prices attenuator? 1:12:59 Strat in Humbuckers by Seymour Duncan? 1:18:00 Song of the week (last week Blackbird) 1:24:29 What do I do when my amp breaks? 1:31:50 Thank you to the Patreons and all of you
January 12, 2019
Question highlight 15:54 Gretach sold bigsby to fender Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:30 Sharpen My Axe Facebook page 2:31 Pick of the day on Instagram and facebook 3:26 Song of the week (links below) 5:22 Vox amp reviews 7:07 Responding to emails 8:18 Super glues tone knob issue 10:20 Congratulations on 1000 subs Cheddar 11:00 The Epiphone DC pro issue from last week. 15:54 Gretach sold bigsby to fender 20:20 Dual humbucker 24 fret guitar for rock and metal? 24:15 Lets review Music is Wins Online Lesson programs together. 27:58 ASG guitar? 29:20 My Girlfriend cleaned my P bass and? 30:51 What is the best way to set the height on pick ups? 33:00 What strings do I use on my Gretsch? 35:49 Winners of the Pedal board 37:36 Elite vs Deluxe strat? 39:33 Gibson Top Hat knows out of Metal or glass? 40:46 Thoughts on Hot Rod deluxe with V 30 and high gain pedals? 42:39 The Players Strat might of changed? 45:09 The Contest for music is win. Thank you Steve! 49:40 The T shirts with 10% discount code Shirt with discount code. LF0NQMICD2 51:55 PRS S2 or PRS CE? 53:58 Best guitar for $750? 57:06 My G&L order update 58:00 What is my Favorite I own? 1:05:00 Is learning theory better? 1:08:48 What is the stand behind me? I only use String swing 1:10:20 My Rivera Rock Crusher? 1:11:00 Keep a Strat in tune 1:12:29 Advise on a practice routine? 1:14:50 The shout out page on KYG website 1:17:00 The Namm show how do you get in? 1:18:00 What Signature Strat would I get? 1:19:06 Harminica kit to start (how it works) 1:20:08 Call me crazy. 1:21:23 Tube amp stand by switch, Snake oil? 1:25:00 Bass preamps and what I use 1:26:20 Thank you new Patreons
January 5, 2019
Question Index highlights 0:00 Welcome 0:33 Thank you Lefties! 1:27 Have I ever installed a Piezo in the neck of a fender? 5:33 Congratulations Logan on your new guitar! 8:00 Who is my favorite drummer and why? 18:29 Would I relic one of my guitars? 22:25 Work on learning to make videos before buying video gear 27:30 Gibson SGs in Fender Style colors 28:50 Rattle in tube amp? 31:17 Last day to vote for the Pedal Board winner 33:15 Modeling amp thoughts 37:35 The Revelation ghost guitar? 38:08 Lets learn a song together every week Brian Adams Run To You Tab Brian Adams Run To You 42:30 What we learned from the small amp bad challenge 51:40 What happened to Westone Guitars? 59:07 The Epiphone DC Pro? 1:01:20 Suggestions for the song of the week 1:08:50 Check out Henning HP 42 for unique and cool guitars 1:12:00 Thoughts on trends in 2019 1:22:00 Thank you shout out to the Patreons of this show. Get 10% off Know Your Gear Merch with code LF0NQMICD2
December 29, 2018
Question Index 0:00 Last QA of 2018 1:39 Me and the Guitologist? 8:06 The New Marshall cab and Sweetewater candy! 12:52 Its ok to have different opinions 15:55 Gold Top Les Paul Thoughts 18:14 I would like guests to come on next year 19:38 The PRS 509 and 513 20:40 Replacement neck thoughts? 23:30 Freidman Dirty Shirley and 20 watt Marshall? 27:34 Great for the money? 32:20 Cool guesses for the live show? JHS 34:00 Thornbucker issue with noise. Thoughts? 37:50 My Faveriot guitar with Floyd Rose? 40:30 Has Gibson reached out to me? 41:38 What makes a guitar unique or special video idea 45:45 Whats my go to for learning new licks? 47:40 lesson course reviews? 48:46 Good Info website for repair info 53:48 Fender player of a Gibson player? 56:08 Should I replace a fretboard on a bass? 58:45 What strings are good for medium feel? 1:00:38 Analog Alien pedals? 1:02:38 Balance tension strings? 1:03:34 my favorite modulation pedal brand? 1:06:40 Sharpen My Axe video updates 1:07:48 Thank you for a great year! 1:09:21 Should I get a fretless guitar? 1:10:19 Thank you to all of you and Patreons New limited Stickers Check out our Know Your Gear website Get your KYG shirt here This channel is an independent review and instruction channel. Become a patron and help me make fun family friendly informative entertainment. Join me on Instagram
