Demon Hunter!
Great Podcast
Will be back
Came to listen to Billy Duffy interview as I’m a big Cult fan - great job!!! Will be coming back for more! 🤟🏻
Hell up
Hells bells this podcast! Love it. Just when I thought I couldn’t find Metallica more interesting! Thanks bro for a hella good PC!
Great podcast! Flavored by Metallica, but essentially music in general
This is a great podcast primarily because of Ryan Downey. He's a great interveiwer, develops a great rapport with each guest, with the core of the discussions being all things Metallica, but stemming into often interesting directions regarding inspirations, artistic directions, and sometimes just general humor. Anyone who was ever a Metallica fan, who has a passion for music, will find this not only a worthwhile listen but a worthwhile subscription.
I’m a better person now and all the chicks want to date me after listening to this podcast
Such an entertaining show and not just for Metallica geeks! The in depth interviews and behind the scenes stores by some of hard rocks heaviest hitters are a real treat to listen to. I’d have given my left arm to have access to something like this in my 90’s era high school days.
Great Metallica podcast, Great MUSIC podcast
I love hearing how other artists have been influenced by Metallica but also how Ryan dives into each guest’s own music and musical journey. The Jeremiah Scott episode is a great place to start!
If you like Metallica this is for you!
Blue Earth Jim Danndy
Its nice to hear a podcast about one thing. Metallica. It is focused, entertaining, and about Metallica. Its awesome subscribe!
Great show, huge Metallica fan, great host!
I recently discovered this show and have listened to nearly half of them! Love Metallica, love the discussions, love the nerdiness! Thanks for the show!
Great podcast!
Lots of great interviews!!
Killer podcast
Thrash is back
Whether you are new to Metallica, or have been listening for 30 years, this podcast is for you. Guests relate their experiences with the music and the band, as well as how they were influenced or touched by the band. Frankly, even if you aren’t a Metallica fanatic, the interviews are worth it anyway. Insight into the genre and the industry makes it worth listening to.
Awesome podcast!!
Ricky Snow
If you are a Metallica Nerd, this podcast is for you!!
I love this podcast. Being able to hear other icons talk about the impact Metallica had on them is completely epic.
My new favorite podcast!
Great selection of guests, great conversations that cover a wide range of topics, and Ryan J. Downey is an excellent host. A must-listen for Metallica fans.
Great show!
Very knowledgeable host.
Great pod
If you love ‘tallicA you’ll love this pod
Ryan Downey's the MAN!!!
Every interview I've listend to with Ryan Downey have always been fun and interesting! He's always insightful and authentically interested which keeps me listening. I LOVE this podcast! Great interviews!!! Ryan ROCKS!!!
My new favorite podcast!
Absolutely killer!!
seriously right on!!!
Great job
Love the guests and the content. Excellent podcast!!
Really great podcast!
I’m a very casual Metallica fan but found this so much fun to listen to. It’s like listening in on a casual conversation with fans of the band and people in the know. Definitely worth a listen!
I've loved Metallica since 1986 when I first got into thrash metal. This podcast has given me a whole new appreciation for them though. Metallica is Ryan's favorite band and it's almost like seeing them through his eyes. Every episode is great! My teenage boys are big Metallica/thrash metal fans and they love this podcast too!
The Best Metallica Podcast Running
Tallk Toomey
Insane guests and a great subject. Each episode of the podcast has someting special for all Metallica fans. I love the song clips and great editing. A must subscription for all Metallica and metal fans.
For the Real 'Tallica Fans
Doc Coyle
I'll pretty much follow anything Ryan Downey does. With Metallica being my favorite band, this is right up my alley. It's just like my friends and I debating Metallica lore amongst ourselves to all hours of the night.
Bar Talk!!
I can’t count how many times at a bar, BBQ, etc I found myself in a discussion about one of the greatest metal bands of all time, Metallica!! This podcast is exactly that, metal heads talking about Metallica!! You will not be disappointed.
Requires listening!
That Designer Guy
Fantastic show for anyone who’s passionate about rock and metal- Ryan is one of the most insightful hosts in the game, and his lineup of guests is a checklist of inspiring achievers who are at the top of their game in a wide range of fields but united by one thing: Metallica!
If you're a Metallica fan, give this a listen
Ryan Downey is a well-established journalist, filmmaker, and manager. He's also a huge Metallica fan. Since there are many sides of the band's career, it's nice to hear various perspectives on them, with Downey leading the way. So if you're a Metallica fan -- no matter when you got into them -- give this a listen.
