Quite t good
I listen to this while I draw and read and it actually helps!!
First of all, the songs the host chooses are top teir, the best of the best. Secondly, it is great that it is on iTunes as a podcast, so I can download it for free and listen to them when I’m offline. I would definitely recommend this podcast.
Hey wassup
I have been listening to Lofi for a while but this one is really good, and it doesn’t have any vulgar language, love you guys. Check me out on YouTube at ‘Masked Men 2018’
Favorite podcast to study to
Happy to see you’re back even if it’s only a “here and there” kind of thing. Love listening to your podcast during my study time!
Comeback please
I fell in love with lofi about a year ago and can’t find a lot that’s really really good so I looked up lofi here and found this podcast and yes fell in love please post more
Pretty gud
Inspired me to make my own
Music is life
Always love the channel no matter how long the intro 🤟🏾
Thank you!
Gabriel D P
Thank you Andre for creating this podcasts, love the beats and love the introductions. Please keep making more!
Good Stuff Dude
Humble Bundle
Good voice and good music, super glad lo-fi Hip Hop has a Podcast to download and hear some fresh stuff while going through the metro in Manhattan. Keep doing what you’re doing dude!
Introduction takes long
Introduction took 5 mins to finish before it starts. But good tune beat though.
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