Hands down favorite podcast!
I love this podcast!! Melanie is amazing!! She inspires me, motivates me and helps me keep things in check. She delivers honest real life advice that anyone can implement to grow their business no matter how big or small you want to go! She is a master at organizing, planning & time management and breaks things down step by step for real life. I look forward to her podcast and listen to episodes over and over-always taking away something new! Thank you Melanie!!
This is such a great podcast to inspire you. It has really helped me to get out of my own head of doubts and speak words that are positive. Love how she really makes no excuses and encourages you to do the same.
Business Woman Yajari
Melanie Mitro is what I listen to on my drive to work every morning and I love it!!! She gets me going and excited for my day!!!
My kinda podcast !
Melanie’s podcast is absolutely wonderful! I end each episode feeling inspired and excited to put her suggestions into action and work on- not only what I do through my workplace but my every day life as well. I even shared this podcast with my marketing interns to get them feeling inspired and wanting to set some amazing goals!! Thanks Melanie :-)
Thank you for helping me become the person I am mean to be!
Hi Melanie! I am finally writing a review (I couldn’t figure out how) after listening to you for a while now. I have struggles through numerous learning disabilities throughout my life that has caused me to not push to my fullest potential. Teachers have told that I would never be successful. I’m pricing them wrong in so many ways thanks to you! I look forward to your weekly wisdom, Sarah
Drop the mic!
Margaret Ellis
It’s raw, it’s real and it’s the truth! Thank you, Melonie, for exposing us to what “grit” looks like and sharing your best practices in building a successful business! Your weekly podcast has added so much value to, not only my business, but to my overall life goals! Thank you!!
Wow, Melanie!!! I’m so grateful I came across your podcast. I listened to 112 and 113 and made my way back to 1. Thank you. I feel the same way about the company I represent. I’m in my own way. I can’t wait to continue listening and applying what I learn from you. Thank you.
Much needed business companion
This podcast is the best business companion a network marketer or small business owner needs. Hands down this podcast has been my biggest inspiration. From books to mindsets to real straight talk. I started listening to her about 3 months ago and now I am using her strategies and suggestions in my business. She is very easy to listen to and I feel like we are sitting in my backyard sipping tea talking about business and she is a friend giving her best tips and tricks.
Listening to Melanie’s podcasts have been a game changer!
Yun na
I started listening to Melanie’s podcast a few weeks ago and I have to say I am wowed by Melanie’s strategy and rawness! I love how she teaches you to stop just selling but to give give before you ask... I love listening to your podcast Melanie. You being so much value into everyone even to non business owners... thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
Can’t get enough
I started listening about a month ago (right after attending Summit) and am catching up on every single episode! I cannot get enough! Listening to this has put a fire inside of me and I have had the best month yet with my coaching business and I am so ready to take it to the next level! Thank you so much for that push and the motivation I get on each podcast!
This is the best podcast EVER♥️
I stumbled upon your podcast one day & it has totally changed my mindset, my momentum, and my life!!!!! I am currently launching my own business from the ground up! I am a full time single working mom in the medical field but my life goal is my be a WAHM, entrepreneur, and successful business owner! Thank you for your knowledge, your personality, and your devotion!
Kaitlyn Cumber
These podcasts are short and sweet, but really pack the punch in terms of content and getting me thinking. All too often we get bombarded with personal development and forget about the key factors in making our business succeed. The follow up podcast was my fav, and I shared with my whole team! Update - Episode 111 is LIFE. Thank YOU for the gut check. Shared with my team already.
Favorite podcast!
I absolutely love hearing how other parents and families incorporate business into their lives; and I absolutely love hearing new advice and molding it to my future.
Always valuable and practical advice!
mountains of motivation
I look forward to this podcast every week. I’m similar to Melanie in so many ways and her advice and that of her guests always speak to me. I leave every week with something to implement and a ton of new ideas for my business. No mater your industry or phase you are in, you will find something valuable here!
