Hey I just wanted to thank you for this podcast it’s so dope I love hearing the back story to how TØP began!!!!|-/ even though there are only 2 episodes! Do you know when you can release the others because the first 2 are so Awesome! Btw you talked about the clique animo in one but you said you weren’t sure what it was it’s a animo kinda like a social media app but for twenty one pilots... thank you so much for this podcast!!!! ||-//
Awesome! |-/
brendon urie lolll
This podcast has become part of my daily routine and I look forward to it daily. Your voice is so soothing and you are really good at explaining what you want to. Keep up the amazing work! ||-//
Mads 🌻 I love you in a non-weird way. But, I’ve listened to this for 2 days straight, and you’re the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and you raised my expectations thru the roof. You have so many amazing facts and people and you’re voice is so amazing and is very nice to listen to. I found this after Trench came out and it’s fun to listen from the point of view of a Clikkie before Trench and during the Hiatus. I’ve been listening since Vessel and I love how you have too! Please keep creating and going strong. This Podcast is amazing and what @thylocaldreamer says, “This will go down in TØP history!!” Stay Alive, frens! |-/
I løve this pødcast! It’s interesting tø hear abøut TØP frøm the pøint øf view øf ex-band members! Keep it up Chris! I høpe sømeday you can have Tyler and Jøsh on the shøw! (Although it wøuld prøbably be a twø parter)Yøur vøice is nice tø listen tø and the tøpics are interesting. I have seriøus happy chills, seriøusly- a grateful Clique member East is up! |-/
Twenty one piløts fan
Love the podcast! GET THIS TO THE TOP (pun kinda intended)
Love the fact you recommended Pink Floyd albums
Music fans meet the Clique
Found 21PilotsPodcast soon after Twenty One Pilots released Trench. Music fans will enjoy it, TØP fan base will love it. Christopher’s guest provide a perspective you can’t get from Tyler and Josh. And you gotta love that storytelling voice.
Love it!
I haven’t really been into podcasts, but I decided to try it out since I have an hour drive to school everyday. I had actually found out about this podcast a while back, but never really listened to it, until now. I LOVE it! Keep doing this man! Makes my boring drive much much better and something to look forward to!
good resource for new coming clique members as well as og stans❤️
Funny Daisy
i love this podcast eek i listen to it all the time while i'm getting ready for school, going to sleep, or doing homework keep up the fantastic work also you should join the clique amino! look it up!!!
This is fantastic
I love Twenty One Pilots more than I love my own grandmother, but I’m almost 40 so there’s not much I have in common with other fans (who are very young). This podcast is from a point of view that I can relate to. I’ve been to so many concerts, I’ve camped out to be on barricade in the pit, I could easily rap Ode to Sleep faster than Tyler but I definitely don’t fit in except when I’m listening to this. Thank you! Can’t wait to hear what you think about the new singles |-/
Excellent podcast!
Emma Holley
This podcast is wonderful! The interviews are well-done; every question is thought out, not just the usual ‘where did you grow up? What got you into (insert career here)? etc’. Chris is an excellent host and a huge fan of TØP and of music in general. He’s very respectful to the folks he interviews. Sometimes he gets a little lost in his ramblings, but hey, don’t we all? This podcast is also great for finding new bands to listen to. Chris or his guests recommend an album of music at the end of each episode (starting around ep. 2 or 3), and he talks about several different bands throughout. He really likes Oasis, so if you like that band, you’re in luck! All in all, this a great podcast and is totally worth a listen. The sound quality is fantastic, the interviews are entertaining and funny, and Chris is a very kind, interesting fan. Even if you don’t like Twenty One Pilots, but you like music in general, you’ll find something that you enjoy in this podcast. If you are a Clique member, this is a very fun way to spend the hiatus! :)
Not sure
Stumbled across this podcast and in the second episode where you talk to the radio person it started out good but got very boring because you completely stopped talking about 21 pilots and started talking about each of your's favorite bands. Boring. I came to hear about 21P. Not giving up yet though.
I love it |-/
nicole ( nicky )
Yassssss I love everything about what there saying, it’s nice to listen when your bored and I love the persons voice , thank you
Thank you so much!!!!!
There's so much I didn't know about TØP and even though I've been an obsessed zombie for a year you still shed some light on a lot of questions that I still had... Since the duo are on hiatus right now I've been kind of feeling really empty without them, so for you to create this wonderful thing, I feel like you gave a piece of them to me and that's really amazing. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful project and I hope you keep on doing more things in the future. You're amazing, man. |-/
Amazing podcast!
I love twenty øne piløts and while theyre on hiatus this give me a piece of their music i was missing!
