December 6, 2019
Q. In 30 years when Bob and Dan are still doing their HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL MUSIC PODCAST* (*depending on the metric you use) in another rented garage, which songs from 2019 will they be throwing back to? A. These 20
November 21, 2019
Twenty years ago the boys in blink-182 made the leap from SoCal punks to TRL mainstays, all thanks to an album with a pornstar on the cover and 3 huge hit singles. This week, the boys in the rented garage dig into Blink's multi-multi-platinum LP, Enema Of The State. Also, Bob vamps.
November 14, 2019
Dan, Bob, and Jason Zumwalt returned to the garage to listen to some old album by Oasis' dads (I think). It was good.
October 31, 2019
R.E.M.'s seventh studio did it all. Won Grammys? CHECK. Produced the band's biggest single ever? CHECK. Invented rap-rock? CHECK AND CHECK. This week Bob an Dan go back to 1991 and push play on the biggest album that all the cool college kids were listening to in the early 90's. So sit back as Michael Stipe, The Greatest Backing Vocalist In Rock History, and The Billionaire enter the coveted Throwback Podcast Two-Timer Club.
October 25, 2019
ATN HERO Marc Sessler joins Dan and Bob in the Throwback Podcast Studio (a.k.a. rented garage) to take a walk down memory lane and share the music that soundtracked his life. From Duran Duran to Richard Marx to a man named Dave, come with us on a journey, and experience MARC... in the Key of C.
October 3, 2019
The Cranberries' second studio album sold over 17 million copies worldwide. It ALSO beat out Hole, Collective Soul, and Sheryl Crow in Bruno The Sponsor's "Dealer's Choice" Patreon Poll. We'll let you decide which feat is more impressive. In the meantime, let's go back twenty-five years to 1994 to revisit No Need To Argue and, more importantly, unpack the sordid details of Bob's big 9th grade fist fight.
September 26, 2019
We're going back, back, back in time- 30 years to be exact. Let's revisit the Top 10 Billboard hits from this week in September, 1989. Hair metal, R&B ballads, pop classics, and a surprising amount of talk about the Northridge Quake of '94. Cherish this one.
September 12, 2019
It sold 15 MILLION copies. Spawned multiple HUGE hits. Introduced the world (and, more importantly, Carlos Santana) to Rob Thomas. But in 1996... Dan and Bob HATED IT. The question is: why? Why were the teenage BFF's anti-Matchers? Why did they hold onto that hatred for decades? And why are they finally ready to finally give Rob & Co. a chance today? Do Matchbox 20 (twenty?) have what it takes to win them over, or... or will they push them away?
September 5, 2019
We don't practice Santeria, we don't got no crystal ball, and we definitely don't have a million dollars to spend (at all). But we do have an hour or so to comb through all 18 tracks of Sublime's breakout 1996 LP. If you hate summer, Patreon poll winning albums, or two white guys sharing their thoughts on reggae, you might want to skip this one. Life's too short.
August 22, 2019
What were you doing in the summer of '02? If you were anything like the NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe (a.k.a. Connie Fox a.k.a. Tiny Box a.k.a whatever her name was on her old fake I.D.) you were blasting 311 out of your '93 Trans Am and getting ready for your senior year of high school. This week Dan, Bob, and Colleen travel back to the days of Jimmy Eat World, Avril Lavigne, and absolutely filthy hip hop to assemble the perfect Back 2 School Mix and share some high-level Mall Gossip. It's not so complicated.
August 15, 2019
We're going the distance, we're going for speed, and most importantly, we're talking about Cake's alternative-hit spawning sophomore album Fashion Nugget this week. The guys are gonna try to figure out exactly WHO Cake is, WHY they were chosen for a "Dealer's Choice" episode, HOW they won a Patreon poll, and WHAT Bob was thinking when he unironically started wearing a John McCrea inspired bucket hat in college.
August 1, 2019
In the golden age of Britney and Durst, a famous rock act returned from the abyss to “reapply for the job of best band in the world.” Dan squealed. Bob cringed. U2 were back, right when the world was about to change forever. Coincidence? Follow the red string: B - O - N - O
July 22, 2019
Twenty years ago TODAY Limp Bizkit, Korn, Jewel, Rage Against The Machine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, DAVE, a boatload of other rock acts and about 400,000 drug-loving music fans arrived in Rome, NY for the most disastrous music festival of all time (sorry Fyre Fest fans, it's true.) Dan and Bob didn't make the trip from Pearl River, but they did watch with bated breath as Kurt Loder reported on the fires, the chaos, and (occasionally) the music. On Woodstock '99's twentieth anniversary, let's go back and revisit the insanity by pushing play on the live album that was released to celebrate the festival.