December 23, 2018
Question Index highlight 1:18:02 Guitar Center logic, If you turn up loud you will be in tune. 1:21 Why I will not buy from Chicago Music Exchange 0:00 Intro 1:21 Why I will not buy from Chicago Music Exchange 14:40 Do I think Marshall will make a DSL 40 head at NAMM? 15:40 Should I buy The Marshall Origin and DSL 20? 17:01 Thoughts On CARR amps? 20:22 What did Ralph and I get for Christmas? 23:02 Have I ever got into financial trouble for gear? 27:03 What is our favorite guitar mod? Video on the drop D trick coming 29:55 Thoughts on the Peavey Windsor amp? 33:34 How did Ralph and I meet? 36:19 Who would play me in the Know Your Gear movie? 37:12 I think Bill Burr plays guitar 38:09 What am I looking forward to at 2019 NAMM?????? 40:24 Why I do the Sharen My Axe videos the way I do 43:19 20 watt or 50 watt amp with Attenuator for Power tube distortion? 46:00 Left handed limited T Shirts 49:15 Thank you to Michael Shy 51:20 What speakers Do I like for the MT15 ? 53:35 What is our favorite Schecter? 55:28 What happened to Bass amps???? 57:37 What is my favorite switcher system? 57:78 The Photo contest 1:00:29 What happened to my Fender Rumble amp??? 1:01:50 Why I suggest Ratio running keys? 1:03:00 Speakers, If it is good keep it! 1:07:40 Is a Fender 68 deluxe amp a good bedroom amp? 1:09:45 I Rig and I pad suggestion 1:11:08 Kononykheen guitars?? 1:14:07 If you can only have a Hot Rod or a Deluxe amp? Which? 1:16:34 How can you make the 5150 Blue channel sound good? 1:18:02 Guitar Center logic, If you turn up loud you will be in tune. 1:19:24 Ralph talks a good game, but 1:20:29 What amps does Ralph have? 1:22:09 What is Ralph's favorite music? 1:23:40 Lando 27 music has a great video. You should watch it! 1:24:42 The trick to finding a great guitar at Guitar Center 1:26:08 The Tone Wood question 1:33:17 Thoughts on the Bugera V5 and low price amps 1:35:31 Best Christmas album? 1:37:00 Thank you to the Patreons who make this happen!
December 15, 2018
Question Index 18:19 Are Guitar Prices Getting Out Of Control? 0:00 Maybe I should drink whiskey on a show? 1:13 The photo contest 6:08 Thoughts on the changing speakers on amps? 12:24 What was the one finger Uke Song I did? 13:04 We have a great community 14:29 Thoughts on ordering a custom guitar? 16:20 Are frets on lower price guitars less durable? 18:19 Are Guitar Prices Getting Out Of Control? 29:00 You always marry the woman who buys you a guitar 29:40 Some guitars I can buy that are good deals 37:58 What is my favorite mini guitar? 38:58 Why I use the Icons for reviews. The pain of the purchase? 45:50 The Revv discount issue what where your thoughts? 48:50 Record high live hang out 1180!!!!!!!!!!!!! 49:07 My Crazy Fender Super Crazy story 55:28 My pink Metallic Stratocaster Sometimes there is no Mojo 56:50 Issues that need to be videos 59:59 The #KYG40,200,40 goal!!!!!!!!! 1:02:29 Is a Premier Strat clone any good? Good Enough? 1:04:56 The Fender Stratocaster was made to be cheap 1:07:20 Eric Clapton strat ofr $700? 1:09:47 The Pedal board for the contest 1:10:40 How does the overdrive work on the Super Sonic 22? 1:12:20 Thank you to all and the Patreons who make this happen!!!! 1:14:12 Dave won the Effectors!!!!!!
