So sad
I miss S & S Rewind. Whoever or whatever decided to cancel it made a mistake. I wish someone would tell us what happened. It’s disrespectful to us as listeners and patrons to leave us hanging.
Keep up the good work guys!
This show is only getting better. Look forward to it every week! Stop skipping weeks, I need my fix!!
Terrible, boring, lazy
Wow. I can listen to the regular news and get this BS. Great work.
If a podcast can hold my interest and make me consume it like popcorn, then I have to give it 5 stars. Great job.
I cannot get enough of Stefanie and Matt!
I also loved Lynette (hopefully I spelt her name correctly). For real though, I cannot get enough of this show! I love how they discuss each episode in detail and give us updates on certain cases. I also love their jokes, banter and attitude! This is a great follow-up show to Sword & Scale! A must listen for all Sword & Scale listeners!!
Miss you guys!!!
I miss you guys. I want my rewind back!!!!!!
Such a pleasure to re-examine these cases further. Thank you! Btw, I LOVE episodes 139 & 140. Matt, your work on episode 139 was brilliant, well done! And Iin episode 140 hearing the two of you so natural and laughing, I couldn’t help but join in the laughter. I loved it, thank you BOTH! ❤️❤️
Haha, I love you guys
I literally listen to S&S... just so I can listen to you guys! I go back and forth daily listening to both podcasts, but I always look forward to sword and scale rewind. I feel like I’ve become friends with you both and find myself laughing along. One thing though, I will say is...bring Lynette back!!! It’s not the same without her!!! 😩
Giving up
commander snuggles
Like any show, the hosts either do it for you or they don't. This is like listening to your dumb aunt and her husband describe an episode of Law And Order they watched 3 months ago.
Where’d you go???
Where are you guys??? Last episode in my feed is from 7/16......I miss you!!!! Last episode 12/10??? Where are you guys??
Lady has a horrible voice
Man I was really good this podcast a chance. But the lady that talk I can’t stand her voice. And she doesn’t take any of the podcast seriously.
Eyes permanently rolled back into head now. Yuck.
Much needed levity
Underground God
These guys are great and I wish this show was every week and not the whipping dog of the S&S brand. So much fun and Stephanie is the best.
Commentary is getting repetitive
Honestly, I really liked the idea of this podcast since the beginning, and couldn’t ever agree with the negative feedback, but as it has progressed and I am listening per each episode as it’s released, I don’t enjoy listening as much as I used to. I feel like your commentary is so repetitive, yes we know this is Rewind and not the actual S&S podcast. It’s been going on long enough that if you don’t know, oh well! People will move on. But most people are here listening for a reason. Also, it has been obnoxious bashing commenters, and bringing up the same exact comments almost every single episode about “lack of research or annoying habits”. Stop letting these people get to you, and stop feeling like you NEED to address it. It’s your show, you do it how you want to. You don’t owe anyone any type of explanation, either. Keep it light and fun like you always have. It would make this show significantly easier to listen to if you guys just focused on the content, instead of drama.
I love you boh
I listen to Sword and Scale and rewind. I cant get enough. I hate when I dont have a new one to listen to. Read some reviews and haters gonna hate. I think you two are great! Wish I was rich enough to donate but will donate by my loving review. Peace and God Bless.
Entertaining! Light-hearted! Funny!
I wish everyone would stop taking everything so seriously! Matt and Stephanie are here to make us laugh and say “oh yeah I forgot about that Sword & Scale episode!” So let them be hilarious and recall the ep for us... I even love when they go off on little tangents! Not everything has to be so scripted... this is fun!!!!
Bad accents, worse material
Wish there was a redeeming aspect, but sadly, there isn’t
Love Sword and Scale
I listen to the original sword and scale, and then the rewind episode following the correlating episode. I have a 40 minute drive to my internship every day and am obsessed with this. Can’t wait for more stories!!!!! Only complaint is that I kid the commentary between Stefanie and Lynette however I think Lynette and Matt are doing a fantastic job working together ❤️
Kevin Erly
It’s good. If you like Sword And Scale, you’ll enjoy this.
Chris Watts Part 1
Cat's Gallery
Just say her name correctly. It’s like you never listened to news reports or other podcasts. It’s not /Shuh-Non😲
Ferris Bueller & Cameron Frye
One of the worst pods I’ve listened to. Like a campy, sad off-shoot of Sword & Scale...but with Valley Girl accents. 😑. New ones may be better, but I couldn’t even stomach getting through the first few. It’s almost insulting considering how good S&S was with Mike Boudet to have to listen to them talk utter nonsense about his pods. 😣 They only get the extra star since he was made to sit through a few of them, poor guy. And say what you will about him, but his performance and his work can still stand alone as exceptional.