June 27, 2019
Can you put a Parental Advisory sticker on a podcast? This week, Dan and Bob dive into THE BEST SELLING ALBUM of the 21st century! So if you're a fan of huge hit singles, casual misogyny, and rampant homophobia, this is the episode for you. Wait... that came out wrong. Anyway, thanks to all of our Patreonies who voted in our monthly listener poll. Now it's time to stan Eminem.
June 20, 2019
Great band name? CHECK. Tremendous hit single? CHECK. Incredible album from start to finish that somehow, 15 years later, feels kinda forgotten and underrated? CHECK and CHECK. Buckle up babies, it's Franz Ferdinand time.
June 13, 2019
Happy birthday to us- The Throwback Podcast celebrates its 2nd birthday by finally pushing play on STP's 2nd album. Twenty-five years ago this month, the DeLeo brothers and their buddy Scott dropped a hammer with Interstate Love Song, Vaseline, and that song from the old MTV News intro. Hold onto your meatplow -- it's Purple time.
May 30, 2019
Michael Bolton, Rick Astley, and Paula Abdul may not be the first artists 90's kids think of when we talk about "the music of our youth"... but back when Mom controlled the car radio, they were. In New York, 95.5 WPLJ was the ultimate "Mom Rock" station. They played adult contemporary music and promised "the biggest hits of the 70's, 80's, and today." On May 31, PLJ is signing off for the last time. To honor the genre of music that soundtracked car rides to basketball practice and family breakfasts on Sundays, we're counting down the Top 10 Adult Contemporary Hits from the last week of May, 1991. So get out of our dreams... and into our pod.
May 23, 2019
The night Tom Petty passed away, Dan and Bob recorded an emergency podcast to celebrate the life of one of their all-time favorite artists. Nineteen months later, they're back in the garage to give Thomas Earl Petty the proper Throwback treatment by tackling his 1989 multiplatinum selling album, Full Moon Fever. Avoid the ultimate La Reveal Magnifico by pushing play now.
May 9, 2019
Tell us what you want, what you really really want. Well, if it's to revisit Billboard's Top 10 songs from May '97, you're in luck. Let's go back 22 years (22 years!) to the days of notoriously big rappers, barenaked ladies, and stunning singer-songwriters who may or may not shave their armpits. Get ready to rumble.
May 2, 2019
Travis' sophomore album The Man Who turns 20 this month, which means Dan and Bob have both been gushing over Fran (their favorite singing Scotsman) for almost half their lives. Now it's time for the guys to dig into the sleepy (and sexy?) Brit-pop classic, and finally figure out what's a wonderwall anyway.
April 18, 2019
Bob likes Billy Joel. Dan doesn't. Special guest Jason Zumwalt REALLY doesn't -- but that's not going to stop Bob from trying to change their minds. He's dug into the Billy Joel archives to compile a playlist of 10 tracks to sway his friends from Joel-haters to Joel-appreciators. Let's see how that goes.
April 11, 2019
Nirvana's seminal 1991 LP has been lauded, pored over, dissected, and over-analyzed by Gen-X rock fans for over two and a half decades... so what could Dan and Bob possibly add to the conversation? Butch Vig cheap shots? 9/11 flash-forwards? Tales of middle-aged Walgreens employees procuring pornography for awkward young boys in the 90's? All of the above? We'll see. But the Patreonies voted so the Throwback Pod has answered: it's time for Nevermind.
March 28, 2019
This podcast will change your life... maybe. More likely, it'll just entertain you as Dan, Bob, and their buddy Jason revisit the soundtrack to Zach Braff's 2004 indie classic. The guys all did their homework and watched Garden State for the first time in over a decade to prepare, so they've got a lot to say. Now push play and join them in the infinite abyss.
March 21, 2019
The latest Patreon poll was total garbage, which is why it's time to dig into the 1995 LP from Wisconsin's (Wisconsin??) finest. Dan and Bob do their best not to come off like total pervs as they reminisce about an iconic 90's sex symbol... but, c'mon, when you're talking about Butch Vig what do you expect?
