050: We Are Waking Up- Transmission From the Cosmos via Sahara Rose
Published January 28, 2018
56 min
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    This podcast was purely channeled from source energy-- cosmos -> thought -> podcast, all done and uploaded in real-time on the real-day because this is real life. I discuss: -What is going on from a cosmic perspective -How we are living in the microcosm of the macrocosm -Why the world woke up in 2012 -The shift from the patriarchal to the feminine era -The transition between being 5-dimensional to multi-dimensional human-beings -Accessing information from the Vortex -Why Donald Trump was elected from a metaphysical perspective -Uncovering your shadows -The spiritual perspective on bed-bugs -Meditation on accessing the lessons the universe is waiting for you to experience -Why connecting to Mother Earth is more important than ever before -Why you need to put your voice out there as a multidimensional being to transmute pain and darkness into healing and light Again, this episode isn't for everyone but if you are ready for this information, then I am honored to be a messenger of it for you. Namaste. Take the discussion on the Mind-Body Balancers FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1213662491998309/ Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor

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