No thanks to the paid version
With all of the really great podcasts available for free there is no sense in paying for another. I don’t mind supporting podcasts financially via patreon but requiring one to pay for a service in order to listen is a bit excessive. Good podcasts but not worth an additional monthly fee. Too bad, I use to enjoy it but have now deleted it.
Don’t even get started
Was a great podcast.. now they want you to go somewhere else and pay to listen 👎🏻 too bad because I loved it and would have godly listened to ads like millions of other podcasts do.
In love with Phil
I love this. Phil’s voice is intoxicating. Great storyteller. Love the music.
Great Work
The time and hard work that goes into this podcast is telling. Good job!!
Boo to Luminary
I was a fan of Sworn until they moved to Luminary. Not gonna pay to keep listening and Luminary does not have good reviews. Does not seem like a good business move.
Pulled in at first listen
Excellent podcast. I love the in depth research, the respect for the victims, and the integrity and push for finding the truth. They bring to light the cases that have gone cold, that aren’t necessarily mainstream media. Excellent listen. Leaves you wanting more-in a good way.
No thanks Luminary
Podcast was okay in the past but definitely not worth downloading another app and paying a subscription to continue to listen this season. Thanks but no thanks. Bad business decision imho. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Bummer They Made the Move to Luminary
Awesome podcast. Infrequent uploads but always worth the wait. I’m sure it costs to make the pod and do the research, so I get needing to boost income, but it’s a bummer they chose the Luminary route. Other podcasts (even ones that actually focus on solving crimes and require more funds to do so) have avoided going this way - using ads, specific asks for donations toward an identified needs, and Patreon to garner the needed support. If you can afford / are down to add another subscription to your budget - go for it.
Why would I pay for a show that in the past releases have been inconsistent at best. So much free content elsewhere and I have no need to pay for sub par releases and content.
Love the show !
Love the Podcast!
I don't get the hype.
This podcast is true crime clickbait and a complete waste of time. Most true crime podcasts aim to solve a crime. This one seems intent on shamelessly hooking you with gruesome details of the crime and reiterating them over and over without any attempt at finding a resolution. Thanks.
Same problem everyone else has
IBC Student
Love the content but not worth me paying for an app that I’m only gonna get one show from.
Love the podcast but no to luminary
I’m not going to luminary to pay for a podcast. I like Phil and like learning from him about the justice system. I did want to say to the widow in the latest case study - keep talking about your husband. Nothing wrong with that. It keeps him alive in your hearts. I talk about my late husband with my kids so they can remember him and learn new things about him. I love it when others talk about him too. I wish you all the best & hope that somehow you see this message. 💕
Too bad they changed to pay to listen.
I really enjoy this podcast, but will drop since they have switched to a pay for access model. Too many great podcasts are free. If they switch back, I’m back.
This series in the new season is heartbreaking. So much insight into the struggles of the accused that I have never heard before - an important perspective for true crime listeners. My heart goes out to this woman and her family. Hate to see access limited to this podcast by the move and cost but thanks for shining a light on this reality.
Sad to lose this podcast
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. But if the only place I can get it is through Luminary, I won’t be able to listen anymore. Patreon allows extra info for subscribers but still drops the main episodes on other platforms. Is there any way you can do that too? I think you will lose a lot of listeners otherwise.
I’m really disappointed that I would now have to pay $7.99 to listen to this podcast. I’m sorry but I can’t afford that and for 1 podcast it’s not worth it, but I’m sure it’s good
The Lucius
Was a pretty good show.. now it’s moved off of apple podcast and onto a paid app. The content isn’t that great to pay for it before you listen.
Great Podcast but...
Phillip is great. The podcast is really good. But I’m not downloading additional apps that I have to monitor for new episodes. As listeners we support many of the sponsors, advertisers, and investment that make the production possible. Don’t ask your listeners to to change how they consume their pods, just bring your excellent product to all the amazing platforms already in place. I’ll just wait here at iTunes until next season when you discount the previous season. Good luck Sworn team, looking forward to when you come back.
I really liked this podcast. With it only being available on Luminary now I’ve unsubscribed. 👎
Why did you move it?
I like this podcast but hate that they moved it over to luminary.
Just saying NO to Luminary!
I’m very disappointed that you’ve moved to a paid platform. I feel as though this was a bait and switch. Here, listen to our podcast, it’s free. Oh, wait now you have to pay. Nope, not gonna happen. I’ll upgrade my rating if y’all ever come back.
Like the show...
Show is a good one, but nobody is coming to a different app just for one show. I’m subscribed to 25 other podcasts, and get them all on Apple podcasts. I don’t have time during my day work day to open another app for one episode of sworn. Come back to the good podcast app and I’ll listen.
Phillip is very knowledgeable and teaches along the way!