March 7, 2019
It's finally happening: Red Hot Chili Peppers week on the Throwback Podcast. This week, the guys push play on Californication, the multi-platinum LP that spawned massive hit singles and turned 50% of the pod against SoCal's finest. So get ready for some Kiedis, Flea, Frusciante, and The Other Guy Who Kinda Looks Like Will Ferrell. And in the words of Anthony Kiedis himself, "Ding dang dong dong ding dang dong dong ding dang."
February 28, 2019
The weirdest thing about 1993 was that Prince, Whitney, Duran Duran, and Naughty By Nature battling a Canadian reggae artist for pop supremacy WASN'T that weird at the time. Or was it? Let's count down the Top 10 hits from the last week of February '93 and find out. It's a whole new world.
February 14, 2019
This week, the guys dig into Soundgarden's mega-selling 1994 release Superunknown. Dan and Bob debate whether or not "Black Hole Sun" is actually a good song. They also attempt to answer our greatest question: Would you rather be Chris Cornell or Gavin DeGraw? Come with us and wash away the rain.
February 7, 2019
Erica Tamposi a.k.a. Ricky Hollywood a.k.a. the producer of Dan's other podcast joins the guys in the garage to revisit her favorite album EVER, the multi-platinum selling sophomore effort from the one-time N*Sync frontman and all-time object of her affection. There will be FutureSex, there will be LoveSounds, and there will be a whole lot of sexual tension... between the bosom buddies. Keep your mouth shut.
January 24, 2019
If you love America, apple pie, 80's butts, and working class anthems, you're gonna love this episode. Let's roll up our sleeves and go back 35 years to when Bob and Dan were just tiny humans in a coal town on the edge of New Jersey, and Bruce Springsteen was always *this* close to dropping into your local pub to play an impromptu 6-hour set.
January 17, 2019
This podcast has not covered an album from the year 2000 because as far as we can recall, music was pretty awful back then. Or... was it? Let's travel back 19 years to the weeks that followed the definitive moment of our generation (Y2K) and discover if a countdown featuring Creed and Limp Bizkit could actually somehow turn out GREAT.
January 3, 2019
Twenty-five years ago a college bar band with a horrifically horrible name magically became THE BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD. It's 2019, time to check in on the multi, multi, multi-platinum LP Cracked Rear View by the Blowfish and their fearless leader, Hootie.
December 27, 2018
It's the year 2038. Dan and Bob are still holed up in a rented garage, drinking beer and talking about the past while once-popular music plays in the background. Let's throwback to 2018 to find out what the guys were into back then, shall we?
December 13, 2018
Let's go waaaaay back to 2006, a time when YOU were young, and WE were grappling with The Killers' quest to become the Biggest Band In The World. Sam's Town tied with Vs. in the latest Patreon poll, but in Vegas the House (or in this case, the garage) always wins. Hope you enjoy the show.
December 6, 2018
The Offspring's 1994 multiplatinum LP "Smash" is the best-selling indie label album of all time. It also beat the Goo Goo Dolls in a Throwback Podcast Patreon poll. We'll let you decide which is more impressive. Let's go back 24 years to a time when Bob and Dan had no self-esteem, but did have one giant embarrassing skeleton in their closet.
November 27, 2018
Nikki Glaser: is she human or is she dancer? On this week's episode, we'll attempt to answer Brandon Flowers' grammatically incorrect question as we revisit the hits of 2008. Why 2K8? Bust out the corkboard and red string and maybe you'll figure it out.
November 15, 2018
In 2004 Bob made a Mix and mailed it to an old friend he had a massive crush on (no, not Dan). A couple of weeks later they reconnected in person and, well, you read the title. Jason Zumwalt joins Dan and Bob in the garage to help over-analyze the 12 songs Bob assembled to woo a girl in Maryland back when guys sent mixes instead of dick pics. It's totally awkward and undeniably cringe-y... and this is the one that worked.
November 2, 2018
Considering this is and always has been a Dave Matthews Band Podcast (despite the fact neither host is a fan of Dave, or listens to Dave, or calls him "Dave") it was just a matter of time before "Under The Table And Dreaming" got its due. Friend and legitimate Matthews-stan, Jason Zumwalt, joins Bob and Dan in the garage for a Dave-athon of epic proportions. WARNING: if you have an aversion to overused bad Dave Matthews impressions you MIGHT want to skip this one.