December 8, 2018
Highlighted Question Index 4:18 You will never believe what happened with the Kramer I just got 0:00 I do live in Arizona. 0:56 What Bass and Guitar gauge strings do I use? 2:40 Wampler Fuzzstration pedals? 4:18 You will never believe what happened with the Kramer I just got 11:20 How can you tell a solid wood acoustic from laminute 13:50 How did I know I was ready to Tech and do Lutherie work? 20:01 Who do you think makes the best Les Paul copy? 22:38 If I could run any guitar company which one it be? 26:49 The Gear Wars Tone wood update. 28:38 Something coming and you can sneak peak it here 30:07 Unicorns are not real? 36:40 Help with reasons for discounts 40:22 We unbox a guitar live for the Shapern My Axe winner! 44:59 Does a string retainer serve a purpose on a locking nut? 46:50 We need a cable expert to come on the show 49:46 The New Fender Performer series 53:59 My Tiffany Story 58:25 Ibanez Gio line of guitars 1:06:30 Kemper or Friedman PT 20 1:09:54 Thank you to the Patreons
December 1, 2018
Highlighted Question Index 21:34 East Coast Guitars from Andertons Music Co. 0:00 Intro 0:30 Shout to Lefty Mike! 1:10 Tonewood wars on Gear Wars Article 2:30 Reddit Ask Me Anything 3:48 Easiest way to tell if rosette is a sticker or real? 6:01 December is going to be busy and here is why 7:18 We got some sponsors for Sharpen My Axe. 10:58 How do I Join a band? 13:18 Quilter 45 pedal? 15:47 JHS Pedals 16:49 Jaguar or a Jazzmaster? 18:44 When doing a set up at what point do you set intonation? 20:12 Have you ever player this bass? 21:34 East Coast Guitars from Andertons Music Co. 27:39 Can you jump the channels on a Fender Deluxe Reverb? 30:28 Brian Stewart and the Mick Marrs statue 32:23 Sam Ash and the Michael Kelly guitars 33:58 You have to have goals bigger than your problems. #KYG40,200,40 update 37:55 Sharpen My Axe Sponsor Updates 38:34 Thoughts on Marshall code? 39:41 Loose truss rods? 40:28 Thoughts on adding a Sustainiac to a Squier? 45:01 Thoughts on Guitar Fetish. I found the email 48:02 Best everything guitar of all time? 50:23 Are you going to review the Fender Champion 50XL? 54:48 How do I select pick-ups for a Semi-hollow guitar? 57:40 Crack in MIM Strat issue 59:50 H&K TM36 issues 1:03:40 DIY Kits? 1:04:30 The Contest (win Phil's Pedal Board ) 1:10:38 Justin at Graphtech is always great! 1:12:20 Fender FSR MIM Standard vs Fender Players 1:15:00 Why it is so cool that we made a fan funded channel this big.