Always so inspiring to listen too
Melanie is always inspiring to listen too!! I love each episode.
Great podcast!
I have been looking to add a podcast to my daily routine and so glad I finally made the decision to do it and make it a priority! Getting so much good info from your podcasts that I’m applying daily! Thank you!
New listener
Thank you it’s my first time listening. Struggling in my life with my job so just needed that extra push to find a new path. Always been in retail there been so many changes it’s made me have bad attitude that rub off from other co workers. Learned listening to you.
Cinthya Morales
Hi Melany, I recently discovered you! My most since THANK YOU!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for empowering, motivating and inspiring women :)
The Mindset Traps That Keep You From Reaching Your Fullest Potential
Wow! This was an amazing podcast to listen to this morning! The one thing that I could connect with the most was all of the excuses people come up with! If there is a will, there is a way! I am a first grade teacher and all of us teachers will continue to say children have a hard time problem solving! I now can see why they do when I listen to adults ask the same questions and say they don’t know how to do that! I want to say to them FIGURE IT OUT! Things don’t come easy to us in life! We will have the obstacles and challenges, but what are you going to do to get out of it! Thank you for an amazing podcast!
Love listening
Hey Melanie I wanted to leave a review because I just love listening to your podcasts. At our annual summit I came up to you and asked you for a picture with me! You were so kind and sweet! I came out of my comfort zone coming up to you and asking for a picture! Your podcasts every time I listen I learn something new and you always light a fire in me to get to work! Thank you for all your hard work and loving to help others like me trying to figure out this business!
Too small
I realize I am thinking way to small. It doesn’t scare me enough. Also learned to not visualize that goal on the treadmill. You have become my morning ritual of listens and I want to thank you for opening my eyes to how much I should go for it.
You Are RAD Melanie Mitro!!!
Thank you for this wonderful podcast!!! Not really sure how I stumbled upon it, but so grateful I did. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Thank you Melanie Mitro, for being an amazing teacher. I have a wonderful life, a happy marriage, 3 healthy babies (Who are now teenagers!), but it’s time for ME to do something. I don’t necessarily HAVE to do something, I WANT to do something. I want to squeeze every ounce of “juice” I have in this one life. I want to step out of my comfort zone regularly, and challenge myself in any area I feel blocked. I have started on a journey that makes me beyond excited but extremely fearful and uncomfortable. Never in a million years did I think I would agree to join a multi-level-marketing company😳. Funny enough, I fell in love with the product and knew I had the passion to sell it before I even knew it was set up as a multi-level-marketing company. I could keep droning but the moral is, your story is beyond inspirational to me. Thank you for having the guts to share it. I have already taken action on so many levels- most of it was your advice from the podcast. I just recently found you so I have been binge listening to all the podcasts😂. I’m almost caught up!!! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s life-changing🤘🏼 Thank you MM, -Dani
LOVED the live mentorship!
So valuable and love hearing others struggles as well!!
Tell it like it is
Melanie is that voice of common sense that smacks you upside the head but you feel good about it. You hear what you need to hear and doesn't BS or make it fluffy. Stop reading reviews and just listen, her voice sounds like she is speaking to you hanging out in a cool tree house or big refrigeratior box. She is good people.
Exactly what I need!
I love Melanie’s weekly podcasts! They are exactly what I need to hear to get myself on track. I love her upfront attitude, every business owners needs these podcasts in their life. So inspirational and motivating. Her advice is brilliant and I know I’m always going to walk away learning something. So thankful for your time Melanie!!
You are so inspiring!
Melanie- you have a very contagious motivational voice. Hearing your podcasts makes a huge difference in my day and inspires me to be better everyday! I’m not an entrepreneur but someone struggling with life circumstances and listening to your podcasts really truly inspires me to make changes in my professional career. Thank you and I’ll continue to follow!