October 25, 2018
Here it is. You've found it. The only podcast on the planet dedicated to Semisonic's debut 1998 album Feeling Strangely Fine. So why are we hitting this overwhelmingly forgotten offering from a 90's one-hit-wonder? Well, because Dan Wilson is GREAT and Dan Hanzus made this his dealer's choice (er, selection.) Animal crackers not included.
October 18, 2018
On April 20th 1993, America's Creepy Uncle and his friends unleashed a radio-friendly long-player that would go on to sell over 20 million copies AND awaken young Dan's sexuality in ways he never could've imagined. On this episode, Bob, Dan, and a cricket try to get a grip on how a 70's rock band reinvented themselves in the 90's and managed to turn Alicia Silverstone into a superstar along the way. It's amazing.
October 4, 2018
Our Britpop Patreon Poll wasn't even close: Parklife destroyed the competition. Travis, Pulp, and Supergrass couldn't hold a candle to this classic LP from the U.K. But how will it play in a garage occupied by two unabashed Oasis-stans? Mr. Gorrilaz and his merry band of posh Essex boys are about to find out.
September 22, 2018
Perhaps if Bob and Dan paid a little more attention to the advice Nada Surf was dispensing they would've been a little more popular and wouldn't have ended up counting down the Top 10 Alternative Rock Hits of 1996 in a rented garage. But that's where we're at. So stop standing outside that broken phonebooth with money in your hand and travel back to the era of Peak Alternative... before we sputter out.
September 13, 2018
Great journalism can bring down a President. It can also make two dudes in a garage listen to an entire Korn album for the very first time. "Cocaine, Speed, and Gallons of Jack Daniel's: The Last Rock 'n' Roll Superstars Were... Korn?" by Steven Hyden for The Ringer inspired Bob and Dan to put their distaste for nu-metal aside and check in on "Follow The Leader" 20 years after it first dropped. The results are... well, they're pretty much exactly what you expect. "GO!"
August 30, 2018
In 1995 Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Ethan Embry, and Rex Manning came together to make a comedy (comedy?) about a group of eccentric teens working at a record store. Naturally, this music-centric movie needed a killer soundtrack. Naturally, the Gin Blossoms, Better Than Ezra, and Toad The Wet Sprocket delivered. Our Patreonies voted (sorry, Clueless!) and the-little-movie-that-could, Empire Records, came out on top. Now why don't you all just fade away.
August 23, 2018
It's Dealer's Choice Week (sponsored by & the world-renowned Cliney), which is why Bob dug into his dusty old CD collection and pulled out Blind Melon's self-titled 1992 debut album. Will it hold up? Will Dan make fun of Bob for writing "Shannon Hoon 1967 - 1995" on his backpack in high school? And will Bob be forced to get a Blind Melon tattoo after a massive online outpouring? The answers may surprise you! (not really. it goes: nah, yes- a lot, and I guess we'll see.)
August 10, 2018
On August 8th Dan and Bob drove down to the legendary Forum in Inglewood, California to see Weezer and the Pixies in concert. Obviously since they're a couple of cool dude-bro's and not lame AT ALL, they recorded a pod while drinking in the parking lot. There's no going back now.
August 3, 2018
Nineteen years ago a couple of 19-year-old dudes were battling their way through a summer of boy bands, rap rockers, and Latin explosions as far as the eye could see. It's time to go back and revisit the top 10 tracks on the Hot 100 from this week in August, 1999.
July 19, 2018
Things get filthy on the latest Throwback Pod, but when you go back to 2003 and the guys exchange "meet me in the bathroom" stories, what do you expect? Oh yeah, they also listen to The Strokes' underrated masterpiece "Room On Fire." That happens too.
July 13, 2018
The King Of Pop meets the lesser known Kings Of Drinking Cheap Beer In A Sweaty Garage on this week's episode of The Throwback Podcast. Bob and Dan go way back to 1991 to Remember The Time MJ was on omnipresent icon and Macaulay Culkin was stung to death by bees. [Insert Glass Shattering Sound Effect HERE]
June 28, 2018
Do you love The Darkness? Do you even BELIEVE in a thing called love? Well, either way, Bob and Dan are tackling the '03 debut album from a band they amazingly saw live in 2018. Get ready to rock -- with or without irony.