November 17, 2018
Want to support this channel? Check out Know You Gear Merch Become a patron and help me make fun family friendly informative entertainment. Wayne Charvel and his son Michael both lost their homes this week (and their guitar shop) in the devastating wildfire in Paradise, CA.A Go Fund Me has been started to help these folks get back on their feet. here is the link, please share and help out Wayne and his family! Question Index 0:00 Intro 1:30 Help for the Charvel family 2:40 What Ikea shelves do I use 4:29 Where my luggage? 5:36 True temperament frets 8:30 More extreme Sharpen My Axe videos 10:40 What is the best amp for someone without a car? 13:12 New Boss Nextone 14:26 What was the toughest repair I have ever done? 18:20 Volume issues when moving the knob 20:30 How I got hurt touching a guitar amp. 22:57 ABY Micro Dark? 26:39 Everything works out for a reason 28:03 #KYG40,200,40 BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! 32:25 Not big enough for Boss but I love them 33:28 Proof bass is not a instrument 34:05 Do ratio Tuners fit on Squires? 34:50 Chaining amps and why Paul Gilbert lost some of his hearing 36:46 The best advise when shipping gear 40:22 Is there a better time to shop than Black Friday? 45:20 Man I mis my Marshall 1936 Cab 47:30 Should you have a baby or buy more gear? 50:22 Guitars for Vets PTSD Sucks Update 52:15 Thoughts on Vintage guitars the brand? 54:52 Good Tube amp for late night piratic and live shows 56:50 Slick guitars for review and Sharpen My Axe 58:40 Spend time with your family on Black Friday 1:00:10 The Sharpen My Pedal board giveaway Something crazy! 1:09:42 Chain amps ( I said it wrong) 1:12:00 My Cooper Strat 1:13:20 My wife and the T shirts 1:14:30 No Daylight savings and why the time of the show moves 1:17:36 Harley Benton guitars and reviews 1:19:17 I should never play poker 1:22:40 Thank you to everyone for helping 1:24:00 What Beer do I drink?
November 10, 2018
Question Index 36:00 Lets pick the guitar giveaway 0:00 Hi 0:55 No day light savings 2:00 Next weeks live show is at Sweetwater 5:36 Why I can work with Sam Ash, Sweetwater , and Guitar Center 7:08 Who do you like to buy from? 10:21 Sam Ash vs Guitar Center salesmen 11:28 What EQ pedals do I use? 12:59 Not a fan of Guitar Center Tech (maybe one day) 13:58 The guitar that got away? 16:00 I think saying your Unbiased is a full of it. 17:19 RNA Music is a great brick and mortar store 17:20 Mom and pop shops make communities 19:15 Gear Wars. Tube vs Solid State. Who won? 20:46 If you get upset about tone wood maybe you need a new hobby 22:05 AZ meet and greet? 24:16 My Sweetwater schedule 25:44 Beercaster outtake 27:30 What would cause a volume swell on a Marshall DSL 40? 31:33 Why no Suhr guitar? 33:50 Update #40,200,40? 35:00 Michael and Matt are amazing and thank you 36:00 Lets pick the guitar giveaway 45:32 How to make a gloss neck less sticky? 46:50 A suggestion for pick ups on HSS? 47:57 Fret Sprout on Les Pauls? 51:30 SG Guitar neck moves? 52:50 MIJ vs CIJ Strats? 56:00 Christmas T Shirt for year end and discount. 57:48 The Know Your Gear Picture contest! 1:01:54 Buying a guitar 1:03:27 Why would you buy a guitar because of resale value? 1:07:58 Thoughts on Fender Custom 69 pick ups? 1:10:12 Ask and Answered on Reddit 1:12:50 My favorite delay pedal? 1:13:52 Show and tell 1:15:30 Any response from Crimson guitars? 1:16:00 The picks and my wife 1:17:50 The Fender Champion 50XL and all the new social promotion from Fender 1:21:10 The big thank you to the Patreons! more information at Want to support this channel? Check out Know You Gear Merch Become a patron and help me make fun family friendly informative entertainment.
November 5, 2018
Question Index 34:55 The Announcement!! Inspection sheets 0:00 Viewer of the week! 1:46 The new tools section on the site 4:01 Gear Wars! 6:16 Take our website with you 7:20 What is the sure for GAS? Gear Acquisition Syndrome 8:39 The Rob Chapman clinic 9:37 Guitar Center Locks the Guitars NOW? 14:10 My take on the new Gibson CEO 15:26 Pickup combo (Tonewood?) 17:58 Speaker cab for a Runt 20? 20:23 Made in Mexico Jazzmaster pick up thoughts 24:19 The new Chapman semi-hollow with P90s 26:45 Thoughts on where to get Mosrite parts? 28:24 Yes, yes, yes, and yes. 31:30 Neck vibration 34:55 The Announcement!! Inspection sheets 41:49 Should you but after market or Fender neck? 46:09 Best way to sell amps 47:15 StarCaster that looks like a Strat? 48:54 Bassbreaker 7 or 15? 52:01 Can you put a towel in an acoustic guitar? 53:06 Wizzard amps 55:11 The EVH 5150 Factory 57:19 Hagstrum guitar made in China any issues? 58:18 Tagima guitars 1:02:23 The Custom coupe 26 and 72 sleeper amps 1:05:00 The Chapman clinic 1:06:00 1979 Strat bridge 1:09:00 Thoughts on Synergy amps? 1:11:59 Thank you to the Patreons! Want to support this channel? Check out Know You Gear Merch Become a patron and help me make fun family friendly informative entertainment.
