Great Stuff!
Such a good show to hear, not only as a music lover but hearing it from the perspective of an artist to an artist is great stuff!
A Great Listen
reservation for Jerry
An awesome podcast worth listening to time and time again. I look forward to it every time a new episode drops.
Great music isn’t hard to find...
I love that this is a discovery of the upcoming and artist you may already follow, certainly suggest for anyone who loves building a fresh playlist of new music from great musicians
Great podcast!
My Free Will
Eddy has a great unique podcast going! Wonderful guest. Up and coming artist! Recommend highly. PG
Fantastic conversations.
Eddy is such a great host and facilities a very entertaining conversation. He’s got a good pulse on the music scene and interviews the finest. I’ve learned so much from tuning into this podcast. Thanks for making my commute so productive, Eddy! Wishing you the best, and looking forward to more fabulous content! 🙏
Great podcast. Really interesting.
Easily one of my favorite podcasts. Very unique content.
Really cool show, definitely worth checking out. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Great content and lots of personality
Interstellar Nebula!
If you’re looking to get an edge on what’s happening right now which artists to look out for, which tracks are popping, this is the place to find out, courtesy of host Eddy Barco.Trust me there’s no shortage of material here to wade through and discover. 5 Stars!
Mr. TASMANIAN/party dog
Eddie is a great host, who brings a lot of energy to the podcast! Along with some great conversations with awesome insight, and wisdom to be taken from! All around! Great podcast!
Artists sound engaged and relaxed
What an awesome long-form podcast - artists are given lots of attention and time to talk about their background and inspirations, and Eddy does a wonderful job connecting and relating with them. Sort of reminds me a bit of Marc Maron but with more enthusiasm and joy :-)
Exallent interviewer/host
I love the laidback smooth interview style, and the great guests on this show. If you are a music lover, you will love this show.
Best podcasting host out there!
I'm absolutely serious in saying that this is one of the finest podcast on the internet. Eddy is super interesting and finds the coolest guest.
Great style and quality
Eddy’s show and interview style is very entertaining, he does a great job of keeping it lively. He editing on the podcast is fantastic also, very well done show!
Great podcast!
Kobe Better
Fantastic music podcast! Eddy’s super talented and his guests are super interesting. Check it out!
Great interviewer!
I love the dynamic between the host Eddy and the guests! It works well because he’s a musician that brings his own experience to the table. Then there was that moment when I found out he’s from So-Cal! Awesome!
Great Podcast
Yes archer
This podcast feels so genuine. Eddie has great guests and the conversations are educational, entertaining, and inspiring.
Beyond inspiring
This podcast is very innovative! Plus it give new upcoming artist an opportunity to share their their talent and gives them a platform to talk about what matters to them while allowing listeners to feel part of the conversation.
Great Interviews!
Really interesting insights, great guests!
Deserves all 5
Great guests, amazing easy listening host, interesting conversation with some humor (comedy is my favorite). Simply put it deserves all 5 stars
cool music podcast.
if youre a musician and want a great podcast about making music then you should listen to eddy on this podcast!
Awesome podcast!
I'm a big fan of Eddy's interview style. Listening to how fired up and inspired he gets talking to the musicians he interviews is in itself very inspiring. This is a great show, even if you're (like me) not a musician!
Great stuff!
Very impressed by the quality of the show. Looks good, sounds good and the guests are people I hate actually heard of!
Cool Podcast
e-travels with e. trules
I used to want to be a rock 'n roll critic. Instead I became a writer, clown, and theater maker. But Eddy turns me on to music again. Very cool. Lots to learn. Thanks, Eddy!
Laid back fun chat with musicians
Da Burls
Enjoying this interview with Caleb Hawley. Can tell Eric loves making the cast and ensures to make the show informative and fun
Great podcast!
I just discovered this awesome podcast. Packed with information and extremely entertaining!
Listen! Listen! Listen!
M.W. Holiday
No one can cover a Artist like another Artist! Give this one a listen!
Drewcifer Jones
Great show about great music! Check it out and be like me. Rate review subscribe!
Great show!
I am a music lover and this show is terrific! Great delivery, guests and topics, I AM a fan! Bob Norman Jr
Amazing Podcast!
My Real Voice
I love the energy you put into your podcasts. I am a musician myself and I appreciate musicians. Keep up the great work.
Enjoyed listening to the different artist interviews. Super fascinating on how these artist either got started or their creative process.
Great music industry show
Love all the content and people Eddy gets on his show. It’s a great listen and I love learning so much about the music industry.
Great podcast
My Crazy Thoughts
Great interviews with great interviewers. Keep up the good work. I’ll def keep listening.
A great musician's resource podcast!
JAMSPOT Sync Music Productions
If you are a musician looking for some tips and tricks from pros - OR you're just looking for good all-around conversation between other fellow musicians that have some authority in the music industry, then this is the podcast for you! Eddy Barco brings a fun, light-hearted, and an insightful approach to to Music Podcasting-sphere by interviewing fun, entertaining, and successful musicians that have great intel to share, with some awesome insider industry secrets!
Music podcast
Metahuman Dave
This is a fun music podcast you have to check out
Great Podcast
Great podcast. Interesting material I've subscribed. Love that it captivates the essences of music. I plan on keeping this in my subscription list.
Subject Matter Expert
This podcast is phenomenal! Eddy is definitely an authority on music and this podcast brings it out completely. If you are not motivated after listening to this podcast, you probably need to check your pulse!!
Wow what a podcast!
Eli Danze, Boni + Bella
Really awesome content and music! Best of both worlds from a great drummer in Eddy Barco!
Music To Your Ears
Great podcast chalk full of musical information!
A Music Lovers Dream
Welcome to Open Mic Podcast
Let me say this, if you’re a fan of music, and you are curious as to how people get there start...this is definitely a podcast for you! I love listening to his interview style and his technique of talking to these musicians and finding out the inns and outs of the music business. This is definitely one I will be adding to my list you don’t want to miss out on this it’s an instant hit!
Great show!
Really like to hear the stories and learn who the guests are......keep up the great work Eddy!
Found this podcast from exploring facebook and have yet to be disappointed.
Binge listen worthy
Music is my everything, so to get to hear musicians talking about their work and lives with the awesome production and rad energy on this podcast is an instant winner for me.
Great Interview Show
Eric Hunley
As an interviewer myself, I love checking out what others are doing. Eddy is a musician and leverages this knowledge to really get in groove with his guests. He has a great vibe and is very approachable. Highly recommend.
Mister 240
Podcasts like this are right on time and perfect for artist like myself and others! Keep doing what you're doing and I'll be sure to let my folks know about the show as well! Peace and love don't push or shove ✌🏾!!!
A massive help & inspiration
Dru Marshall
STOKED I got introduced to this podcast! I'm a working drummer and these podcasts are not only informative but super inspiring too. Keep 'em coming!
Digging this podcast! The host is wonderful, the sound great and the topics between interviews motivational. Won me over with just a few listens. Thank you!
Totally Rad
This is just the best. So in depth, and very informational. When you’re music nuts, such as ourselves, you tend to want to know anything and everything about not only your favorite artists and musicians, but also artists you’ve never heard of and just music over all. Just....the best. SUBSCRIBED, for sure.
Music to my ears
Despite it being labeled a music podcast, it’s helpful for entrepreneurship with insight into the music industry.
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