June 21, 2018
Where were you when Bob and Dan listened to Wilco's 2002 masterpiece? Never forget.
June 14, 2018
The Patreon-ies have spoken! The time has finally come for Dan and Bob to dive into the modern rock masterpiece that is The Colour and the Shape. Will it hold up? Will Bob be able to scream his way through Monkey Wrench? Is it time to address Dan's issues with his Uncle Tito? There's only one way to find out.
May 31, 2018
It’s Dealer’s Choice week on the Throwback Podcast and Dan has made the completely shocking decision to dive deep into the U2 canon with Zooropa, the band’s 1993 weirdo space rock odyssey. Can Dan finally convince Bob to admire Bono? Will this be the episode that destroys a 30-year friendship? Stay tuned.
May 24, 2018
Janet Jackson. Rod Stewart. Heart - This is NOT your mother's Throwback Pod. Actually, wait a second... it MIGHT be your mother's Throwback Pod. This week, Dan and Bob are going WAY back to 1990 and listening to the Top 10 tracks off Billboard's Hot 100. Travel back to a time when Aerosmith wasn't creepy and fat jokes weren't off-limits. Nothing compares 2 This.
May 10, 2018
Our Patreon Supporters voted and we listened! This week, Dan and Bob update their sleep/sex mixes with Benny Gibbard's super-successful side project, The Postal Service. It's the perfect episode for anyone who loves computerized beeps and/or STD horror stories. Check it out.
May 3, 2018
Dan and Bob are BACK in the garage! And what better way to celebrate the new era of Throwback Pods than by revisiting Gavin Rossdale's hit-filled 90's monolith "Sixteen Stone" -- an album that wasn't respected by critics... or roughly 50% of the people in the garage. If you like listening to super-hot dudes talking about other super-hot dudes, then this is the episode for you.
April 12, 2018
In what COULD BE the final episode of The Throwback Podcast, Bob and Dan travel back to their senior year of high school to revisit the Top 10 Modern Rock Tracks of April '98. Follow us on twitter @throwbackpod to KIT and stay up to date on what happens next. Hope you had the time of your life.
April 7, 2018
In the potentially penultimate episode (for real this time) of The Throwback Pod, the boys visit No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom - a beautiful amusement park full of certifiable bangers and ska-ish crossovers. Can the guys make it through an episode talking about one of the most talented and beautiful women of the 90's without ending up in a hashtag? #ProbablyNot
March 22, 2018
This week Dan and Bob present Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival. If you want to hear two guys talking over one guy rapping over stuff, well, today's your lucky day. When you roll into the Carnival anything can happen-- like, say, Bob almost crying while reliving a traumatizing moment from his past. Give a kiss to your mother.
March 17, 2018
In the mid-90's a prickly genius with an egg-shaped head put out one of the most ambitious albums in a generation. In the late 2010's, two guys in a garage listened to all 28 tracks while drinking beer and cracking masturbation jokes. Equally ambitious? You be the judge.
February 24, 2018
In this highly anticipated episode of the Throwback Pod, two pretty fly white guys travel back to 1999 to discuss college posters, cruel intentions, and the smartest man in rock n’ roll.  You don't want to miss this one.
February 15, 2018
Did You Know before he wowed audiences in Art Of Revenge, actor StephAn Jenkins was the lead singer of a successful alt-rock band called Third Eye Blind? It's true. This week Dan and Bob push play 3EB's eponymous debut. They also read some Tweets from listeners, relive their 1997 tales of erotica, and remember some legends who have passed on (RIP Phife Dawg). It's the ULTIMATE Throwback Pod.
February 1, 2018
Friend of the pod Jason Zumwalt is BACK in the garage to count down the biggest modern rock hits of February 1994. Luminaries like Blind Melon, Beck, The Cure, and The Cranberries get the Throwback treatment as the boys discuss everything from the Adam Sandler movie "Click" to the FIRST World Trade Center attack. And you won't believe which A-List special guests drop in!
January 26, 2018
What more do you need to know?
January 18, 2018
Twenty-one years ago this week the Billboard Modern Rock Chart was jam packed with certified BANGERS (and Dave Matthews). From The Cardigans to Better Than Ezra to someone named Poe, go back in time and count back from 20 to 1 in this over-stuffed pod that truly goes... (wait for it)... "the Distance."