Bring on the pain
Love every bit of this podcast ! Growing up a Metallica fan it's great to be able to hear all things about the band with a great host Ryan. He is the Man! Check it out !
Bob Fouts
RJD is a master interviewer and also the biggest Talica fan I know..this podcast rules! Much love!
None I get it .
a person man
Great informative review on a movie I didn’t know exist that I’ll now be looking for to watch today.
Great stuff!!!!
SxE Vegan
Amazing podcast by one of the most knowledgeable guys in music!!
Many exist, but not like this!
Jake Denning
There's plenty of Metallica themed podcasts out there, but none exist with the same passion and expertise that Ryan brings to the table. Aside from the passion, this podcast simply pulls the big names that I (and others) want to listen to. If you've ever said "Hey, I like Metallica," then you're essentially obligated to hit subscribe and come along for the ride.
The best stop for all things ‘tallica. It amazes me how we all grew up on this music, we all had so many similar experiences with listening to this band, and because it all happened in a pre-internet world, all the passion and anger and joy we felt lives somewhere deep inside our memory. These stories connect to that place. They feel like gospel, like all the disciples are coming down from the mountain. Thanks for making this a thing, S&D!
Great Listen!
This is an awesome listen! Ryan is the man.
Love it!
Dean Deluca
We need more podcasts like this. Awesome stuff.
This is the podcast you've been waiting for
Enough with the other podcasts you've been listening to. You know, the ones about the stuff and things. You no longer need them. This is the one. Ryan Downey is like a raging stallion covered in armor. Nothing will stop this podcast.
Rock Relevant
I pretty much follow anything Ryan Downey is involved with. He’s an industry veteran so it doesn’t get much better than here. By far my favorite listen.
Rott Danough
A plethora of awesome. If you're not listening to speak and destroy then you should question what you're doing with your life. Seriously though, this is great and I love Downey.
Bang the head that does not bang!
Great conversations. Great guests.
If you love Metallica you’ll love this podcast. The stories of what the band meant to people and how it transformed their life are my favorite part. Ryan, get somebody from ETID on! Jordan lives in OC but Andy would be a PERFECT guest.
My new favorite podcast!
Great interviews!!
A podcast about Metallica from people who love Metallica! It's great listening to different artist talk about a band we all love!
Awesome listen!
Reese Account
The last couple with Lzzy Hale and especially Jose Mangin were so good. Jose's stories were great. A really fun and entertaining pod. I love this.
Iggor podcast is awesome!
Such a great interview, with one of my childhood heroes, and favorite band of all time! so much fun to hear discussions on Lars’s drumming and drumming in general. Max and Iggor are one of the all time best in the genre, they have always been innovative and different, and most importantly HEAVY!! Great interview Ryan!
Every other Metallica podcast can retire now.🤘
Metallica fans with podcasts are one thing. Speak N' Destroy is in a class all its own. Sitting down with current and past legends in the music industry to talk about how Metallica shaped them has instantly made Ryan Downey a legend himself. The greatest metal band of all time just got even more interesting, thanks to this podcast. Metallica needs to officially bless Speak N' Destory right now.
Amazing podcast
10 East 23rd St.
Really great interviews that are more like two fans having a conversation about Metallica. I highly recommend Speak and Destroy.
Different stories about the same experience
on way home
Great show. love to hear how different everyone’s experience is with the same artist. What you like, what emotion did you have, everybody’s experience is different.
I stumbled upon this now I’m hooked
I was doing a search for Jamey Jasta’s podcast and stumbled upon this. After listening to your podcast with Jamey I listened to all episodes. Thanks for all your insight and knowledge of Metallica. Again I’m hooked, just subscribed, and will be waiting for more.
The Metal Fan's Podcast
Found this podcast a little late after reading a Loudwire article. Absolutely love it. The insight these other artists' bring to the table about their experiences with the band is incredible. As it's mentioned in the pilot, the band does a relatively good job of maintaining a shrouded personal life and it's amazing to hear the behind the scenes stories of not just Metallica's journey, but the guests' themselves. Solid lineup of guests thus far as well. I came for the Metallica, but I stayed for the Avenged Sevenfold and Machinehead 🤘🏻👍🏻
Another great Metallica podcast
Holly Frankel
Along side "metal up your podcast" and "alphabetallica"
Great Interviews!
The Holy Cow
I listened to the Lzzy Hale episode and immediately subscribed. One of my new favorites!
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