Truly love this podcast
Hi Melanie, I’m grateful that I can come and listen to all the great information you share with us. I am a new coach with Beachbody and the information you share has helped me get organized with my goals and helped me move my business forward. I especially love when you show us tough love. I work at a stable in the early am so i put on your podcasts and listen to one after another until my shift has ended. It gets me in the right mindset to conquer my day Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. 🙏🏻 ~Nikki Sullivan
This podcast is everything!
Hey Melanie! I just recently discovered your podcast and I am so happy that I did! I have been a Beachbody coach for a few years now but until reverently I was just in it for the discount. I have made the commitment to go all in with my business and your Podcast motivates me to want to be the most amazing coach that I can be! Your tips, motivation and energy inspire me to be the best I can be! Thank you for always showing up and inspire me to be great! Corinne
So Realistic!
I have had a small network marketing business for almost three years and just transitioned to no longer working outside of the home and focusing on my business. I am so thankful for the advice and tips that Melanie offers through this podcast. Her topics are realistic and applicable to not only my business, but my life. Melanie has helped me shift my mindset and gain a new perspective for creating the life we have dreamed of for our family! Thank you for challenging and stretching me to become the best version of me!
Amazing podcast!
Absolutely love listening to your podcast every week. I get so excited waiting for your podcast to go live every week. You have helped me so much in building my business and becoming confident in myself. I just started listening to your podcast a couple weeks ago and have not stopped listening. I am almost through all 100 episodes. You are such a strong and inspiring women to all of us who are trying to make something of ourselves or make our dreams come true! Thank you for always sharing!
Insightful & engaging
Virtually Natalie
So grateful I stumbled upon this show! Melanie is bringing really engaging discussions to the table that we can all relate to, no matter what industry your business is in. Thanks for the weekly doses of inspiration, Melanie! Keep creating!
Huge takeaways
carrie Barryhill
Hi Melanie! I love your pod. One thing I like is that it’s quick. You get in, give us what we need and get out. Also, super takeaways in each ep. Today I learned that when I have a post with good engagement, follow it with a call to action post. Also, WHY this is a good idea. Thanks again. Carrie.
Not just for entrepreneurs
Being a BeachBody coach, I have followed you for a few years; since before you started your podcast. I love that you are like you have said an “average “ person just like me. We have so many similarities in our lives. What I have found to be true is that you even spoke to my daughter. She is 9 and has all this anxiety (as do I) at such a young age. She has ADHD and learning disabilities. I always listen to you in the car so my children listen to you too. This particular morning was just coming back to school after a break. She always gets nervous coming back from a regular weekend so the big breaks really affect her. She knows there is a good chance of her not being promoted to the next grade. She is crying. At that moment you say something to the affects of “failure is not a bad thing! It just means you need more time to learn and grow!” Of course I was like “See baby girl, even us adults know failure and like she said, it’s not a bad thing!” I really think this resonates with her because I have not seen her cry about that since. Thank you so much for helping us! Xoxo Michelle
A podcast must if you are building a business!
I discovered this podcast and instantly became addicted. Every week I absorb the content and apply it to my new business which I know is on its way to being successful (that’s the positive mindset I learned from Melanie)! Each week I learn something new and look forward to what’s coming next. I’ve also joined the Chic Influencer community to become even more immersed with Melanie (and Katy’s) teachings!! If you are an entrepreneur do yourself a favor and binge listen to this podcast - your business will thank you!! Thanks Melanie for taking the time to share what you have learned - you really do inspire me!!
Awesome and inspiring podcast!
Binge listening to all the podcast episodes today! Just finished listening to spousal support and absolutely loved it. Thank you for being so real and open with your story. It inspires me to keep pushing forward and get a schedule in place.
Dani Malin
Thank you so much for always pouring in such positivity to me (and all women who listen!)! I have been listening to these podcasts on the way to work and sometimes at work while doing other things, and Melanie just breathes life and energy into everything I’m doing! When I do take breaks from listening, it is to GET STUFF DONE, and I appreciate her for the reminder to take action, too! Xo
Thank you!