December 28, 2017
It didn't get much bigger than Jagged Little Pill. This week, Dan and Bob reminisce on that period between 1995 and 1996 when Alanis Morissette ruled the world. How does the album hold up? Where do you get off, Uncle Joey? Oh, and they finally figure out what #PhoebeBeBangin to.
December 21, 2017
What is "Bob Music"? THIS is Bob Music. This week, Bob and Dan revisit "Whatever & Ever Amen" by Ben Folds Five- or in Dan's case, visit it for the very first time. If you miss the 90's, if you love pianos, or if you've ever had a confusing sexual experience while the song "Brick" played in the background, this is the episode for you.
December 14, 2017
If you're asking yourself "who the F are the Libertines?" a) you're probably American, and b) you're definitely not alone. "The British Strokes" didn't make a big splash in the U.S.A. but their debut album "Up The Bracket" is an early aughts classic that Dan and Bob couldn't wait to revisit. But why weren't they bigger? In which tier of "The _____" bands do the Libertines fall? And have Bob and Dan ever seen each other's manhood? For some reason, all these questions will be answered on this week's Throwback.
December 7, 2017
Surrounded by candles and funeral flowers, this week Bob and Dan dig into Krist Novoselic's legendary live album, Unplugged In New York. Besides (once again) arguing about Nirvana v. Pearl Jam, the guys talk 90's wrestling and recount the sad, sad tale of their buddy Mark's ultimate regret. Special appearance by their buddy Mark.
November 30, 2017
Twenty-five years after the release of Automatic For The People, your rock-snob Uncle's favorite album gets the Throwback treatment. From "Man In The Moon" to "Everybody Hurts" Dan and Bob revisit the hit singles that soundtracked the 90's, and discuss why "Sweetness Follows" is actually a sneaky-good Sex Mix song.
November 16, 2017
Comedian/television host/actress/friend Nikki Glaser drops by the garage to revisit the songs that ruled the world during a very strange time to be alive -- 2001. Shaggy. Creed. J-Lo. Lifehouse. The Lady Marmalade song. It's almost impossible to imagine this was real life. And yet ... it was. PUT IT ON THE BOARD!
November 9, 2017
This week we're 'In The Garage' with the High & Mighty one, Jon Gabrus, to geek out over Weezer's debut album. The guys swap concert stories, talk D&D, and dig into the psyche of one Rivers Cuomo. Oh, and they also drink. A lot.
November 2, 2017
Way before the Broadway musical and the excessive guyliner, Green Day was simply a poppy punk band singing about boredom, weed, and masturbation. What more do you need?? This week, the guys travel back to '94 to talk about Dookie, high school crushes, popularity, and Bob's disgustingly flat feet.
October 26, 2017
It's our 20th episode! What better way to celebrate than by unleashing a mix tape that a 15-year-old Daniel Keith Hanzus made by taping 14 songs off the radio in 1996. What does "MIX TAPE II: FEB/MARCH '96 have in store? Hit play (not Play & Record at the same time) to find out.
October 19, 2017
It's DEALER'S CHOICE WEEK on the Throwback Pod! Bob was gifted with the opportunity to pick an album- any album- and spring it on Dan in the garage. Naturally he chose this multi-platinum disc from the tortured Greek alt-rock star with daddy issues, Art Alexakis. Will Dan discover that deep down he's actually an Everclear fan? There's only one way to find out.
October 13, 2017
Dan and Bob are back in the garage to discuss "Fever To Tell", the 2003 breakthrough release by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The guys debate where "Maps" stacks up amongst the best songs of the '00s and wonder if there's a cooler date to enter a room with than Karen O. (Probably not.)
October 4, 2017
Thomas Earl Petty passed away on Monday, October 2nd at 8:40 p.m. Later that night, Dan and Bob convened in the garage to share stories, listen to their favorite Petty songs, and celebrate the life of a legend.
September 28, 2017
This week Bob and Dan are WAY too excited to revisit the Counting Crows sophomore album about monkeys, satellites, and long winter months. Jason Zumwalt sits in to keep the guys in check as they recount their first concert experience together in '96, debate the merits of Adam Duritz, and gush about one of their favorite albums ever.
September 21, 2017
Before there was YEEZUS, there was Kanye. Just Kanye. Writer/Actor/Friend Jason Zumwalt joins Dan and Bob in the garage to dig into Kanye's debut album -- but not before they take care of some 9/11 housekeeping and drop the best #1 Single they've ever hit on the pod.
