Love Sahara Rose
I recently stumbled upon Sahara's poscast while on a 12-hour roadtrip. I love her energy and easy approach to spirituality. I have a hard time sitting still to meditate. Sahara explains that she does more of a moving meditation which totally resinates with me :)
Excellent info!
I never miss a podcast! I followed along while Sahara travelled to India to be married and created her deck a yogic path. I ordered it and I’m so glad I did! It’s worth every penny. Packaged beautifully!
Loved getting deep into topics that aren’t often explored
Visa S
I was browsing podcasts and stumbled on this gem and picked the past life regression episode to listen to. I loved Sahara’s energy and her no holds barred approach to this complex topic. I am new to her world but I will definitely be sticking around because of her authenticity and energy.
I love this episode. It makes me look at things on a whole new level and It just really places a perspective in how I react to stress. SO much information in one hour. Sahara is amazing with her insight and who she brings into her podcasts.
Love, love, love
Angie from Westchester NY
I was introduced to you by Maria Menounos and so happy I found you. Loving your podcast and learning how to health myself from within. So much to absorb. Can’t wait to put into use what I am learning to have better health and so much more to follow. Thank you!
My Favorite part of Tuesdays and Thursdays!!!
Aleah Draper
I look forward to this podcast so much every Tuesday and Thursday!!! I have learned so much from listening to this and have been introduced to some amazing people. The short time that I have been listening to this podcast I have been able to implement many life style changes and I can honestly say they have made a huge difference in how I look and feel.22`2
The podcast you’re looking for!!
10/10 would recommend. Sahara does such a good job at getting deep and being real doing it. I feel like there’s so many spiritual influencers out there that you just can’t relate to, but she is not one of them! I feel like she’s so authentic and I can always relate to what she chooses to talk about, which is so important when dealing with mind-body healing. This podcast will not only feed your soul but also inspire you to fulfill your highest potential is every area of your life. Love this!!!
Love this podcast!!!
Obsessed with this podcast!! Amazing topics and I feel like I gain SO MUCH knowledge from each one!!! I would give 10 stars if I could!!!! Thank you for sharing such amazing content! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
I love this podcast! She is so inspirational , and is really out to share the truth. Brining on teachers from all over the world allows you to feel as if you’ve traveled a million lifetimes!!!! I have learned so much about grounding and truly capturing my personal Dosha through this podcast. Love love love!
Get ready for a rebirth!
Sahara’s podcast changed my life. It helped me understand my body, my mind and the most effective ways to bring them back to balance. I have, for a while now, been in a journey to self love. And seeing what excites me to hear from her taught me more about who I am. Every time I listen to her, I know I am one step closer to living my life’s purpose.
Love love love
Abw 927
I love this podcast as it is so informative and in alignment with my beliefs. Just listened to the Human Garage episode. I took notes! Looking forward to participating in this lifestyle more. Thank you!
Amazing episode
Wow wow wow! This episode was so incredible and hit on issues that I have been trying to deal with for years. Thank you for bringing this content to light! Game changer!
So enlightening!
This podcast is so enlightening on so many aspects of spirituality. I’m hooked! I love the food, the manifesting, the intuition.. all of it!
Informative, Inspirational and Fun!
This podcast is always at the top of my listening list. I love Sahara's fun perspective on spirituality and that she's never afraid to talk about the tough stuff. Her interviews are always full of useful tips and information and her solo podcasts are open, insightful and refreshing!
Love this podcast
Sahara Rose I love your podcast! I love your authenticity and wisdom and the love you spread. I have gotten so much helpful information from listening and you feel like a friend!
Have to say best podcast to listen to when I can’t sleep...very informative, love all the speakers interviewed...! It’s a must!
Just Amazing!
I came across her podcast by browsing and decided to listen to a couple of them and wow! Episode 162 Connecting with your Spirit Guides definitely resonated with me. 👌🏽 I know I will continue to grow spiritually now. 🙏🏽 Thank you for providing us with this wealth of knowledge. And happy to see an Indian girl doing her thing! 🙌🏽 🕉 Sending love and light. ✨
I just found this podcast and as I was listening to it in the car I see 333, 444, and 888 all in the same range of one another! Haha! So far its been a fantastic 11 minutes! 🥳 Im so happy i not only found this podcast but it has helped me find myself.
Happy to be here
Chezna M
I don’t even remember how I came across Sahara, but I am so happy I did! Each podcast feeds my soul, and I appreciate the messages more than I can express. It is amazing to be in this place where by simply listening, I feel understood.
Love love love this podcast! ❤️❤️
This is the only podcast I listen to! Sahara shares her wealth of wisdom about Ayurveda, spirituality and yoga. She explains topics and principles and shares how to apply them to modern life. Definitely learning something each episode and applying it to my highest self!