Very Professional
Honestly for one of the only TØP podcasts this is one of the best you can get I love how you actually know albums besides Blurryface and even going to the band called Tyler Joseph before Josh Dun even came into the band so thank you for making the podcast
great pødcast :))
FryFry 0416
I’ve just started listening and your voice is so relaxing and I just love to listen to you talk about the two boys!! thank u!! |-/
This podcast is awesome!!
I really enjoyed your podcast and it’s nice to listen to keep up the good work!!
Josh and Tyler love this so much!!
I’m with josh and Tyler right now, And listening to this they really love it!!!
James Baxter21
The podcast its very complete and so cool,i think that its very good for Clique
Insanely good
Great podcast, not much else to say. 10/10 would recommend
Keep up the good work! I love listening to you podcasts! Thank you for making these.
This podcast is FANTASTIC!!
When I started listening to podcasts as a way to fill my hour-long commute to college each day, I didn't think I'd find one specifically about my favorite band! The Twenty One Pilots Podcast has become my favorite part of every day! It somehow makes me feel connected to other Twenty One Pilots fans! I love the content and discussions! Thank you, Christopher, for a fantastic show! I look forward to listening to all of the episodes!!
good stuff
high quality. neat info. good voice. 👌👌👌
Just what a Twenty One Pilots fan has been dying to hear
Thank you so much for making this podcast! I just found it Monday, it's Friday now, and I've already listened to every episode. It's such great quality: research, depth, structure, details, guests, music, sound production. Your voice is great, and the show is just so good that I'm listening a second time. The TØP World was missing this. I'll be looking forward to more interviews when their new music is released, and your radio show, someday, too. It was so fascinating to hear Chris Salih's story in his own words, it felt like I was just hanging out listening in to a great conversation. Thank you!!
Informative and professionally done.
Oh yeah!
Hello Cristopher! this podcast is AMAZING! some other people have done twenty one pilots podcasts, but they have no idea what they're talking about! you seem to be a real fan, and know what you're doing. and I REALLY love how you sample real interveiws and recordings of concerts! keep it up. -Little Mercury |-/
Great podcast! The interviewer is kind and respectful and seems like a good guy.
Amazing for TOP fans
Just started listening. I love it. Hope to see more people involved in TOP history on the podcast.
Melon's photographs
If you are in the clique you wil LOVE this podcast! Highly recommend |-/
so amazing
this is so professional and i love podcasts now lit
What a great podcast! Very good quality of sound and content. Hopefully much more to come! Keep up the great work
Just flat out amazing. Never heard anything from these perspectives before, keep going man.
Milk is good poplolkjkvg
Extremely well done!
Ryan in NJ
I've been a fan for a while and I'm so happy there's a podcast for this band. The editing and quality are amazing. The content is very in-depth. I was immediately impressed with this podcast because they had a former member speak on one of the episodes. If you're a serious tøp follower, I would highly recommend.
Love it!
Super interesting, glad there's finally someone doing a podcast on the band!
LOVE this podcast, but I'm a big fan with a big concern
Thank you so much for this podcast! I'm a huge fan! But, I have a huge problem, too. I have recently become aware of the term "cultural [mis]appropriation", and I am concerned that twenty one pilots is guilty of this practice... Again, I am a fan, and I bring this up with a heavy heart. I love their music, but I want to make sure that there is a correct ethic behind it. Can you help me out with this?
Something that I look forward too!
Jeiden Baker
This is the prime example of effort! Thank you so much for giving us listeners to listen to your hard effort! It is amazing how talented your knowledge is and your podcast skills|-/
Parker Carter
Honestly this is such and amazing podcast. I love the way you're approaching these topics with bands. I'm very glad I have stumbled upon this!
sooooo good
this was the best and first podcast live seen anyone who likes the band could probably like this podcast
Love it!
Kristi Webler
My favorite thing about Twenty One Pilots is learning about Twenty One Pilots. Thanks for all of your hard work! I kept periodically searching for a podcast about them, and I was so excited when yours popped up! It was a dream come true!
I love this podcast! Dude your voice is pretty satisfying. You should join The Clique Amino.
👉Killa_kid 👈🙌💪
great podcast for a fan!
Ok let's be real here....THANK YOU FOR MAKING AN ENTIRE PODCAST DEDICATED TO TØP!!!!!! Twenty Øne Piløts is the best band EVER and I'm so thrilled there is finally a podcast focused on them. This podcast is great for TØP fans and for music lovers too. I found some other fantastic bands that were mentioned in this podcast that I have gotten into. I look forward to new episodes soon (hopefully!!)
Very professional
Clifford S
I think the best part of the podcast here is how professionally well it's done. The editing and quality are superb, and everything's organized and planned so that it's nothing but helpful and useful information. No fluff here. Bravo
Great for the TØP fan!
Great podcast for the TØP Fan or just for the music fan in general!
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