October 27, 2018
Highlighted Question Index 0:00 Thank you for donuts 2:00 What wall hangers do I use? Wall hanger Guitar Rack Side hanger 2:43 G&L resale values 6:28 Have you ever spent the day playing every guitar you own? 8:30 Thoughts on new Gibson CEO? 14:15 Thoughts on cheap guitar pick ups? 18:29 When GC or Sweetwater do limited runs are they better? 22:02 How are pickups different from each other? 26:03 your opinion on Ibanez RG450DX for an 11yr old? 29:58 Do you like the Music man Cutlas? 31:03 Agile guitars at $1500 34:12 Thoughts on Marshall trying to be a lifestyle brand. 38:50 How would you compare the build quality between MusicMan v PRS? 41:15 Why setting a budget to buy a guitar could be bad. 45:15 Online lessons...any suggestions? 47:59 Celestion speakers. 49:16 Do you think the Marshall Class 5 amps will be sought after? 50:48 Should I buy used Warwick or new Rockbass? 52:00 phil, what advise would you give a newly started repair shop? 57:16 Fender channel bound rosewood board necks. 58:49 Tips to not sound like a guitar player playing bass? 1:03:30 Classic Baja Tele or Road Worn Tele? 1:09:55 Gear from your childhood. 1:11:30 Issues with Players Series guitars? 1:14:49 Sponsors of the show New logo shirt A New selection of Know Your Gear shirts, mugs, and hoodies New Know Your Gear Merch Become a Patron and help keep independent videos going
October 20, 2018
Highlighted question 1:15:39 Guitar is hard to play. That is just how it is. New Logo Shirt The old logo shirt Patreon support page Know Your Gear web site Question Index 1:16 How do you decided what gear to display? 3:02 Any tips for doing your first fret level? Z File 4:54 The emotional reaction to price. A dad thing? 7:20 Should I change my Groove tubes? 8:37 Thoughts on Zager acoustics? 10:30 Help Im breaking strings. 13:30 Kitty Hawk amps??????? 14:29 What G&L guitar did I get? 22:20 My Bridge pick is cutting in and out. 24:37 Michael Shye is great! 26:34 What piece of gear or tool do you think is overpriced? 29:29 What speaker do I like for Marshall. Sometimes knowing a piece of gear is better than having a good piece of gear 31:12 Thoughts on new HS stomp? 33:37 KYG 40,200,40 update 35:40 What kind of clear coat does Schecter use? 36:18 Dog Hair and guitars 37:40 Thoughts on Cort guitars? 40:19 Phil the G&L import guitars I tried were not good. Thoughts? 41:07 G&L video, how I kept it honest. 46:32 Import guitars set up in the USA? 48:20 The way we buy guitars is new. 50:45 What would you change on a PRS S2? The 21 rules of tone? 54:54 Why is there not more Hard Tail Strats made? 58:48 Fender V2 or Boss Katana? 1:03:37 Tele Guitar Kit build. Thoughts? 1:05:05 input for my 12 old left handed droughts first guitar? 1:09:53 The are many ways to do something 1:14:07 Do locking strap mods hurt the guitars value? 1:15:39 Guitar is hard to play. That is just how it is. 1:20:58 What pick ups for semi hollow guitar? 1:21:57 A Shout out
October 6, 2018