Thank you 🌸
Thank you Sahara for this amazing podcast! I’ve been listening for about less than a year now and value many of the episodes. Being able to receive knowledge and overall advice from Sahara and the inspiring guests’ has been incredibly beneficial in my life! This episode with Gabby Bernstein is definitely what I needed to hear. Follow Sahara on her insta to keep up with the rest of her work. Namaste ✨🌞
My daily dose
Naty Rose
I added this podcast to my daily routine. Yes! My daily dose! I’ve been digging in finding my highest self and exploring different areas of my life and each episodes open a new door of discovery which is freaking amazing!! I look forward for more episodes! Thank you Sahara
LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast!!
One of the latest episodes touched on outer order and inner still mess, I kid you not I WASHED dishes while listening to it, and I also put away most of my clean clothes! I was literally called into action by listening to the podcast and I felt so much better after I finished the episode! I’m excited to continue the work with all the tips and insights they share. In general though all of the topics and episodes I’ve listened to, I’ve listened to TWICE! It’s that good and broad enough to be interesting every time!
Morning ritual podcast
This is my go-to morning podcast! So many topics: Ayurveda, chakras, yoga, sacred sexuality, divine femininity, how to build a name it, she’s probably covered it. She has awesome guests and I’ve learned a ton from her episodes so far. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!!
Love...but that mic movement is irritating
Tracey Hawthorne
So in love with the energy and topics of this podcast! perfect positive addition to my daily listening. What i can’t tolerate is hearing the microphone moving or hit on every episode the entire time. Very distracting so i usually cant listen to an entire episode
Loving Sahara
Ashley P.....
I recently found Sahara through discussion in a yoga teacher training. The information that I have been able to gather from her in just a short weekend is beyond exciting. I’m excited to be starting my journey in to Ayurveda.
Thank you!
I want to express so much gratitude for Sahara rose and this podcast it has blessed me and my own path in so many ways. I recommend it enthusiastically 🧡
Listen to Sahara Rose!
I love listening to Sahara Rose she gives advice and facts about life, experiences, reality society I’ve been listening to podcasts for about a week to different podcasts and I skip a few podcasts that are boring, but when I listen to Sahara Rose it’s so interesting of what she speaks that I listen to it from beginning to end. I so recommend it to everyone that likes to listen to others of issues we’d like to discuss but don’t talk about, she talks about exactly what we want to hear. She’s awesome.
Back on track!
Cara Bev
Sahara, I used to be very in-tune with my spirituality. Over the past couple of years, I went through some trauma, and I lost my connection: I ate like garbage, stopped exercising, gained weight, drank a lot, got myself into trouble, dated people I knew were not meant for me. I found your podcast about 2 weeks ago and I think I’ve listened to almost every single one. You have replenished my desire to connect with my soul and that is more valuable than any gift anyone could ever give me. Thank you for my wake up call and for getting me back on track 💕
The thing I look forward to every week!!
Shoba B
I love the topics, guests and Sahara’s laugh on all her podcasts! Just listened to the latest with Shan Boodran and it was like listening to my girlfriends chat and spreading sex positive education. Loved that there was a Caribbean, West Indian guest, woohoo representation! Also Sahara I so relate to saving napkins and getting scolded by my husband because I just can’t not use an item multiple times before throwing out!!
I very rarely feel inclined to leave a review, but I feel like this podcast is beyond worthy. I honestly feel closer and more aligned to my highest self just by listening to this. Sahara has a beautiful voice, and I can listen to her all day long. That is why I am on episode 26 and I’ve only been listening for 3 days. I feel like I am making my mundane time at work, so beneficial by listening to Saraha’s guidance. Thank you for finding me 🥰✨
Such a great podcast!
I recently started listening to Highest Self. I found it as I was trying to figure out how to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and I found Sahara Rose. This podcast is awesome! So much good info to help you live a better life. I am so happy this podcast exists.
I love this podcast!
Perfect mixture of spirituality, empowerment and laughter! Sahara is so relatable and I feel like I’m chatting with my friend! Absolutely 10/10 recommend this podcast! 🙌🏼✨
In love with this podcast!
Sahara is such an energetic and lovely person! I listen to her podcast everyday! I just discover it and I’m catching up with all the episodes!
An episode a day, keeps the mundane away
I started listening to Sahara Rose in April. I have long rides into work to a job I’m not in line with and found inspiration and a way to start my day in a healthier mindset. I have listened to every episode and some of my favorites a few times. Her interviews have opened me up to so much!! Since then I have shifted my life in a direction I would have never dreamed of. I’m so thankful she passionately shares her knowledge and experiences with us!!!