Dying at Work!
OMGosh!!! I bust out laughing when Stephanie started talking about the “special sauce” with the McDonald’s/sex worker dad. Love the Matt and Stephanie banter but how they always respect the dead. Great job. Keep them coming!
I wasn’t sure if I would like this because it seemed like overkill but I actually really enjoy the show. Matt and Stephanie have good chemistry and this show is easy to listen to. And I have never noticed Stephanie interrupting either for the previous review giver!
Shut. Up. Stephanie.
Just let them talk.......... you don’t have to respond every single sentence or have something to relate too every time........can’t even get through one show and your in them alllllll
I have listened to every ep at least Twice!
I know that a lot of people have there points about why this show shouldn't be a 5 star. This is a 'rewind' show, meaning that the hosts are going to be going over what was said in the original pod cast. If you weren't offended or didn't find the original episode to be in your taste, why would you think that this would be any different? and if you haven't heard the original episodes from Sword and Scale and your just tuning in for the first time, go back and listen to the actual episodes and maybe you wont be so confused. I don't see why people get so offended by peoples opinions, if it honestly hurts you so much stop listening. The original Sword and Scale pod cast is just amazing and I don't know what I would be doing if I didn't have it. I started listening to the rewind cast right away. I wish that they would have kept all 3 casters but that is fine, Matt and Steph still do an amazing job! I love hearing about what other people have to say, whether that be good or bad. Sometimes you just need a different prospective on things. I also find that having a very dark sense of humor myself, that this is just a perfect way to 'unwind' (no pun intended) after listening to the Sword and Scale episode. Like they say at the beginning of the episode, they are here to brake down the basics of what the main ep was, and just to have a discussion about it. It's their opinion, which makes it really disheartening to see people bashing this pod cast, when they literally tell you at the beginning, they are going to be putting there own spin on the ep. It just happens that the topics they are talking about aren't the same topics you would talk over dinner at your nans. I only tell the people I know that would be interested in the cast, about it. I know a lot of people that wouldn't think that this would be for them. But honestly, I love true crime and this is a perfect way to have a laugh or to not see everything so dark. Matt and Steph really do put a good spin on whats happening, even if they are bashing the 911 operators for not being very helpful. Which honestly I am right there swearing at them as well, because honestly be better at your job, extrinsically if someone is dying on the phone call with you! I really only started listening to the cast, while I was getting my green card. I have been living in the states for 3 years, but 2.1 of those years was me waiting to become a legal resident. Which if no one knows, you are not allowed to work or even get a buss pass. So all the days spent at home or walking around, this cast was an easy way to make the time fly. and not to be weird, but i'll listen to this while I'm at work, at the gym, in the car. They are perfectly edited episodes, to not be so long that I am yawning, but they are short enough that I am consistently checking my phone for there next ep. Sorry for the long review, but this pod cast is one of those that I can listen to over and over. I always learn something new and again its always refreshing to get another opinion on a subject. Thank you guys for continuing this pod cast, I am a die hard listener, and I hope that you never stop! P.s Listen to Matt and Stephs other casts as well, they are great as well, for anyone trying to find something else to listen to!
These 2
Are so funny and do a great job of recapping and giving insights and opinions!
Treasure find
Just found this show. Three episodes in...I love them! Now I have to re-listen and follow along to these. Ohh...poor me! Lol!
Stephanie!!! Stop interrupting people!!!! This becomes so hard to listen to because she’s constantly interrupting or talking over Matt or the guests. I’m sorry but the tone of her voice just makes me have to turn it off sometimes.
Great Companion Show
Kimball E.
I love Sword and Scale. So when I found there was a companion, recap show, I was all in. I am blowing through the backlog to get caught up to where I am with the main show. They are a perfect length, and provide a nice casual commentary to the well-produced main show. The two shows go together like peanut butter and jam. Nice work everyone.
Love this podcast
I have never (for real) ever rated a podcast. You guys are amazing. You are the perfect balance!
Love sword and scale but not so much this pod
Now they just have to get rid of Stephanie and the show would be perfect. She’s not always obnoxious and annoying but when she is I have to fast forward or skip the episode. Especially when she starts using or making fun of people’s accents or talking about herself incessantly. She just doesn’t know when to stop. Love everything else about this pod though.
I love the balance of information. The hosts speak with logic, reason and facts and don’t put emotion first. They take deep dives into behavior with an educated approach. I’m a true crime junkie and find myself stopping an episode on many podcasts because I’m sick and tired of podcasts using their true crime platform to push their world view. I want to hear facts, logic and opinions, even if they differ from mine but I don’t want someone to shove their ideology down my throat. This podcast and Sword and Scale present interesting information with facts that make you think about the things you believe.