T Shirt of the month Highlighted question 47:50 Bands With Bad Tone, But Good Songs? 56:19 Walmart selling Name Brand guitars and gear? Question Index 0:00 Some of the patterns that make the show happen. 2:10 Gibson Les Paul or PRS Custom 24? 4:40 Do you think Marshall will have cabs for Origin amps? 6:00 EMG picks ups and A1 steak sauce. 7:30 The guitar that got away!!!! 9:19 What Fender 1x12 or 2x12 sounds like a bigger Blues Jr? 11:41 Why I Left MGC 18:16 Do I miss my guitar line and or store? 21:14 Shirt of the month? Hollow-body and new logo shirt 22:49 Are you going to keep your PRS MT15? 25:09 Thoughts on Fender V mod pick ups? 26:40 Im going to G&L and my thoughts about it. 32:51 What mods are on my Jazz bass? 34:00 I will be doing repairs to the public starting next month 38:37 Speaker ohms 39:50 Best HH guitar for the money? 41:15 Gear you should know 43:29 What is your favorite auto wah pedal? 45:52 PRS and Gibson BMW vs Truck? 47:50 Bands With Bad Tone, But Good Songs? 52:35 Ikea Benches for amp display 54:37 #KYG40,200,40 update 55:47 Loose weight playing your Les Paul 56:19 Walmart selling Name Brand guitars and gear? 59:49 Show and tell mail bag 1:07:45 Artist personalty vs their work? 1:08:45 Our shout out page. Check it out 1:12:00 NEW CEO of Gibson I post other stuff on instagram and I would love to see you there. New Know Your Gear Merch Know Your Gear Stickers Become a Patron and help keep independent videos going
October 1, 2018
Get DistroKid here and get 7% off for being a viewer of this channel promo link New selection of Know Your Gear shirts, mugs, and hoodies Question Index 0:00 Intro Thank you 2:29 Good Bye heat 3:13 Distrokid Promotion and discount 9:19 What is the haunted guitar behind you? 10:03 Floyd Rose is making a creaking sound? 13:30 Texas style pick ups 14:20 Should I review in-ear monitors? 16:10 Crimson guitar build status? 19:12 Wiggins pick ups 21:30 #KYG40,200,40 update 23:08 Boss katana 100 watt combo? 25:19 What are my top 5 Fuzz pedals? 27:37 Do I have any stalkers? 30:20 The Blue Purple PRS S2 and a Delimma a lot of us have had. 34:23 Fender Super Sonic 22, 68 Deluxe, or Princeton? 37:28 The Marshall Origin20 and my Silver Jubilee 38:45 Why I think I loose so many subscribers on live shows. 40:51 Glenn Fricker and I are different and friends 41:40 The LTD KH-602 in Purple and my text with Thor. 44:10 Rondo guitars, Harley Benton before Harley Benton? 47:24 Texas Toast guitars 48:37 PRS pick ups and other lower price options? 51:48 What Ear Filters do I use? 53:00 What guitar can you leave in a hot car? 55:49 Static issues with guitars and how to fix? 57:00 Have I had any experience with hand issues? 59:00 Should you upgrade to a Katana Air? 1:00:14 Any plans to make a signature pedal? 1:02:48 Sans amp or GN 1? I use this. 1:06:21 Why I think old Boss pedals that go away should stay gone. 1:07:50 G&L visit? 1:08:10 The New Wampler Pantheon ? 1:09:28 Buying pedals with the houses money. 1:10:22 The Restring tour? 1:15:23 Ibanez Talman thoughts? 1:16:12 Expectations of this years Guitcon? 1:18:27 How do you fix a vintage style picks with microphonic issues? 1:19:49 Thank you all and Distrokid 1:20:39 Should I share stuff people send me at the end of the show? New Know Your Gear design T shirt and mug (I love this one!) Become a Patron and help keep independent videos going Join me on Facebook I post other stuff on instagram and I would love to see you there.
