#120 The STD (AKA STI) Episode With Remy Paille, NP
Published August 20, 2019
76 min
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    Nurse Practitioner Remy Paille joins us for a very important episode on STI's (sexually transmitted infections, formerly known as sexual transmitted diseases). She also helps us answer a few sex questions including:

    How do I talk to partners about my STD status? And what do I do if prospective partners have a STD?

    I have a hard time trusting partners when they tell me their STI status. Should I ask every one of them to get tested?

    I gained a lot of weight on the IUD. What can I do about this? And are there any nonhormonal birth controls that work well aside from the IUD?

    My orgasms changed with I switched birth controls. Is this common?And what can I do about this?

    Also addendum from Remy in regards to one of her answers to a sex question: 

    "Oral contraceptives suppress your body‘s natural testosterone. Progesterone may still play a role in simply feeling good and lowering anxiety/depression when we have enough of our own natural kind. There are a few natural ways women can raise their testosterone such as consistent vigorous exercise and supplements such as Ashwaganda".

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