Luminary 👎🏼
2 apps dumb
I was curious why episodes hadn’t been coming out, and then realized they’re only available now if you pay for them. There’s too many incredible free podcasts to pay for this one.
Great content - hate platform change
The Carrie
This quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. The 2 stars shows my love for the narrator, the episodes and their work. The 3 stars I chose not to select - is the fact that they’re moving exclusively to Luminary. I won’t following to that platform when all other podcasts I listen to exist in another.
Love Tiffany Whitman’s mother. If anyone can get these guys off their arses, it’s her! Thanks Phil! You’re the best!
Loved Season 1
Boogie Wonderland
Season one was great and I couldn’t wait for new episodes. However, I feel like it took forever for new Episodes to come out and it felt like Phil just didn’t have time to take on this Podcast. I don’t like the switch that happened in season 2 from individual cases. And often found myself not even completing an episode before turning it off. I tried to come back to it to give it another shot and discovered it’s on a paid platform now. No thanks
Phil is great
I listen to the podcast because of the host Phillip. He breaks down the legality of both sides incredibly well probably because as he has stated he has worked all sides of a courtroom. The new season I have found interesting but have not found the effort to find the new app and see if it costs money for additional episodes not provided on Itunes.
Meh for free, nah for $
La fitness is awful
The free episodes have poor audio quality and the information isn’t any better than many other legal podcasts. Feels kind of slapped together but was fine when it was free. Now we have to pay for it? Nope.
Excellent reporting and unbiased questioning. I appreciated their episode on the Las Vegas massacre, and the thoughts and interviews gathered. Phil is easy to listen to and is sensitive to people, both those being interviewed and those listening to the podcast. Thank you for such a good one Tenderfoot!
Season 2
I love Sworn... my only issue with Season 2, is that there’s no individual cases, so far, at least. I find myself getting bored and tuning out. Hopefully season 3 you can bring back actual cases!
I love this podcast and have listened since episode one but hate that the new season is on an app that requires a subscription.
That’s a shame
I came back to listen to season 2 and they’ve moved to a different app? That’s too bad.
Laurel Paliatina
In my opinion this is the most responsible , fascinating podcast on the topic of true crime. Sources could not be more impeccable. Great job Philip
Loved the podcast, but now you have to pay for it? I’m out.
Not Free Anymore.
Very disappointing that they’re moving to a paid platform. Just keep it here and use ads.
Only available on a paid app
Vintage Misha
Really? How about I’ll just unsubscribe and listen to another podcast. Bad decision.
Screwing your fans!!
I’m very disappointed in the show moving to a subscription app. Why do this to your fans.
Ditching Real Fans
After supporting this show through its early days. They have decided to make every episode only available on another app. Only occasionally throughout this season will they post an episode here. Great way to ditch the fans that supported you from the beginning to make a buck. I’m done with this show.
Deadly duo
Phil and Payne provide amazing background and informative story telling that really involve the listener. I listen to every and anything that these two are involved in. Bringing light to cases that have gone quiet over the years keeps the memory of these victims alive. Thank you both for your amazing work. Always professional an unbiased, letting the listener gather an opinion of their own regarding guilt or innocence with the parties involved around the crime. Thank you for an amazing podcast, yet again!
Professional Podcast
I loved the podcast but there was so much not talked about this case, such as potential motives, that could lead to potentially solving the case. Their business dealings, their relationships, their family circumstances are sure to lead to finding someone who had a reason to do this. Nothing was stolen, no forced entry (meaning the let the person(s) in), etc. let you know there was a clear motive to do this which should be knowable! Just a little frustrated that only the physical evidence was discussed. Thank you though for a very professionally done podcast!
Hoping for more
This was a great podcast. I know he’s a very busy guy. Maybe he can retire early and podcast full time :)
Long winded
Love this podcast’s content . The show is in DIRE need of editing. The interviews are VERY long winded.
Great podcast, but could be edited.
I enjoy listening to this podcast. However, witnesses are allowed to ramble too long and that leads to them adding random unrelated thoughts, the calls should be edited a little better.
Very good podcast
I wish there were more episodes!
Great theme song
I really enjoy the voice behind the storyteller and the way he tells the stories as a paralegal for 18 years and I studied criminology in college I find these stories very interesting to follow I also love the theme song it’s really catchy it sounds good.
Cure for insomnia
The Wideman case consists of repeating the same basic case facts for two episodes,by which time I was ( happily) asleep!Great for those who prefer their podcasts to ramble on and on....
5 stars!
Kaitlin R.S
I love the podcast! I just wish each story was a bit longer— maybe 4-5 episodes.
Binge Worthy!
The source material/subjects are unpleasant, but that's the world in which we live. If you're fascinated by true crime, give this podcast a try. I was hooked in seconds!
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