September 7, 2017
This week on the Throwback Podcast, the guys travel back to 1996 to check in on "Bringing Down The Horse" -- the breakthrough hit for The Wallflowers. The guys imagine what it'd be like to have Bob freaking Dylan as a dad then discuss whether the band left any legacy at all.
August 31, 2017
Dan and Bob dial it back to 2004 and the release of “More Adventurous”, the third full-length from Los Angeles' own Rilo Kiley. The Throwback Pod loves Jenny Lewis as much as Jenny Lewis hates George W. Bush. That's a lot.
August 24, 2017
Dan and Bob dial it back to 2001 to ruminate on musicforthemorningafter, the debut album from New Jersey rock troubadour Pete Yorn. Why wasn't Yorn a bigger star? Is it better that he wasn't? How does one acquire Pete Yorn's glorious hair? And did Dan's post-concert bar tab in Atlantic City expose a fatal flaw in the service industry? So many questions.
August 17, 2017
You wanted Kings of Leon, you get Kings of Leon -- it's Listener's Choice Week on the Throwback Podcast! Dan and Bob dial it back to 2005 and re-visit Aha Shake Heartbreak, the fine second LP from CAY-LEEB FOLLLL-OW-WILL and friends.
August 10, 2017
Things get heated in the garage as Dan and Bob dive into one of the biggest albums by one of the biggest rock bands EVER.
August 3, 2017
What happened if you didn't believe in Fred Durst in 1999? If you thought Scott Stapp was a false idol? If Korn sounded like a practical joke? Well, if you were Bob and Dan you might have strayed into the arms of a young and handsome British pop star named Robbie Williams. Temporarily, anyway.
July 27, 2017
Calling all paranoid androids: It's Radiohead week on The Throwback Podcast. Dan and Bob dial it back to 1997 to re-examine "OK Computer", the album that sent England's saddest musical exports into the rock royalty stratosphere. Did "OK Computer" accurately predict the unrest of the oncoming century? Does Thom Yorke really hang out in seedy L.A. dive bars? Wait, have you watched "Black Mirror" yet? It's all here and more.
July 20, 2017
Bob and Dan put on their fanboy hats this week and dig into "Is This It", the debut album from The Strokes. The guys talk about the dire state of 2000s rock pre-Strokes, relive the night they almost partied with the band, and look back on a very awkward personal encounter with Drew Barrymore.
July 13, 2017
Bob and Dan travel back to 1994 to listen to one of the biggest albums of the year, Throwing Copper. Between sharing "where were you when Kurt Cobain killed himself?" stories and diving into an X-Rated "Friends" discussion, you won't find a more 1994 podcast than this.
July 6, 2017
Dan and Bob welcome buddy Marc Sessler (Around The NFL) to the show to revisit Coldplay's "A Rush Of Blood To The Head", the soundtrack of a million melodramatic relationships in the early aughts. From conscious uncoupling to "you know how I know you're gay?" the guys dig into the legacy of Coldplay and their anti-rockstar frontman, Chris Martin.
June 29, 2017
It's White Stripes week on the Throwback Pod as the guys look back at "Elephant", one of the greatest albums of the aughts. Bob and Dan discuss how "Seven Nation Army" took out Gary Glitter, toast Jack White's divorce etiquette, and try to unwrap the riddle that is Meg White.
June 22, 2017
The guys welcome Headgum honchos Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld into the garage to discuss Weezer's 1996 commercial-flop-turned-cult-classic, Pinkerton. Why was this album so misunderstood? That requires digging into the unique mind of one Rivers Cuomo.
June 15, 2017
Dan and Bob travel back to 2004 and the release of Hot Fuss, the multi-platinum breakthrough by The Killers. The guys ponder whether this is the best "A-side" of the '00s and marvel at the record's incredible sway and power over the city of Hoboken. Soul ≠ Soldier.
June 8, 2017
In the debut episode of The Throwback Podcast, Dan Hanzus and Bob Castrone discuss their bosom buddy origin story, then dial back the time machine to August 1997 and the release of Oasis' infamous flop, "Be Here Now". There will be morse code, helicopter whirring, cocaine, and more guitar rock than the world was ready for. Did we mention cocaine?
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