September 22, 2018
Q&A #83 What do I think of the Gibson 2019 range? by PhilMcknight
September 15, 2018
Shirt, mugs, and sweat shirts Highlighted question 31:27 Bungee cords to fix your guitar. I love you man! 59:23 It will be cheaper to buy guitars than fix them, butQuestion Index 0:00 Thank you everyone and Patreons 2:00 Funny story about my top ten MXR pedal video 4:57 H&K Switchblade or Peavey 3120? 7:43 Michael Kelly guitars was sold to Sam Ash 8:48 I asked Sam Ash and Guitar Center to review their in-house brands 11:27 Gibson Les Paul Standard or traditional? 14:12 Thoughts on traveling with a guitars on air planes 17:01 My experiences on Reverb selling and buying 21:22 The Know Your Gear web site is doing really good. TY Your Gear 24:40 Selling some of my gear 27:15 What do I think of Marshall Code amps? 30:11 What do you suggest to to with a neck heavy guitar? 31:27 Bungee cords to fix your guitar. I love you man! 34:12 Do you have any idea how hybrid amps are qualifying their 'wattage? 39:00 Do Dava picks make a stiffer pick? I also use Primetone picks 47:11 Should I sell my affordable gear or pay to ship it when moving? follow your wallet or your heart 49:29 Our guitar community. 51:27 Want a EB Majesty, but can't justify the dough 55:49 Blackstar HT1 or Boss Katana 50? 56:49 Is repaired headstocks stronger than before? 59:23 It will be cheaper to buy guitars than fix them, but 1:03:17 Humbucker suggestions for HSS strat? 1:04:25 Suhr guitar with fret buzz after restring? 1:06:59 What makes the Roland Cube so good? 1:11:34 Acoustic amps? Thoughts? 1:14:17 Did I ever find a Martin? 1:15:20 Bourns or CTS Pots? Thoughts? 1:17:20 Shirt of the month and a new idea Get a shirt Become a Patron member to help this channel going Join me on Facebook
September 8, 2018
Highlighted question 16:25 JST did a fake copyright claim to stop bad review Question Index 0:00 The ones who support the channel and the live show 2:40 September shirt of the month 3:20 What shirts sale the most? 4:23 What do the blue names and the wrench mean? 6:29 Got Screwed on a MIM Tele with Squier body 8:10 Mike is the guy! 8:46 What is the #KYG40,200,40 goal? 10:31 The Tone King and getting to 100k. You can win a pedal board 11:45 Thoughts on the 2019 Gibson LP jr with P90? 13:58 There is a reason why I do not use my Les Paul more 16:25 JST did a fake copyright claim to stop bad review 23:15 Good feedback on Harley Benton guitars 23:50 My Sweetwater experience and thoughts 26:45 Why I had a hard time picking my Supro amp 28:12 Why are we still doing point to point wiring in guitars 29:55 There is a surge in moding guitars and after market parts 31:18 PRE SE video 33:02 Follow up with the Bruce Egnater question. 35:01 Stew Mac vs more affordable tools video 37:50 Pedal boards videos 38:40 The history of gear on our website 41:00 Line 6 Variax guitar needs a set up 42:15 I sell gear to keep the channel going 45:14 Truss rod is stripped, now what? 47:35 Upgrades for a Squier bullet 50:21 Companies who want me to do reviews after paid for videos go first. Your thoughts? 55:16 Why my wife would not buy the Revv G3 pedal for me. 56:47 Thought son Fender Custom Shop guitars 58:36 G&L and the resale value and their new custom shop 1:01:34 The EVH Striped series guitars 1:02:45 No company should be judged on one review. Good or Bad. 1:04:29 Im sorry about the Avocado color 7 string Warlock 1:06:03 There are great pick ups at every price point 1:07:26 Danelectro made a Video Tape rewinder. 1:10:15 Thoughts on Randall amps? Why I learned my lesson about Tube vs Solid State 1:13:40 The Music Man Majesty 1:15:18 Cutting a Tune O Matic bridge 1:17:18 My Solid State power to tube power guideline 1:20:51 My favorite Hybrid amp 1:21:58 Thank you for making it to the end
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