Fresh and modern outlook on Ayurveda and finding your dharma!
Valerie from France
Sahara Rose brings a new outlook on Ayurveda and dharmic path! I love how she covers all topics with a feminine and modern pair of glasses. Her clarity and energetic tone inspires action and change. Her crowd of contributors is awesome: diverse and always experts. Really like this podcast!
This is exactly what I needed this morning!
Madhu Prana
This episode has all that you need to prepare in order to get your best work out of you! How to connect to different sides of you for different projects you are working on. She has this amazing way of explaining and getting to the point such that anyone can understand and make the changes that they need to to move further. Shifting your vibe before getting into doing what you want to is such a precious way to accomplish the things you want to with ease and not get distracted or drained while doing so. Really I've seen some massive changes in the way I think ever since I stated getting deeper into reiki and listening to podcast. I catch myself exactly when I'm loosing myself and getting into my shadow self so I can immediately get back and find myself. My favorite thing about listening to her podcasts is the way she articulates the messages and delivers it with ease (it is addictive haha but in a good way). High respect and much love!!! Highly recommend her podcasts!
Greatest podcast!
I found Sahara listening to my astrologer Mia Astral. I bought her books and got to meet her in person at a book signing. Obviously I was going to subscribe to her podcast but I have to say that it has exceded my expectations. This podcast is the only podcast that has gotten my attention for more than 3 episodes. Sahara is genuine, raw, inspirational and so incredibly knowledgeable. I definitely would catch up to all previous episodes as I continue to listen to the new ones. Listening to her podcast makes me feel my highest self!
This Podcast has become a part of my daily routine!
The Highest Self podcast inspires me daily. Sahara is incredibly relatable, and touches on subjects that speak directly to me in my life. I have been telling everyone if they need an uplifting boost to a spiritual/wellness/meditation practice this is the podcast for them!
So glad i found
Literally almost everything in these conversations resonate with me and if not gives me new perspective or become more aware & concious. I am excited to listen to this podcast along with other tools I am using in my life as I am growing and stepping into my power growing more consciously. Thank you for your work
Truly couldn’t recommend more!
I recently came across this podcast in the last couple of weeks and I truly can’t get enough. The topics discussed, guests that are brought on, and truth behind these episodes is amazing. So inspiring and reassures almost everything going through my own head! Highly recommend for anyone who connects with Sahara or drawn to her.
I'm so glad I found this podcast! It is literally changing my life. I listen to 1-2 of Sahara's podcasts a day and I can feel my energy shifting and I'm becoming more aligned with my highest self! Thank you a million times over Sahara for creating this podcast!♥️🙏💖
My First Podcast
Some of my friends have suggested a few podcasts to me before but I’ve never considered listening to them because I didn’t feel called to them. I knew I couldn’t just sit there and listen to somebody talk about some topic... until I came across Sahara Rose. As I read into her platforms and her story, I became more and more drawn to the knowledge she possessed. I’m now early in the podcast, but farther along than I ever thought I would get in one. And I couldn’t be happier about it. She speaks so many truths that I feel are for me specifically but also so many of us can relate at the same time. I highly recommend. To any and all.
Episode 208 and how it changed my mentality
I just began my mental health journey but was feeling very confused and stuck. Once I discovered most of my issue came from my diet and I found Sahara my life changed. Her podcasts compliment her Ayurvedic research so well and it really makes everything come together. I’m not where I need to be but I’m on my way there and this episode came at such a perfect time! Thanks Sahara!
I discovered Sahara when I was listening to her as a guest on another podcast and fell in love with her energy. I’m diving into personal development and healing my relationship with myself- and love the support I’ve gained in the the last few days. I’ve listened to 8 episodes in the last three days. Highly recommend.
Learned so much!
Truly a great podcast. Sahara is easy to understand and listen to and offers beautiful insight and advice. If you are highly interested in spirituality and becoming your highest self, this is a great add to your library.
If you are looking for a podcast that will literally change your life and enhance your life, look no further! This podcast is amazing...Great interviews, great lessons, you could honestly listen to for hours and feel like your part of the conversation. So grateful for this podcast!
Loving these messages
Found out about this podcast via Instagram and I am amazed. Sahara has such a captivating way of delivering these topics. I’ve listened to multiple spiritual podcasts and this one is by far the best. When I listen to this podcast I’m inspired to live my best life, 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
I am amazed
I’m in love with this Podcast! Sahara is the bff I never knew I was missing.
Heal yourself
Sahara is such a beautiful light in this world and her podcast is just one reflection of that! This podcast has been instrumental in my healing journey.
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