116: How To Cook Dinner With Local Veggies Tonight With Wen-Jay Ying
Published April 28, 2019
51 min
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    We know eating local is better, but it’s not always easy. We’re left wondering if we should head to the farmers market, join a CSA, or just seek out local foods at the grocery store?

    There are often more questions than answers, which is why we could not have been more excited to have Wen-Jay Ying, the founder of Local Roots and local foods enthusiast, on the mindbodygreen podcast. She talks about why she became passionate about creating access to local food and how you can incorporate more local foods into your diet right away.

    One of the best ways to experiment with local foods is through community-supported agriculture or CSA, said Wen-Jay. A traditional CSA model usually requires a 6-month commitment where the consumer picks up local vegetables at a specific location from local farmers. We discuss the pros and cons of joining a traditional CSA model, and as well as the ins and outs of Local Roots, an alternative CSA model, which offers delivery or pick-up options, a variety of vegetables, and the option to pay by season, week, or day. No matter which model you opt for, Wen-Jay says her favorite part of being in a CSA is the community that surrounds local foods: the people, farmers, and culture.

    When eating locally, however, you can run the risk of getting bored with eating the same veggie that’s in season, explains, Wen-Jay. What do you do with a week’s worth of beets? Here are Wen-Jay’s tips for getting creative regardless of the ingredients you have.

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