Jen Pavelik
I feel like you were speaking to me in Episode 98. I have learned to stop my anxious thoughts and take it one thing at a time instead of looking at everything at once. I appreciate you and this podcast. You understand the struggle women go through, especially Moms, and I appreciate your honesty. I look forward to Summit in July. 🌟
Empowering and Inspiring
Chic Amanda K
Thank you so much for pouring into your listeners with knowledge, inspiration and empowerment. Each week I know that I come to this safe harbor for useful information and a kick in the pants to take action. So very thankful for you sharing your gifts with the world.
angella graves
I love binge listening to Melanie’s podcast! After listening to a few current podcasts, I decided to go back to 2017 and start at Episode 1 of the podcast! I binge listen every weekend while doing laundry and every morning while working out to Women Inspiring Women! The ideas are gold and the kick in the butt are appreciated! Thanks! Angella Graves
I feel we are BBFs
Carol up
Every week I am looking forward to a new episode. Since I started listening to the women inspiring women podcast I feel Melanie is like my BBF. I identify myself so much with her and when I hear her decoding all the things that seem like a big mountain, that mountain doesn’t look at high or steep. There is always I take away with me from each episode that I can’t wait to put in practice right away. Thanks BBF to inspire me!
I’ve only heard an episode so far, but I like it. It’s aggressive but true and everything I need to hear.
Short, sweet, and to the point!
One of my favorite podcasts! Episodes are a time-effective manageable length and include so many nuggets of real and actionable information. Thank you for helping me move my business forward!
Putting Talk Into Action
Andrea Carrell
I just found this podcast last week and I have been reveling in it! I’m going back and listening to old episodes and learning so much. Melanie is down to earth, honest, and relatable. It helps me so much to know on of the top coaches in my company wants to help and share her successes with me. Thank you Melanie, your podcast is what I have been looking for. Also, just ordered the Rise Up planner and it gets here Monday! ♥️
On Point 👍🏾
Hi Everyone, I wanted to say that I love this podcast. Melanie is an awesome business woman, and the knowledge she provides will keep your batteries charged. I enjoy her show every time. On episode 93 she spoke to me. In other words, she said that sometimes we think that we are putting 100% of ourselves into our business strategies, but we are not even close because we are not showing any progress. While working full time, being in school finishing my masters, and building a business is easy to lose track of my progress. I am thankful for having podcasts as a tool for self-checks. Thank you Melanie ♥️ #womenempowerment.
I love love your podcast!!
I listen to you every morning on way way to work!! I love when you said take one thing at a time. I really struggle with this. When I listen to your podcasts it helps calm me down to focus on what I need to work on. Now I will take action. One thing at a time.
New Favorite Podcast!!
I just want to say that I have learned so much from listening to your podcast! I am a new coach and was searching for some trainings to listen to when I stumbled upon you! I look forward to listening to your episodes and have been implementing tips I have picked up from you! Thank you so much!
Great podcast!!
You were just what I needed to hear right when I needed to hear it. I have all these goals but I get off track and forget that I am the only one who can make them happen! Thank you for putting a fire under me. I’m going to make a list of what will help move me forward!! Thank you. Lara
Ashley F.- Amazing Podcast
I just wanted to say that I absolutely love listening to your podcast every week! I am going through a transition period in my life as I am getting married in 19 days! This podcast has helped me get real about consistency and learning how to follow your passion! Thank you for all your words of wisdom! I look forward to this every week so thank you for your hard work!
You’re the best!
So I have been in the business for almost a year now and I have just recently started struggling with hitting my goals. I listen to you everyday because I love your tips and you don’t beat around the bush! You have really helped me get back on the grind and have helped me so much with goal setting! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to hear more!😍
I never go without listening
I listen to your podcast when sitting in the school pick up line. You truly inspire me as a woman and a business owner. Your tough love has opened my eyes to the things I need to improve and what my negativity is doing to my success. Thank you Melanie!!
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