Stefanie is guaranteed to say “He’s a total narcissist.” In every single episode. She has the same opinion for every story she’s annoying.
Love to pair!
I love listening to the rewind afterwards. I feel like the hosts have the same reaction that I do and I love to hear them voice it.
Well produced show- too bad host and many fans don’t like women
The show is well produced but the host and fans are sexist and seem to not like women much? Mike Bouldet got in trouble for an extremely inappropriate instagram post on International Women’s Day. He was off air for awhile and had a female host (Christina?) for awhile. Read the comments and you can see people hated how opinionated she was. But that’s all you ever hear from Mike? Hypocrites! Also at the very end of Episode 144 Mike played a voicemail from a drunk idiot listener hating on “woke” women. If that’s the kind of messaging they promote I don’t think I can listen to this anymore! I support podcasts that actually support strong women! Not tell them to go F off. You don’t learn Mike and now you have lost another listener.
Could do without a 3rd wave feminist, saying all men are bad. I’m surprised her co host puts up with her.
Love this podcast
a- hirsh
This podcast is my absolute favorite!!! I love both of the hosts and their humor. They have you take a different approach to how f$&ked up people think!!
Great podcast
Ginger NYC
I really like listening and look forward to episodes; the hosts are witty and low-key but also smart and savvy.
Rewind is behind
It took me a bit to figure out. There are 124 episodes of Rewind right now, but 143 episodes of S&S. I wasn’t sure how they matched up, I was assuming the rewind would be within a week of the regular episode. However it’s all episode for episode, so Ep 1 of Rewind goes with Ep 1 of S&S, even though one was released in January 2014 and the other in June of 2017. Guess I’m going to have to relisten to old episodes. I guess that’s the idea.
Could go with the bitter feminist comments
gfgxc nkkjgvv
The female co-host can’t seem to help but to make hateful, ugly generalizations about fathers, husbands and all men. If a man said the same things about women they would lose sponsors. I guess female privilege allows her to get away it.
What’s the point?
Listen to the real Sword and Scale podcast. Don’t understand it? Listen again. You don’t need two people kissing up to Boudet and giving their opinions of a well-crafted original show-as a show.
Love this podcast!!!
I miss y’all we need more episodes while we wait for more from mike!
So good!!
Matt and Stephanie have done such a great job; I love the dark humor and yet both of them are caring people who also show the human aspect of the stories. Love you guys, keep on going!!!
I love Sword and Scale and now am loving this recap show, Stephanie rocks and is so funny. Great show!
Stop apologizing to a mob
Go balls to the wall, stop explaining how you may offend them, be confident we are here because we dig the offensiveness
Great Follow Up Show
Not the same as Sword and Scale- it is a light hearted recap and update of S&S episodes. Matt and Stephanie are doing a fabulous job! I hope they circle back around for any new updates for past episodes once they catch up with Mike! I really enjoy this!
Guilty pleasure
Don’t mind the judgements, don’t mind the opinions. Love the conversation. Thank you
Thank you
I am so glad this podcast exists. I need this to offset the horror of S&S. Keep up the good work
Great entertainment!
Really enjoying listening to these guys!!! And enjoying coordinating my listening to both Sword and Scale and Rewind!!! Thank you! Helps lighten the darkness of S&S. Which I really like. You guys are awesome!
I wanted to love this show, and I do think they make an attempt to be light hearted and funny. But please, please stop acting as though you are subject matter experts on anything criminal justice. The constant attack of 911 dispatchers is just too much. By the time you listen to a 911 call, you are intimately familiar with the crime that occurred. Dispatchers go from call to call blindly, they never know what is on the other end of the line. They only have their ears to listen to not only what the caller says but the background. They may take one call where neighbors are arguing over lawn care and the next call someone could have been murdered. So yes, they keep it professional - yes , they don’t often call a child “honey”. Have you ever heard of compassion fatigue ? Do you have any idea what it’s like to be the last person someone talks to before they end their life or someone ends it for them? People make mistakes, dispatchers and cops are people. But you consistently attack them for doing their jobs. Asking for a repeat on an address could mean the difference between help arriving and help going to the wrong address. Dispatchers know what info they need to get help, they must control the call and sometimes that means they have to be short or even rude to get the callers attention. What would you rather ? The dispatcher nicely ask questions that go unanswered and someone gets killed or a direct and to to the point dispatcher who saves a life ??? Please, go to your nearest 911 center - listen to 911 calls for a shift and see if you would be able to do it. Then you can speak from a place of at least experience instead of just blindly making accusations about a profession you know nothing about. I enjoyed listening to this show but obviously I can’t anymore since I’m here angry reviewing.
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